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Chesterfield County South Carolina

Descendants of

Benjamin Bennett Graves & Synthia Sellars

Through the Internet and various genealogy bulletin boards I have met new friends and distant cousins who have been so helpful in finding the missing pieces. Special thanks go out to James Pigg, Charles Purvis, and Mildred W. Graves for their willingness to share in the wealth of knowledge on Chesterfield County, families, pictures and data.  Additionally, most special thanks go out to my own family for putting up with my online time, stories and passion with the past.

This site is for the descendants of Benjamin Bennett Graves and his wife Synthia Sellars. Benjamin Bennett Graves was born in Montgomery Co., North Carolina in 1831, and Synthia Sellars was born in Chesterfield Co., South Carolina in abt. 1832. Their marriage was short lived, as Benjamin Bennett Graves is thought to have died in service to his southern heritage in abt. 1865, and then Synthia raised her children in Chesterfield Co., South Carolina. These six children, listed below, gave rise to the large Graves clan that inhabited central and western Chesterfield County as well as Union and Anson Counties of North Carolina.

1.     John Wilson Graves

2.     Zelpha Della Graves

3.     Rose Ann Graves

4.     William Smiley Graves

5.     Edward Jackson Graves

6.     Benjamin Franklin Graves


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