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The following kit owner claims regarding ancestry are made by and are solely the responsibility of the person concerned. As the administrator for this project, I have not investigated and can make no guarantee that this genealogical information is accurate. I would urge any interested party to scrutinize all available data carefully before drawing any conclusions.


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Civil War General and President Ulysses S. Grant
As of now, there are no documented descendants
of Civil War General and President Ulysses S. Grant in this project. However there are a number of signatures that identify the line of Matthew Grant (President Grant's immigrant ancestor as documented by multiple sources).  Matthew Grant's genetic line, and firm paper trail, can be traced through Kit # 115576.  If interested, contact him.  Kit # 42347 has a 25/25 match to Kit # 115576. [GW01 - listed separately on the bottom of the YDNA results page also matches 23/25 with these two and has an excellent paper trail.] Both these lines have excellent circumstantial or documentary links that suggest that they share Matthew as a common ancestor. We should then suppose that all of the "Matthew Grant" Group are related and the owner of Kit # 25705 is close to a paper trail linking to Matthew collaterally.

It should be noted that the working hypothesis is that this group represents the "MacRobbie" Grants: a cadet branch of the Stewart Chiefs whose branching from the main line goes back to the 1300s.

Kit Background Description Claims or Quest

Kit 7215 is tied to John Francis Grant the son of Effingham Howard Grant/Jane Harrison married Jan. 28, 1808 at St. Marylebone, Saint Mary-St. Marylebone Road, London, England. John was born in 1821 and after marrying Maria Woodhams, in 1849 immigrated to NY/Michigan in 1855. His brothers/sisters stayed in London; their names were James, Thomas, Jane Lydia, Charles, George, Mary (Alice?), Susan and Robert. Effingham Howard Grant was born in Scotland, exactly where unknown, about 1776. Perhaps he is the Effingham that is one of the last of the Grants of Carron that are mentioned in Sir William Fraser's book, Chiefs of Grant, written in 1883. The Effingham mentioned there left Edinburgh (Abbey of Holyrood House) in 1790 apparently penniless when his father, James Grant of Carron, died deeply in debt. Trying to make a connection there or get any further information on EHG.

Kit 10391 - My Mother was Naomi Grant who was the daughter of Neville Carroll Grant who lived on Wesser Creek in Swain County NC. I can trace my Grant line back to Wilkie Grant who married Mary Ann Totherow.

Kit 19996 traces back to "John Grant in Glenchernick" father of Peter Grant 'junior' a merchant who lived in Grantown (1774 - 1854). I would certainly be interested to hear from anyone (a) with a close DNA match and/or (b) who can show any link to this family - especially as it is unlikely that any records further back will show up. It would seem quite likely that John Grant's father was also Peter.

Kit 20976 can be traced back to Carroll Alonso Patterson (1880 Swain Co., NC - 1922 Swain Co., NC) & Hattie T. Grant (1879-1953).  Marvin R. Grant (b 1902 Swain Co., NC - d 1992 Cobb Co., GA) was born out of wedlock to Carroll Patterson.  Marvin R. had a son Garland S. Grant (1922 Union Co., GA - 2000 Alamance Co., NC).  His son, Marvin A. Grant ("Alan" b 1946 Cherokee Co., NC) was my father.

My ancestor William Grant had four sons who had offspring: Alexander, Andrew, Thomas and Charles. We've had two DNA tests from Andrew's lineage and one from Alexander's, none from Thomas and Charles, at least not yet. Surprisingly the DNA tests aren't a match, though Alexander and Andrew are proven brothers. There must be something wrong somewhere else in the lineage. I haven't figured it out yet. There was lots of illegitimacy in my Grant family, so I shouldn't be surprised about the non-match. However I don't know exactly where the break might be. The tests are kit # 31534 (Andrew's lineage), # 40927 (Andrew's lineage), and # 97440 (Alexander's).

Kit 21340 is tied to Joshua Grant of Shapleigh and Dearborn, Maine (born circa 1760). Results now confirm that this kit is tied to the line of Peter Grant (born 1631) who was exiled by Oliver Cromwell following the Battle of Dunbar.

Kit 21344 is tied to Thomas Grant of Maury/Marshall County, TN, who was born circa 1778. We do not know anything about him prior to 1815. Family stories suggest he was indentured for seven years and that was how he obtained passage to N. America. The stories suggest he came from Scotland and his wife, Sarah Glover, came from N. Ireland. However, these references could have pertained to their parents. I have exhausted all descendent lines except for one. I am currently seeking any descendents of Thomas' son, John Grant, who was born about 1805 and married Martha (Mary) Shannon, January 1, 1840 in Marshall County, TN. They moved with most of the Grant siblings to Pontotoc County, Mississippi in the early 1840's and then to Poinsett County, Arkansas prior to 1860. They had two sons, David and Jackson. If I can find a male descendent of either, perhaps I can obtain a lead on old Thomas' parents or origin.  My lineage top down is a follows:  Thomas Grant, James Davis Grant, James Polk Grant, Stephen Allen Grant, and to me.

Kit 21365 is tied to William Grant, born 1642/1643, in St. Nicholas at Wade on the Isle of Thanet, Kent, England (near Canterbury). Father of William Grant is John Grant, born about 1610. Birthdates, marriages, and other records in IGI coincide with Grants living in the same region back to early 16th century and into the 15th century. Probable ties to the family of a Henry Grant and son Laurence Grant in the Eyethorne region about 1510, and 1540 respectively. The DNA signature of this line has a strong Scandinavian influence from Western and Northern Norway with no exact matches in the FTDNA database and the closest matches being in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Isle of Man, Shetland Islands and Scotland and derives from a Central Asian population near the Siberian Altai region. It is believed at this time that this line, of haplogroup R1a1, belongs to the original Norse line of the Grants. Kit owner is especially interested in any participants who can document their line from either Matthew Grant (Windsor, Connecticut and ancestor of Ulysses S. Grant) and/or Ulysses S. Grant.

Kit 21401 is tied to Stephen Grant of Maine (born circa 1750). Results now confirm that this kit is tied to the line of Peter Grant (born 1631) who was exiled by Oliver Cromwell following the Battle of Dunbar.

Kit 21651 is tied to Nathaniel Berry Grant, 1844, AL. I am 99% sure he is the son of Larkin M. Grant, 1817, GA going on back to Daniel Grant of VA.

Kit 21840 is tied to William Grant who was born probably in about 1774, married Ann Maidstone Hillman on Nov 4, 1795, at Woodstock, York County, New Brunswick, Canada, and died on Mar 26, 1847, at Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Kit 22101 is the great-great-grandson of James Grant, born in Cromdale, Scotland, to a Donald Grant and Catherine in 1807.  He died in Dassel, Meeker County, MN in 1896.  He married twice.  His first wife, Elizabeth McMillen, died in 1845.  He married again, to Rebecca Fifer, in 1847.  They had 9 children.

Kit 22822 is tied to William Grant (born about 1700) came to America from Scotland around 1720. Family history claims that he was fighting the English and was sent as a prisoner of war to the Colonies and then spent several years as an indentured servant in Maryland. Another branch of the family claims that he landed in Philadelphia with his wife, Margery Verner. His son, also William Grant, married Elizabeth Boone, Daniel Boones sister. They lived in Rowan County, North Carolina and then settled in Kentucky near Daniel Boone and his family. Many descendants eventually traveled west to Missouri and then on to California and Oregon to live.

Kit 23080 is tied to the Rev William Grant 1712-1775 minister at Kilmonivaig, Inverness-shire. He started life as a graduate M.A. from Kings College Aberdeen (1732) became schoolmaster at Alvie, Cromdale, and Kingussie - 1742 missionary to Fort Augustus -1750 minister at Kilmonivaig. This branch of the Grants was supposed to have been part of the First House of Ballindalloch.

Kit 23170 is related to Thomas Jefferson GRANT b.1812 Georgia, USA. m. Rachael Hancock. Children include: Charles Clement, Gilphen G, George Washington, Mary Frances, Sara Temprence, John A, Irene Alice, Philo Thornton, Wilburn C, Martha A, Henry, Thomas L B, Robert E Lee, Joel Jackson.

Kit 24708 provides a direct link into the line of the Chiefs of Grant through "the Good Sir James" (fl. 1800) and Sir Duncan Grant, 1st of Freuchie (fl 1450) to Andrew Stewart (fl 1320) who married the heiress Maud Grant, adopting the surname Grant (see Monymusk text etc. at ). For the moment at least, our best guess is that Andrew was the eldest, but illegitimate, son of James Stewart the 5th High Steward.

Kit 25705 is tied to a branch of Grant's living in the North East of England with origins as Horse Breeders and farmers around the Dundalk area of County Louth in Ireland. Family stories have connected with President US Grant both in Ireland and his visit to the North East of England. This fired my interest in my Family origins. It appears we are directly related to the Stewart Chiefs of the Clan Grant possibly a branch of the Grants of Glenlochy related to Robert Grant the Ambassador and related to others within the project in Canada, Australia and the USA. There are a number of theories can explain how we got to Ireland. As supporters of Mary Queen of Scotts moving to escape persecution, Catholic relations during the Huntly rebellion moving from Scotland possibly with Rebel Grants of Carron, or moving to Ireland during King James I, Plantation of Ulster to gain land. The earliest possible relative I have traced, Felix Grant born in 1718 and a Catholic could also mean that there are Jacobite links to our move to Ireland. However it appears the family were established Farmers renting a great deal of Land from the Crown by then so any Jacobite link appears highly unlikley. I have several sources left to explore which hopefully will supply further links. Clearly a great deal of historical research will need to be carried out. My Branch therefore seems to be a very interesting Scottish, Irish English mix with many cousins across the Atlantic.

Kit 25934 is tied to William Grant. His family has been traced from Augusta County, Va. to South Carolina in approx. 1767. He lived first in Union County (Ninety Six District) and then Greenville County. He was born in 1732 bad died circa 1812.The name was William Grant and his wife was Keturah. One of his sons, another William, moved from Greenville County to present day Oconee County. He was born in 1761 and died in 1853. Some of the original William's children and some of his son's children moved to Habersham County, Ga. At least one of the family moved to Tennessee and some went to Texas.

Kit 26039 is tied to a well documented descendant of Peter Grant (Kittery/Berwick, Maine). Peter Grant (born 1631) was exiled by Oliver Cromwell following the Battle of Dunbar.

Kit 26043 My great-grandfather is Elijah T. Grant, born in Parrasboro, Cumberland, Nova Scotia in 1855 and died sometime before 1891 (as he was not in the 1891 census, but was in 1881 census).  He married Margaret Parsons 9/3/1873 in Cumberland, Nova Scotia (she is the daughter of William parsons and Rebecca [unknown]  Margaret Parsons was born 11/3/1856 in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. They had 5 children: Margaret Mona Grant b. 12/14/1874, d. Port Greville, NSElla Grant, aka Nellie, b. 1877John William Grant, b. 11/11/1881, Port Greville, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia  (John is my grandfather)  m. 9/28/1906 to Lena Benjamin b. 6/10/1887 in Scott's Bay, King's County, Nova Scotia (daughter of George Benjamin and Elizabeth Scofield) Lena died 12/16/1917 in Kings County, Nova Scotia. Isaac B. Grant b. 1883, Port Greville. Leonard Grant, aka James, b. 1/28/1884 Wards Brook Cumberland Nova Scotia, d. 9/17/1976 Pugwash, Cumberland Nova Scotia.

Kit 26052 is tied to Wilkinson Grant b 23 Jan 1804 in Bourbon Co KY. According to "The Descendants of William and Elizabeth Grant" by Dianne Clem Hirschi Wilkinson Grant is the son of George Grant and Mary Berry. Wilkinson Grant married Christina Ward 29 Sep 1825 in Corydon, Harrison Co. Indiana. We descend from their 5th child, Harvey B. Grant b 19 Nov 1835 in Corydon, Harrison Co., Indiana. Wilkinson and Christina and family moved to to Henry County, Iowa about 1843. There Harvey married Mary Jane McBride 11 Nov 1857. Unsure of how many children they had because census names and Harvey's probate names don't exactly match. But we do know Harvey and Mary Jane had a son, Robert E. Grant b Dec 1862 married Mary Ann Ginn and they are the parents of John Henry Grant, b 21 Oct 1895 in Thayer Co. Nebraska or Narka, Republic Co. KS. John Henry Grant m Ethel Lena Allen June 1919.

Kit 27245 is a descendant of William Grant born 1847 in Evanton, Ross-shire, Scotland, who emigrated to Dunedin, New Zealand in 1879. The identity of his Grant father cannot yet be proven, but it looks highly likely that his father was William McKenzie Grant (1827-1903, a tailor in Elgin, Morayshire) who was the son of Peter Grant (1784-1861, a grieve who moved from Glenurquhart to Forres, Morayshire), who was the son of Robert Grant (born about 1760) and his wife Elizabeth Grant, who lived in 1784 at Oldton of
Sheuglie in Glenurquhart, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Robert was a soldier in the 42nd Regiment. Robert is likely a male line descendant of the cadet families of either Grant of Corrimony or perhaps Grant of Sheuglie, both in Glenurquhart. In 1790 Robert and his wife were living at Ballintrom (near Tomchrasky) in neighbouring Glenmoriston, but later children were born in Glenurquhart. See Kits 42813 and 90842 for lineal descendants of this Robert Grant.  

Kit 27247 is a descendant of William Grant (1809-1873), a tailor and clothier in Forres, Morayshire, Scotland who married Margaret McLeod.  William's earliest known ancestor is Charles Grant "alias McRobie" (c1681 - 1758), who was a tenant farmer at Balnellan, Inveravon in Strathspey, Scotland and boatman of a ferry across the Spey/Avon rivers.  Charles Grant had many descendants in the parishes of Inveravon and Knockando and who were usually known by the patronymic "alias McRobie". Research indicates that the McRobie Grants may have been tied to the Grants of Glenlochy in the parish of Abernethy and Kincardine, which is contiguous to Strathavon, Banffshire.

Kit 27700 is tied to E. ALLEN. He died during the battle of Vicksburg. While serving under U.S. Grant. Stories have it that E. came over from Ireland. He was drafted into the Union Army in Springfield, Illinois. He fought and was killed in the battle. My Great-grandfather was EDWARD "BUGG" ALLEN (E.1) the son of E. Allen. He died November 30, 1918 in Shiloh Baptist Cemetery, Sontag, Mississippi. He married ELIZABETH ANNE ANDERSON. 1910 census records show that he live in Attala C. MS., The records show him as being born in Mississippi even though the family stories have him being born in Ireland. William's 1920 census records show that Bugg was born in MS. Buried at Shiloh Baptist Church, 601-587-7653 Sontag Road, Sontag MS 39665.

Kit 28844 is tied to John Grant, supposedly born in 1817 or 1818. His son, Benjamin Franklin Grant was my great grandfather.

Kit 30056 traces back through Lincolnshire Grants to James Grant [1741-1808]of Donington in Holland [Lincs]. His burial papers state he came from Perthshire. I have not been able to trace him back any further, despite going to the archives in Perth.

Kit 30498 ties to the Grant's found in Hanwell near Banbury Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warshire around 1650. Before 1650 we have the choice of three ancestors, as the records were not kept for ten years. Then 1590 if we know which of the three are the direct line. Like most Grant's, we have been told that we have some connection with President Grant. But at the present time I have not found it.

Kit 30499 refers to the descendants of John Grant (c1700) in Inverlochie and his wife, Jean Forbes. Their place of origin is unknown. They had several children, all born in the Parish of Kirkmichael, Scotland. John came to America in the mid 1700s but it is unknown whether he stayed or returned to Scotland. One son was William Grant (1743) of Trois-Riviers, Quebec, merchant and senior trading partner of Grant, Campion and Co. of the Northwest Co. William married Marguerite Fafard dit Laframbois at Trois-Rivieres in 1787 and was the father of HBC Chief Trader of Ft. Hall, Richard Grant. Richard Grant married Marie Ann Breland and was the father of Johnny/John F. Grant. Johnny was a trader and rancher at Deer Lodge, Montana, and the originator of the Grant-Kohr's Ranch National Historic Site. He was also one of the original settlers of what is now the Carman area of Manitoba, Canada. Other families related or associated with these Grants were Laframbois, Dobie, Breland, Rowand, Grant, Kittson, Higgins, McLauchlin, Dempsey, Tendoy,LaVatta, Bruneau, McIver, Dease and many more. My interest lies in identifying the Scottish place of origin of this family and other Grant connections. I am particularly interested in the various Grants of the fur trade era and 'our' Grant relationship to them and other fur trading families between 1700 and 1900.  Our direct line:

possibly Donald Grant in/of Inverlochie > John Grant in Inverochie (& Jean Forbes) > William Grant of Trois Rivieres (& Marguerite Fafard dit Laframboise) > HBC Chief Trader Richard Grant (& Marie Anne Breland) > Richard Stanislas Grant (& Emilie Levreau de Langie) > Joseph Richard Grant (& Laura Delores LaVatta) > John Nelson Grant (& Frances Norton) > Francis Nelson Grant (& Amanda Lavoie).

Kit 30840 My family is from Connecticut and Massachusets, my grandfather is Clarence E Grant b.5/23/1910, d. 12/11/96 who was a retired machinist at Draper Corp in Hopedale. He was married to Edna M Tiffany and had three brothers, Joseph H, William E, Aaron V and a sister Cecilia Winifred. I am definitely related to John Marsh of Salem (now Peabody) who was aboard the Mary & John 3/27/1633. Clarence’s’ parents were Joseph J Grant and Susan Marsh (b.9/1887 m. Milford). Susan Marsh related to my father that her mother was Eleanor Cain b. 5/1851 NB, m. 17/6/1870, d. 3/8 1925 Hopedale, who was a Native American from Petitcodiac NB. She married George-Albert Marsh b. 22/4/1848 W. Peabody, m. 17/6/1870, d. 4/8/14 Chelsea Soldiers Home. Their children were George-Walter Jr., Florence L, Mary A, Aaron C, Sidney F, Nellie, Susan, John A, Sara A. Both my grandparents visited Petitcodiac in the ‘70s and found Eleanor’s’ relatives’ graves. It is now Ft. Folly First Nations. On my grandfather Clarence E side of the family his father was John Grant of Edinborough. He married Bridget Bird of Ireland and they had Joseph J, Frank, Harry, Bill, Winifred, Nellie, and Emma. That is the last record of the Grant clan. I would appreciate any further information and contacts.

Kit 31534 traces back seven generations to a William Grant who was born either in Scotland or Virginia in the period between 1710 and 1720. All records of his birth were list either in the Revolution or Civil Wars unless there is some as yet unknown source. He married a Mary Morris but that is about all we know about her except that apparently she was born in that same 10 year period. William moved to North Carolina and died their in 1794. Mary died in 1800. The remaining members of my family, up to father, all lived in North Carolina. My family then includes Andrew, 1755-1825, a son of William and Mary. Andrew married a Martha MacKey or MacKay, no birth/death info about her. Then Charles B. Grant, 1790-1867, a son of Andrew and Martha. He married Mary "Polly" Morris, 1799-1880. Then their youngest son, Henry Burnett Grant, 1836-1882, is my great grandfather. He married Elizabeth C. Morrison, 1835-1924. Elizabeth was apparently born in Virginia and moved with her parents to North Carolina when she was a girl. Henry and Elizabeth had a large family and my grandfather, Vance Monroe Grant, 1865-1899, was one of the younger ones. Vance and his older brother Randall Vaney Grant, moved to Madison County, Arkansas, in the 1880s. Vance married Effie Mashburn in Madison County and they had four children, 3 boys and a girl. My father was the middle boy. Vance died of severe pneumonia in the late winter of 1899 while Effie carried their youngest boy. My father, Hobart McKinley Grant, 1896-1960, moved with his mother and her second husband, and the other two boys, to Kansas about 1912. My father was born on election day, Nov. 4, 1896, and was given the names of the new vice-president and president. Dad was a Methodist minister and went to college at Kansas Wesleyan University, then to Boston University School of Theology, where he met my mother, a Canadian registered nurse, Allie Elizabeth Cameron, 1903-1991. We have the Cameron linage back at least four generations in Scotland. Bottom line, we need the DNA results to prove, one way or another, that we are Scottish Grants rather than English.

Kit 31811Grandfather was Robert Grant- born about 1895 died 1983. My grandfather was born near the River Livet - not far from the village of Tomintoul, Aberdeenshire, just a few miles from the Glen Livet Distillery - in fact he worked there and did his first gardening training for the Smith family - the owners of the distillery. All of my Grant ancestors I believe were RC Church - although my GF gave up his connection to that kirk. The Grants were all shepherds and indentured farmers all coming as far as I can tell from Speyside.

Kit 32020 is the great-great grandson of Charles Grant born in 1832 in England & died in 1875 in Canada. He married Catherine McMillian in Ontario, Canada. She was born in 1836 in Scotland & died in Canada. They had approximately 11 children, the oldest being William Grant b.Sept 16, 1854 in Mimosa, Ontario, Canada (Wellington County) and died March 5, 1909 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. He married Sarah Ann Awrey June 30, 1875 in Mimosa. She was born 1855 in Bellwood, Canada and died 1888 in Hawley, Minnesota. He married Nora Adel Peck 1890 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. She was born Oct 12, 1875 in Center, IA and died November 1932 in Alhambra, Los Angeles, CA.

Kit 34306 Donald Grant of Letheadry in parish of Cromdale,Strathespey, Scotland. David Grant m: Margarete Grant, 3rd daughter of Robert Grant of Gleanberg.   Cuthbert Grant m: native american Cree woman Highland Scot partner of Northwest Fur Co in Canada died 1799 Fort William Ont. Cuthbert Grant jr. 1793--1854 m: Marie Mcgillis Metis/half breed - given the title of Warden of the Plains was associated with the Northwest Fur Co- his history is well documented in Canada. Cuthbert Lewis Grant,1834--1909 m: Marie Gingras. William Cuthbert Grant, 1872--1949 m: Petronelle Monette lived on the Turtle Mtn.Rez in North Dakota. Gleamed from a stack of notes and charts compiled by my mother some years ago, she communicated by mail and word of mouth with many people- but her notes and records are scatered and incomplete. The four Cuthberts lived in Canada and the U.S. and all had large families of 10 to 11 children. As I understand the dna results my roots are primarily Irish/Scottish and that would be understandable as my fathers line traces back to Scotland and my mother's family were all from Scotland, primarily from The Isle of Mull.

Kit 35068 Grandmother was GRACE PAULINE GRANT, born 9 Jan. 1904, in Clinton, Laurens Co. SC, died 2 Sep. 1960 in Greenville, SC. She had two brother's (Charles F. and Dwight M.) they were children of; BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GRANT, born 6 May 1882, in Laurens Co. SC, died 2 Feb. 1934 in Greenville, SC. He was a son of; GEORGE W. GRANT, born Dec. 1839, in what was known as 96 Dist. of upper SC. Today that area is Greenwood, Abbeville, and Laurens County, SC, he died in July 1889 in Pelzer, Anderson Co. SC. GEORGE W. GRANT was a son of ADDISON SAMUEL GRANT, born approx. 1815, died 14 Jan. 1848, Newberry Co. SC. Benjamin F. Grant, had five brothers and two sisters. I only have names for two brothers, (William, and John) and the two sisters, (Sallie and Bessie). George W. Grant had three brother's (William H., John S. and Andrew A.) and one sister (Mary/Mariah F.).

Kit 35466 Grandfather and great-grandfather were both George Washington Grant. Don't know if any suffixes are applicable, like Jr or . The first one was born in 1827 in Virginia and wound up in Griffin, Ga. which was Henry County until 1853 when Spalding County was formed, including Griffin. He married Ellen M. Kirkpatrick. The 1860 census shows them married and mother-in-law living with them, and each worth $50,000 and owning slaves! They apparently invested in Confederate bonds, though, because in 1870, their "worth" was down to $400, and mother-in-law was no longer around. I still have a silver serving spoon with Ellen's initials and a "memory" book, each page of which has a poem written and signed by some guy, all dated 1853. There's NOT one by Geo W Grant, so I've surmised that he was the first to refuse, and she grabbed him! He was 37 and she 18 when they married. I realize this is a lot more than "just the facts" of genealogy,but she's interesting as well because she aged only about 8 years between each census from 1850 to 1880 - it's a miracle!

Kit 35990 is tied to Benoni Grant. Benoni was born in the late 1750's, supposedly in the state of Connecticut. I don't know when or where he was born or his parents. Benoni was an officer in the Revolutionary War. I suspect after the war he lived in New York State (possibly the area of Lake George). In 1793 he moved to the St. Armand area of Canada. He received 1200 acres in Stanstead, Canada in 1800. By 1820 he moved to High Gate, Vermont where he received a pension for his services in the Rev. War. He eventually moved to Lake George,New York. He died March 6, 1825. By his first wife (name unknown) he had 2 sons William and John. I'm a descendant of William and his wife Lois Burch. William was born c.1776 in New York State. Benoni married his second wife Catherine Deal August 30, 1795 in St. Armand, Canada. He had a large family with Catherine. I know a great deal about Benoni's descendants, but not his ancestors. Family history say he was related somehow to President Grant, but I've never been able to prove or disprove it. It could have been just wishful thinking on the part of my ancestors.

Kit 36728 is tied to his great-great-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Grant, born most likely in Georgia around 1810-1815, married Rachel Handcock, and died in Sumter, County, Georgia in 1879. His great-grandfather was George Washington Grant, born 1845, married Naarcissus Easterlin October 22, 1872 in Sumter County, Georgia.  Father and grandfather were named Carl Washington Grant, born in Sumter County, Georgia.

Kit 38400 I know who our great-grandfather Grant is (our father's grandfather), and have a reasonable amount of information about him.  His name was Joseph Grant, he was born in 1827 and lived in Toms River, New Jersey most, if not all, of his life,  He married Amanda Irons in 1850 - they had 9 children, 4 of whom lived to adulthood. (Their second surviving son, Andrew Jackson Grant was our father's biological father.)  The problem we have is that we have conflicting information about who Joseph's father was.  Information we have found leads us to believe he was born in New Jersey, but we've found two different names for him, which is the problem.   So that's as far as I've gotten with our Grant line, and why I'm hoping the DNA testing might open a closed door for us.

Kit 39417 My original ancestor is my great-grandfather James Knox Grant, who we believe was born in Inverness in early 1836, possibly the son of Lewis Grant and Ann Dallas. He immigrated to either Melbourne or Tazmania around 1853, and we know he definitely lived in Launceston, Tazmania for a short period, after which he immigrated to N.Z. He died on the 7th March 1894 in Otago and buried in Gore, Southland. Our problem is trying to connect him to someone in Scotland, as apparently no-one in the family knows any history at all about him.

Kit 39690 is a descendant of John Grant (b 1803 at Belleheiglash, Inveravon, Banffshire, Scotland ), a brother of Kit 27247's ancestor, William Grant (1809-1873, a tailor and clothier in Forres, Morayshire, Scotland) and similarly descended from the McRobie Grants.  John married his first cousin Christina Margach in 1833, emigrating to Oshawa, Ontario, Canada c1840, and died there in 1882.  He has many Canadian descendants.

Kit 40927 is a descendant of William Grant (d 1795) through son Andrew (d ca 1825) through his son Charles B Grant, through his son Henry B Grant. All lived in Rutherford, NC, then Charles moved to Macon Co., NC, where Henry was born.

Kit N41465 traces back to Peter Grant (b.1631/4), exiled from Scotland by Cromwell after the Battle of Dunbar. The line descends from there as follows: James Grant (Captain)(b.1671/2); James Grant (Captain James II)(b.1703); Ephraim Grant (b.1731); James Grant (Captain James III, fought on colonial side in the Revolutionary War)(b.1752); John Grant (Deacon)(b.1777); Hobart Ruthven Grant (b.1810); Edwin Ruthven Grant (b.1842); Leslie Grant (b.1872); Kenneth Leslie Grant (b.1905); James R. Grant (my father)(b.1930). This Peter Grant line settled in the Berwick, Maine area following Peter's release from the Saugus Iron Works and remained there until Hobart Grant moved to Wisconsin in 1848. From there, the line moved to Michigan (mid to late 1800's), back to Wisconsin (1963), and recently to Florida.

Kit 42347Kit 42347 descended from James Grant born 26 January 1811 In Matilda, Ontario, Canada died 14 June 1883 Norfolk, St. Lawrence, New York, His father was Julius John Grant believed to have been born 1785 either in Montgomery, New York or in Mass. His father was John Grant born around 1750 and may have lived in Albany, New York before the revolution. John Grant fled to Canada and remained loyal to the crown. His eldest son was John Grant and went to sea. His second son was Calvin and his third son was Julius John Grant. For a time they lived near Cornwall Ontario Canada. Around 1839 Julius John Grant's sons Julius, James, Jacob and John moved to Madrid, St. Lawrence, New York and by 1840 they had cleared land in Norfolk, St. Lawrence New York with the Road being called Grantville. At one time 36 Grant families lived in the area. Today some of the land is the Grantville State Forest of New York. Today some of their descendants can be found still living in the area. I believe that we are the descendents of John Grant the son of Noah Grant spoken of in the book by Arthur Hastings Grant "The Grant Family" which includes President U.S. Grant. Jesse Root Grant had a brother John Grant. All of this would mean that my GGG Grandfather was the cousin of U.S. Grant.

Kit 42813 is a lineal descendant of Robert Grant (born about 1760) and his wife Elizabeth Grant, who lived in 1784 at Oldton of Sheuglie in Glenurquhart, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Robert was a soldier in the 42nd Regiment. He is likely a male line descendant of the cadet families of either Grant of Corrimony or perhaps Grant of Sheuglie, both in Glenurquhart. In 1790 he was living at Ballintrom (near Tomchrasky) in neighbouring Glenmoriston, but later children were born in Glenurquhart. Kit 42813 is a second cousin of Kit 90842

Kit 42947 I am descended from George Allen.  George was born somewhere in England about 1630.  He allegedly migrated to Virginia with William Waller about 1648.  He married Mary Withers (also from England) about 1672 in Stafford County, Virginia and died in Stafford County in 1689.  Because of the settlement and migration patterns of this Allen line, I suspect Scottish ancestry.

Kit 43215 James Grant born about 1750 to 1755 was married to Dorcas and came to New York with his brother John in about 1774.  James and John were volunteer horsemen under Capt. Francis Kirkpatrick and were both from Chester County SC during the Revolutionary War.  James Grant died Nov 4, 1820.  One of James Grants sons was Benjamin Grant who was born in 1790 and died in 1880.  He married Lavinia Williams.  One of Benjamins sons was James Henry Grant born in 1818 and died in 1892.  He married Elizabeth Pressly.  One of James Henrys sons was Amzi Neely Grant born in 1855 and died 1939.  He married Elizabeth Geneva. One of Amzi Neelys sons was Leon Mills Grant born 1893 and died in 1989.  He married Janie Ethel Lee.  Leons oldest son was Charles Leon Grant who was born 1915 and died in 1974.  He was married to Nellie Flora Oliver.  Leons son is Charles Wayne Grant who was born in 1948.  Charles is married to Patricia Lynn Nelson.  Charles has a son Jonathan Charles Grant born in 1984. Many of the descendants of this line of Grants still live in Chester County, SC in the town of Chester.  Leon Mills Grant had a son, George Mills Grant.  We have not been able to identify John Grant and his descendants.

Kit 43245 My father was Edward Merville Grant, born in Quincy, IL on 5/25/1892 and died 5/20/1983 in Lebanon, OR.  Grandfather was James Grant and owned a farm near Tonica, IL. My father had told me that my great or great-great grandfather (I don't recall which) was a first cousin to Pres. U. S. Grant.  I would really like to trace this back, but I do not have much of an idea how to go about it.  Father had also said that the immigrant ancestor came from Port Glasgow, Scotland.  His name and relationship I have forgotten.  Also, my grandparents divorced and father and grandmother moved from Illinois to California, so I never met any of my other Grant relatives.

Kit 44288Kit 44288 can be traced back to Thomas Grant that arrived in America in 1635 time frame and settled into Rowley Ma. Thomas Grant was married to Jane Halburne. Jane had a son named Francis in 1643 the same year Thomas died. Thomas came from England from the Hessele, Cottingham, Roxby area of Yorkshire. This is mid east coast of England. Thomas’s ancestry can be traced back to a William Grant born 1479 Roxby England. This puts my ancestry into the English Grant’s. DNA results have recently turned up a 37-35 match that appears to confirm this line back to this area in England.

Kit 46469 is tied to John Grant, b. about 1760, living in Darlington District, SC, at least between 1800 and 1820. John’s sons include David (b. about 1789), Giles, and James (1799-1855), my second great-grandfather. About 1820, James married Nancy Anderson in SC. Nancy Anderson was the daughter of Jesse Anderson of Wayne County, NC, and later Darlington District. In the early 1820s James and Nancy and four of their children (Martha Ann, Susan Mozella, Mary Ann, and Cherry Ann) moved to GA, purchasing land in Jasper County and settling in Henry County sometime before 1840. By then, James’ brothers David and Giles had already moved to GA and later moved on to AL. James’ son William Miles Grant (1831-1912) married Elizabeth Permelia Young in Henry County in 1853, lived in DeKalb County, GA, at least between 1860 and 1870, and migrated to Ouachita Parish, LA, in the mid-1870s. William’s son Reuben Henry Grant (1861-1943), my grandfather, was born in Ouachita Parish and lived there until about 1900 and then moved with his wife and family to Eros, Jackson Parish, LA.

Kit 46999 has traced his Grant forebears to: James Grant, born about 1850 and lived in Fearn, Ross-shire. He is looking into more deail, so will let you know if anything surfaces.

Kit 50583 Grant family of Strachan Banchory Ternan Kincardinshire. From 1770’s, John Grant married Mary Will
4 December 1773 at Strachan. There were at least 15 children including my great great grandfather George Grant , the 6th child born April 1783. George married Elizabeth Seivewright at Drumoak on 25 July 1812. Their were 9 children, William, John, Thomas, Henery, Mary, David, Joseph, Hellen, and Jane. Joseph born 1826 emmigrated to Australia in 1850’s, married and had 7 living children. Family lore said that we were descended from a “younger son of a Chief of the Clan” and DNA testing has shown this is possible story. I am as yet unable to find out where we exactly fit but I am researching an hypothesis which will probably take quite some time. I have a fairly comprehensive family tree built up of the families from 1773 and information on this family back to about 1670. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Kit N64459 is connected to John Henry Grant. He was married to Margaret Grant (her maiden name). Margaret's grandfather was from Ireland and he married a Native Amercian. My grandparents liived in Cross Hill SC.

Kit 65580 reports his grandmother, Margaret Grant, told him that her grandfather was Irish and he was married to a Native American. He may have been a soldier in the Civil War. His grandfather is John Henry Grant. As you can see both their last names are Grant.    Both of them are deceased now. I have few other details.

Kit 67540 William Grant c1764 -1840 is my earliest ancestor. Married to Christian McGregor he lived in Cromdale, Moray Scotland and was a miller at Castle Grant. Children are John b. 1785, Balnaclash, Cromdale: Janet b 1787 Cromdale : Robert Henry b 1798 Milltown Cromdale, Jean b 1799; David my gr gr grandfather1794; and lastly Mary 1797 David 1794-1868 m Janet McEwan and was an excise officer who moved around Scotland dying in Perth in 1868 His son Archibald my gr grandfather b Dunning Perthshire 1842 -1916 emigrated to New Zealand in 1862. My main object in taking part in this project is to see if l can connect with other Grants going back further. Cromdale records pre 1790 were lost in a fire and as Grants are thick on the ground there it has been impossible to link in with the right family.

Kit 76350 Our research takes us back to Alexander Grant of Grantsfield, Scotland.  Born 1693, died April 28, 1776 Kinchirdie, Aberdeen Scotland.  Married to Margaret Farquharson of Inverey Scotland, December 1739. Our line descends from son named James Ogilvie Grant born (baptised) June 10, 1746 at Grantsfield. Died August 17, 1801 in Dorchester England.  James was a Colonel in the 49th Regiment.  He was married to Isobel Ogilvie on December 3, 1775 in Parish of Keith, Rathven County, Banffshire.  Had at least one son. James Grant. James was born in Blairmaude, Boyndie Co. Scotland c.1788.  Christened April 11, 1788, Church of Scotland. Parish of Boyndie Banffshire. Married Eleanor Maria Ann Elliot at St. Cuthberts, Edinburgh Scotland March 27, 1825.  Family emigrated to Sydney Australia (for health reasons) on the barque “Mary” in November 1839. James died in Campbelltown, Sydney Australia on April 19, 1840. Buried in Campbelltown cemetery. Eleanor, his wife remarried to Reverend William Walker on April 20, 1846 in Wesleyan Church Parramatta. Died June 30, 1872, Randwick, Sydney and is buried in St. Jude’s Anglican cemetery Randwick.  We descend from their son Alexander Ogilvie Grant.  Born Jedburgh, Roxburg Scotland, March 30, 1826. Married to Rosanna Amelia (Emma) Reid, April 21, 1851, West Maitland, NSW. Alexander remarried on September 16, 1881 in Bourke to Arabella (Bella) Battley. Alexander died May 12, 1891 and is buried in C. of E. cemetery Parramatta NSW.  We descend from Alexander and Rosanna’s son Charles Edward Grant. Married Charlotte Jane (Jessie) Hancock.  My grandfather was their son Cecil Lorraine Reidhaven Grant.  Born March 18, 1890 in Barringun, Bourke NSW.  A Chartered Accountant. Died April 20, 1963 Longueville, Sydney.  Married Mabel Lillian (Lil) Champion on June 24, 1918 in Armidale NSW. Mabel was born January 26, 1894 Armidale NSW and died Janaury 29, 1985 in Taree NSW.

Kit 76847 Grant ancestors can be traced no further than the end of the 18th century, when they were farmers in Duffus, Moray. The earliest Grant ancestor we can identify positively is Andrew, at the 6th generation. He and his wife Elspet Dick are named on their son John's death certificate (1873). We have a 1796 birth certificate for John Grant in Duffus Parish, parents Andrew Grant and Elspet Dick, but the date lacks corroboration. John is identifiable in the 1841 census, with spouse Katherine (Ross), and place of residence, Woodside, Duffus. The same information is in John's 1873 death record. John and Katherine are named on their son (my great-grandfather ) Alexander's 1859 certificate of marriage in the Borough of Elgin. There are corroborated records of Alexander's birth in 1823 in Duffus and death in 1912, in Arran Township, Bruce County, Ontario.

Kit 82582 is the 8th generation of Grants in New Brunswick Canada, who were shipped out of New York in October 1773 to Partown Canada, which is now Saint John. My Ancestor who first came here was a Widow and was addressed as Widow Grant on all documents we have found. Her husband served with the king's American Regiment and was a (Memorialist). Widow Grant had 5 sons: Peter, John, William, finley and Lawrence who all settled in New Brunswick Canada. Widow Grant went on to Marry again to Mr Henry Chronkite. We are still searching for Widow Grants husband who was reportedly killed at the end of the Revolutionary war in 1783. We do not know his name. We do think that he may have served under col. Atwood who too, settled in New Brunswick Canada. It appears that the records to my Paternal Ancestor may be in the archives in NYC unless they were destroys by the Patriots after the war. We are still searching and hope we could find some missing links with other people in the DNA project.

Kit 83161 is tied to Donald Grant born 1735 -1759 Married to Marjorie "May" Falconer married 1774 Children Alexander 1781 died 8 Oct 1862 in Tomnahurich Bridge Scotland ( was the start of my line) he married Ms Ann "Nanny" Mc Kinnon born Inverness Scotland married 2 Dec 1804 died 1855; Donald born 6 March 1775 in Dalcross Scotland : William born 5 Oct 1777 ; Ms Margory Grant born 10 Aug1791; Sister: Duncan Born 1795. William Grant was an Inverness man, who migrated to Stornoway, Scotland and settle in the area long before marrying Johanna Morison in 1906.  In 1917, he founded the Stornoway Gazette.  Three of their six sons became prominent figures in the newspaper world in the Highlands.  Johanna was the youngest daughter of Roderick Morison, a retired ship's captain.  Johanna had a brother by the same name as her dad, who became a minister of the Stornway High Church.  William Grant died in 1932 at the age of 59.

My father, Duncan, was born in Clachan, North Uist - 9 Apr 1893. Married Isabella Duncan Jessiman in Capetown on 10 June 1929.  His father was also Duncan, born in Duthil IV 20 Feb 1855. Married to Marion MacRea in Dornie Kintail 22 June 1880. They had five children two of whom settled in the USA another remained in Dornie, another who died at age 16, and my Dad who left the Scotland he loved and settled in Southern Rhodesia, doing a stint in Northern Rhodesia where his two sons were born. In 1938 he was transferred to Umtali, (now Mutare) where he dies in 1982, followed two months later by his wife two months later.I have tried to delve back into the history of the family and thought I had unearthed Duncan's family but it proved incorrect.

Kit 85435 indicates that the oldest known relative I am certain of is John Henry Grant, born in Frederick County, Maryland, February 19, 1790. married August 7, 1817 to Susannah Johnson who was from Pennsylvania and born 1794 and died August 5, 1852. John Henry Grant died november 19, 1853 in Pickaway County, Ohio. He was a private in the War of 1812, served with th first regiment under Captain William Key from Ross County, Ohio. John Henry Grant is buried at the John Graffis farm in Washington Township, Pickaway County, Ohio. His children are: Samuel Grant (May 28, 1819 in Pickaway County, Ohio - July 9, 1895 in Pickaway County, Ohio), Susannah Grant (1830 - ?), George Grant (1834 - January 20, 1864) and he was with the Second Ohio Calvary during the Civil War, Peter Grant (1835 - ?), Marie (1838 - ?), John Henry Grant Jr. (1845 - July 23, 1863) and he died at the Big Black River in Mississippi as a Private in the 42nd OVI age 18 and buried at Zion Cemetery in Washington Township Pickaway County Ohio, Elizabeth (1847 - died at age of 16), Minerva (1850 - 1860). That is all the children of which I am aware.  John Henry Grant is my 3RD Great Grandfather and Samuel is my 2nd Great Grandfather.

Kit 85599 is tied to William M. Grant born 1861 in Ohio . The son of Isaac and Lydia A. Grant also believe to be from Ohio. We do not know anything about him except he was married to Mary L. McDonald ( Nova Scotia) in Medfield, Massachusetts on Feb 27, 1889. They had three children their names were Dorothy, Clarence , and Ethel. He left them about 1898-- we have no idea where he went after. We would appreciate anyone with close DNA ties to respond.

Kit 90842 is a lineal descendant of Robert Grant (born about 1760) and his wife Elizabeth Grant, who lived in 1784 at Oldton of Sheuglie in Glenurquhart, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Robert was a soldier in the 42nd Regiment. He is likely a male line descendant of the cadet families of either Grant of Corrimony or perhaps Grant of Sheuglie, both in Glenurquhart. In 1790 he was living at Ballintrom (near Tomchrasky) in Glenmoriston, but later children were born in Glenurquhart. Kit 90842 is a second cousin of Kit 42813.

Kit 91779 is a descendant of William Grant, b. 1707, of King George County, VA.  William was married to Margaret White. They had one son, James Grant.  On his maternal side, Eduardo Henriquez, b. 1864, was from Analusia, Spain via Cuba.

Kit 92374 is tied to John Grant (born abt 1740) in Tomchaldon/Thomchalton croft in Tulloch. He married Janet Grant on the 16th Sept 1766. They had a son Gregor Grant born abt. 31 Jan 1766 (oops). This Gregor married Margaret Cameron, date unknown. They had a son Grigor Grant born 12th Jan 1786. At this stage the family were still residing at Tomchaldon. Grigor went on to marry Betsie Grant of Rybhoanbhar, but at some stage the family moved to Rynuan. He was also a Corporal in the 10th Militia. An area near Stranrue was named after him "Grigor’s Green" (Not known of now by the locals). By all accounts he was a bit of a lad! I think this move coincided with the croft at Thomchaldon burning down and or the marriage of his son Gregor (born 3rd March 1827 my GGG Grandfather ) to Janet Stewart of Rynuan in 1850. Gregor and Janet had a son Donald Grant (born 3rd March 1855 my GG Grandfather( 1 of 7 children)). The more I look into the circumstances of the Tulloch area the more I am convinced that Thomchaldon was perhaps a sub tenant croft on the Mains of Tulloch farm. More research underway in the Seafield Papers may resolve this. Donald then married Christina McLeod at Charlestown, Inverness. They had nine children. One of them Charles, my Grandfather, was born in Upper Kessock Street, Inverness. It would appear that the family moved around the Inverness/ Aviemore area. The oldest 2 children appear to have been born in Bonar, Balphadrig a suburb of Inverness, they then moved to Alvie where my grandfather was born, then they move back to Inverness. Still looking for information earlier than 1740.

Kit 93864 is tied to James Grant who married Isabella Cameron 9/9/1788. At the time of his marriage he was living at Mill of Tore (Balnain) in Glenurquhart west of Drumnadrochit. The DNA results show that James is decended from the Grants of Shewglie/Sheuglie but James' father is not known. Two possibilities are Alexander Grant (The Swordsman) descended from the second son of Robert Grant 2nd. of Sheuglie and Colonel Hugh Grant of Moy descended from the first son.

Kit 97440 is tied to William Grant, b. 1721, location unknown. He was in Orange County, VA by 1750s, so he may have been born there. William died in 1795 in Rutherford, County, NC. Kit 97440's father was Marvin Grant b. 1896 in MO; his grandfather was Henry Grant b. 1866 in TN; his great grandfather was Henry Grant b. 1826 in NC; his 2nd great grandfather was John Grant b. 1799 in NC; his 3rd great grandfather was Alexander Grant b. 1762 in NC; his 4th great grandfather was the above mentioned William Grant.

Kit 100170 is a descendant of Samuel Grant, christened 1760 in Dublin Ireland and the possible son of George Grant III and Patience Hobart. Samuel Grant married Ann Nancy Nichols and their children were, William 1787-1879, Samuel Jr.1790-1856, Ann, Mary1792-, Elizabeth 1808-after 1860, Benjamin 1816-, Fanny 1806- and Charles 1806-.  Rick Crume is in possession of Samuel's christening record.  My descent is from Samuel’s eldest son William Grant, and William’s eldest son Ichabod.  Birth, marriage and christening records. Unable to verify William as the son of Samuel, but that was proven by Robert Grant and Rick Crume. Info on George and Ida came from my grandfathers marriage license. Records for my grandfather’s brother Levi Raymond was found at the home of my grandparents in 2007.  Located graves for George’s brother and sister, as children of Ichabird and Mary. (s/b Ichabod) Ichabod was the 2nd settler to the Southampton area in 1862 have located his old homestead site. My grandfather birth was never recorded, his parents were both dead by the age of 9, he was raised by his older sisters.  My grandparents are buried in the East Cloverdale Cemetery with my grandmother’s parents. George Frederick is also buried there in an unmarked grave. We have some idea where his grave is located, family members passed the info down over the ages and my aunts were able to pinpoint a location.

Kit 101946 goes back to 1846 to Marlboro County, SC with Peter Grant who was married to Ann Eliza Chance. It is believed that Peter Grant, Jeremiah Grant and John Grant were all brothers but this is yet to be proven. No information has been found to date that takes us further back than Peter Grant and we have no history further back. We are interested in making a connection with other Grants that can add to our family history.

Kit 102542 goes back as far as !835, with the birth of Edward Grant of Co. Armagh Ireland, a farmer. He was born Nov 11, 1835 and died April 22, 1892 in Brookfield, MO. Buried in St Michaels Catholic Cemetery. He married Mary E. Grant, of Irish ancestry, born in Canada, July 1839. Listed in the 1910 census as being 69 yrs and a naturalized citizen. We do not know where in Canada they lived during this time. Further research is pending. Mary may be an McConnell, as Edward McConnell born in Co. Armagh Ireland, is buried in the same plot. He died in 1875 at age 90 years. Sons and Daughters born to this union, Emily Grant b. 1860 Canada, Margaret Grant b.1861 Canada, John Grant b 1863 Canada, Joseph Grant b.1865 Canada, (married Josie Grant, daughter Mary E. Grant b 1898); *Robert Grant b. 1866 Canada, (married Alma Grant b. 1873 in Illinois, daughters Lena. b. 1892 and Lilly b. 1894, son, Lewis b.1903, son, Vernon, b. 1906, son Chester, b 1908, daughter Gina, b. 1909 or 10); James Grant b 1868, Canada; Henry Grant b 1870, Brookfield Mo.; **Lawrence Grant, b. 1875 Brookfield Mo; (this was grandfather of our line) (married Grace Brewer Grant ((niece of General John J. Pershing)), b Mountain Grove,Mo); Frank Grant, b. 1878 Grantsville, Mo; Patrick Grant b. 1880, Brookfield Mo. d.1880 6 mo; Mary Catherine Grant b 1884, Brookfield Mo. *Robert Grant was living in Tulsa Ok in 1930, son Chester died in Tulsa, April 11, 1998, born July 16, 1907 or 08. **Sons of Lawrence were Clarence (Pat), b. 1909 (m. Florence, son Robert Lee and daughter Patricia Ann), Emery W. Grant (father of our line) sons, William E. Grant, Clarence R. Grant, daughter Judy Grant Small. Would love to have any information about the rest of this family.

Kit 112611 earliest known anscestor was John of Shettleston, Scotland, who had son, James (1828-1883), a potato merchant; son William, a blacksmith of Grafton Square, Glasgow; and son Robert, who emigrated to Australia My great-grandfather was also a James Grant, who sired 13 children. Four died in infancy, but a son, John, eventually emigrated to Canada in 1910. Sons William and James died in 1863. A later son, James (1872-1954), was a gents clothier and then Robert, (1877-1943) was a butcher, Thomas (!879-1951) was a wholesale grocer, and Andrew (1879 - ?) went to Canada. John, who went to Canada, and his wife, Helen Stewart, had six children. My grandfather was William Grant (1864-19380. And, my father was Archibald Montgomerie Grant (1900-1972). His brothers were William Montgomerie Grant (1903-1975) and James (Jim) Montomerie Grant (1910-1990), all of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland. I am trying to find connections earlier than 1829 and where in Highlands of Scotland our line originated and its connection within Clan Grant.

Kit 114696 has the following lineage: John Mackelroy b c1690 d aft 23 Nov 1765 Johnston/Wake Co NC m Frances
Archibald Mackelroy b 13 Feb 1719 Baltimore Co MD d aft 9 Dec 1760 Johnston Co., NC m Catherine
Avington Muckleroy b bef 1748 Wake Co N Carolina d c1798 prob Ogelthorpe Co GA m Sarah Dawson
Isaac Muckleroy b 26 May 1777 Johnston Co NC d 27 Aug 1830 -22 Nov 1830 Franklin Co TN m Sarah Floyd
Elijah Muckleroy b 26 May 1800 Wilkes/Oglethorpe Co GA d aft 29 Jan 1851 Nacogdoches Co TX m Catherine Burrows
James Muckleroy b 27 Dec 1821 Franklin Co TN d aft 1876 TX m Adeline Allen
James Henderson Muckleroy b 30 Apr 1847 Benton/Calhoun Co AL d 15 Sep 1938 Martinsville Nacogdoches Co., TX m Mary Eliza Bentley
O. B. Muckleroy b 3 Jan 1884 Martinsville Nacogdoches Co TX d 7 Jun 1969 Nacogdoches Co TX m Mittie Carnes

Kit #115576 My linage: Father is Roderick P. Grant; his father is Levi Harrison Grant; his father is James George Grant (b. 1861 in Smithville Flats, N.Y.); his father is Theron Grant (b. 1815 in Smithville Flats, NY); his father is David Grant (b. 1778 in Litchfield, Conn); his father is Ambrose Grant (b. 1747 in Litchfield, Conn.); his father is Increase Grant (b. 1716 in Windsor, Conn.); his father is Josiah Grant (b. 1682 in Windsor, Conn.); his father is John Grant (b. 1642 in Windsor, Conn.); and his father is Matthew Grant (b. 1601 in England).  I am looking for any information to add to ours and would really like to know where Matthew Grant lived in the UK  is tied to Matthew Grant (1601-1681) who sailed to America from Dorsetshire, England and settled in the Hartford, CT area. Our line starts out like this: Matthew Grant (1601-1681), John Grant (1642-1684), Josiah Grant (1681-1762), Increase Grant (1716-1801), Ambrose Grant (1747-1816), David Grant (1778-1849), Theron Grant (1815-1871). Theron's son James was my gr-gr-grandfather and moved the family to the Akron area in the late 1800's. I'm hoping to find a connection to William Grant (b.1479) of Roxby, Yorkshire who is suppossedly Matthew's earliest descendant, and detiremine whether or not there's any connection to Clan Grant of Scotland as well as help others looking for a DNA connection with Matthew Grant.  

Kit 118388 indicates his oldest known descendant is John Grant in Roxby, Yorkshire, England on or about 1450 AD. His son was William Grant, born about 1485 in the same place. This information was researched under the direction of Heber J. Grant when he was President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I cannot vouch for its accuracy. I do have a couple of family rumors on why it stops there. It is said when he made it back this far he found an illegitimate son and stopped the research. Also, I am told that my line is not related to President U.S. Grant. I am told that the King of England gave one of my descendants a large portion of land. As a sign of respect for the king, his descendant took the surname of Grant to show he accepted the grant of land he was given.

Kit 120814 - My family, as I know it so far, is from N. and S. Carolina. I've verified my gggrandfather to be James S. Grant (b. 1862 or 1878) m. Nancy Prevatt (b. 1869 or 1881). I'm currently looking for James Grant, father to James S. Grant, m. Sarah Quick of S. Carolina. It's not much info, but hopefully it rings a bell for someone.

Kit 121522 is a descendants of John Grant (c1700) in Inverlochie and his wife, Jean Forbes. Their place of origin is unknown. They had several children, all born in the Parish of Kirkmichael, Scotland. John came to America in the mid 1700s but it is unknown whether he stayed or returned to Scotland. One son was William Grant (1743) of Trois-Riviers, Quebec, merchant and senior trading partner of Grant, Campion and Co. of the Northwest Co. William married Marguerite Fafard dit Laframbois at Trois-Rivieres in 1787 and was the father of HBC Chief Trader of Ft. Hall, Richard Grant. Richard Grant married Marie Ann Breland and was the father of Johnny/John F. Grant. Johnny was a trader and rancher at Deer Lodge, Montana, and the originator of the Grant-Kohr's Ranch National Historic Site. He was also one of the original settlers of what is now the Carman area of Manitoba, Canada. Other families related or associated with these Grants were Laframbois, Dobie, Breland, Rowand, Grant, Kittson, Higgins, McLauchlin, Dempsey, Tendoy,LaVatta, Bruneau, McIver, Dease and many more. My interest lies in identifying the Scottish place of origin of this family and other Grant connections. His line is as follows:

Self - Living, St Boniface,Manitoba,Canada
Son of Donald Gordon Grant, Living, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Son of Donald Richard Grant, b. March 17,1925, Balsam Bay,Manitoba Canada, d. March 1976, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Son of Francis Henry Grant, b. June 25,1885, RM of Elm River now Carman Manitoba, d. 1939, Balsam,Bay,MB
Son of Richard Joseph Grant, b. Sept 7,1847, Idaho,USA, d.Jan 20,1925, Winnipeg,Manitoba Canada
Son of Richard Stanislas Grant, b. 1822, Rocky Mtn House,Alberta,Canada, Bapt. Aug 21,1825, d 1852, Soda Springs, Idaho, USA
Son of Richard Grant b. Jan 20,1794, Bapt. Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal,Quebec, d. June 21,1862, Hellgate,Montana, Buried at Walla Walla, Washington,USA
Son of William Grant b. April 24,1743, Kirkmichael,Scotland, d. Nov 20, 1810, Sorel, Quebec,Canada
Son of John Grant b. Abt:1712, of/in Inverlochy. Scotland

Kit 122206 As yet unproven,  Angus GRANT, son  John, born 4 Feb 1742, baptised 12 Feb., married Mary Mc Kenzie, born 1743 before 1766. They had 6 children . Their son John Grant born 1781, in Inveravon,  married a  Marjorie born 1785(1841,1851 and 1861 census) William Grant born 1831 in Abernethie was a feur and stone mason He travelled to Russia and Maine and had a granite quarry on Vinalhaven Island, Maine. He had 2 wives Margaret Minto (Minty) and Isabella Keith. and had 3 children that I know of. Charles born 14 April 1858 in Newhills also went to Maine. His first wife was Jessie Gordon Gray and she died in Maine He sent for a housekeeper Mary Rankin Young and he married her  on Deer Island, Maine 4 March 1895. He had 6 children by each wife. When the family returned to Scotland permanently most of the children remained in the States. Some in Mass and some to California. Alan Keith Grant was born to Charles and Mary 1901 in Bankhead , Aberdeen and he died in died Detroit, Michigan in 1953. He married Williamina Scott in Holyoke Mass. Their son Alan Keith Grant was born 1931 in Baltimore, Maryland. We married in 1957 and he died in 1997 of ALS. We started our genealogy search when he was diagnosed with ALS and so far no trace of it in his genealogy.  My Grant line married into the Allen line back in 1750 in Rothiemay, Banffshire, Scotland. Both 
sides of my husbands family were in Rothiemay, Huntly and Aberdeen until the 1900"s. Other family connections are Cruickshank, Scott, Hepburn, Gray, Mc Donald ,Stewart, Minto (Minty) and Mc Pherson.

Kit 123602 is believed to be a descendant of Christopher Grant, born 1608, location- England, not proven, to Watertown, Essex, Mass. where worked as a glazier on the first Harvard U. building. Parent may be John Grant of roxbury, Yorkshire, England, born 1563 who had a son, Christopher.

Kit 126367 is a direct descent of Alexander Grant, his great-great-great-grandfather, who married Margaret Grant 26/6/1756 in Edinlillie. One of their sons was David, my great-great grandfather, who was born/Baptized 14/5/1767 in Bogginay,Edinkillie. He married a Margaret Duncan 3/12/1804 in Edinkillie. Their second son, also David, and my great Grandfather, was born 1814-1817. He married a Jane Ross in 1849 in Edinkillie. Their second son, another David, my Grandfather, was born 14/4/1858 at Glenlarig,Edinkillie. He married Cis (not her true christian name) Smith, who was born about 1857 in Taunton Somerset. They were married on 23/11/1884 in Marylebone,London. He died 14/12/1932. Their second son, Sidney George Grant, my father, was born 1/9/1888 who married my mother Elsie May Pike on 26/12/1920 in Crewkerne,Somerset. He died 27/6/1968.

Kit 126897 Kit 126897 is a direct descendant of the Grants of Sheuglie in Glenurquhart, Inverness-shire through Alexander Grant 4th of Sheuglie (taken prisoner after Culloden and died imprisoned at Tilbury) through his 4th son Patrick Grant 1st of Lochletter, Glenurquhart (died 1806), then through his son Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Grant HEICS 2nd of Lochletter (born 1753, died 1816), through his second son, William Grant of the 92nd Regiment (born 1796, in Calcutta India , died 1852). Look forward to a chat.

Kit 133216 is descended from Alpin Grant who left Scotland (from Fort William) in September 1775 on the ship Glasgow bound for New York. The ship was prevented from entering the harbour (in case the emigrants should join the rebels on shore) and was diverted to Boston, where most of those on board were enlisted in the Royal Highland Regiment of Emigrants, the 84th. They were then sent on to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and served the remainder of the War in Windsor, N.S. on the Bay of Fundy. Alpin subsequently settled in Pictou, N.S. where he was given a grant of 500 acres. He later sold this land and moved to the eastern end of Pictou in the shore of the harbour.

Alpin had an older brother, James, who had emigrated to Nova Scotia with his wife Jennet and children on the ship Hector in 1773. DNA testing (by another company) of kit 133216 (6 generations from Alpin) and Kenneth Putnam Grant of Surry B.C. ( 5 generations from James) were an exact match (43/43) confirming that Alpin and James were indeed brothers.

A search of the Old Parish Registers for Glen Urquhart and Glenmoriston reveal that Alpin was born on 15 March 1740 and that his father's name was John Roy Grant, Meiklie. There is the record of the marriage on 13 February 1755 of 'James Grant son to John Roy Macallanvain to Janet Grant servant to James Gant of Shewglie' confirming not only that James and Alpin were brothers, but that their grandfather's name was Allan Bain ('the Fair'; 'vain' is the Gaelic genitive for 'bain') - which takes us back, in names at least, one more generation. The OPR for Urquhart and Glenmoriston dates back only to 1739 (the marriage register to 1743) and there are some significant gaps in it. There is only one other entry with the name John Roy Grant in it and that is for the marriage of his daughter Ann to 'Alex Grant son to John MacIan [Grant] sometime in Carnoch' on 11 May 1749. In this entry, John Roy is identified as 'in Meiklie', the significance of which is unclear. It may be that it merely refers to that fact that John Roy lived in the village of Balnain at the eastern end of Loch Meiklie, which was at that time called Meiklie.

Although Alpin was born in 1740, it is obvious that both James and Ann were older than he was - there may well have been other siblings, but there is no record of them, probably because of the gaps in the OPR. A record (albeit secondary) in Nova Scotia states that James died in 'February 1822 aged 97 years', which would suggest that he was born about 1725. If he was the eldest child, John Roy would himself have been born about 1700, and Allan Bain maybe about 1675, give or take 5 to 10 years either way.

The surprisingly close match between kit 133216 and that of the present Clan Chief of Clan Grant indicates that they may share a common ancestor. It may be that is through one of the Grants of Urquhart or possibly Glenmoriston. While DNA evidence provides a 99% probability this far back (15 generations) there is no family tradition, written or otherwise, to confirm this. The most that can be hoped for now is that other DNA testing of people with a known genealogy can suggest where the link might be. At present, the most likely common ancestor would appear to be John Grant 2nd of Freuchie (1485 - 1528).

There is a fairly extensive genealogy of the descendants of Alpin Grant, and to some extent, the descendants of James, which can be made available to anyone who is interested.

Kit 141765 is stuck back at 1764 Walton N. E. Derbyshire.

Kit 142073 - The original Grant ancestor that we know of fought at Culloden and was exiled to Jamaica in 1746.  We know that a son accompanied him who was around the age of 10, (born 1736 approx.), too young to have fought.  His name was Colin Alexander Grant and he grew up and was married in Jamaica.  He had a son, Colin Alexander Grant II, born approx. 1807 in Jamaica, at their coffee (or sugar?) plantation, Abbey Green. When he was 10, his parents and younger sister died of Yellow Fever and after a guardianship by the plantation manager and a Catholic priest, he was apprenticed to the British Merchant Navy.  He deserted in Falmouth after his first voyage.  He later joined the joined the Royal Navy and married an Anne Richards of Dublin, Ireland. They had one daughter, who dies at an early age and nine sons: Colin, Robert, Reuben, John, Charles, William Francis, James, Frederick and Emmanuel.  William Francis Grant had a son, Robert Stanley Grant, b. June 28, 1885, in Troy, New Hampshire, (Also two sisters, Dorothy and Margaret). Robert Stanley Grant and May Hartley Grant had a son, Robert Hartley Grant, b. July 27, 1917 in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, where Robert S. was managing a Pineapple plantation.  My father was Robert Hartley Grant.  I know there are still a lot of blank spots, including the mysterious connection to Ulysses S. Grant yet to be uncovered.  My wife is also connection to Ulysses S. Grant through the Simpson line (Ulysses' mother's maiden name).

Kit 145959 is a descendant of John Grant who most likely was born in Tomintoul Banffshire Scotland in 1814 to James Grant and who died 3 Feb 1902 in Buckie Banffshire Scotland.  He was a Tailor married to Ann Reid in Buckie on 8 Oct 1835.  John's son John Grant was born 14 Mar 1841 in Rathven Scotland, married 23 Jan 1869 to Marjory Watt of Fraserburgh.  John was a Fisherman who died 17 Mar 1892 in Rathven.   Alexander was born to John and Marjory 4 May 1880 in Buckie.  He married Jane Coull 14 Dec 1911 and died 2 Feb 1963.  Alexander was a Fisherman.  Living Grant was born in Buckie to Alexander and Jane and has a son also Living Grant born in England.

Kit 145982 has little information about his family, but knows that his grandfather was Kenneth William Archibald Grant, b. in Banjoewangi (Indonesia) on November 6, 1894. His father is George William Grant, also b. in Indonesia (Surabaja), on October 21, 1920. Kit client was born in Jakarta (Indonesia) in 1952.

Kit 148802 is connected to Daniel Battie Grant. The following is the lineage back to Daniel. Kit # 148802's father was Edmund Griffin Grant b. 1-2-1909 in Chesterfield, SC) d. 2-9-1973 (Columbia, SC) m. 4-27-1931 to Anna Wilkinson Brunson b. 2-17-1911 (Ridge Spring, SC) d. 2003 (Columbia, SC). Edmund's father was Jesse Lee Grant b. 3-5-1873 m. 1-24-1905 Mattie Lee Peele b. 7-11-1885 (Scotland Co, NC) d. 10-30-1973 (Columbia, SC). Jesse's father was Daniel Batie Grant b. 1846 d. 1900 m. Flora Ann Griffin b. 1851.

Kit 149774 is connected to Humphrey B. Grant, b. abt 1767, d. abt 1850, m. abt 1790 to Elizabeth Bryan(t), b. 1775, d. abt 1840 – 1850. A son, James Grant, b. 1791, d. 06/03/1873, m. Sarah Hazelwood, b. 1793, d. abt 1875. James' son Radford Grant was b. 04/23/1823, d. 10/24/1871, m. Mary A. Williams, b. 07/29/1832, d. 09/21/1905. Radford and Mary had a son, Isaac Grant, b. 10/24/1854, m. Lula A. Mauldin, b. 11/15/1867. Their son and my father, Radford M. Grant, was b. 07/01/1909 and m. Mary Cowart, b. 04/18/1914.

Kit 149892 is tied to Elisha Grant of Lenoir, North Carolina. He is traced from Lenior to Knox Co. Kentucky and Ripley, Missouri. His sons were John Henry Grant (b 1822, d 1907), James Grant (b 1824, d 1850), Thaddeus Theopolus Grant (b 1827 d 1916), Elisha Grant (b 1827, d 1870), William Joseph Grant ( b 1829 d aft 1883), Buck Grant (b 1832, Lewis Grant (b 1836), John C Grant (b 1846) and Stephen Grant(b 1850 d 1899). The last four sons were from Elisha’s marriage to Nancy (last name Ukn) of North Carolina. Four YDNA tests have confirmed John Henry, Thaddeus Theopolus and William Joseph are related. My ancestor, William Joseph Grant is traced from North Carolina to Missouri and to Arkansas. He was born abt 1829 and died Aft 1880. He was married to Katherine Caroline Bean and later to Sarah Waddle, a widow. They had six children, Jasper Newton Grant (b1858 d1926), Elijah Buchanan Grant (b 1861 d 1917), Caroline A Grant (b 1868 d1930), John McFadden Grant (b1870 d1916), George W Grant (b1870 d1905) and William Perry Grant (b1872 d1949). Caroline had two previous children who when by the Grant surname Loduskia and Celianne, all born in MO or ARK.

William’s father was Elisha Grant Born 1798 Lenior, North Carolina d Ripley, MO aft 1850. Descendents of Elige Buchanan Grant and Tempie Ann Hartwick are: Jasper Newton Grant (b1882 d 1944), William Leonard Grant (b1883 d1948), Henry Isom Grant (b1887 d1934), Celia Elizabeth Grant, Elige Buckanon Grant II (b. 1891 d. 1946) and Leatha M Grant, all born in Arkansas.

Descendents of Elige Buchanan Grant II and Hattie Bell Rockholt are: Lula Bell Grant (b 1913 d 1980), Ules Simpson Grant (b 1916 d 1998), Alvin Lee Grant, Mary Jane Grant (b 1921 d 2005), Melvin Hughdeen Grant (b1923 d 2008), Scott Hendon Grant, Clint Allen Grant (b 1929 d 2006), Elige Buckanan Grant III, Clyde Burness Grant (b1932 d1984), Clifford Earl Grant, and Maxine Louise Grant.

Kit 150264 is traced back to John Grant b. about 1665 in Newbury, Ma.  John was married to Sarah [unknown] she was b. abt 1669 in Newbury, Ma.  They had 4 children, William, b. 1 Nov 1694 in Newbury and d. 20 Apr 1785 in Newbury. I have read that he had no children. Also 2 girls, Joanna b. 2 Apr 1697and Sarah b. 10 Apr 1691. They both died Aug 1706 in Newbury, Ma.  Then Abraham who was the youngest.
Abraham Grant b. 2 Jan 1701/02 in Newbury, Ma.     Abraham moved to North Yarmouth, Me [The present day Freeport] sometime in the 1720's.
Richard Grant b. 9 July 1741 in Freeport, Me.
Joseph Grant b. 31 March 1773 in Freeport, Me
Joseph A. Grant b. 1814 in Freeport, Me
Charles Freeman Grant b. 2 Aug. 1844 in Freeport Maine and d. Feb. 1928 in Brunswick, Me.
Melvin Freeman Grant b. 18 July 1868,  d. 13 March 1961 in Atlanta, Ga. At an early age he apparently didn't care for his first    name and reversed his first and middle names.He was always  known as Freeman M. Grant.
Theodore Freeman Grant Sr. b.27 Jan. 1905 in Freeport, Maine  d. 10 Feb 1971 in Brunswick, Maine
Theodore Freeman Grant Jr. b.12 Feb 1942 in Freeport, Maine

Kit 154584 Thomas Grant (1630-1690). It is unknown where he was born or who his parents were. We do know he crossed the Scotland border into England fighting on the side of Charles II. He was captured during the Battle of Worcester. He was sent to America on the ship John and Sarah and was sold as an indentured servant. He was one of the early members of the Colony of New Plymouth. He resided in the colony for many years with his family and the vital records of his family were preserved in the Rehoboth records of the Colony.

Kit 156050 is tied to William Joseph Grant born 1829/1830 in Lenoir County, NC. William married Katherine Caroline Bean in 1854. They had six children, Jasper Newton Grant (1858–1926), Elijah Buchanan Grant (1861–1917), Caroline “Katie” Grant (1868–1930), John McFadden Grant (1870–1916), George W. Grant (1870–1905), and William Perry Grant (1872-1949). Caroline was earlier married to Konard Hartwick and had two children named Loduskia and Celianne, which adopted the name Grant. William married the widow Sarah Waddle Morrison in 1877 in AR after the death of Caroline. William Joseph Grant died sometime after 1883 in Van Buren County, AR.

Jasper Newton Grant oldest son of William was born 1858 in AR and died 1926 in MO. Jasper married Margret Hinkle in 1879. They had ten children, Louise (1884-1936), William I. (1886-1911), Lucy N. (1888-1977), Lutie E. (1889-1975), Ida M. (1891-1988), Jasper E. (1893-1946), Elmer E. (1895-1949), John M. (1897-1897), Oscar N. (1898-1924), and Effie E. (1899-1972).

Elmer Eugene Grant I married Emma Elmore in 1918. They had three children, Elmer E. II, Sherman, and Glenn.

William Joseph Grant–Jasper Newton Grant–Elmer Eugene Grant I–Elmer Eugene Grant II-Elmer Eugene Grant III-

Kit 157437 is tied to William Joseph Grant born 1829/1830 in Lenoir County, NC. William married Katherine Caroline Bean in 1854. They had six children, Jasper Newton Grant (1858–1926), Elijah Buchanan Grant (1861–1917), Caroline “Katie” Grant (1868–1930), John McFadden Grant (1870–1916), George W. Grant (1870–1905), and William Perry Grant (1872-1949). Caroline was earlier married to Konard Hartwick and had two children named Loduskia and Celianne, which adopted the name Grant. William married the widow Sarah Waddle Morrison in 1877 in AR after the death of Caroline. William Joseph Grant died sometime after 1883 in Van Buren County, AR.

Elijah Buchanan Grant married Tempie Ann Hartwick in 1881. They had six children, Jasper n. (1882-1944), William L. (1883-1948), Henry I. (1886-1934), Celia E. (1888-1954), Elige B. (1890-1946), and Letha M. (1895-1970)

Henry Isom Grant married Jessie Lee Mitchell in 1911. They had seven children, Ora Lee, Henry M., Allen A., Rebecca A., Mabel M., Robert E., and Eva B.,

William Joseph Grant-Elijah Buchanan Grant-Henry Isom Grant-Allen Artelle Grant-

Kit 158684 can be traced back to his Great Grandfather, Paul William Grant, B: 3/8/1878 in Lawrence/Mercer, NJ, D: 5/1961.  Paul's parents were born in Germany.  My Grandfather was Howard Edward Grant, B: 8/31/1907 D: 1/30/1934, and my Father was also named Howard Edward Grant, B: 2/7/1934 D: 11/15/2001.

Kit 163789 can be traced back to his Grandfather carried out detailed research into our family history finding that our recent past is established definitely back to a Gregor Grant who was thought to have been the son of Patrick (McAlpine) Grant, 5th Laird of Rothiemurchus and his second wife Rachel Grant of Tullochgorum in about 1743. Gregor and his wife Margaret are thought to have lived in Blair Street, near the Tron Kirk. Gregor was a Merchant in the Old Kirk Parish but later, we are told, became a Kings Messenger for the Sheriff of Edinburgh. In a memorandum of a Great Uncle Colesworthey Grant published in Calcutta in 1881, page 2, “The Grants that came to Calcutta were connected with the Grant’s of Rothiemurchus” and on page 4, speaking of my GGGrandfather George Grant, a Watch, Clock, and Chronometer maker there, it says, “Sir John Grant (Rothiemurchus himself)”, another Judge of the Supreme Court, called on George shortly after Sir Edward Ryan’s first visit and said “Mr Grant, I find we are kinsmen, to which George respectfully nodded. This would have been Sir John Peter Grant. 8th Laird of Rothiemurchus and father of Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemurchus who wrote the “Memoirs of a Highland Lady” or her brother, Sir John Peter Grant, GCMG, KCB. 10th Laird.

Kit 171632 is tied to John Henry Grant born 1822 in NC and died 1097 in Knox County KY.
John Henry married Mahala Hubbs in 1840. They had eight children, James B., Samantha J., William, John Henry (1854-1925), Madison F., Sarah, Joseph G. (1863-1948), and Nancy M.

John Henry Grant-Joseph G. Grant-Richard S. Grant-Richard L. Grant-

Kit 171847 can be traced back to John Grant, 1753-1820, who was born on the Isle of Jersey and emigrated to Marblehead, Massachusetts around 1769.  Settled in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire, where three more generations of Grants were born.  Family then moved west to Wisconsin and then on to Missouri.

Kit 173923 can be traced back to Beriah Grant, born 7/24/1698 New London, CT., died and buried New London, CT. - Martha (Parke) Grant, born 4/1/1699 New London, CT., died and buried New London, CT.
Son Joshua Grant, 9/28/1725-1822. born, died and buried New London, CT.
Son Beriah Grant, born about 1760 New London, CT, probably died about 1847-1849 Marion County, TN, (Now Sequatchie County, TN, probably buried Original Grant Homestead West of foundation, Window Rock Road, Marion County, (Now Sequatchie County, TN
Son Perez (Perry) Woodard Grant, Sr, 1803-7/1865, born CT, died Sequatchie County, TN, buried Original Grant Homestead East of foundation, Window Rock Road (w/son Nathaniel Grant), Sequatchie County.
Son Thomas Rand Grant, 7/14/1845-1/11/1928, Civil War Veteran, born NY, NY, died Hamilton County, TN, buried Varner Cemetery, Mowbray Mountain, Hamilton County, near Soddy-Daisy, TN.
Son William Thomas Grant, 11/9/1880-1/10/1964, Master Mason, Farmer, born Sequatchie County, Brock, TN, died Hamilton County, TN, buried Varner Cemetery, Mowbray Mountain, Hamilton County, near Soddy-Daisy, TN.
Son Standifer Franklin Grant, 7/23/1903-8/27/1995, born Sequatchie County, Brock, TN., died Sequatchie County, Dunlap, TN, buried Varner Cemetery, Mowbray Mountain, Hamilton County, near Soddy-Daisy, TN.

An unknown person fathered Beriah. It is extremely doubtful that she would have become pregnant by one Grant and married another, since DNA results do not indicate any Grants in any direct line.

Kit 175989 descends from James Cuthbert Grant, son of HBC Chief Trader Richard Grant (same as Kits 30499 & 121522) and his second spouse, Sarah aka Indian Woman at Oxford House. James aka Jimmy Grant was born c1836 at or near Oxford House and returned to his father’s custody at Fort Hall, Idaho, when he was about 10 years old. He married Marie Cadotte and had children Mary Grant Rides At The Door, Julia Grant Magee, Richard Grant, James Cuthbert Grant Jr., John Grant, Emma Grant, and Maggie Grant. James/Jimmy died at Dupuyer, Montana, in 1883. Some of the family history is detailed in Blackfoot Heritage Book. For more info and pictures, please see:

Kit 178979 can be traced back to his Great Grandfather Reagion Havelick Grant. His grandfather was Orris Osalfort Grant, and his father was Orris Ulysses Grant. He has traced the family back to a John Grant, but there are so many, he does  not know which trail to follow.  He was told the family came over from Scotland to New Brunswick, Canada in the late 1600's or early 1700's and moved to Canterbury, York N.B. then into Hodgdon, Maine in the early 1800's.  Reagion was born in Hodgdon.  He has other names but do not know how they fit in.  "The more I look into it, the further I get lost."

Kit 182171 is tied to Thaddeus Theopolus Grant born 1825 in NC and died 1916 in Grayson, Texas. Thaddeus married Sarah Elizabeth Duncan in 1849. They had twelve children, Lee, Martha, Sarah, Minerva, Charles, Mary, John Henry, (1855-1891), Elisha, Lewis, Theodisch, Dulcie, and Lucinda.

Thaddeus T. Grant-John Henry Grant-Alvris White Grant

Kit 192950 is a decendant of John Henry Grant born 5/1/1876 in Georgia, unkown date of death in Texas, (wife Susan Bennett, born 1877 Georgia). John Henry and family moved to North Texas sometime after 1904 with two children. John Henry's son and decendants still live in Texas. His daughter married into the Apple family. John Henry was the son of John Grant born 12/1/1852, Hall County Georgia, (wife Martha W Smith, born 3/1/1850, Georgia), son of Thomas Grant, born 11/19/1831, South Carolina, (wife Mecca Adaline Smith, born 7/29/1832, South Carolina), son of James "Buck" Grant, born 1791 Union District, South Carolina, died 1872 Hall County, Georgia, (wife Sarah Hazelwood, born 1793 Union District South Carolina, died 1875, Cool Springs Cemetery, Hall County, Georgia), son of Humphrey B Grant, born 1767 Union County, Spartanburg District, South Carolina, (wife Elizabeth Bryant, born 1775, Union District, South Carolina, died 1850). Related families after John Henry are Davis, Husley, Apple, and Erwin.

Kit 194361 is linked to the Grants of Campbell County, Tennessee. James Grant (ca. 1754-1824) came to the confluence of the Clinch and Powell Rivers in upper East Tennessee at the end of the 18th century. He was joined there during the first decade of the 19th century by other relatives, notably John Grant, John, Jr., another James, Cynthia, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Abigail and perhaps others. The family originated in New England. James Grant was a Sergeant in the 3rd, 4th and 1st Connecticut Regiments in the Revolutionary War. He was one of the founders of the Knoxville Polk Lodge #2. He served as a Justice of the Peace in Grainger County, and Chairman and Clerk of the Courts of Anderson and Campbell Counties. James Grant knew many of the influential leaders of the U.S. Territory South of the River Ohio and the fledgling State of Tennessee, including William Blount, Stockley Donelson, Andrew Jackson, John Sevier, George Washington Campbell, Joseph Anderson, Hugh Lawson White, John Overton and Jenkin Whiteside. He was the Lt. Col. Commandant of the 33rd Tennessee Militia. He founded and served as a commissioner for the town of Grantsborough, which was inundated by the reservoir created by the Norris Dam in 1936. Known descendants of this family moved to Missouri in the late 1830's and 1840’s.

Kit 196986 is a descendant of Thomas I Beuoy, b. 3 Jun 1786 in VA; d. 27 Aug 1865 in Delaware Co. IN. Thomas' son, George W. Beuoy; b. 2 Apr 1826 in Monroe Co. OH; d. 17 Oct 1885 in Topeka, KS. George's son, Halleck Beuoy; b. 12 Nov 1862 in Delaware Co. IN; d. 6 Oct 1943 in Grant Co. IN. Halleck's son, Ray Beuoy; b. 10 Apr 1889 Grant Co. IN; d. 14 Oct 1957 in Grant Co. IN. Ray's son, Loyd Randolph Beuoy; b. 12 Oct 1919 in Grant Co. IN; d. 21 Nob 1998 in Collier Co. FL.

Kit 197206 Owner is a Grant, grandson of Hugh Grant (ca. 1844-1924) from Nova Scotia and Ellen Brazille, Indian of the Klamath River area, northern California. Hugh came to California in the 1860s, and was a son of Paul Grant (1816-1894) of French River, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Our research found Paul was a son of John Grant (ca 1776+-ca.1841+)who was a son of Alpin Grant (ca. 1740-ca.1817+) who came to Pictou County in 1784. This is the same ancestor Alpin Grant in Kit 133216.

Kit 197946 descends from Peter Grant; Farmer; born 1798; died 1850, Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry County, Ontario: Peter Grant; Farmer; born 1798; died 1850, Charlottenburg Township, Glengarry County, Ontario. James Wright Grant (third of five sons), born 1842, Charlottenburg Township; yeoman; emigrated in 1882 to Cameron, Missouri; died 1911 in Cameron.

You also may be interested to know that Alexander Grant, the founder of Alexander Grant & Co. (now Grant Thornton) comes from this line. He was James Wright Grant's fourth son (by his second wife). Alexander was born in Missouri in 1898, founded the company in 1924, and died in Chicago in 1938 at the age of 40.

Kit 201465 descends from Richard George Washington Grant (1823 – 1905) who was born in Georgia but died in Arkansas. Richard G W Grant had a son Thomas Sterling Grant (20 Jul 1862 - 29 May 1947) who was born and died in Montgomery, Arkansas. Thomas S Grant had a son Winnie Robert Grant (23 Sep 1898 - 16 Jan 1959) born and died in Lucky, Montgomery County, Arkansas. His son was Coy William Grant (6 Jun 1918 - Jan 1986. He was born in Montgomery County Arkansas, but died in Malvern, Hot Spring County, Arkansas. The Kit owner's father is William (Billy) Harold Grant.

Richard George Washington Grant is believed to have had the following siblings: Nathaniel Grant 1818 – 1865, William, Jr. Grant 1820 – 1854, Charlotte Grant 1822 – 1870, Lydia Ann Grant 1825 – 1892, James Grant 1828 – 1847; John H Grant 1829 – 1900, Robert R Grant 1832 – 1900, Margaret Jane Grant 1834 – 1900, Thomas Jefferson Grant 1838 – 1914, Andrew Jackson "Jack" Grant 1842 – 1933, Sarah Isabelle Grant 1845 – 1919,
M. Grant 1846 – 1860. Their father is believed to be Captain William B. Grant born around 1793 in South Carolina and died in October 1847 Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia during the Mexican/American War. His wife was Sara Wofford who died about 1880 in Georgia as well.

Kit 208171 descends from William Allan, b. abt. 1740 m. Margaret Paterson 29 Aug 1760; son James Allan b. 14 Sep 1761 m.Jean Davidson 11 Dec 1790; son James Allan b. 24 Mar 1798, d. 04Feb1856, m. Ann Cuthbert 11 May 1818; son Charles Allan b. 18 Nov 1829 Leith Wynd, Canongate Parish, m. Caroline Schmidt 11 June 1861; son Robert Greenoak Allan b. 03 May 1872, d. 23 Jun 1954, m. Helen Maitland McIndoe 26 Oct 1898; son Robert Fredrick Allan b. 23 Oct 1902 Glasgow, m. Isabel Ada Avery 28 Jul 1932 Langside Hill Church, Glasgow; son Robert David Frederick Allan.

Kit 212164 (brother of Kit # 30499) refers to the descendants of John Grant (c1700) in Inverlochie and his wife, Jean Forbes. Their place of origin is unknown. They had several children, all born in the Parish of Kirkmichael, Scotland. John came to America in the mid 1700s but it is unknown whether he stayed or returned to Scotland. One son was William Grant (1743) of Trois-Riviers, Quebec, merchant and senior trading partner of Grant, Campion and Co. of the Northwest Co. William married Marguerite Fafard dit Laframbois at Trois-Rivieres in 1787 and was the father of HBC Chief Trader of Ft. Hall, Richard Grant. Richard Grant married Marie Ann Breland and was the father of Johnny/John F. Grant. Johnny was a trader and rancher at Deer Lodge, Montana, and the originator of the Grant-Kohr's Ranch National Historic Site. He was also one of the original settlers of what is now the Carman area of Manitoba, Canada. Other families related or associated with these Grants were Laframboise, Dobie, Breland, Rowand, Grant, Kittson, Higgins, McLauchlin, Dempsey, Tendoy,LaVatta, Bruneau, McIver, Dease and many more. My interest lies in identifying the Scottish place of origin of this family and other Grant connections. I am particularly interested in the various Grants of the fur trade era and 'our' Grant relationship to them and other fur trading families between 1700 and 1900. Male line:

possibly Donald Grant in/of Inverlochie > John Grant in Inverochie (& Jean Forbes) > William Grant of Trois Rivieres (& Marguerite Fafard dit Laframboise) > HBC Chief Trader Richard Grant (& Marie Anne Breland) > Richard Stanislas Grant (& Emilie Levreau de Langie) > Joseph Richard Grant (& Laura Delores LaVatta) > John Nelson Grant (& Frances Norton) > Francis Nelson Grant (& Amanda Lavoie).

Kit 232234 can be traced to his paternal ancestry, Alexander Caughey. Below is his line:

  • Self

  • Father - Frank M. Caughey, Jr., b. May 16, 1921, Place:Oneonta, NY; wife Lois Marie Parmelee Caughey

  • Grandfather - Frank McClure Caughey, Sr., b. Sep 16 1887, McKeesport, Pennsylvania; wife Fredyth La Rhue Wineman

  • Great-Grandfather - Joseph Young Caughey, b. Jul 2 1854, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; wife Mary Jane McClure

  • 2X-Grandfather - Robert Henry Caughey, b. Aug 6 1829, County Down, N. Ireland; wife Margery Grant of Inverness, Scotland

  • 3X-Grandfather - John Alexander Caughey, b. 1791, County. Down, N. Ireland; wife Maria Young

  • 4X-Grandfather - John Caughey, b. Dec 25 1765, County Down, Northern Ireland; wife Esther Roberts

  • 5X-Grandfather - Alexander Caughey, b. Feb 6 1729, Portaferry, County Down, N. Ireland; wife Jane Bowden

Miscellaneous Comments

Below is some information from a non-participant at this time, but there is a lot of information that might be useful to those of you who have Grant's connected to some of the surnames listed:

Name - Dennis Muller ( tree name DennisMuller1)
Mother - Thelma Sorrow
Grandmother - Daisy Looney
G-Grandfather - Luther Early Joe Looney
GG Grandfather - David L. Looney
GGG Grandfather - Larkin Looney
GGGG Grandmother Martha P Walters
GGGGG Grandfather - Robert Walters
GGGGGG Grandmother - Elizabeth Robertson
GGGGGGG Grandfather - John Robertson
GGGGGGGG Grandmother - Mary Mackenzie
GGGGGGGGG Grandmother - Anne Grant
GGGGGGGGGG Grandfather - John Grant, 6th of Freuchie
GGGGGGGGGGG Grandfather - John Grant, 5th of Freuchie

Donald Cameron Grant Gill has a website which includes a substantial section devoted to the Grants of Strathspey from William Grant 1733 to the Cheeryble Grants of today.  The link is: