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Group 17 (Group 1A (formerly Irish-Norman?))

In an effort to refine information provided by Grant DNA Project participants into groups with similar Alleles (markers), we have created a webpage for each group.  Below is the content for this group.  If you find any errors or omissions, or want to add something of interest, please let one of co-administrators know.  Also, if you are a kit owner and find your kit number shown with the word "None", that means that we do not have any background information regarding the lineage you are researching.

Similarities contained in this group - At least half of this group has a perfect match through the first 25 markers – some even further.  Ironically, while matching very well, there does not appear to be any connection, based upon the kit background information submitted to date (5 of 8 in group).  It would be most helpful if the three Kit owner, who have not submitted any background or lineage information, would send us their information, perhaps we can identify some connections.

142073 - The original Grant ancestor that we know of fought at Culloden and was exiled to Jamaica in 1746.  We know that a son accompanied him who was around the age of 10, (born 1736 approx.), too young to have fought.  His name was:

  • My father was Robert Hartley Grant.  I know there are still a lot of blank spots, including the mysterious connection to Ulysses S. Grant yet to be uncovered.  My wife is also connection to Ulysses S. Grant through the Simpson line (Ulysses' mother's maiden name).
  • Robert Hartley Grant, b. July 27, 1917 in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, where Robert S. was managing a Pineapple plantation. 
  • Robert Stanley Grant, b. June 28, 1885, in Troy, New Hampshire, (Also two sisters, Dorothy and Margaret).
  • William Francis Grant
  • Colin Alexander Grant II, born approx. 1807 in Jamaica, at their coffee (or sugar?) plantation, Abbey Green. When he was 10, his parents and younger sister died of Yellow Fever and after a guardianship by the plantation manager and a Catholic priest, he was apprenticed to the British Merchant Navy.  He deserted in Falmouth after his first voyage.  He later joined the joined the Royal Navy and married an Anne Richards of Dublin, Ireland. They had one daughter, who dies at an early age and nine sons: Colin, Robert, Reuben, John, Charles, William Francis, James, Frederick and Emmanuel. 
  • Colin Alexander Grant and he grew up and was married in Jamaica. 

74569 – None

167353 – is a descendant of Donald McBain.  Here is his lineage:

  • Self - Living
  • Father – Living   
  • Grandfather - Alexander Earl McBain Born married Josephine Irene Kirwan (his first wife)
  • G-Grandfather - Allen Angus McBain Born Mary McCliggott
  • GG-Grandfather - Alexander McBain/ Emily McPhaul (McPhail)
  • GGG-Grandfather - Donald McBain/ Anne Fraser
  • GGGG-Grandfather - Donald McBain/ Rachel McIntosh

106085 – None

43215 – is connected to:

  • Self  - Living 
  • Father - Living
  • Grandfather - Charles Leon Grant who was born 1915 and died in 1974.  He was married to Nellie Flora Oliver. 
  • G-Grandfather - Leon Mills Grant born 1893 and died in 1989.  He married Janie Ethel Lee.
  • GG-Grandfather - Amzi Neely Grant born in 1855 and died 1939.  He married Elizabeth Geneva.
  • GGG-Grandfather - James Henry Grant born in 1818 and died in 1892.  He married Elizabeth Pressly. 
  • GGGG-Grandfather -  Benjamin Grant who was born in 1790 and died in 1880.  He married Lavinia Williams. 
  • GGGGG- Grandfather - James Grant born about 1750 to 1755 was married to Dorcas and came to New York with his brother John in about 1774.  James and John were volunteer horsemen under Capt. Francis Kirkpatrick and were both from Chester County SC during the Revolutionary War.  James Grant died Nov 4, 1820. 

Leon Mills Grant had a son, George Mills Grant.  We have not been able to identify John Grant and his descendants.

192950 – is a decendant of

  • John Henry Grant born 5/1/1876 in Georgia, unkown date of death in Texas, (wife Susan Bennett, born 1877 Georgia). John Henry and family moved to North Texas sometime after 1904 with two children. John Henry's son and decendants still live in Texas. His daughter married into the Apple family.
  • John Henry was the son of John Grant born 12/1/1852, Hall County Georgia, (wife Martha W Smith, born 3/1/1850, Georgia),
  • Thomas Grant, born 11/19/1831, South Carolina, (wife Mecca Adaline Smith, born 7/29/1832, South Carolina),
  • James "Buck" Grant, born 1791 Union District, South Carolina, died 1872 Hall County, Georgia, (wife Sarah Hazelwood, born 1793 Union District South Carolina, died 1875, Cool Springs Cemetery, Hall County, Georgia),
  • Humphrey B Grant, born 1767 Union County, Spartanburg District, South Carolina, (wife Elizabeth Bryant, born 1775, Union District, South Carolina, died 1850). Related families after John Henry are Davis, Husley, Apple, and Erwin.

149774 – is connected to:

  • My Father - Living
  • Isaac Grant, b. 10/24/1854, m. Lula A. Mauldin, b. 11/15/1867. Their son,
  • Radford Grant was b. 04/23/1823, d. 10/24/1871, m. Mary A. Williams, b. 07/29/1832, d. 09/21/1905. Radford and Mary had a son,
  • A son, James Grant, b. 1791, d. 06/03/1873, m. Sarah Hazelwood, b. 1793, d. abt 1875. James' son
  • Humphrey B. Grant, b. abt 1767, d. abt 1850, m. abt 1790 to Elizabeth Bryan(t), b. 1775, d. abt 1840 – 1850.

69256 – None

34306 – Family line is as follows:

  • William Cuthbert Grant, 1872--1949 m. Petronelle Monette lived on the Turtle Mtn.Rez in North Dakota.

  • Cuthbert Lewis Grant,1834--1909 m. Marie Gingras.

  • Cuthbert Grant jr. 1793--1854 m. Marie Mcgillis Metis/half breed - given the title of Warden of the Plains was associated with the Northwest Fur Co- his history is well documented in Canada.

  • Cuthbert Grant m. native American Cree woman Highland Scot partner of Northwest Fur Co in Canada died 1799 Fort William Ont.

  • avid Grant m: Margarete Grant, 3rd daughter of Robert Grant of Gleanberg.

  • Donald Grant of Letheadry in parish of Cromdale,Strathespey, Scotland.

Gleamed from a stack of notes and charts compiled by my mother some years ago, she communicated by mail and word of mouth with many people- but her notes and records are scattered and incomplete. The four Cuthbert's lived in Canada and the U.S. and all had large families of 10 to 11 children. As I understand the dna results my roots are primarily Irish/Scottish and that would be understandable as my father’s line traces back to Scotland and my mother's family were all from Scotland, primarily from The Isle of Mull.