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Our Immigrant Ancestor from Northern Ireland

His Story and Family

Information presented on this website is based upon facts and information available at this time from sources as cited. Much is still lacking validation in many areas. Some conclusions are made based upon preponderance of evidence. Perhaps in time other information will be discovered to prove some statements as incorrect. Sources used may include primary records, secondary records, and others' research: birth records, death records, burial records, marriage records, court records, census records, obituaries, Bible records, research and information from others. Know that even the primary records have errors as many times the informer was another who gave incorrect data...very evident in death records, obituaries and census records. Spelling by clerks/recorders and penmanship left much to be desired. Many of our ancestors were illiterate or spoke with their foreign accent or brogue making an even more difficult task for the clerks/recorders. Many records were lost in courthouse fires and floods. ASH

In memory of
Anita Louise 7(Bowers) Short 1938-2009

(Otho Dale6 Bowers, Susanna5 (Shields) Bowers, Isaac M.4, Isaac3, Patrick2, Daniel1 Shields)
Anita was our early SHIELDS family researcher with her mother, Zelma Ruth (Hoover) Bowers 1908-1997

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DANIEL1 SHIELDS was born 4 April 17411 perhaps somewhere in Northern Ireland2 of Scots-Irish ancestry.3 Some family histories give Daniel's birthplace as Cork, Ireland, but at this time there is absolutely no record that proves this. This appears to be erroneous information.4

Daniel married more than likely in Northern Ireland (aka Ulster) to Mary [née --?--]. Here their children were probably born5, the last known being Patrick Shields (b 1784)6, who indicated his birthplace as the "north of Ireland" in his 1875 biographical sketch while yet alive.

Sometime around 17917 Daniel and Mary and their sons and daughter left their Irish motherland. The family is said to have "left from Cork"8 and arrived 17919 in America. However, the exact place where they embarked for America and the date of their leaving is not proven and may never be known at this time as no ship manifest records have been found to prove any fact about their departure or arrival, and the accounting (1909, James F. Shields reunion presentation) was written some 100+ years after the actual departure. Irish history states that early immigrants probably left from Cobh (Cork City) when it is said they "went from Cork." We may never know the details of their life in Ireland nor their reason for leaving their motherland10 and the events of their departure from Ireland and arrival in America. However, if they were from northern Ireland, why would they have traveled all the way to southernmost Ireland to depart from Cork when there were at least three active ports in northern Ireland?

According to James F. Shields the family arrived at the port in Baltimore, Maryland,11 one of a number of ports on the east coast in those early years. According to Patrick Shields's biographical sketch, the family made their way to Pennsylvania where they sojourned for about three years.12 Perhaps within this time period the said unproven sons (Samuel, Daniel & John [probably the John Shields who showed up later in Preble Co., OH], left the family for Virginia where a large group of Irish immigrants are known to have settled earlier.13 The accounting also states that Patrick Shields was born "on the ocean," but this does not appear likely, based upon his age at death.

Oral history passed down through the generations indicates that upon our Shields family arrival in America Daniel Shields learned there was no more land left for settlement in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where they were expecting to settle and perhaps joining other relatives.

Ulster-Scots in Virginia, From Pennsylvania to Shenandoah
by Richard MacMaster

"Settling the Upper Shenandoah Valley"

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Col. William "Beverley obtained a patent in September 1736 for another 60,000 acres, but it was surveyed as "a parcel of land, called the Manor of Beverley, containing 118,491 acres." The boundaries of Beverley Manor included much of present Augusta County.

As early as 1739, this part of the Shenandoah Valley was known as "The Irish Tract," since many Ulster Scots had already found homes there. John Lewis and other Ulster Scots had settled in what would be Beverley Manor as early as 1732. John Trimble, who came there in 1734, recalled years later "there was no Road for more than seventy Miles downwards, other than the narrow, almost impervious Paths made through the lonely Forests by Buffaloes, & Indians." Altogether some sixty families were living on this remote frontier. These people were part of a continuing migration of Scotch-Irish and German families from Pennsylvania and Maryland to the Shenandoah Valley. Beverley could wait for more settlers to come south and buy land in his manor, but he chose to engage a partner to settle the manor more quickly."

With the opening of the Northwest Territory in 1787 and the Ohio Territory in 1799, land was being offered at a price to immigrant families for settlement.

Thus the SHIELDS family apparently made their way to Cincinnati (aka Losantiville), Hamilton County, Ohio in 1794 according to the biography of son, Patrick.14 Here Daniel apparently purchased 35 acres of the part S 1/2 1st Section, Third Township, Second Range, which was part of a tract formerly belonging to Alexander KIRKPATRICK adjoining land of said Christopher HAYDEN, Richard BENHAM, and Uzal BATES. The record indicates that "Daniel Sheilds" (sic) purchased the land from John Cleves Symmes15, but no date of purchase is given.

The family's stay in Hamilton County, Ohio lasted about 12 years. Next, we find "Daniel Shields" appearing on the 1807 Tax List of Lemon Township in Butler County, Ohio.16

According to Early Rosters of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio by Marjorie Byrns died Burress, 1984, p. 120, a "Daniel Sheal" paid taxes in Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, Ohio in 1808 along with Isaac Sheal, James Sheal, Thomas Sheal, and John Sinkey [hus/o Mary (nee Shields) Sinkey]. Isaac and James are perhaps Daniel's sons, but the relationship to Thomas is unknown.

In February 1809, son Patrick Shields of Butler County, Ohio sold various cattle and household furniture to consideration of $110 to Daniel Shields of Butler County, Ohio as evidenced 7 February 1809 in Butler County, Ohio Deed Book.17 This was probably the time period that Patrick left for schooling and military service under the guidance of William Henry Harrison and his family according to Patrick's biographical sketch.

Then on the 10th of April 1809, Daniel and Mary Shields of Butler County, Ohio sold their land in Hamilton County to Christopher Hayden of Hamilton County, Ohio for $200. This Deed of 1809 tells of the purchase from John Cleves SYMMES by Daniel SHEILDS (sic), but no date of the original purchase is given. Only the sale of this land and transfer are recorded.18 See: Ohio Territory Grant Map: SYMMES PURCHASE (John Cleves Symmes was father-in-law of William Henry Harrison.)

The 1810 Butler County, Ohio Tax Lists again shows "Daniel Shields."
1810 Tax lists for Ohio, originally published 1960s-1970s in Ohio Records and Pioneer Families edited by Esther Weygandt Powell. The back issues and the publication of this periodical was taken over by the Ohio Genealogical Society. Genealogical Publishing Co. has also published some Early Ohio Census Records, which I believe are believed to contain some of the tax lists.
(2008, Information courtesy of ALBS)

Mary, wife of Daniel, appears to have died in Butler County, Ohio sometime after the 10 August 1809 deed signing and before Daniel and his sons made the move by 1820 to Preble County, Ohio. Nothing is known of her demise, nor the place where she was laid to rest.

Sometime before the 1820 Census, Daniel appears to have accompanied his three sons, Isaac, James, & Patrick to Preble County, Ohio. His daughter, Mary (Shields) Sinkey (wf/o John Sinkey), widowed in 1814, had remarried in 1820 to George Freeman and is found 1830 in Lemon Township, Butler County, Ohio with her family.

In Preble County, Ohio, Daniel Shields appears to have lived with his son Isaac Shields until his death. While it is not as apparent in the 1820 census19, there is no question that he was living with Isaac in the 1830 census.20

Daniel Shields died 11 April 1833 at the age of 92 years and 7 days in Preble County, Ohio. His final resting place is the Dry Fork Baptist Church Cemetery in Monroe Township, Preble County, Ohio (In 2008, located southeast of West Manchester, Ohio, just off of the Swisher's Mill Road). (Dry Fork Baptist Church Cemetery is located two miles south of West Manchester and one-half mile east of State Route #127.) Today (2008), his gravestone stands weathered and unreadable, in contrast to those of his descendants whose massive stones stand tall in the Abbottsville Cemetery of Darke County, Ohio...a sad memorial to the ancestor responsible for bringing his family to America.

Born: 04 Apr 1741 Ireland
Died: 11 Apr 1833 Preble County, Ohio
Buried: Dry Fork Baptist Church Cemetery, Monroe Township, Preble County, Ohio

2008, Courtesy of: Anita (Bowers) Short
Photo taken about 1964.

2008, Courtesy of: Anita (Bowers) Short
Photos taken about 1964.

Said Children of Daniel & Mary:
  1. JOHN SHIELDS (Information handed down in the Shields family indicates that Daniel and wife Mary were also believed to be the parents of three sons (John, Samuel, & Daniel), who left the family going their own way into Virginia. No records regarding same or proving their existence had been found at the time of early SHIELDS research.) However, it appears that the John Shields found in Butler Co., OH & Preble Co., OH, may be the missing son, John, who apparently rejoined his family later in life. At the present time, this is based upon preponderance of information. Perhaps if some male Shields descendants of this John Shields participated in the SHIELDS yDNA Project at FamilyTree DNA, proof may be possible.

  2. SAMUEL SHIELDS (Information handed down in the Shields family indicates that Daniel and wife Mary were also the parents of three sons (John, Samuel, & Daniel), who left the family going their own way. However, no records regarding same or proving their existence has been found at this time.)

  3. DANIEL SHIELDS (Information handed down in the Shields family indicates that Daniel and wife Mary were also the parents of three sons (John, Samuel, & Daniel), who left the family going their own way. However, no records regarding same or proving their existence has been found at this time.) However, an erroneous connection has been made by another who connected their Daniel Shields (aka Hugh McMaster) b Ireland; died Nova Scotia to our assumed Daniel Shields, s/o Daniel & Mary. You may be interested in this website at The Legend of Hugh McMaster (alias Daniel Shields.

  4. ISAAC SHIELDS born July 15, 1774 Ireland, died September 21, 1861 Monroe township, Preble County, Ohio; married AMY VAN CLEVE, daughter of John and Catharine (Benham) Van Cleve, born June 29, 1789 New Jersey, died September 9, 1830 Monroe Township, Preble County, Ohio; both buried Dry Fork Baptist Cemetery, Monroe Township, Preble County, Ohio.

  5. MARY SHIELDS born abt 1775-1780 Ireland; died after 1840 and prior 1850 Lemon township, Butler County, Ohio; 1st married JOHN SINKEY born 1773 Pennsylvania, died April 10, 1814, Amanda, Lemon Township, Butler County, Ohio; 2nd married August 20, 1820 Butler County, Ohio to GEORGE FREEMAN born abt 1780-1785, died after 1840 and prior to 1850 Butler County, Ohio. John Sinkey is buried in old cemetery south edge of Amanda.

  6. JAMES CHRISITIAN SHIELDS born 1779 in Ireland, died abt. Feb. 22, 1851 Preble County, Ohio; 1st married September 20, 1803 Butler County, Ohio to CHRISTIANA COOK, daughter of James Cook, born (unknown), died after 1815; 2nd married June 10, 1824 Preble County, Ohio to Mrs. ELIZABETH (HENSEL) SHULL, a widow, born March 16, 1790 Virginia, died July 1, 1860 Preble County, Ohio. Elizabeth is buried in Dry Fork Baptist Cemetery, Monroe Township, Preble County, Ohio.

  7. PATRICK SHIELDS born September 15, 1784 Ireland (according to his 1875 Biographical Sketch;, died March 15, 1877, Delisle, Van Buren township, Darke County, Ohio; 1st married June 16, 1806 MARY FOGLE born (not known), died September 1833 or 1834, Eaton, Preble County, Ohio, Mary’s burial place not known; 2nd married to Mrs. SELINA (SMITH) BOYD, widow of Thomas Boyd, born September 1, 1814 Ohio, died March 23, 1880, Richland Township, Darke County, Ohio. Patrick and Selina are buried in Martin Cemetery, Greenville Township, Darke County, Ohio. It has been said that Patrick was married three times according to the James F. Shields reunion presentation; however, from information given by Patrick himself (1875 Biographical Sketch) and from Selina’s pension papers, etc. it is believed that Patrick was married only twice. Secondly, a possible third marriage would have to have taken place before he married Mary Fogle in 1806, for which the rest of his time is accounted. Patrick stated that he had fathered 22 children by two marriages. James F. Shields reunion presentation indicated 24 children; however, to date only 18 children (per ALBS) can be accounted for, however, it is possible that several died in infancy.

1 Anita (Bowers) Short & Ruth Bowers, DANIEL SHIELDS Family Lineages, ca 1970; Internet, 2008, E-mail to ASH: Anita (Bowers) Short: Gravestone photo with inscription.

2 Research of Audrey (Shields) Hancock: All indications at this time seem to validate that they were of the Protestant persuasion and if so, Northern Ireland would be the most likely place of early residence. It is likely that Daniel was born perhaps in one of these northern counties: Armagh, Antrim, Tyrone, or Down where the SHIELDS surname is found in early Irish accountings. However, the county or parish of residence for our SHIELDS clan has never been identified nor proven yet by Irish religious or civil records.

3 It is believed at this time that our even earlier ancestors of Ireland hailed originally from Scotland and were among those who were of the Presbyterian faith or later of the Coventers in Ireland. Many Presbyterians were resettled from Scotland into Ireland following Ireland's defeat by the English in the early 17th Century. Family members of 1900s have referred to our ancestry as being Orange Protestant. The FamilyTree DNA Company, catalyst for the SHIELDS Y-DNA Project, gives a supposition that our line of SHIELDS (as determined from a participant of the Caleb5 Shields line) are in the I2a Haplogroup with this definition: The I2a group as determined by scientists at this time are believed to be of Anglo-Saxon and Viking heritage who came to the Northern areas of the British Isles. This groups spread into the British Isles (Ireland & Scotland) in early times and mixed with the Celtic populations.

4 The 1909 letter of James F. Shields merely indicates the the SHIELDS family "left from Cork." This does not say nor does it validate that Daniel nor any of his family was born in Cork, Ireland. This should not be taken as fact. Also, there is no document that verifies that the family actually "left from Cork." 1908 SHIELDS FAMILY REUNION SKETCH written by James F.4 Shields
(William H.3, Patrick2, Daniel1) to his cousin, Edward D.5 Shields (William4, Isaac3, Patrick2, Daniel1) in 1909

5 Daniel SHIELDS married probably in Northern Ireland (aka Ulster) to Mary (last name unknown), and they were said to be the parents of six sons and one daughter. (Three sons and one daughter are proven.)

6 Patrick, youngest s/o Daniel & Mary, was born in Northern Ireland according to Beers 1875 Darke Co., OH Atlas, so it would appear Northern Ireland was probably the likely birthplace of his father, mother and siblings. Patrick's birth date is supported by other records. He was still living in 1875, so it would appear that he knew when and where he was born at the time the biography was written. This does not state that he was born on the ship to America (as given in the 1909 letter of James F. Shields). Beer's states: "Patrick Shields was born in the North of Ireland, September 15, 1784 and is consequently in his 92nd year. He came to America in 1791." If the dates are correct then Patrick would have been 6 or 7 years of age at time of departure.

7 Beers 1875 Darke County, Ohio Atlas: Biography of Patrick Shields: "Patrick Shields was born in the North of Ireland, September 15, 1784 and is consequently in his 92nd year. He came to America in 1791."

8 1909, James F. Shields Letter: Statement indicates they "left from Cork," but at this time no record has been found to validate this.

9 Beer's 1875 Darke Co., OH Atlas: Biography of Patrick Shields states: "He came to America in 1791."

10Irish immigration occurred in early 1600s to early 1800s for religious and political reasons, economic opportunity, and family reunification. Some of these immigrants were known as the Scots-Irish (Catholic & Presbyterians), who worked on farms in Ireland that they did not own. When they could not afford the rent, they had to seek new homes and thus they left for America. Many became indentured servants for a specific time period to pay for their passages. This was not the time of the Irish Potato Famine, so the reason that drew our SHIELDS family to the shores of Maryland in 1791 is unknown. Whether or not they were able to pay for their transportation to America or were indentured for a time is unknown. Family legend from my father, Dale Caleb7 Shields (Raymond6, Caleb5, Patrick4, Isaac3, Patrick2, Daniel1) indicates that this SHIELDS line was Orange Protestant, yet the Orange Protestant movement didn't officially begin in Ireland until 1795. As we know, movements ferment long before they become recognized by many, thus political and social uprest may have been the catalyst for our SHIELDS group leaving the motherland in 1791.

111909 [20th century], James F. Shields Letter: "In the first part of the last century [19th century], or perhaps the last part of the one before [18th century], Daniel Shields, wife, one daughter and six sons left Cork, Ireland for Baltimore, Maryland [U.S.A.] to make America their home."

12 Beers 1875 Darke County, Ohio Atlas: Biography of Patrick Shields: "After living in Pennsylvania for three years, he removed to Cincinnati, Ohio where he landed October 15, 1794."

13 It is said (1909, James F.4 Shields Letter) that at Baltimore there was an emigrant society. This society was perhaps The Irish Immigrant Society of Baltimore, Maryland. This society is known to have contacted and offered inducements to desirable immigrants to settle in Virginia, which at this time was probably known as the Virginia Territory. The Virginia Territory encompassed the now state of Kentucky and probably the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It is thus believed the family had probably been in contact with this society or other immigrant friends or family members before leaving Ireland, and that they probably had planned to settle in Virginia.

14 Beers 1875 Darke County, Ohio Atlas: Biography of Patrick Shields: "After living in Pennsylvania for three years, he removed to Cincinnati, Ohio where he landed October 15, 1794." One can probably safely assume that this reference would refer to the entire or majority of the Shields family as Patrick would still have been a lad of 7 to 10 years of age.

15 The Symmes Purchase, 1788, (aka the Miami Purchase) was located in the southwestern corner of the state of Ohio (of the Northwest Territory) in the U.S.A. It began at the Ohio River, and ran about 24 miles northward between the Little Miami River and the Great Miami River. This area encompassed the original county of Hamilton in the state of Ohio, but in early times was known as the Northwest Territory or the Ohio Territory. John Cleves SYMMES and his associates had contracted to purchase one million acres from the Board of Treasury in 1788.

16Daniel SHIELDS, Sr. and his wife, Mary lived in Lemon Township, Butler County, Ohio where he appeared on an 1807 Tax List.
    Butler County, Ohio--Enumeration of white male inhabitants of 21 years and over.
   Taken June 1807, Lemon Twp.--- DANIEL SHIELDS
Butler County, Ohio Tax List, Genealogical Publishing Company. These tax lists are basically standard references for Ohio and have been published in a number of ways in a number of publications. The 1807 list is on and Daniel Shields is shown in Butler County--no further information. (Information from Anita (Bowers) Short)

Butler County, Ohio – Deed Book B, page 79
Patrick Shields in County of Butler and state of Ohio fir the sum and consideration of one hundred and ten dollars paid by Daniel Shields of county and state foresaid, bill of sale for the following:- one horse, two cows and calves, two chests, two beeds and beding and bedsteads, a loom and tackings, two pots and duch oven, one spinning wheel, two silver watches, one churcn, one table, one saddle tree and leather, twelve plates, two in pans and platter, one looking glass, six knives and forks, two pails, six spoons, seven chairs and one smoothing iron, one note on John Harper for ninety bushells of corn due December next one ditto on Benjamin Ward for $20.00 on demand, one note on James Thockmorton of $50.00 due 25th March next, a debt of $20.00 on Jacob Burge ditto $10.00 on Abraham Schenck and $4.50 on William Harvey. To have and to hold the said bargained property notes and debts with the said Daniel Shields, his executors, administrators and assigns forever, and I said Patrick Shields for myself, my executors and administrators or assigns shall well and truly pay to Daniel Shields the sum of one hundred and ten dollars with lawful interest for redemption of said bargained property, then this bill of sale shall be void and no effect otherwise to remain in full force and vertue-in-law. In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this __th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and nine.. Sealed Signed and delivered In presence of
Squire Littell      Patrick Shields (LS)
Received and recorded Butler County, Ohio 7th day of February 1809.

Hamilton County, Ohio – Deed Book 1, page 428 (597-598)
This Indenture made this fifteenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine. Between Daniel Shields and Mary his wife of the one part of the County of Butler and state of Ohio and Christopher Hayden of the County of Hamilton and same state of the other part. Witnesseth, that the said Daniel Shields and Mary his wife for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars to him in hand well and truly paid at or before the ensealing and delivery of these by the said Christopher Hayden the receipt whereof the said Daniel Sheilds and Mary his wife do hereby acknowledge, and thereof and therefore doth clearly acquit exonerate and discharge the said Christopher Hayden his Heirs and assigns hath granted, bargained and sold, and by these presents, doth grant bargain and sell alein and enfloff convey and confirm unto the said Christiopher Hayden

Thirty five acres of land strict measure, it being a part of the tract formerly belonging to Alexander Kirkpatrick adjoining lands of said Christopher Hayden, Richard Benham, Uzal Bates and William Miller, the above mentioned thirty five acres of land being a part of the south half part of the first section the third township and second entire range of townships in the Miami purchase and county of Hamilton

Together with all and singular the privileges and appurtenances to the same thirty five acres of land in any wise belonging or appertaining thereunto. To have and to hold the said thirty five acres of land with all its appurtenances unto the said Christopher Hayden to the only proper use benefit and behoof of the said Daniel Sheilds for himself his heirs and assigns doth covenant with the said Christopher Haydon his heirs and assigns that the time of ensealing and delivery of these presents, the said Daniel Sheilds is rightfully and lawfully seized of all and singular the said tract of land by purchase from John Cleves Symmes, Esqr. And that he hath good right to sell the same in manner aforesaid unto the said Christopher Haydon his heirs and assigns, the said Daniel Sheilds doth further covenant with the said Christopher Hayden his heirs and assigns that all and singular the premises and tract of land above described unto the said Christopher Haydon his Heirs and assigns against all lawful claims, and demands whatsoever, the said Daniel Sheilds his heirs executors and administrators will well and truly warrant and forever by these presents defend. In testimony whereof the said Daniel Sheilds with Mary his wife (who hereby relinquishes her right of dower in the premises) have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year above written. Signed sealed and delivered

In presence of
Jonathan Whitaker       Daniel (his X mark) Sheilds (LS)
Jonathan Whitaker Junr.       Mary (her X mark) Sheilds (LS)

Richard BENHAM, mentioned in the above deed, was brother of Catherine BENHAM who married John C. VAN CLEVE. John C. VAN CLEVE & Catherine BENHAM were parents of Amy VAN CLEVE, who married Isaac SHIELDS, s/o Daniel Shields.

[NOTE: The signing with their marks (LS=Legal Signature) would appear to indicate that neither Daniel nor Mary were literate. ASH]

Click here or above to see the original negative copy as shared by Anita (Short) Bowers
Thomas C. Wade
Be it remembered that on the 15th day of April 1809 personally appeared before me, one of the Justices in and for the County of Hamilton came Daniel Sheilds, and did acknowledge the within conveyance to be his voluntary act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned. Given under my hand and seal the date above.
Jonathan Whitaker J.P.

State of Ohio – Butler County
Before Thomas C. Wade one of the Justices of the peace in and for the County aforesaid personally came Mary Sheilds the wife of Daniel Sheilds the above grantor who acknowledged the withing conveyance to be her voluntary act and deed for the purposes within mentioned. Given under my hand and seal this 10th day of August 1809.
Thomas C. Wade

Recorded the 23rd of August 1811

19 1820 U. S. Federal Census
1820 U. S. Federal Census
Preble County, Ohio
Monroe Township
Page 111
Shields, Isaac
2 (0-under 10)
1 (26-under 45) [Isaac Shields]
1 (45 & over) [possibly Isaac's father, Daniel Shields.]
2 (0-under 10)
1 (10-under 16)
1 (26-under 45) [Amy (Van Cleve) Shields]
(Ancestry: Image 1)


1830 Ohio Census
Preble County, Ohio
Monroe Township

Image 9
Shields, Isaac

   Males: 1 (0-5); 1 (10-15); 1 (15-20); 1 (50-60); 1 (90-100)  
   Females: 1 (0-5);1 (5-10); 1 (10-15); 1 (15-20); 1 (40-50)  

Courtesy of: ALBS



  1. Where in Northern Ireland did this SHIELDS clan reside?
  2. Did they travel from northern Ireland to the southermost area of Cork in County Munster to immigrate to the U.S.A.?
  3. Validation of immigration date. Or another date?
  4. Upon what ship did they sail?
  5. Was there an early unestablished Irish Immigration Society at Baltimore, MD.
  6. Did they disembark in Baltimore, Maryland or elsewhere?
  7. How long were they in Baltimore, Maryland before heading into Pennsylvania?
  8. Where in Pennsylvania did they reside for three years?
  9. Did the family ever go into Virginia.
  10. Are there really three missing sons named Samuel, Daniel Jr., & John?
  11. Where was the Daniel Shields family between their arrival time and when they are found in records in 1807 in Hamiton County, Ohio?
  12. When and where after 10 Aug 1809 did Daniel's wife Mary [--?--] Shields die? Where was she buried?
  13. Was Daniel Shields related to Hon. James Shields, s/o Thomas Shields, who was also living in Butler Co., OH at the same time period and who also is said to have immigrated from Ireland in 1791?

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