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Connie Duke

June, 2000



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The information contained in this record should only be used as a guide or "working genealogy." You should validate or reconfirm your lineage from this listing by Connie Duke, a seasoned researcher. Only through continual research and finding legal records, known as primary resources, will one's genealogy be more exact. At times, when all is said and done, we must rely upon one's own preponderance of what seems to be, but that needs to be stated. Please, therefore, use as a genealogical aid only.     Audrey

ARRANGEMENT of Connie's Data

I. Misemer, b. 25 Feb 1936; d. Aug 1989. Res Hazelwood, St. Louis Co, MO. SSDI, issued MO.

Ida C. (Satira) Misner, b. 17 Nov 1852 Sullivan Co, NY; d. May 1945 NY. Parents: John G. Misner (1826-1880) & Arietta STICKLES. 1860 res with parents at Liberty, Sullivan Co, NY, age 7; 1870 res with John W. STICKLES at Liberty, Sullivan Co, NY; 1900 res with husband and 5 ch at Rockland, Sullivan Co, NY, age 47, m. 21y, 8 ch b, 5 ch living; 1910-1920 res with husband at same. Sp: Cyrus GRAY, m. 27 Nov 1878 Parksville, NY. He was b. Nov 1853 Sullivan Co, NY. Ch: (1) Florence GRAY, b. 17 Sep 1879 NY, m. Michael G. FOUHY; (2) Floyd C. GRAY, b. 28 Aug 1880 NY, m. Kate SHERWOOD; (3) Elling GRAY, b. 28 Jul 1882 (twin) NY; d. infant; (4) Elsie GRAY, b. 28 Jul 1882 (twin) NY; d. infant; (5) J. Wesley GRAY, b. 5 Apr 1884 NY; (6) Charlotte GRAY, b. 6 Mar 1886 NY; d. Apr 1910; (7) Richilieu GRAY, b. 19 Jun 1887 NY; d. infant; (8) Alice GRAY, b. 2 Dec 1892 NY, m. ______ BURGESS.

Ida Misener, b. 26 Feb 1857 Grundy Co, IL; d. 6 Mar 1858 Bates Co, MO. Parents: Norman Sumner Misener (1832-1902) & Caroline Emily WOOD.

Ida K. Misner, b. c1861 MD. Parents: William Henry Misner (1830-1905) & Anna Rebecca HARRISON. 1880 res with William and Anna as dau, age 19, married, at home. Unknown if she was William’s daughter as she was born apparently before they were married.

Ida J. Misner, b. 29 Jun 1861 DeKalb Co, IL; d. 27 Oct 1879 DeKalb Co, IL. Parents: William Henry Misner (1829-1899) & Cornelia Rachel COSTER. Sp: Will SILLS, m. c1878 IL. Ch: (1) Elmer SILLS, b. 1879 DeKalb Co, IL.

Ida Belle Misner, b. 22 Feb 1862 Kendall Co, IL; d. 24 Feb 1897 IL. Parents: Peter Atherton Misner (1819-1895) & Marie Louise RUSSELL. 1880 res with parents at Sandwich, DeKalb Co, IL, age 18. Sp: William A/P. SHERMAN, m. 24 Feb 1881 Kendall Co, IL. He was b. in WI, s/o James B. SHERMAN & Kate CHASE. Ch: (1) Roger Digby SHERMAN, b. 28 Jun 1881, m. Mabel JOY; (2) Gertrude L. SHERMAN, b. 2 Aug 1884 IL; d. 10 Aug 1888; (3) Howard SHERMAN, b. 8 Jul 1891.

Ida L. Misener, b. Jun 1863 Norfolk Co, ON; d. CA. Parents: Isaac Misener (1836 - ) & Matilda FULLER. Sp: John MINNICK, m. 17 Nov 1888 Montcalm Co, MI, divorced, remarried bef 1910. He was b. Nov 1854 OH. 1871 res with parents at Houghton Twp, Norfolk Co, ON, age 7; 1880 res with parents at Crystal Twp, Montcalm Co, MI, age 17; 1894 res with husband and dau at Gratiot Co, MI, age 33; 1900 res with parents and dau at Caledonia, Shiawassi Co, MI, b. Jun 1869, age 30, div, 1 ch b, 1 ch living, dressmaker; 1910 res with husband at Ward 3 Alma, Gratiot Co, MI, age 45, m. twice 20 yrs, 1 ch b/living. Ch: (1) Nena G. MINNICK, b. 27 Jan 1891 MI; d. 11 Jan 1946 San Bernardino Co, CA, m. _____ SPACKMAN.

Ida May Meisner, b. 3 Dec 1864 Queens Co, NS, chr 14 Mar 1866 Trinity Anglican Church, Liverpool, Queens Co, NS. Parents: Jacob Meisner (1826-1904) & Sarah BEELER. 1881 res with parents at Brooklyn, Queens Co, NS, age 17, single.

Ida Misner, b. c1865 NY. Parents: George S. Misner (c1825 - ) & Mary Frances BODEL. 1870 res with an older sister next door to parents at Shandaken, Ulster Co, NY, age 5. She may have died young though as she was not shown on the 1880 census with parents.

Ida Lavica Misener, b. 2 Oct 1866 ON; d. 6 May 1939. Parents: George Nelson Misener (1837-1917) & Jane THOMPSON. Sp: Edwin Joseph VANSICKLE, b. 24 May 1870; d. Aug 1932. Ch: (1) Dora VANSICKLE, b. 15 Sep 1903; d. 27 Jul 1939, m. Harry WEELER, (1 ch living). (NOTE: 1901 Ida and Edwin res with her father at Ancaster Twp, Wentworth Co, ON. Ida gave a birth date of 2 Oct 1869, age 31, which may conflict with her brother, George W.’s birth date of 21 Feb 1869. Family gives the year as 1866. Edwin listed a date of 1869, age 31.)

Ida Misner, b. ?around 1868 ??. Parents: Unknown. Sp: Cooper E. BRANAMAN, b. 21 Mar 1866 IL; d. 17 Sep 1948 Klickitat Co, WA, s/o James BRANAMAN & Sarah Jane WRIGHT. 1943 res White Salmon, WA. (NOTE: This info found in an online database but the wife of Cooper in 1910, 1920 and 1930 was named Neva, b. c1871 MO.)

Ida Amelia Mizner, b. 7 Aug 1868 Cass Co, MI. Parents: William S. Misner (1825-1905) & Mary Marilla GRAHAM. 1870 res with parents at Lockport Twp, St. Joseph Co, MI; 1900 res with parents at Grandville, Kent Co, MI.

Ida Maud Mizner, b. 1 Oct 1869 MI. Parents: Zerah Mizner (1829-1886) & Sarah SCOTT. 1880 res with parents at Whitehall Twp, Muskegon Co, MI.

Ida C. Misner, b. 8 Aug 1870 Franklin Co, PA; d. 10 Feb 1925 Franklin Co, PA. Parents: John Misner (1837-1909) & Susan STULL. Sp: Edward Theodore TRIESH, b. Jul 1870/71 PA, parents b. Germany. 1880 res with parents at Quincy Twp, Franklin Co, PA, age 9; 1900 res with husband and 4 ch at Quincy Twp, Franklin Co, PA, as Ida K. TRASH, b. Aug 1871, age 29, m. 7y, 4 ch b/living; 1910 res with husband and 7 ch at Quincy Twp, Franklin Co, PA, as Ida K. TRIESH, age 38, m. once 19y, 9 ch b, 7 ch living; 1920 res with husband, 4 ch, and a grdson at Quincy Twp, Franklin Co, PA, as Ida TRIESCH, age 48. Ch: (1) Adam William TRIESH, b. 14 Jul 1891/2 Franklin Co, PA, m. Mary Catherine PETERS; (2) Edward Theodore TRIESH Jr., b. 19 Jan 1895 Franklin Co, PA; (3) Susan TRIESH, b. Apr 1897/8 Franklin Co, PA; (4) Maurice C. TRIESH, b. Apr 1899 Franklin Co, PA; d. as child Franklin Co, PA; (5) Clayton John TRIESH, b. 11 Mar 1901 Franklin Co, PA; (6) Cora M. TRIESH, b. c1903 Franklin Co, PA; (7) Martha M. TRIESH, b. c1907 Franklin Co, PA; (8) Reuben C. TRIESH, b. abt Aug 1909 Franklin Co, PA; d. as child Franklin Co, PA. (NOTE: Ida’s middle name may have been Catherine or Katherine.)

Ida M. Misner, b. c1872 KS. Parents: Lewis Carmi Misner (1848-1908) & Phebe Jennifer (BAINUM) THOMPSON. 1880 res with parents at Langdon Twp, Reno Co, KS, age 8. (NOTE: Her last name may have been THOMPSON as she was b. before Lewis and Phebe were m. in 1876.)

Ida Meisner, b. c1873 NS. Parents: John Meisner (1841 - ) & Sarah CONRAD. 1881 res with parents at Musquodoboit Harbour, Halifax Co, NS, age 7.

Ida Misner, b. c1874 PA. Parents: Daniel Misner (1831 - ) & Margaret Elizabeth _________. 1880 res with parents at Quincy Twp, Franklin Co, PA.

Ida Misener, b. 1 Nov 1875 Norfolk Co, ON. Parents: William Emerson Misener (1850-1907) & Mrs. Mary Ellen BODDY. Sp: James STURGIS, b. 22 Oct 1873 ON. 1901 res with husband, James T., next to her father, at Norwich, Oxford Co, ON, age 25; 1911 resided with husband, James F., b. Oct 1874, and son at Dereham, Oxford Co, ON, b. Nov 1876, age 34; resided 1914 Beachville, ON. Ch: (1) Harold STURGIS, b. Aug 1903 Oxford Co, ON.

Ida Misner, b. 1877 ?Carroll Co, IN; d. 5 Apr 1878 ?Carroll Co, IN. Parents: Luke Isaac Misner (c1831-1891) & Catherine Elizabeth PENCE.

Ida May Mizner, b. 4 Apr 1881 East Cleveland, OH. Parents: Franz Henrich Theodore Mizner (1849-1924) & Lucy Grace CHITTOCK. 1900 res with parents at East Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH, age 19, single, telephone office.

Ida M. Misner, b. Jun 1882 OH. Parents: Unknown, b. OH. 1900 res Goodhope Twp, Hocking Co, OH, with Henry & Lydia BROUGHER, ages 75 and 65. No relationship was listed and no occupation was listed for Ida.

Ida B. Misner, b. Jun 1883 NE. Parents: John D. Misner (c1841-bef 1900) & Emma Josephine SHERWOOD. 1900 res with mother at Beatrice, Gage Co, NE.

Ida Elena Misner, b. 23 Aug 1883 IN; d. 25 Jan 1919. Parents: George Isaac Misner (1853-1932) & Sevena Esther SMITH. Sp: Matthew E. JACKSON, m. Jul 1898 ?IN. He was b. 5 Jan 1880; d. 1 Mar 1941. Ch: (1) Lillian Leota JACKSON, b. 7 Dec 1900, m. Steward McCALL, no children; (2) Elsie JACKSON, b. 17 May 1903, m. Curtis Wenton McCLANE 26 Apr 1924, Ch: (a) Curtis Jackson McCLANE, b. 7 Aug 1925; d. 10 Aug 1925; (b) 2 daus living.

Ida Jane Misener, b. 25 Sep 1884 Welland Co, ON. Parents: William Misener (1848-1889) & Abigail FLAGG. Sp: William James HERDMAN. Ch: 1 living.

Ida Mizener, b. c1886 ?Albany Co, NY. Parents: possibly John Wesley Mizener (1857 - ) & Everetta ______. Sp: 1) ____ LEVINE, m. c1913 NY; 2) John BROWN, b. c1873 England. 1900 not found; 1910 res with aunt Frances VANBUREN [c1844], aunt Getty (Gertrude) MIZENER [c1851], and uncle Tunis MIZENER [c1855] at Ward 7 Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY, age 23, single; 1920 res with dau and aunt Getty MIZENER at Ward 7 Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY, age 34, m. (no husband listed), dressmaker at home; 1930 res with 2nd husband, dau, and aunt Getty MIZENER at Ward 11 Brooklyn, NY, age 44, m. first at 27. Ch: (1) Gertrude LEVINE, b. c1914 NY.

Ida M. Mizener, b. May 1889 MO. Parents: John D. Mizener (1849 - ) & Mary _________. 1900 res with parents at West Plains, Howell Co, MO.

Ida Misener, b. 9 Nov 1890 ON; d. 26 Mar 1934 Melvindale, MI. Parents: Peter Thomas Misener (1853-1892) & Elizabeth Tryphena WILSON. Sp: Oliver Arthur KRELL, m. 15 Sep 1907 Norfolk Co, ON. He was b. bet 24 Apr 1887-1889 Port Dover, Norfolk Co, ON. 1901 res with mother and stepfather, Andrew MOULTON, s/o Mary MISENER [1809], at Charlotteville Twp, Norfolk Co, ON, as Adie, b. 9 Nov 1890, age 10; 1911 res with husband and adopted infant son at Port Dover, Norfolk Co, ON, b. Nov 1889, age 21; 1930 res with husband and son at Ward 14 Niagara Falls, NY, age 40, m. at 18. Ch: (1) Kenneth R. KRELL, b. May 1911 Norfolk Co, ON, adopted. (NOTE: 1901 census Oliver KRELL was b. 24 Apr 1888; 1911 census Oliver KRELL was b. Apr 1889; 1918 registered for WWI draft at Niagara Falls, NY, b. 24 Apr 1887.)

Ida A. Misner, b. unk. Parents: Unknown. Sp: T.F. DONAVAN, m. 12 Oct 1910 Coeur D’Alene, Kootenai Co, ID.

Ida Misner, b. 1894 MO. Parents: Unknown, b. MO. 1920 res Prairie Twp, Jackson Co, MO, age 25, single, public school teacher. She res with Azel COLWELL, head, b. 1857 MO (father b. NJ, mother b. OH) and his wife Lucy A. COLWELL, b. 1860 MO (parents b. VA). Ida was listed as their niece.

Ida A. Meisner, b. 24 Sep 1894 Lunenburg Co, NS. Parents: Loren Meisner (1859 - ) & Leah ______. 1901 res with parents at Chester East, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 6; 1911 res with parents at Chester East, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 16.

Ida May Misner, b. 1895 ?MD; d. 1949 ?MD, buried St Johns Lutheran & Reformed Church, Creagerstown, Frederick Co, MD. Parents: Unknown. (NOTE: Possibly a Misner wife.)

Ida Misner, b. 29 Jul 1897 Sullivan Co, NY; d. 5 Nov 1984 Harris, NY. Parents: Abraham Misner (1851-1936) & Sarah Rebecca FINKLE. Sp: Otto C. BAUERS, m. 10 May 1922 NY. He was b. 24 Jun 1896 Sullivan Co, NY. 1900 res with parents at Neversink, Sullivan Co, NY, age 2; 1910 res with parents at Liberty, Sullivan Co, NY, age 12; 1920 res with parents at Liberty, Sullivan Co, NY, age 22, single, nurse, doctor’s office; 1930 res with husband, son, and her father at White Sulphur Springs, Sullivan Co, NY, age 32, m. at 24. Ch: 1 living.

Ida Louisa Mizner, b. 4 Feb 1898 Sherman Co, NE; d. 9 Sep 1965 Cherry Co, NE. Parents: Marion Milo Mizner (1860-1928) & Sarah Jane STARR. 1900 res with parents at Washington Twp, Sherman Co, NE; 1920 res Garfield, Buffalo Co, NE, roomer, single, telephone operator. Sp: Vernon Earl THOMAS, m. 23 Dec 1923 Winner, Tripp Co, SD. He was b. 12 Nov 1900 Saline Co, NE; d. 13 Jan 1991 Cherry Co, NE. Ch: 5 living.

Ida Misener, b. Feb 1898 NY. Parents: Louis Misener (1872 - ) & Frances ______. 1900 res with parents at Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY.

Ida Misener, b. c1907 MO. Parents: Dan Misener (c1860 - ) & Eva _________. 1920 res with parents at Kossuth Co, IA.

Iddie Eunice Misener, b. 4 May 1862 KS; d. 17 Dec 1927 Vernon Co, MO. Parents: Benjamin Misener (1826-1871) & Mary Jane McKNIGHT. 1870 res with parents at Vernon Co, MO, as Ada E., age 8; 1900 res with husband and adopted son at Dover Twp, Vernon Co, MO, age 38, m. 14y, 0 ch b. Sp: Benjamin Franklin BURR, m. 9 May 1886 Nevada, Vernon Co, MO. He was b. 15 Aug 1854 IL; d. 3 Dec 1916. Ch: (1) Allie (or Allen) Claude BURR, b. 14 Sep 1888 Fort Scott, KS (adopted); d. 21 Jan 1952 Boone Co, AR, m. 1) 13 Feb 1913 Boone Co, AR to Eliza Jane LADD, b. 1 Jan 1885 Boone Co, AR; d. 7 Jun 1935 Boone Co, AR; 2) Nellie A. HODGDEN, ch: (a) James Alson BURR, b. 31 Jan 1914 Boone Co, AR; d. 4 Jun 1973 Boone Co, AR, m. 6 May 1946 Boone Co, AR to Sue RAMSEY, b. 16 Apr 1918 Newton Co, AR; d. 20 Aug 1987 Boone Co, AR (4 ch); (b) Clarence BURR m. Elma Lee GIFFORD (2 ch); (c) Everett Leon BURR, b. 15 Sep 1919 Boone Co, AR; d. 13 Sep 1997 Fayettville, AR, m. Fern EVANS (2 ch); (d) Alma Jane BURR m. Charles Major NICHOLS (7 ch). (NOTE: Some additional information is available.)

Idella Ida Maria Misener, b. 22 Mar 1862 St Thomas, Elgin Co, ON; d. Feb 1907 Kakabeka Falls, ON. Parents: George Misener (1831 - ) & Amelia Esther DAVIS. Sp: Henry Harry Alfred BRYAN, m. 24 Dec 1884 Elgin Co, ON. He was b. 3 Jun 1861; d. Sep 1947 Port Arthur, ON. Ch: (1) Edith Idella BRYAN, b. 30 Sep 1885 Elgin Co, ON; d. 14 Jul 1977 Ft William, ON, m. 24 Aug 1904 Ft William, ON to Harold Edgar HARKNESS, b. 15 Dec 1879; d. 2 May 1950 Dorian, ON, ch: (a) Irma Edith HARKNESS, b. 2 Sep 1905 Ft William, ON; (b) Eleanor Frances HARKNESS, b. 6 Nov 1907 Ft William, ON; (c) Alice Margaret HARKNESS, b. 2 Sep 1909 Ft William, ON; (d) Gordon Bruce HARKNESS, b. 22 Aug 1911 Ft William, ON; d. 5 Jan 1914 Ft William, ON; (e) Robert Harold HARKNESS; (f) Gilbert Barry HARKNESS; (2) Pearl Lilloette BRYAN, b. 7 Mar 1887 Elgin Co, ON; d. Jan 1972, m. John David PEDDEN 7 Jun 1905 Ft William, ON, ch: (a) Wilbert PEDDEN, b. 1910 ON; (b) Arthur PEDDEN, b. 1911 ON; (c) Ethel PEDDEN, b. 1915 ON; (d) Murray PEDDEN, b. 1917 ON; (e) Emily PEDDEN, b. 1919 ON; (f) Florence PEDDEN, b. 1920 ON; (3) Florence Agnes Amelia BRYAN, b. 24 Nov 1888 Cleveland, OH; d. Mar 1981 BC, m. Percy Nicholas WHITE 25 Dec 1906 Kakabeka Falls, ON, ch: (a) Florence WHITE, b. 1908; (b) Doris WHITE, b. 1910; (c) Laura WHITE, b. 1912; (d) Muriel WHITE, b. 1913; (e) Elsie WHITE, b. 1915 (twin); (f) Edith WHITE, b. 1915 (twin); (g) Helen WHITE, b. 1916; (h) Wilma WHITE, b. 1920; (i) William WHITE, b. 1921; (j) John WHITE, b. 1922; (k) Robert WHITE, b. 1925; (l) George WHITE, b. 1927; (m) Nona WHITE, b. 1932; (4) Ethel Selina BRYAN, b. 24 Jun 1891 Cleveland, OH; d. 15 Jan 1981, m. 1) 24 Aug 1909 Kakabeka Falls, On, to Joseph Harry Henry BARRETT, d. 1953; 2) 24 Dec 1953 to John FEHR, d. 1956; ch: (a) Harry BARRETT, b. 1910; d. 1946; (b) Lillian BARRETT, b. 1912; d. 2 May 1996 Nipigon, ON; (c) Aubrey Russell BARRETT, b. 6 Sep 1914; d. 28 Aug 1972, m. 8 Jun 1940 to Thelma Irene LUDWICK, b. 4 Dec 1918; d. 13 Oct 1986 (7 ch); (d) Hazel BARRETT, b. 1917; (e) Florence BARRETT, b. 1918; (f) George BARRETT, b. 1922; (g) Mildred BARRETT, b. 1923; d. 1992; (h) Eleanor BARRETT, b. 1925; (i) Norma BARRETT m. Victor KAY (5 ch); (5) Mary Louise BRYAN, b. 17 Feb 1893 Cleveland, OH; d. 1951, m. Claude Harry RICHARDS 2 Oct 1912 Ft William, ON, ch: (a) Raymond RICHARDS, b. 1913; d. 1974, m. Vi RICHARDS (2 ch); (b) Eula RICHARDS m. Art JOHNSON (2 ch); (c) Bryan RICHARDS, b. 1917; (d) Dorothy RICHARDS m. Tom GARDNER (3 ch); (6) George Henry BRYAN, b. 11 Jun 1896 Cleveland, OH; d. 1979, m. 25 Nov 1916 to Sarah “Sadie” Jane TENNANT, b. 1896; d. Apr 1970, ch: (a) Idella BRYAN, (b) Alma Ellen BRYAN; (c) Irma BRYAN; (d) Arvella BRYAN; (e) Arthur BRYAN; (f) Floyd BRYAN; (g) Ethel May BRYAN. (NOTE: Additional information is available.)

Idella Meisner, b. 9 Sep 1880 Lunenburg Co, NS. Parents: George Meisner (1850 - ) & Lenora _______. Sp: Albert LOHNES, m. 1903 Lunenburg Co, NS. 1881 res with parents at Conqueral Bank, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 1; 1901 res with parents at Conqueral Bank, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 21, single.

Idella Meisner, b. Jan 1903 Lunenburg Co, NS. Parents: Levi Meisner (1875 - ) & Maud MAILMAN. 1911 res with parents at Bakers Settlement, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 8.

Ilah C. Misener, b. 1888 ON; d. 25 Mar 1890 Troy, ON. Parents: George Newton Misener (1864-1933) & Lydia WARNER.

Ila Mizener, b. c1923 CO. Parents: Frank M. Mizener (1868 - ) & Bertha LEE. 1930 res with parents at Denver, CO, age 7.

Ilene M. Misener, b. 1914 WA. Parents: Andrew Jackson Misener (1883 - ) & Ida PRICE. 1920 res with parents at Mountain View Twp, Whatcom Co, WA, age 5.

Ina Mae Misner, b. 1 Feb 1875 Decatur Co, IN; d. 1963 Logansport, IN. Parents: William Misner (1837-1933) & Nancy C. STEWART. 1880 res with parents at Jackson Twp, Decatur Co, IN, age 6. Sp: 1) Robert MITCHELL, m. 2 Nov 1889 Bartholomew Co, IN; 2) Smiley J. SCOTT, m. 1 Apr 1897 IN; 3) ____ ROUSEY; 4) _____ CARSON. Ch: (1) Lloyd SCOTT, b. 24 Aug 1897 Bartholomew Co, IN; (2) Herschel S. SCOTT, b. 7 Oct 1900 IN; d. 17 Jun 1974; (3) Clisty SCOTT, b. 30 Aug 1907 (twin) Bartholomew Co, IN; (4) Ruth SCOTT, b. 30 Aug 1907 (twin) Bartholomew Co, IN. (NOTE: Smiley SCOTT was b. 3 Mar 1849; d. 25 Nov 1924 Hope, IN. He had m. 1st to Rebecca HENDRICKSON and was the father of Loretta Alice SCOTT, the wife of Ina’s brother, John Wesley [1871-1954].)

Ina B. Mizner, b. c1879 OH. Parents: Calvin Mizner (1832-1895) & Mary Ann HENRY. 1880 res with parents at Vernon Twp, Trumbull Co, OH.

India Misner, b. c1894 NE; d. c1896 NE, age 19 months. Parents: Gilbert Valentine Misner (1852 - ) & Indiana PRIME.

Indiana Misner, b. 1869 IN; d. bef 1898 IN. Parents: John A. Misner (1830 - ) & Alidia (Lydia) SHIELDS. 1880 res with parents at Jefferson Twp, Carroll Co, IN. Sp: Oliver H. ARMSTRONG, m. 3 Aug 1884. He was b. Jul 1859 IN; d. 17 Jan 1917 Delphi, IN, age 59y. Ch: (1) Blanche ARMSTRONG, b. Jul 1888 IN; (2) Belle ARMSTRONG, b. 29 Jun 1889/90 Tippecanoe Co, IN; d. 1 May 1959, m. Glenn WILBURN; (3) Melvin ARMSTRONG, b. Mar 1894 IN. (NOTE: Oliver m. 2nd to Alice _____, b. May 1862 IN; residing in 1900 at Adams Twp, Carroll Co, IN, with his 3 ch and wife.)

Inez Mizner, b. 27 Apr 1875 Jackson Twp, Shelby Co, IA; d. Oct 1965 Harvard, Clay Co, NE. Parents: Henry Goodwin Mizner (1846-1918) & Nancy Elizabeth HAYES. Sp: Blanchard George STONE, m. 1 Jan 1896 NE. He was b. 4 Nov 1873 Clay Co, NE. 1880 res with parents at Jackson Twp, Shelby Co, IA, age 5; 1900 res with husband and 2 ch at Inland Twp, Clay Co, NE, age 25, m. 4y, 2 ch b/living; 1910 res with husband and 2 ch at Howard, Clay Co, NE, age 34, m. once 15y, 2 ch b/living; 1920 res with husband and 3 ch at Leicester Twp, Clay Co, NE, age 45; 1930 res with twin daus at Harvard, Clay Co, NE, age 54, widowed, m. at 21 (Blanchard was in the Hastings State Hospital, Adams Co, NE, as inmate, age 56, divorced). Ch: (1) Arthur L. STONE, b. Oct 1896 Clay Co, NE; d. 5 Mar 1950 Cassville, MO; (2) Ethel STONE, b. Jul 1898 Clay Co, NE, m. George SUMNER 27 Aug 1919 (1 ch); (3) Marie B. STONE, b. abt Aug 1915 (twin) Clay Co, NE, m. Harold ASPEGREN 16 Oct 1940 (2 ch); (4) Mildren B. STONE, b. abt Aug 1915 (twin) Clay Co, NE, m. Clifford KELLER 19 Nov 1947 Clay Co, NE (2 ch).

Inez Mildred Elizabeth Misener, b. Sep 1905 ON; d. 7 Nov 1992, resided Melvin Village, Carroll Co, NH (SSDI). Parents: Robert Scott Misener (1879-1963) & Olive Elizabeth GLASS. Sp: Roy M. CARDER, res New York City, NY.

Ingram Meisner, b. 1 May 1879 Lunenburg, NS. Parents: Jacob Jonas Meisner (1844 - ) & Sophia Margaret SPINDLER.

Iola Edith Misner, b. 26 Mar 1916 Lewis Co, WA; d. 2 May 2000 Seattle, King Co, WA (SSDI). Parents: Richard Uriah Misner (1893-1962) & Cora Jane McDOWELL. Sp: Arthur Leonard ROGERS, m. 24 Jun 1934 Winlock, WA. He was b. 24 Aug 1905 Hoqulam, WA; d. 7 Mar 1989 Seattle, WA. 1920 res with parents at Pasco, Franklin Co, WA, age 3; 1930 res with parents at Onalaska, Lewis Co, WA, age 14. Ch: 2 living.

Ione Misner, b. 1911 NY. Parents: Gordon Clarence Misner (1878-1922) & Elsey BARRY. 1920 res with parents at Fremont, Sullivan Co, NY, age 8.

Ira Misner, b. Sep 1820 Sullivan Co, NY; d. 30 Mar 1880 Sullivan Co, NY. Parents: Benjamin Misner (1789-1859) & Elizabeth Ellen GORTON. Sp: Catherine LANCASTER, b. Aug 1830 NY. 1850 res Calicoon, Sullivan Co, NY; 1900 Catherine, Charles, and James res Fremont, Sullivan Co, NY. A grandson, George CARNER, b. Jun 1889 NY, also res with them. Ch: Charles E.[1848], George L.[1850], Confusion [c1853], Emma [c1856], Hannah Jane [c1861], Orpha L.[c1863], Ola C.[c1868], James M.[1869].

Ira P. Misner, b. 10 Mar 1824 NY; d. 20 Aug 1905 Fond duLac Co, WI. Parents: Jacob Misner, b. Germany, & Nancy _______b. NY. Sp: 1) Arvilla CHAPIN, m. 1 Jul 1849; 2) Amanda D’LAMATTER, m. c1878 WI. Arvilla was b. 30 Oct 1820 NY, d/o Wells & Hannah CHAPIN. Amanda D’LAMATTER was b. 1843 NY, parents b. NY, 2 ch b, 0 ch living. 1850 res Manitowac Rapids, Manitowac Co, WI; 1860 res with wife and 3 ch at Scott Town, Sheboygan Co, WI, as MEUSNER, age 37, farmer; enlisted 12 Dec 1863 in Co. F, 27th WI Inf; discharged 28 Jul 1865 with medical disability. Filed for a pension on 9 Dec 1865, certificate #183,010 issued; widow Amanda M., filed on 29 Aug 1905 in WI, certificate #598,238 issued. 1870 res with 1st wife and 3 ch at Fond du Lac Co, WI, age 38; 1880 res with 2nd wife and youngest son at Fond du Lac Co, WI, age 58, nurse; 1900 res with wife and adopted son at Fond du Lac, WI, age 76, m. 22y, father b. Germany, mother b. NY, capitalist; 1910 Amanda res with adopted son at Fond du Lac, WI, age 66, widowed; 1920 Amanda res Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co, WI, age 75, widow, with sister, Annabel CARLTON, age 59, b. WI, parents b. NY, married, cook. Ch: Harriet [1850], Udelmer Chapin [1852], Harvey Chase [1854], Charles Ezra [1858], Wells C.[c1863], Arthur I. [1880] adopted. (NOTE: Also residing with them in 1850 was Nancy Misner [c1825 NY], who may have been Ira’s sister. He may also have been a brother of John William Misner [c1825]. Info on birth date and parent’s names from his death record. D’LAMATTER is a variation of DELAMATER.)

Ira Misener, b. 1866 ON; d. bef 1930 Cleveland, OH. Parents: Emerson Bristol Misener (1842-1929) & Hannah Alvira DAUGHNEE. Sp: Cora C. ROOSA, b. 6 Nov 1872 St Joseph, MO, d/o Abraham ROOSA, b. OH, & Patience PECK, b. OH. 1900 res with wife and 2 daus at Brooklyn Twp, Cuyahoga Co, OH, age 34, parents, immigrated 1888, RR lineman; 1910 res with wife and 4 ch at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH, age 43, m. once 16y, immigrated 1888, parents b. Canada, electrician, electric company; 1920 res with wife and 4 ch at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH, age 53, immigrated 1887, naturalized 1895, electrician contractor. Ch: Orpha M. [1894], Alvira A.[1896], Clyde E. [1901], Lucille [1905].

Ira Misner, b. bet 1871-1873 IN; d. 3 Mar 1890 IN. Parents: Luke Isaac Misner (c1831-1891) & Catherine Elizabeth PENCE. 1880 res with parents at Carroll Co, IN.

Ida Misner, b. ?bef 1872 ?MI. Parents: Unknown. Sp: John MINNICK, m. 17 Nov 1888 Montcalm Co, MI.

Ira Winfield Misner, b. Jul 1887 WA; d. Feb 1947 Tacoma, WA. Parents: Nathan E. Misner (1862-1942) & Barbara Delila TIPPIE. 1900 res with parents at Kittitas Pct, Kittitas Co, WA; 1910 res as boarder at N. Kittitas Pct, Kittitas Co, WA, age 23, single, farm laborer; 1920 res Centralia, Lewis Co, WA, with 4 ch and his parents, age 32, widowed; 1930 res with 2nd wife at Mabton, Yakima Co, WA, age 42, m. at 24, sheepherder. Sp: 1) Fay Edith HINKLE, b. c1891 TX; 2) Lenchon _____, b. c1894 Germany. Ch: Irene Edith [1912], Katherine [1913], Robert Jack Leroy [1916], Alice [1917]. (NOTE: According to the family story, Ira was tending sheep in the hills and did not make it home for several days/weeks. When he did return home, he found himself sole parent of four little hungry, scared and messy kids. He tried various relatives and was finally forced to put the 4 children into an orphanage. The two youngest were adopted right away by clergy in the area and the 2 older girls were raised in the orphanage. The 1920 census indicates that his wife, Fay, had died between the birth of Alice and the census taken 1 Jan 1920 but family history says she deserted her family and went to the big city.)

Ira Cleveland Misner, b. 8 Apr 1888 IN; d. abt 21 May 1940 Vigo Co, IN. Parents: Charles H. Misner (1854 - ) & Nancy Ann WALLS. Sp: Mary W. _______, b. 1888 IN, father b. KY, mother b. IN. 1900 res with parents at Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN; 1920 res with wife at Chicago, Cook Co, IL, salesman.

Ira Elsworth Misner, b. 5 Jun 1901 MD; d. 9 Apr 1919 ?MD. Parents: Dallas Walton Misner (1876-1936) & Rosa Catherine GREEN.

Ira Earl Misener, b. 23 Feb 1908 MO; d. Dec 1982, res Parsons, Labette Co, KS (SSDI). Parents: Orville Vincent Misener (1877-1960) & Anita Armintha STEVENS. 1910 res with parents at Drywood Twp, Vernon Co, MO, age 2; 1930 res with wife and 2 sons at Pontiac, Oakland Co, MI, age 22, married at age 17, parents b. MO. Sp: Zella R. DETWILER, b. c1904 OK, father b. IL, mother b. LA. Ch: Earl E.[1927], 3 living.

Irene J. Misner, b. Aug 1854 MA. Parents: Francis C. Misner (c1826 - ) & Margaret J. ______. 1860 res with parents at Des Moines, Polk Co, IA, age 6; 1880 res with father & siblings at Peoria, IL, single, housekeeper; 1900 res with brother, Charles H.[1860], at Peoria, IL, single; 1920 res with brother, Charles H. [1860], at Peoria, IL, single, age 66, stenographer in insurance office.

Irena Mizner, b. c1873 MI. Parents: Zerah Mizner (1829-1886) & Sarah SCOTT. 1880 res with parents at Whitehall Twp, Muskegon Co, MI.

Irene Misner, b. Jan 1880 Rice Co, KS. Parents: Merritt Misner (1840 - ) & Margaret NAMACK. 1880 res with parents at Sterling Twp, Rice Co, KS, age 5m; 1900 res with parents at Washington Twp, Rice Co, KS, age 20.

Irene Misner, b. Jun 1883 KS. Parents: Aaron Nicholas Misner (1848-1938) & Jane COX. Sp: Alotus BUSH, m. c1909. He was b. 29 Jul 1885 IL, s/o Noah BUSH & Mary PARKS. 1910 res with husband, next door to parents, at Logan Twp, Blaine Co, OK, age 26, m. once 1y, 0 ch b.

Irene Misner, b. c1884 KS. Parents: Aaron Nicholas Misner (1848-1938) & Jane COX.

Irene Mizner, b. 27 Sep 1888 Cherokee Co, KS; d. 27 Jun 1890. Parents: Calvin W. Mizner (1849-1937) & Mollin MORROW.

Irene Jane Misener, b. 10 Jan 1893 Welland Co, ON; d. 23 Sep 1983 Detroit, MI. Parents: Harmon Augustus Misener (1861-1965) & Ada Catharine DELL. Sp: John R. BERNIER, m. 22 May 1920. He was b. 1888 MI. 1901 res with parents at Crowland Twp, Welland Co, ON, age 8; 1920 res Detroit, Wayne Co, MI, boarder, single, machine operator at overall factory; 1930 res with 3 ch and her brother, Charles Milen [1898] at Ward 8 Detroit, MI, age 39, m. at 27, immigrated 1920. Ch: (1) Helen L. BERNIER, b. 6 Jan 1924 Detroit, MI; d. 23 Feb 1987 Livonia, Wayne Co, , MI, m. Clarence CHAPMAN 26 Jan 1946 Detroit, MI; (2) Charles Robert BERNIER, b. 1928 Detroit, MI; d. 1962 Detroit, MI, m. Olga ________, (1 ch living); (3) 1 ch living. (NOTE: 1929 John BERNIER was admitted to the US Natl Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers at Dayton, OH, age 41, discharged 25 Feb 1930, served in WWI.)

Irene B. Mizner, b. Nov 1894 MO. Parents: Woods Sashel Mizner (1862-1948) & Emma _______. Sp: Oscar F. GARDNER, b. abt 1892 MO. 1900 res with parents at Mendon Twp, Chariton Co, MO, age 5; 1920 res with husband, dau, and her parents at Brookfield City, Linn Co, MO, age 25; 1930 res with husband and dau at Ward 4 Brookfield, Linn Co, MO, age 35, m. at 21. Ch: (1) Lena Lois GARDNER, b. 1916 MO.

Irene Eva Misener, b. 4 Dec 1894 Chicago, IL; d. 4 Dec 1969 Chicago, IL. Parents: Isaac Misener (1848-1910) & Edna HEASLIP [1855-1950]. Sp: Christy Thomas PETERS, b. 23 May 1894 Chicago, IL, parents b. Germany. 1900 res with parents at Chicago, IL, age 5; 1930 res with husband and her mother at Chicago, IL, age 35, married at 26.

Irene Misner, b. Jun 1899 IL. Parents: Francis/Frank C. Misner (1857 - ) & Katherine BERGAN. 1900 res with parents at Peoria, IL.

Irene Gertrude (Gertrude Irene) Misner, b. 22 Jun 1903 (twin) Albany, Linn Co, OR; d. 6 Jul 1970 Portland, OR. Parents: William Jasper Misner (1862-1929) & Mary Agnes GREENE. 1910 res with parents at Ward 3 East Albany Pct, Linn Co, OR, age 6; 1920 res with parents at Albany, Linn Co, OR, age 16. Never married.

Irene Agnes Misener, b. Apr 1905 NY. Parents: John Isaac Misener (1875-1941) & Mary Louise WOODS. Sp: Harold L. BALLARD, b. c1903 NY; d. Syracuse, NY. 1911 res with parents at Fort Erie, Welland Co, ON, as Agnes, age 6; 1920 res with parents at Syracuse, Onondaga Co, NY, as Agnes I., age 14; 1930 res with parents and husband at Ward 17 Syeacuse, Onondaga Co, NY, as Agnes I., age 23, m. at 21.

Irene Misener, b. abt Oct 1908 Ridgeway, Orleans Co, NY. Parents: Henry Misener (1875 - ) & Theresa ________. 1910 res with parents at Ridgeway, NY, age 1y 6m; 1920 res with parents at Buffalo, Erie Co, NY, age 11.

Irene Anna Mizner, b. 26 Mar 1910 ?Jewell Co, KS. Parents: Samuel Gillian Mizner (1883-1967) & Gertrude Anna BLATTNER. Sp: Ira L. CRAVEN, m. 20 Apr 1930. Ch: 1 living.

Irene R. Misner, b. 1912 Seneca Co, OH. Parents: Charles B. Misner (1876 - ) & Laura ______. 1920 res with parents at Thompson Twp, Seneca Co, OH, age 7.

Irene Edith Misner, b. 1912 WA. Parents: Ira Winfield Misner (1887-1947) & Fay Edith HINKLE. 1920 res with father and grandparents at Centralia, Lewis Co, WA, age 7.

Irene Mizner, b. 1914 DeKalb Co, IL. Parents: William Thomas Mizner (1875-1926/7) & Emma E. ______. 1920 res with parents at Kirkland, DeKalb Co, IL, age 5.

Irene Frances Misener, b. 1921 Welland Co, ON. Parents: Grant Elroy Misener (1894-1982) & Violet Masie WILSON. Sp: Sidney CHURMS, b. 1920 ON; d. 1972 Welland Co, ON. Ch: 1 living.

Irma M. Misner, b. Jan 1882 NY. Parents: Father unknown, mother: Ellen _____, b. May 1844 NY. 1900 res with mother at Middletown, Delaware Co, NY, age 18, single, parents b. NY, waitress in boarding house.

Irma Jane Meisner/Misner, b. c1936 NS. Parents: Melvin Meisner (1905 - ) & Ethel ______. Sp: Floyd Roy SMITH, m. 9 May 1956 NS. He was b. 3 Mar 1934 Guysborough Co, NS; d. 6 May 2001 Kings Co, NS, s/o Margaret Helen MEISNER [1909-1990].

Irvin/Irving Nash Misner, b. 1 Jan 1854 Dutchess or Sullivan Co, NY; d. 5 Mar 1917 Middletown, NY. Parents: Elam/Elen Misner (1821-1895) & Margaret GORTON. Sp: Juliette E. BRADEN, m. 10 Oct 1877 Greenfield Park, NY. She was b. c1852 NY. 1855 res with parents at Neversink, Sullivan Co, NY; 1880 res Greenfield, Ulster Co, NY. Ch: Robert E.[1878], Leslie J.[1881], Howard [1884].

Irvin Joshua Misner, b. 26 Nov 1863/4 Sullivan Co, NY; d. 17 Aug 1933 Woodbourne, NY. Parents: William A. Misner (1824-1909) & Mary E. LODER. Sp: Lydia Marie HOUGHTALING, b. Mar 1860 NY; d. 1943 NY, d/o James Oliver HOUGHTALING & Mary CARSON. 1920 res Fallsburg, Sullivan Co, NY, age 56. Ch: Norman M.[1886], Emma M.[1889]. (NOTE: Lydia’s niece, Florence HOUGHTALING, m. Karl Henry Misner, grandson of Irvin/Irving.)

Irvin H. Misner, b. Aug 1871 NY. Parents: Jerome J. Misner (1843 - ) & Louisa Helen STEENROD. 1880-1900 res with parents at Fremont Twp, Sullivan Co, NY; 1920 res Rockland Twp, Sullivan Co, NY, as Irving Misner, age 49, single, farm manager.

Irvin (Ervin) Dale Misner, b. 6 Sep 1885 Barry Co, MI. Parents: Daniel L. Misner (1859-1929) & Mary Ann (BENEHOOF) WERTZ. Sp: Maude M. JACKSON, m. c1907 MI, div bef 1930 MI. She was b. c1886 MI, d/o Mary JACKSON, b. c1845 England. 1900 res with parents at Kalkaska Co, MI, age 14; 1910 res with wife and dau at Boyne City, Charlevoix Co, MI, age 24, m. once 3y, longshoreman, docks; 1920 res with wife, 2 ch, and mother-in-law at Boyne City, Charlevoix Co, MI, age 34, RR brakeman; 1930 Maude and Beatrice res with her sister, Stella M. SANDERS, at Ward 3 Grand Rapids, MI, age 44, divorced, waitress in restaurant; 1952 Irvin res Battle Creek, MI. Ch: Bernice M. [1909], Everett R. [c1913].

Irvin Ray Misner, b. 11 Sep 1885 Crawford Co, IL; d. 21 Sep 1972 International Falls, MN. Parents: James Harvey Misner (1865-c1941) & Mary E. WALL. Sp: Reta Florence WILSON, m. 6 Apr 1909 Bemidji, MN. She was b. 23 Jul 1889 Argyle, MN; d. Sep 1956 International Falls, MN, father b. IN, mother b. Norway. 1900 res Oblong Twp, Crawford Co, IL, with uncle Josiah CRUSE; 1920 res Battle Twp, Beltrami Co, MN, farmer. Ch: Ethel Fannie [1910], Ray Harvey [1912], Cecil Richard [1914], Norma Evangeline [1916], Floyd Leslie [1917], Ralph Willis [1919], Phillip [1921].

Irvin J. Misner, b. 24 Dec 1913 NY; d. Dec 1983 Suffolk Co, NY (SSDI). Parents: Norman M. Misner (1886-1974) & Mabel C. MERRITT. 1920 res with parents at Fallsburg, Sullivan Co, NY, age 6.

Irving John Meisner/Misenor, b. 3 Sep 1899 Halifax Co, NS; d. 3 Sep 1964 Ramsey Co, MN. Parents: Harvey Andrew Meisner/Misenor (1874-1937) & Mary Ann GAETZ (CONRAD). 1901 res with parents at Chezzetcook, Halifax Co, NS, as Ervin, age 1; 1910/1911 not found; 1920 res with father and stepmother at St Paul, MN, as Irvin J., age 19, immigrated 1910, foreman, paper company; 1930 res with father and stepmother at St Paul, MN, as Irving J., age 30, single, billing clerk, dry goods company. (NOTE: MN death records shows his mother’s maiden name as CONRAD.)

Isaac Misner/Mizner, b. before 1748 ??. Parents: Unknown. Sp: Ann _______, b. c1748; d. 27 Apr 1827, age 79 yrs, buried Kingston Presbyterian Cemetery, Somerset Co, NJ.

Isaac Misener, b. c1778 PA. Parents: Unknown. 1860 res at Wayne Twp, Belmont Co, OH, age 82, farmer. Residing with him was Benjamin Misener [c1825], and Lydia SLAY, b. c1822 OH.

Isaac Mizener, b. before 1780, of Kingston, Somerset Co, NJ. Parents: possibly Conrad Mizner/Misner. Sp: Unknown. 1795-1796 res Bridgewater Twp, Somerset Co, NJ; 1812 res New Providence Twp, Essex Co, NJ. Ch: Sarah [c1803/6] who m. Ezra WILLCOX.

Isaac Misner, b. before 1780 ??. 1800s res Wood Co, VA, with Absalom, Luke, Peter and Zebulon Misner.

Isaac Misener, b. 2 Oct 1802 Welland Co, ON; d. 17 Aug 1829 Welland Co, ON. Parents: John Misener 1774-1855) & Catharine YOUNG. Sp: Unknown. Ch: Catharine Mary [1826].

Isaac Grant Mizener, b. before 1805 ?KY. Parents: Unknown. Sp: Alice CRUMP. Ch: ??Isaac M. Mizener [1825]. No other information available on this family. Possibly res 1840 at Eugene, Vermillion Co, IN.

Isaac Mizner, b. c1805 ?Rahway, NJ, enlisted U.S. Army 30 Aug 1826 at NY, in 4 Arty T, age 21, 5’6 ½” tall, grey eyes, light hair, light complexion, blacksmith; deserted 19 Jan 1827.

Isaac Mizner, b. c1810 ?Hamilton or Warren Co, OH. Parents: David Mizner (1774-1830) & Jenett LOGAN. 1850 res Ottawa Co, OH, single.

Isaac Mizner, b. c1814 Butler Co, OH. Enlisted in U.S. Army Co. B, 5th Inf, on 11 Oct 1847 for Mexican War at Chicago; age 33, hazel eyes, black hair, dark complexion, 5’ 8” tall, farmer; discharged 1 Aug 1848, expiration of service.

Isaac Misner, b. 15 Mar 1814 (twin) OH; d. 25 Aug 1837 Vincinnes, IN. Parents: Henry Misner (1759-1848) & Barbara STACKER. (NOTE: See below for Isaac Edward Misner and explanation.)

Isaac Edward Misner, b. 15 Apr 1816; d. 14 Aug 1846 Kendall Co, IL, buried Millington-Newark Cemetery. (NOTE: Some believe this was the son of Henry Misner & Barbara STACKER but family records say that Isaac was twin of Abraham J. and born in 1814. Fletcher Misner, last child of Henry and Barbara was born in Oct 1816 and was alive in 1897 when their family reunions started; consequently, he should have known when his brothers were born. So........... unknown who the parents were of Isaac Edward.)

Isaac Misner, b. bef 1820 ??. Parents: Unknown. Sp: Rachael RITTENHOUSE, m. 6 May 1839 Vermillion Co, IN. (NOTE: Same as above??)

Isaac D. Misner, b. c1820 Sullivan Co, NY; d. bef 21 Nov 1892 Sullivan Co, NY. Parents: Conrad Misner (1785-1851) & Jane WYNCOOP. 1850 res with parents at Fallsburgh, Sullivan Co, NY; 1860 res with cousin Gabriel Misner at Sullivan Co, NY; 1870 res alone at Sullivan Co, NY. Never married. Probate record dtd 21 Nov 1892.

Isaac Misener, b. 20/22 Aug 1822 Welland Co, ON; d. 3 Sep 1892 Welland Co, ON. Parents: Leonard Misener (1799-1863) & Frances MARR. Sp: Elizabeth A. FRICK, b. 29 May 1833 ?ON; d. 19 Mar 1926 ?ON. 1881 res with wife and 1 dau at Humberstone, Welland Co, ON, age 57, merchant; 1901 Elizabeth res with dau, Carrie, and family at Bentinck, Grey Co, ON, age 67, widow. Ch: Annie [1871], Carrie [1874].

Isaac W. Misner, b. 8 Jun 1825 ?Crawford Co, IL; d. 12 Oct 1885 Vigo Co, IN. Parents: Aaron Misner (c1779-1837) & Mary ________. Sp: Verona ESAREY, m. 16 May 1848 Perry Co, IN. She was b. 1 Oct 1827 IN; d. 11 Apr 1887 Vigo Co, IN, d/o Jonathan Davis ESAREY, b. 29 Sep 1783 Louisville, KY; d. 14 Jan 1858 Branchville, IN (s/o John ESAREY & Sarah Hester CLARK), & Sarah SHAVER, b. 18 May 1789 KY; d. 17 Aug 1843 Branchville, IN (d/o Jacob Peter SHAVER & Nancy ALLEN). 1850 res Sugar Creek Twp, Vigo Co, IN, with Mary & his siblings; 1860-1880 res Sugar Creek Twp, Vigo Co, IN. Ch: Henry Aaron [1849], Elizabeth or Martha Ann [1852], Mary A. [1854], John Alexander [1856], James William [1859], Sarah Adaline [1862], Benjamin Franklin [1864], Thomas Jefferson [1866], Daniel Isaac [1871].

Isaac M. Mizener, b. 8 Dec 1825 KY. Parents: possibly John Mizner Jr. (c1794-1825) & Rebecca MEYERS (or Isaac Grant Mizener (bef 1805 - ) & Alice CRUMP.). Sp: Thamsin Virginia CARTER, m. 24 Jan 1847 Macoupin Co, IL. She was b. 9 May 1825 VA; d. bef 1900 ?Polk Co, IA. 1850 res Macoupin Co, IL; 1900 res Des Moines, Polk Co, IA, with son George. Ch: Mary Rebecca [1848], John D.[1849], Isaac Newton [1851], Joseph K.[1852], James Walter [1853], Alice Anrora [1856], William M.[1858], Cora Belle [1860], George Grant [1867].

Isaac Newton Misner, b. 10 Sep 1827 IN; d. 19 Feb 1892 Las Vegas, NM. Parents: Elisha Misner (1802-1853) & Zama Laura BUTLER. Sp: Mary Ellen ROGERS, m. 16 Dec 1866 Grundy Co, IL. She was b. 8 Apr 1848 Plano, IL; d. 20 Sep 1900 Mazon, Grundy Co, IL. 1848 went west for CA gold rush; enlisted 1 Jan 1862 in Co. F, 4th CA Inf in AZ; & Co. E, 8th US Vet Vol. Inf; mustered out 7 Jan 1865 Drum Barracks, CA. Filed for pension 6 Jul 1890 in NM; certificate #716,674 issued; widow filed 18 Mar 1892, certificate #843,395 issued. 1880 res with wife and 3 ch at Navarro Co, TX, age 53, farming, father b. OH, mother b. VT. Ch: Jay [1869], Anna [1871], Harvey [1873]. (NOTE: Mary Ellen resided with Isaac’s parents in 1850, age 2 yrs.)

Isaac Gilbert Misner, b. 19 Jun 1828 ON; d. 7 Mar 1909 Lagrange Co, IN. Parents: Joseph Misner (1805-1859) & Sarah C. McINALLY. Sp: Elizabeth FLEMING, m. 17 Dec 1855 St. Joseph Co, MI. She was b. 22 Dec 1835 Lagrange Co, IN; d. 30 Dec 1902 Van Buren Twp, Lagrange Co, ON, age 67y 8m, only child of Tyler FLEMING, b. 23 Apr 1811 NJ; d. 7 Sep 1839 Lagrange Co, IN, & Samantha ________, b. 17 Aug 1806 NY; d. 13 Feb 1872 ?IN. No children; adopted nephew, Isaac A. FRANKLIN [1856]. Isaac Gilbert moved to Elkhart Co, IN in 1855; 1860-1900 res Van Buren Twp, Lagrange Co, IN.

Isaac Misner, b. 1836 ON. Parents: Jacob Misner (1799-1875) & Hannah DUFF.

Isaac Misner, b. 14 Jan/Feb 1836 Elgin Co, ON; d. 11 Jul 1915 Kent Co, ON. Parents: Jacob Misner (1807-1896) & Hannah DOAN. Sp: 1) Melissa MUSSELMAN, m. 28 Jan 1864 Norfolk Co, ON; 2) Elizabeth CROSSIN, m. 15 May 1901 Elgin Co, ON. Melissa was b. 1835 ON; d. 3 Apr 1900 Port Dover, Norfolk Co, ON. Elizabeth was b. c1853 Elgin Co, ON, d/o David CROSSIN & Catherine McKAY. 1901 res by himself at Port Dover, Norfolk Co, ON, b. 14 Feb 1836, age 65, widowed. Ch: Jeannette May [1865].

Isaac J. Meisner, b. 25 Jan 1836 Lunenburg Co, NS, chr 5 Apr 1836 St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Chester, Lunenburg Co, NS. Parents: John Meisner (1789-1872) & Mary Elizabeth CONRAD. Sp: Mary Jane SEABOYER, m. 21 Apr 1857 Chester, NS. She was b. 8 Sep 1839 NS; d. 13 Oct 1913 Blandford, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 74 yrs. 1881 res with wife and 5 ch at Bayswater, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 46, farmer, Church of England; 1901 res with wife and son, Richard, at Sandy Beaches, Lunenburg Co, NS, b. Jan 1834, age 67; 1911 res with wife at Blandford, Lunenburg Co, NS, b. Jan 1834, age 76. Ch: Benjamin I. [1858], Charles Edmund [1859], Ann [1862], Albert J. [1864], Richard William [1866], James David [1872], Maria [c1873].

Isaac Misener, b. Apr 1836 ON; d. CA. Parents: Horatio Nelson Misener (1811 - ) & Mary MISENER (1809-1891). Sp: Matilda FULLER, m. 25 Dec 1859 Norfolk Co, ON. She was b. Aug 1840 Comstock, MI, d/o Stephen, b. ON, & Elizabeth FULLER, b. NY. 1852 res with parents at Houghton Twp, Norfolk Co, ON, age 16 at next birthday; 1871 res with wife and 3 ch at Houghton Twp, Norfolk co, ON, age 34, farmer; 1880 res with wife and 5 ch at Crystal Twp, Montcalm Co, MI, age 43, farmer; 1900 res with wife, dau Ida and grddau at Caledonia, Shiawassi Co, MI, age 64, m. 40 yrs; 1910 res with wife, dau Mary E., and son-in-law Frank SEELY, at Santa Ana, Orange Co, CA, age 75, m. once 50y, 5 ch b., 4 ch living, parents b. Canada, immigrated 1886, gardener. Ch: Mary E.[c1861], Ida L.[1863], George E.[1867], Susan Ellen [1871], Emma E.[1878].

Isaac Messinger, b. c1841 PA. Parents: Aaron Messinger (c1815 - ) & Susan _______. 1850 res with parents at White Deer Twp, Union Co, PA.

Isaac L/T. Misner, b. c1842 Meigs Co, OH; d. c1892 OH. Parents: John P. Misner (c1816-1879) & Mary WOOGERD. Sp: 1) m. 22 Jun 1864 Meigs Co, OH, to Eliza Jane HUDNALL, b. c1849 VA, parents b. VA; 2) Nancy M. _______. Enlisted 12 Aug 1861, PVT, age 19, in Co. H, 36th OH Inf.; discharged with disability on 5 Aug 1863; filed for a pension on 4 Jun 1880, certificate #738,046 issued; widow, Nancy M., filed on 21 Jan 1893 in OH, no certificate issued. 1880 census res with 1st wife and 5 ch at Waggoner, Mason Co, WV, age 38, father b. Unk, mother b. MD. Ch: Abraham Charles [1865], Almira D. [c1868], James Henry [1872], John E.[c1875], Eli A.[1877].

Isaac Meisner, b. 15 Jan 1846 Lunenburg, NS, chr 8 Mar 1846 Zion Lutheran Church, Lunenburg, NS. Parents: John Meisner (1812 - ) & Anna Elizabeth MOSHER. Sp: Sarah Jane WESTHAVER, m. 27 Dec 1873 Lunenburg, NS. She was b. 2 Sep 1849 NS, d/o Martin & Maria WESTHAVER. 1881 res with wife and 3 ch, next to parents, at Lunenburg, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 31, farmer, C. Methodist; 1901 res with wife and 3 ch at Mahone Bay Road, Lunenburg Co, NS, b. Jan 1847, age 54; 1911 res with wife and youngest son at Mahone Bay, Lunenburg Co, NS, b. Sep 1847, age 64. Ch: Lora [c1873], Alice [1875], Martin [1879], Cecil [1889]. (NOTE: Witnesses of their m. were William MISENER & Isaac MISENER.)

Isaac Misener, b. 8 Dec 1848 ON; d. 23 Sep 1910 ?ON. Parents: Lorenzo Dow Misener (1825-1895 = Leonard, Leonard, Leonard, ?Henry, Richard) & Olive HODGKINS. Sp: 1) Catherine WEBBER, m. 1872 ON; 2) Edna HEASLIP, m. 8 Oct 1890 ?ON. Catherine was b. 1851 ?ON; d. 16 Feb 1888 ON. Edna [1855-1950], d/o John Leonard HEASLIP [1819-1896] & Julia Ann MISENER [1830] = John, ?Adam, Peter, Adam, Richard) Ch: Clara Belle [1874], Mabel May [1879], Cora Ada [1882], Irene Eva [1894]. (NOTE: Edna m. 1st George W. NUNNEMAKER [1852-1896], s/o Abraham NUNNEMAKER [1820-1903] & Sally Ann COOK [1830-1881], d/o Willis COOK & Catherine MISENER (?c1797 = ?Adam, Peter, Adam, Richard).

Isaac Newton Mizener, b. 19 Jan 1851 Macoupin Co, IL. Parents: Isaac M. Mizener (1825 - ) & Thamsin Virginia CARTER. Sp: Alice ________, b. Jul 1861 IL, father b. KY, mother b. TN. 1870 res with parents at Macoupin Co, IL, as Newton, age 15; 1900 res with wife and youngest son at Neoga Twp, Cumberland Co, IL, age 49, m. 23y, 4 ch b, 4 ch living; 1920 res Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO, with wife, dau and son-in-law, Mary R. & James T. HAYES, salesman; 1930 res Denver, CO, with wife, dau and son-in-law, Pearl & James T. HAYES, age 81, m. at age 26. Ch: Harry Randolph [1877], Mary Pearl [1880], William Newton [1882], Thomas Troy [1885].

Isaac C. Misener, b. 22 Aug 1853 ON; d. 22 Sep 1880 ?ON. Parents: Nicholas Misener (1801-1881) & Elizabeth DELL.

Isaac A. (FRANKLIN) Misner, b. 3 May 1856 ON; d. 19 Dec 1932 ?IN. Parents: Joseph William FRANKLIN & Mary E. MISNER (1832-1882) . Sp: Clara A. ZUCK, b. 14 Jul 1861 IN; d. 1 Aug 1938 ?IN. 1860-1870 res with uncle Isaac Gilbert Misner at Van Buren Twp, Lagrange Co, IN. Adopted by uncle between 1860 & 1870. 1880-1900 res Van Buren Twp, Lagrange Co, IN; 1920 res Van Buren Twp, Lagrange Co, IN, immigrated 1857, naturalized 1860, farming. Ch: Lawrence [1879], George I.[1881], Lela Bertha [1884], Perry [1887], Mary [1889], Carl [1892], Elsie [1894], Herbert [1896], Clara [1898], James [1900], Leslie [1902].

Isaac Wallace Misner, b. 17 Jul 1858 ON; d. 27 Mar 1918 Kent Co, ON. Parents: John McInally Misner (1827-1905) & Rachel WARD.

Isaac Newton Misener, b. 4 Aug/Nov 1863 IL; d. 1952 IL. Parents: Henry Fletcher Misener (1837-1910) & Margaret A. LAYMAN. Sp: Anna E. JACKSON, m. 25 Feb 1885 Grundy Co, IL. She was b. Feb 1867 IL, parents b. NY; d. 18 Feb 1955 ?Grundy Co, IL. 1900 res Mazon, Grundy Co, IL, m. 16y, 2 ch b, 2 ch living; 1920 res Mazon Twp, Grundy Co, IL, farmer. Ch: Elsie [1888], Gordie (Gardie) [1896].

Isaac John Meisner, b. 31 May 1866 Lunenburg Co, NS; d. 1950, bur Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, New Germany, NS. Parents: Leonard Stephen Meisner (1840-1926) & Catherine Lavinia RITCEY. Sp: Eliza Mary WEINACHT, m. 1888 Lunenburg Co, NS. She was b. 13 Oct 1864 Lunenburg Co, NS; d. 1936, bur Trinity Lutheran Cemetery. 1881 res with father at New Germany, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 15, farmers son; 1901 res with wife, 5 ch, and his father at Midville Branch, Lunenburg Co, NS, b. May 1866, age 34; 1911 res with wife, 7 ch, and his father at Hemford, Lunenburg Co, NS, b. May 1867, age 44. Ch: Elva May [1889], Elwood [1891], Edith [1894], Carman S. [1898], Winston A. [1900], Arnold C. [1903], Stuart L. [1904], Alice [1906].

Isaac Meisner, b. 14 Feb 1877 NS. Parents: William Meisner (1842 - ) & Mary J. ______. Sp: Ethel ______, b. Aug 1880 ?NS. 1881 res with parents at Musquodoboit Harbour, Halifax Co, NS, age 4; 1901 res with parents at Chezzetcook, Halifax Co, NS, age 24, single; 1911 res with wife, next to parents, at Chezzetcook, NS, age 34.

Isaac Misner, b. 22 May 1895 ON. Parents: Henry James Misner (1869-1950) & Mary Jane COLEMAN. Sp: Angela CURRAN, b. 29 Sep 1902. Ch: 2 living.

Isabella Misner/Mizner, b. 13 Sep 1830 (?1833) Noble Co, OH; d. 1863 ?Zanesville, OH. Parents: possibly John Misner/Mizner (1795 - ) & Mary McGEE. Sp: John Joseph DERWACTER, m. 1 Jun 1852 Muskingum Co, OH. He was b. 1834 Muskingum Co, OH; d. 8 Apr 1903 Mills Creek, Fountain Co, IN, s/o Jacob DERWACTER & Nancy McHENRY. Ch: (1) John Emmett DERWACTER, b. 13 Jan 1858 Zanesville, OH; d. 19 Jul 1914 Zanesville, OH, m. in 1887 to Anna Jane CASSIDY, b. 22 Jun 1867 Columbus, Franklin Co, OH; d. 26 Oct 1938 Zanesville, OH, ch: (a) Marguerite DERWACTER, b. 2 Feb 1900 Vigo Co, IN; (b) Albert Emmett DERWACTER, b. 11 Mar 1903 Grove City, OH; (c) Joseph Henry DERWACTER b. 1905 Zanesville, OH. (NOTE: After the death of Isabella, John Joseph DERWACTER m. 2) Adeline SIGLER on 27 Jul 1863 Vinton Co, OH.)

Isabella Misner, b. c1832 Trumbull Co, OH; d. bef 1880 IL or NE. Parents: John Misner (1799-1870) & Nancy MAKEN. Sp: John BALE, m. 21 Aug 1851 ?OH. He was b. Nov 1827 England, parents b. England, immigrated 1837. 1840 res with parents at Indiana Co, PA; 1850 res with parents at Trumbull Co, OH; 1860 res with husband and 4 ch at Saline Co, IL, age 26; 1870 res with husband and 9 ch at Pella Twp, Ford Co, IL, age 38; 1880 John res with 9 ch at Cottonwood Pct, Nance Co, NE, age 52, widowed; 1900 John, age 72, widowed, res with dau, Mary, at Henry Twp, Payne Co, OK. Ch: (1) William BALE, b. Jun 1852 OH; d. c1935 ?Los Angeles Co, CA, m. 6 Jan 1882 Merrick Co, NE, to Amanda MOYER, b. 28 Feb 1864 Keokuk Co, IA; d. c1932 Palmer, Merrick Co, NE, d/o Abraham MOYER & Jane ADAMS, ch: (a) Noah BALE, b. Jun 1883 Merrick Co, NE; (b) Oscar BALE, b. Jul 1885 Merrick Co, NE; d. c1918; (c) May Louise BALE, b. 21 May 1888 Merrick Co, NE; (d) Irene Charlotte Bessie BALE, b. 21 Oct 1890 Merrick Co, NE; (2) Charlotte BALE, b. c1855 OH; (3) Mary BALE, b. c1858 IL; (4) James BALE, b. 1860 Saline Co, IL; (5) Matilda BALE, b. c1862 IL; (6) John BALE, b. c1864 IL; (7) Lillie I. BALE, b. c1866 IL; (8) George BALE, b. c1868 IL; (9) Edmond BALE, b. Nov 1869 IL; (10) Alice BALE, b. c1872 IL.

Isabel Misner, b. Sep 1844 Trumbull Co, OH. Parents: George Misner (1813-1888) & Hannah SWARTZ. Sp: Azariah W. MELL, m. c1863. He was b. Dec 1833 OH; d. bef 1910, parents b. PA. 1850 res with parents at Champion Twp, Trumbull Co, OH; 1860 res with parents at Van Buren Twp, Lagrange Co, IN, age 17; 1870 res with husband and dau at Newbury Twp, Lagrange Co, IN, age 28; 1880 res with husband and dau at Middlebury Twp, Elkhart Co, IN, age 35; 1900 res with husband and dau at same, age 55, m. 37y, 1 ch b, 1 ch living, parents b. PA; 1910 res with dau at Ward 20 Chicago, IL, age 67, widowed, housekeeper, private family; 1920 res with dau and her husband at Los Angeles, CA, age 77, wid; 1930 res by herself at Los Angeles, CA, age 87, wid. Ch: (1) Ella Florence MELL, b. 23 Jan 1866 IN; d. 30 Nov 1946 Los Angeles Co, CA, m. John Otto VANWORKUM, b. 13 Jun 1888 Amsterdam, Holland; d. 1 Aug 1957 Santa Cruz Co, CA, immigrated 1909, reg WWI draft at Chicago, IL, married.

Isabella J. Mizener, b. Mar 1853 Albany Co, NY. Parents: John N. Mizener (1802-1874) & Catherine VAN NESS. Sp: David FRAZIER, m. 28 Dec 1870 Bethlehem Reformed Church, Albany Co, NY. He was b. c1847 NY. 1860 res with parents at Bethlehem, Albany Co, NY, age 7; 1870 res with parents at Bethlehem, Albany Co, NY, age 17, at service; 1880 res with husband and dau at Bethlehem, Albany Co, NY, age 27, keeping house; 1900 res with sister, Catherine HOLLINGSHEAD, at Coeymans, Albany Co, NY, age 47, m., 2 ch b/living (no husband listed). Ch: (1) Clara FRAZIER, b. c1877 Albany Co, NY; (2) Unknown.

Isabella Margaret Meisner, b. 1854 Goose Island, NS; d. bef 1901 (or 1943). Parents: Samuel Martin Meisner (1822 - ) & Mary M. FLEET. Sp: 1) m. 4 Dec 1872 Guysborough Co, NS, to Charles SHRIDER, b. c1840 NS; d. bef 1887; 2) Jacob A. PUBLICOVER, b. abt 19 Apr 1849 NS; d. 1925, s/o Martin PUBLICOVER & Nancy FLEET. 1881 res with 1st husband and 4 ch at Cape Canso, Guysborough Co, NS, age 26; not found in 1901 or 1911. Ch: (1) Charles Orestus SHRIDER, b. 22 Sep 1873; d. 1950, m. 22 Jul 1897 to Anna Bertha PUBLICOVER, b. 21 May 1878; d. 1955, d/o Charles PUBLICOVER & Anne BARNARD, ch: (a) Lily Beatrice Jemina SHRIDER, b. 19 Apr 1900 Guysborough Co, NS; (b) John Hubert D. SHRIDER, b. Sep 1904 Guysborough Co, NS; (c) Joseph W. SHRIDER; (2) George T. SHRIDER, b. 1876 Guysborough Co, NS; d. 1952, m. Florence PYE; (3) Eliza Esther SHRIDER, b. 17 Jul 1878 Guysborough Co, NS; d. 30 Jun 1954, m. 27 Nov 1900 Guysborough Co, NS, to Marshall G. PUBLICOVER, b. 31 Aug 1876 NS; d. 13 Jun 1944, s/o Charles PUBLICOVER & Anne BARNARD, ch: (a) Charles Edward PUBLICOVER, b. Feb 1901 Guysborough Co, NS; (b) William PUBLICOVER, b. Dec 1903 Guysborough Co, NS; d. 2 Sep 1965; (c) Annabelle PUBLICOVER, b. Jul 1906 Guysborough Co, NS; (d) Melissa Murilla PUBLICOVER, b. Sep 1909 Guysborough Co, NS; (e) Floyd Herbert PUBLICOVER; (f) Nora PUBLICOVER m. Thomas LYNDS; (g) Rita Muriel PUBLICOVER; (4) John W. SHRIDER, b. Aug 1880 Guysborough Co, NS; d. 1950, m. Ivy Constance PYE, b. 15 Oct 1884 Guysborough Co, NS; d. 15 Feb 1955, d/o Alexander PYE & Fanny WORTHEN, ch: (a) Isabelle Frances SHRIDER, b. Mar 1907 Guysborough Co, NS; (b) Arnold C. SHRIDER, b. Feb 1909 Guysborough Co, NS; d. 8 Aug 1961; (c) Harry Forham SHRIDER, b. Apr 1911 Guysborough Co, NS; (d) Bertha SHRIDER, (e) Flora SHRIDER m. Garnet MUNROE; (f) John Roderick SHRIDER; (g) Bernice Mabel SHRIDER; (h) Clarence William “Hubert” SHRIDER; (5) Harriet A. SHRIDER, b. ?Aug 1883 NS; d. 11 Aug 1952, m. 15 Nov 1905 NS, to Freeman JEWERS, b. 13 Aug 1873 NS; d. 17 Feb 1936, s/o Charles JEWERS Sr. & Elizabeth Jane FLEET, ch: (a) Charles Edward JEWERS, b. Sep 1906 Halifax Co, NS; (b) James William JEWERS, b. 1908 Halifax Co, NS; d. 26 Nov 1970; (c) Sidney Freeman JEWERS; (6) Harry E. SHRIDER, b. Jun 1885/6 NS; d. 1949, m. Kate LOWE; (7) George Forham PUBLICOVER, b. 25 Dec 1888 Guysborough Co, NS; d. 1957; (8) Anne PUBLICOVER, b. 4 Jan 1894 Guysborough Co, NS, m. William SNOW, s/o William & Maria SNOW. (NOTE: In 1901 and 1911 Jacob PUBLICOVER res with his 2 ch at Marie Joseph, Guysborough Co, NS, as a widower, indicating that Isabella was deceased. Info online says she died in 1943 though. In 1911 SHRIDER name was spelled as SCHRIDER.) (NOTE: Additional information at and pafg24.htm.

Isabella Misener, b. 4 Aug 1857 Wentworth Co, ON; d. 9 May 1948 Los Angeles Co, CA. Parents: Nicholas (1832 - ) & Armintha ACKER. Sp: James Harvey WARNER, m. 30 Sep 1875 Galt, Waterloo Co, ON. He was b. 2 Jun 1847 Wentworth Co, ON, s/o Thomas & Sarah WARNER. 1901 res with husband and 10 ch at Enniskillen, Lambton Co, ON, age 43; 1920 res with husband and 2 sons at Toledo, OH, age 62, imm. 1902; 1930 res with husband, youngest son and his wife at Los Angeles, CA, age 72. Ch: (1) Hessie Maud WARNER, b. 16 Sep 1877 Wentworth Co, ON; (2) Josephine WARNER, b. 15 Oct 1879 Wentworth Co, ON; (3) James Garfield WARNER, b. 13 Jul 1881 Wellington Co, ON; (4) Fred Lorne WARNER, b. 2 Oct 1883 ON; (5) Jay Clifford WARNER, b. 22 Dec 1885 ON; d. 6 May 1964 Los Angeles Co, CA; (6) Lana Lanome WARNER, b. 23 Oct 1887 Kent Co, ON; (7) Clara Edith WARNER, b. 24 Oct 1888 ON; d. 29 Jan 1941 Kern Co, CA, m. Charles W. FISHER, b. c1895 OH; (8) Lettie Fern WARNER, b. 18 Jul 1891 Lambton Co, ON; (9) Ella V. WARNER, b. 23 Dec 1893 ON; (10) Rae I. WARNER (m), b. 11 May 1896 ON; (11) Mona J. WARNER, b. 15 Aug 1898 ON; (12) Roy E. WARNER, b. 9 Sep 1900 Lambton Co, ON, m. Hazel _____, b. c1898 CA.

Isabelle Misner, b. c1858 Bedford Co, PA. Parents: William Misner (1827-1903) & Susanna KLOTZ.

Isabella Jane “Jennie” Misner, b. 11 Sep 1861 ON; d. 27 Dec 1939 ?ON. Parents: James Walter Misner (1833-1913) & Margaret GRAHAM. Sp: James DUFTON, m. 20 May 1896 Norfolk Co, ON. He was b. 1858 Scotland; d. 1916 ?ON, s/o Alexander & Isabella DUFTON. He was a widower with Isabella being his 2nd wife.

Isabell Misener, b. c1868 ON. Parents: Oliver Misener (1834-1918) & Hannah Elizabeth ______. 1881 res with parents at Ancaster Twp, Wentworth Co, ON, age 12. (NOTE: Canadian records say she d. 9 Apr 1930, the same day as her sister, Sarah, d. which is questionable.)

Isabella Adelaide Misener, b. 7 Jul 1872 Wallaceburg, Kent Co, ON; d. 1941. Parents: Henry Moe Misener (1840-1901) & Lavinia PIGGOTT. Sp: Ernest Judson FERRISS, b. 15 Jan 1873 ON; d. 1955, s/o Abner Lidwell FERRISS. 1881 res with parents at Wallaceburg, Kent Co, ON, age 7; 1901 res with husband at Romney, Kent Co, ON, b. 7 Jul 1873, age 27; 1911 res with husband and 3 ch at Windsor, Essex Co, ON, age 37. Ch: (1) Anna Gertrude FERRISS, b. 1 Apr 1901 Kent Co, ON; d. 26 Dec 1992 ON, m. 11 Oct 1926 to Wilburn Frederick McLEAN, b. 11 Oct 1903 Essex Co, ON; d. 18 Mar 1991 ON (2 ch living); (2) Muriel FERRISS, b. Jul 1903 ON; (3) Ronald FERRISS, b. Jan 1911 Windsor, Essex Co, ON.

Isabel Meisner, b. c1874 Lunenburg Co, NS. Parents: Caspar Meisner (1823 - ) & Anna ______. 1881 res with parents at Conqueral Bank, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 6.

Isabelle Misner, b. 29 Oct 1895 Norfolk Co, ON. Parents: James W. Misner (1857 - ) & Linnie Isabelle AUSTIN. 1901 res with parents at Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk Co, ON, age 5; 1911 res with parents at Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk Co, ON, age 15. (NOTE: Canadian records gave her name as Letabel, and birth registration gives her name as Luta Belle, b. 29 Oct 1893.)

Isabel Mizener, b. 1903 IL. Parents: Unknown, father b. Germany, mother b. France. 1920 res with siblings, Mary [1889], Louis [1896], and Josephine [1898], at Linn Twp, Walworth Co, WI, age 16.

Isabelle Misener, b. ?around 1903/4 MI. Parents: Oren Misener (1873-1956) & Mable FALLS.

Isabel Vera Misener, b. 17 Sep 1905 Troy, ON; d. 15 May 1996 Bellingham, WA. Parents: Clarence Misener (1868-1932) & Agnes McCORMICK. She never married; teacher and registered nurse, Director of Nursing at Fort Churchill, MB.

Isabelle Mizner, b. 23 Sep 1906 Mannington, WV; d. 15 May 1977. Parents: Charles Ernest Mizner (1878-1962) & Florence Emily GARRETT. Sp: James Marlin HARDY, m. 22 Jun 1933.

Isabel Meisner, b. Jul 1907 Halifax Co, NS. Parents: Fredrick G. Meisner (1874 - ) & Beatrice ______. 1911 res with parents at Dartmouth, Halifax Co, NS, age 3.

Isabel Mizner, b. abt May 1909 Stephenson Co, IL. Parents: William L. Mizner (1887-1967) & Mary GRABER. 1910 res with parents at Harlem Twp, Stephenson Co, IL, age 11 months; 1920 res with mother only at Nora Village, Jo Daviess Co, IL.

Isabell Helen Misner, b. 4 May 1911 Wabash Co, IN; d. 18 Sep 1996 Elkhart, Elkhart Co, IN. Parents: Lawrence Misner (1892-1974) & Ruth Ada HAINES. Sp: Charles CLOUD, b. 28 Mar 1906 IN; d. May 1980 Union, Cass Co, MI (SSDI), s/o Alonzo Benola CLOUD & Ida May HENDRICKSON. 1920 res with parents at Ward 3 Wabash, IN, age 8; 1930 res with husband at Ward 5 Elkhart, IN, age 19, m. at 17. Ch: (1) Lawrence CLOUD, b. 4 Oct 1931 Elkhart, IN; d. 15 Jun 1936 Elkhart, IN; (2) 2 sons living.

Isabel E. Misener, b. abt Mar 1916 Canada. Parents: Leslie Gaius Misener (1887-1978) & Edna C. _______. 1920 res with parents at Detroit, MI, age 3y9m; 1930 res with parents at Miami, Dade Co, FL, age 14, immigrated 1924.

Isadora Misner, b. 4 Mar 1847 Monroe Co, AR; d. c1905. Parents: Peter Corinth Misner (c1811 - ) & Mary A. HARVIE. 1850 res with parents at Cache Twp, Monroe Co, AR; 1860 res with father and stepmother at Ashley Twp, Independence Co, AR, age 13; 1870 res with husband and 3 ch at Jefferson Twp, Independence Co, AR, age 22; 1880 res with husband and 5 ch at Bayou Twp, Ozark Co, MO, age 33; 1900 res with husband and 4 ch at Creek Nation Indian Territory, OK, age 53, m. 34y, 10 ch b, 7 ch living. Sp: William Pearson W. LEE, m. 10 Aug 1865 Gasconade Co, MO (or Tecumseh, Pottawatomie Co, OK). He was b. 27 Jan 1835 TN, parents b. NC. Ch: (1) Emma P. LEE, b. 31 Mar 1867 MO; (2) Martha Ann Elizabeth LEE, b. 6 May 1868 AR; (3) Lindsey Corinth LEE, b. 28 Mar 1870 AR; d. 9 Sep 1955 San Diego Co, CA; (4) Olive Lucinda LEE, b. 24 Dec 1871 Independence Co, AR, m. 9 Jul 1891 Mt Home, AR, to William Andrew COPELAND, b. 19 Jun 1869 Mt Home, AR, ch: (a) Jessie C. COPELAND, b. 14 Apr 1892; (b) Hewett M. COPELAND, b. 30 Sep 1893; (c) Grace G. COPELAND, b. 31 Jul 1895; d. Jul 1983, res Salem, OR (SSDI), m. James E. LOVIN, b. poss 11 Oct 1896; d. May 1979, res Salem, OR (SSDI) (2 ch); (d) Fred COPELAND, b. 23 Nov 1896; (e) John Lindsey COPELAND, b. 26 Aug 1898; (f) Myrtle COPELAND, b. 14 Oct 1901; (g) Baby COPELAND, b. 15 Apr 1903; d. infant; (h) Mary COPELAND, b. 13 Sep 1905; (i) Bonnie Jewel COPELAND, b. 31 Dec 1907; (j) Baby COPELAND, b. 12 Aug 1910; d. infant; (k) William M. COPELAND, b. 16 Mar 1912; (5) John Henry LEE, b. 22 Feb 1874 AR; d. infant; (6) Nancy Jane LEE, b. 18 Nov 1876 AR; d. infant; (7) Richard Claud LEE, b. 25 Jan 1878 AR; (8) Nora Louisa LEE, b. 15 Nov 1881 MO; (9) Mary Loretter Adaline LEE, b. 2 Feb 1883; (10) Garfield Sanford LEE, b. 11 Jul 1887.

Isadora Misner, b. c1863 IL. Parents: William Misner (c1837 - ) & Rachel Caroline McCANN. 1870-1880 res with parents at Cottonwood Twp, Cumberland Co, IL.

Isadora Misner, b. & d. 9 Oct 1876 ?Crawford Co, IL. Parents: Leander Misner (1836-1903) & Martha Jane DAVIDSON.

Ison Grover Misner, b. 14 Jul 1887 Jackson Co, WV; d. 20 Feb 1940 Carroll Co, OH. Parents: Abraham Charles Misner (1865-1935) & Virginia Lee Russ PRINGLE. Sp: Nora Belle BROCK, m. 25 Jul 1906. She was b. 14 Feb 1888 Wayne Co, WV, parents b. KY; d. 4 Feb 1963 Canton, Stark Co, OH. 1900 res with parents at Ripley Dist, Jackson Co, WV, age 12; 1909-1910 at San Francisco, CA, Army cook for 68th Co. Coast Artillery Corps; 1920 res as Grover J. Mizner with wife and dau at Carrolltown, Carroll Co, OH, pottery maker. Ch: Blanche Lucille [1907]. (NOTE: He also fathered another daughter by his sister before he was married. WWI draft registration at Carroll Co, OH, shows his name as Grover, born 14 Jul 1886.)

Israel Meisner, b. 9 May 1852 Ovens, Lunenburg Co, NS, chr 15 Aug 1852 Zion Lutheran Church, Lunenburg, NS, sps: John SPINDLER & wife. Parents: John Meisner (1812 - ) & Anna Elizabeth MOSHER. Sp: Alice SILVER, m. 1 Jan 1887 Lunenburg, NS. She was b. c1860 First Peninsula, Lunenburg Co, NS, d/o Henry & Sophia SILVER. 1881 res with parents at Lunenburg, Lunenburg Co, NS, age 28, farmer. (NOTE: Witnesses of their m. were James SILVER & Seth B. PRINCE.)

Israel Meisner, b. 1 Nov 1868 Lunenburg Co, NS, chr 30 Nov 1868 Lutheran Congregation, Lunenburg, NS, sps: James HIRTLE & wife; d. 1940 Lunenburg Co, NS. Parents: Jacob Meisner (1833-1905) & Lucy Ann ZINCK. Sp: Alice Margaret _______, b. 1865 ?NS; d. 1951 Lunenburg Co, NS. 1871 res with parents at Chester, Lunenburg Co, NS, as John I., age 3; 1881 res with parents at Chester, NS, as John, age 12.

Iva B. Misner or WISNER, b. Jun 1884 Ogle Co, IL. Parents: William Misner or WISNER (1844 - ) & Elizabeth _______. 1900 res with parents at Buffalo Twp, Ogle Co, IL, age 15.

Iva Mizner, b. 19 Apr 1888/9 Anderson Co, KY. Parents: Robert L. Mizner (1863 - ) & Minnie _________. 1900 res with parents at Altus Twp, Greer Co, OK; 1920 res with husband and 5 ch at Dryden, Harmon Co, OK; 1930 res with husband and 5 ch at Justice Prect 5, Collingsworth Co, TX, age 39. Sp: Ralph Suttle HUDSON, m. 8 Oct 1911 OK. He was b. 9 Dec 1890 Limestone Co, TX, s/o William Albert HUDSON & Virginia Lee SUTTLE. Ch: (1) Lena Audry HUDSON, b. 9 Oct 1912 OK; d. 4 Nov 2003 Harmon Co, OK, m. 1935 to Q.D. JACKSON, b. 10 Mar 1912 OK; d. 5 Jun 1990 OK, s/o Joe M. JACKSON & Ada C. PALMER; (2) Kenneth Lucian HUDSON, b. 15 Apr 1914 OK; d. 4 Jul 2002 Harmon Co, OK; (3) Oras Mizner HUDSON, b. 15 Dec 1915 OK; d. 17 Apr 1989, res Fort Worth, TX; (4) Albert Clyde HUDSON, b. 24 Apr 1918 OK; (5) Vesper Nadine HUDSON, b. 20 Sep 1919 OK, m. Tom BIRCHFIELD, b. 8 Jul 1916; d. Mar 1984 Collingsworth Co, TX.

Iva May Misner, b. 10 Aug 1895 Franklin Co, PA; d. 13 Aug 1895 Franklin Co, PA. Parents: Almay Elmer Misner (1868-1943) & Rebecca Ann WELSH.

Iva Misener, b. 1913 GA. Parents: Edward L. Misener (1891 - ) & Nellie _______. 1920 res with parents at Beaumont, Jefferson Co, TX, age 6.

Ivan William Misener, b. 12 Feb 1898 MI; d. 5 Nov 1958 Pontiac, Oakland Co, MI. Parents: Joseph R. Misener (1875-1960) & Penellopha Pauline STANTON. Sp: Marjorie GOOCH, m. 21 Oct 1933 Genesee Co, MI. She was b. 17 Feb 1911 ?MI. 1900 res with parents at East Tawas, Iosco Co, MI. Ch: 5 living.

Ivan Francis Misner, b. 8 Apr 1908 ID; d. 23 Sep 1950 (SSDI). Parents: John Bartholomew Misner (1879-1972) & Katherine Rose HOPEWELL. Sp: Phoebe Jean CATTON. 1910 res with parents at Boise, ID, age 2; 1920 res with parents at Portland, OR, age 11; 1930 res with parents at Portland, OR, age 21, single, mechanic, planing mill. Ch: 2 living.

Ivan Misemer, b. 14 Jan 1914; d. May 1969. Res not specified. SSDI, issued CA.

Ivan Walter Misenar, b. 26 Nov 1914 Niles, MI; d. 30 Jun 1983 IN. Parents: Frank S. Misenar (1881-1944) & Kitty Pearl SHOECRAFT. Sp: June CRAWFORD, m. 13 Oct 1940 South Bend, IN. Ch: 1 living.

Ivy Gertrude Misener, b. 8 Nov 1917 ON; d. 25 Jul 1921 ON. Parents: Hartford Misener (1875-1955) & Gertrude UPPER.

Izola Misner, b. 26 Jan 1916 ?ID. Parents: Leonard Alfred Misner (1878-1920) & Sylvia HUNT.

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