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David E. Hancock
Audrey (Shields) Hancock

The first known JORDAN ancestor is said to be Robert JOURDAN who may have been the immigrant ancestor possibly from Ireland. One Robert JORDAN is recorded in the 1800 U. S. Federal Census at Westmoreland Co., PA where our Robert JORDAN is known to have been located. This ROBERT JORDAN is listed here with a family, and he could possibly have been the father of our known Robert JORDAN. Also living in the same area is the family of Jacob WEEMER (sic...WEIMER/WIMMER). This family is significant as our Robert JOURDAN/JORDAN married Sarah WEIMER/WIMMER, daughter of this Jacob WEEMER/WEIMER/WIMMER. This is probably a sound clue that the two Robert JORDANs were at least related, if not father and son.

The ages of those living in the household of one Robert JORDAN consisted of the following members:

1800 Federal Census
Westmoreland Co., PA

Free White Males
2  under 10
3  10-16
1  16-26
0  26-45
1  45 & on

Free White Females
2  under 10
1  10-16
1  16-26
0  26-45
1  45 & on

At this time, a relationship to the above Robert JORDAN cannot be verified, but if our Robert JORDAN was a son of the above documented Robert JORDAN, then he would probably fit in one of the male catergories as being born around 1785.

Robert JOURDAN/JORDAN of unknown parentage is believed to have been born ca 1785 in possibly Ireland, but there is limited information concerning him presently. Robert married 18 June 1805 in Derry Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania by Samuel SLOAN to Sarah WEIMER/WIMMER.

Sarah, daughter of Jacob WEIMER/WIMMER & Jemima LABOYTEAUX, both from New Jersey, was born about 1789 in probably Somerville, Somerset County. She was the granddaughter of Jacob WIMMER and Saartje STAATS/STOUT(T) of Somerset County, New Jersey. Conflicting data does not allow us to pinpoint her exact birthdate, but it would seem the Pension Record would be the most reliable for a closer age than the often unreliable census record. Sarah appears to have been named for her paternal grandmother, Saartje (Sarah) STAATS, which was the common practice for the naming of Dutch children.

Robert and Sarah eventually removed about 1812 to Butler County, Ohio where Robert enlisted as a private in the Ohio Militia in 1813. This is evidenced by the following entry in A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County Ohio, With Illustrations and Sketches of its Representative Men and Pioneers, Cincinnati, Ohio; Western Biographical Publishing Company, 1882.

Pages 98 - 104

"Of a Company of infantry militia under command of Captain John HAMILTON, of the Third Detachment of Militia from the State of Ohio, now in the service of the United States, commanded by Lieutenant-colonel James MILLS, from the sixth day of February, 1813, when first mustered to continue in service, until the sixth day of August, 1813.

Captain --------- John HAMILTON.
Lieutenant ------ William SHAFOR.
Ensign ---------- James HARPER.
Sergeants ------- John HAYNES, Adam STONEBRAKER, Levi HALL, Ebenezer BUDGE.
Corporals ------ John SHORTMAN, John MILLER, John McCLOSKEY, Eli DAVIS.
Musicians ------ Joseph BLOSSOM, Abraham HUFFMAN.

...Robert JORDAN..."

[Another entry] "The next muster-roll, formerly in possession of Lieutenant SHAFOR, is dated May 31st. Upon it appear the names of James CARLISLE, Winthrop EMERSON, Thomas SPENCER, Benjamin STONE, John WELLS, and Warner WYNN. Eli DAVIS was fourth sergeant, Nicholas BAILEY first corporal, John CAIN third corporal, and John PORTER fourth corporal. Christopher KIGER was left sick at Amanda ; John MARTIN had deserted at Hamilton, February 17th ; Robert JORDAN was appointed brigade quartermaster at St. Mary's, April 7th;...."

At the time of the 1820 Butler County, Ohio Federal Census, we find that Robert Jorden (sic) and family were living in Fairfield Township and enumerated as living at 650A. Robert is listed in the "Manufactures" category for work.

1820 Federal Census
Butler Co., OH
Fairfield Township
7 August 1820

Free White Males
4  under 10
2  10-15
2  16-25
0  26-44
1  45 & over[Robert]

Free White Females
0  under 10
1  10-15
1  16-25
1  26-44 [Sarah]
0  45 & on

It appears that when Robert died 1 March 1831 that the family was living in Hancock County, Ohio according to the pension application filed by Sarah. When they moved there is not known.

By 1850 the widow, Sarah (WEIMER/WIMMER) JORDAN, lived at Marian Township, Shelby County, Indiana. She was enumerated on the 16 September 1850 Federal Census (Page 782, Dwelling #117, Family #121). At that time she was reported as being a 58 year old female born in New Jersey who couldn't read or write. Her son, Abraham, was listed as a 26 year old farmer, who was born in Ohio. They had real estate valued at $300. Son, Milican (sic...Milligan), was listed as a 21 year old farmer born in Indiana.1

The Bounty Land Claim filed by Sarah (WEIMER/WIMMER) JOURDAN/JORDAN, who was 62 years old in 1851, indicated that she and Robert were married 18 June 1805 in Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA by Samuel SLOAN. She claimed that Robert was a veteran of the War of 1812 having served in the Butler County, Ohio Militia and that he died 1 March 1831 in Hancock County, Ohio.

Form of Declaration for Widow of a Deceased Office or Soldier.

State of Indiana
County of Shelby

On this eighth day of February A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty one personally appeared before me, A Justice of the Peace within and for the County and State aforesaid, Sarah JOURDAN, aged sixty two years, a resident of Shelby County in the State of Indiana who being duly sworn according to the law, declares that she is the Widow of Robert JOURDAN, deceased, who was a Private soldier in the Company Commanded by Captain HAMILTON in the (unknown) Regiment of Ohio Militia commanded by ...?... in the War with Great Britain declared by the United States on the 18th day of June A.D. 1812.

That her husband volunteered at Hamilton, Butler Co., Ohio on or about the first day of April A.D. 1814 for the term of six months and continued in actual service in said War for the term of six months and was Honorably discharged at ... (place unknown) on the first day (or about) of October A.D. 1814 as will appear by the Muster Rolls of said Company: she also says that she thinks that he served as a substitute of one Robert CAIN but is not certain; she also does not know the name or number of the Regiment, the name of the Col. or place of discharge.

She further states that she was married to the said Robert JOURDAN in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania on the eighteenth day of June A.D. 1805 by one Samuel SLOAN a Justice of the Peace and that her name was Wiemer (that Sarah Wiemer) that said husband died at Hancock, State of Ohio on the first day of March A.D. 1831 and that she is still a widow.

She makes this Declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land to which she may be entitled under the Act passed September 28, 1850.

Sarah  Jourdan

Sworn and subscribed before me the day and year above written.

Samuel Kirk
Justice of the Peace"

Copied from National Archives Records

Courtesy of David E. Hancock

"Shortly after the Indians were ousted from the northern third of Tipton County, several families from Shelby County settled in Liberty Township. Members of the Hawkins, Hayworth, Turner, Jordan and other families made up the group.

Free bounty land for service in the war with Mexico brought Abraham and James Jordan to the area before 1856. Others in their family were brothers Thomas and Milligan Jordan, a sister Eliza and their mother Sarah Jordan. James settled near Windfall and Abraham and Thomas started farms near Sharpsville. After Abraham's death, Milligan inherited his farm.

Thomas first married Margaret Moore and after her death, Sarah Davis Jarrett. Milligan married Louisa Richy Turner, and their only child, John Charles, married Harriet Mahala Richards. Of John Charles Jordanís large family, only one son, Walter Jordan and his wife live on the home farm. Walter and Gailís son, David Jordan, operates the family farm as well as his own place southeast of Tipton."

(Source: Sharon (Redmond-Benedict) Hurst: "History of Tipton County", p. 791)

Children of Robert JOURDAN/JORDAN and Sarah WEIMER/WIMMER
  1. Robert JORDAN, Jr.
    No information is known concerning this Robert.

  2. Thomas JORDAN, son of Robert & Sarah (WIMMER) JORDAN, Sr., was born in 1817 according to record. He married 6 March 1843 in Shelby County, Indiana to Margaret MOORE, and they had five children, namely: James, Mary Elizabeth, Margaretta Ann, Sarah, and Mahala. In the interim Thomas appears to have moved to Tipton County, Indiana, where his wife, Margaret apparently died. Thomas married a second time on 11 September 1853 in Tipton County, Indiana to Sarah DAVIS, but in less than a year Thomas was dead. It is said that he died 30 January 1854 back in Shelby County, Indiana, but possibly he died in Tipton County and was buried in Shelby County. It appears that sometime after the death of Thomas that his brother, Abraham of Tipton County, purchased Thomas' land. However, in the meantime his second wife, Sarah, was with child and on 26 October 1854 Thomas Jefferson JORDAN was born in Tipton County, Indiana.

    Children of Thomas & #1 Margaret:
    • James JORDAN
    • Mary Elizabeth JORDAN
    • Margaretta Ann JORDAN
    • Sarah JORDAN
    • Mahala JORDAN

    In that time period between Thomas' death and the birth of the child, Sarah (DAVIS) JORDAN apparently married Akeles JARRETT. Tragedy struck again, and on 1 April 1855 Sarah (DAVIS) JORDAN-JARRETT died leaving young Thomas Jefferson JORDAN an orphan. Thomas Jefferson JORDAN was reared by William & Susan JARRETT, who are buried at the Sharpsville Cemetery, Sharpsville, Tipton County, IN. What became of his half siblings, James, Mary, Margaretta, Sarah, and Mahala is unknown.

    Child of Thomas & #2 Sarah:

    • Thomas Jefferson JORDAN

    Thomas Jefferson JORDAN married in Tipton Co., IN on 24 September 1874 to Maturity McGEE, daughter of John & Mary (YOUNGMAN) McGEE of VA & PA respectively. She was born 2 March 1856 and died 22 May 1925 in Tipton County, Indiana. He died 30 August 1939 in Tipton County, Indiana.

  3. Abraham JORDAN, son of Robert & Sarah (WIMMER) JORDAN, Sr., was born 1820 in Ohio. Sometime after his brother's death in 1854, Abraham purchased Thomas' property. Yet by 13 July 1856 death claimed Abraham and he was buried at Sharpsville, Tipton County, Indiana in the Sharpsville Cemetery. He was a veteran of the Mexican War. There is no record of a marriage. The cemetery reading says he was born in 1823 and died in 1856. His will leaves everything to "my Beloved Brother Miligan [sic] Jordon [sic], the 80 acres on which we now live, also the 20 acres formerly owned by Thomas Jordan." 2

  4. James JORDAN
    No information is known concerning James.

  5. Milligan JORDAN, son of Robert & Sarah (WIMMER) JORDAN, Sr., was born 15 Mar 1829 in Henry County, Indiana, reared in Sharpsville, Tipton County, Indiana; married 17 November 1856 Sharpsville, Liberty Twp., Tipton County, Indiana to Louisa Richey TURNER. Tragedy struck the JORDAN family again when the third brother, Milligan, died 01 September 1858 at Sharpsville, Tipton County, Indiana. He, too, left behind his young wife and a toddler son. We again find the transfer of land originally owned by brothers Thomas and Abraham and Milligan to Milligan's widow and young son. This is evidenced in the portion of the map pictured below. We see 40+40 acres labeled with mother's and son's initials: "L.R. and J.C. Jordan" = Louisa Richey (TURNER) JORDAN & son, John Charles JORDAN.

  6. Eliza JORDAN
    No other information is known concerning Eliza.

  7. Sarah JORDAN
    No other information is known concerning Sarah.

  8. Andrew JORDAN No other information is known concerning Andrew.

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Created: 08 April 2001
Revised: 09 July 2015

(1) 1977, Arlene Hill, a WIMMER/LABOYTEAUX researcher
(2) 1964, Family History of Merrill JORDAN
States there are discharge and Bounty Land Claim records for service in Mexican War at the National Archives.
(3) 2004, Sharon (Redmond-Benedict) Hurst

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