Marriage Records
Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
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Abbot, Charles, married 20 Apr 1870 to Eliza Wilson. Abbot, Ellen W. See William Hinds. Abbot, Mary. See Timothy Jemar. Abraham, John (Rev)., married May 1875 to Sarah Edison. Acheson, William Samuel, married 15 Sep 1870 to Mary Scott. Acton, Martha. See Angus Fisher. Acton, Richard, married 12 Mar 1873 to Elizabeth Jane (Gilliland) Knowles (Widow). Acton, William James, married 26 May 1886 to Frances Johanna Lucas. Adair, Jessie. See James VanSickle. Adair, Margaret. See David Seed. Adair, Mary. See David Seed. Adams, Henry, married 21 May 1884 to Sarah Ann Parsons. Adams, John Smith, married 11 Oct 1870 to Eliza Jane Johnson. Adams, Joshua, married 1 Sep 1869 to Harrietta A. (Carman) Wolhanpter (widow). Adams, Sarah. See Robert Corcoran. Adams, Thomas, married 25 Dec 1869 to Mary R. Robinson. Addison, Ellen. See James Mitchell. Addison, Georgina. See Andrew McAlpine. Ager, Annie. See Sylvester Whitesell. Agnew, Mary. See William Harrison. Aichorn, Constantine, married 17 Mar 1886 to Phoebe Ann Duncan. Aiken, Andrew, married 4 Mar 1875 to Mary Kersey. Aiken, Annie. See Homer Sharp. Aiken, Solomon, married 15 Nov 1859 to Emeline Shaver. Aikens, Andrew, married 2 Jun 1887 to Mary Jemmison. Aikens, John, married 25 Aug 1858 to Harriet Harris. Ainscaught, Mary, See Stephen Catt. Aitken, Andrew, married 29 Apr 1875 to Rebecca Ann Hescott. Aitken, Isabella. See John Lamb. Aitkens, Dr. W.H.B., married 27 Dec 1887 to Augusta H.W. Eccles. Albright, Asa, married 11 Mar 1867 to Mary Jane Godley. Alderson, Joseph, married 25 Dec 1868 to Elizabeth Mountjoy. Aldridge, Frances. See Mr. Lewis. Aldridge, Julia. See Archibald Cornell. Aldridge, S., married 23 Jul 1883 to Annie Sadler. Alexander, Aaren, married 1 Jan 1860 to Anna M. Wolf. Alexander, David married 15 Jul 1867 to Elizabeth Ann Lampman. Alexander, David, married 18 Feb 1869 to Alice Morgan. Alexander, Donald, married 27 Feb 1873 to Jane Brown. Alexander, Harriet. See Daniel Bartley. Alexander, J.R., married 10 Jun 1885 to M.J. Shirley. Alexander, John, married 25 Aug 1861 to Rosanna John. Alexander, Joseph, married 20 Dec 1866 to Elenor (Ellen) Lusk. Alexander, Margaret. See James Norwood. Alexander, Maria. See Francis Woodward. Alexander, Mary Ann. See James Thompson. Alexander, Sarah Jane. See Richard Crosby. Alexander, Susan Letitia (Parkhurst). See Joseph A. Williams (Dr.) Alexander, William, married 5 Jun 1860 to ? Bartley. Alison, Frances. See Thomas Rothwell. Allan, John Findlay, married 13 Oct 1868 to Honor Isabella Henriod. Allan, John, married 5 May 1873 to Mary Ann (Palmer) Martin (Widow). Allan, Mary. See James Gray. Allen, Agnes Graham. See Thomas Hay. Allen, Elizabeth. See Henry Tucker. Allen, Jane. See George Ranks. Allen, Katherine. See Beaufort Henry Vidal. Allen, Margaret. See Alexander Shannon. Allen, Margaret. See John Ginn. Allen, Mary A. See James Rolls. Allen, Mary Ellen. See John Barrett. Allighan, Sarah Jane. See Charles Wesley Gilroy. Allighan, Nancy (McCulloch) (Widow). See John Sykes. Almas, Adam, married Sep 1886, Keyser? to Mary Ann Hendric. Ames, Frederick (Dr), married 31 May 1886 to Ida Taylor. Ames, Jennie. See Robert M. Hume. Anderson, Andrew, married 24 Apr 1873, Sarnia, Ont. to Eliza Ann Fishleigh. Anderson, Andrew, married 29 Jul 1863 to Eleanor (Ellen) Jones. Anderson, Catherine. See Nathaniel Arnold. Anderson, Christina. See William Auld. Anderson, David, married 14 Feb 1865 to Jane Cameron. Anderson, Eliza Jane. See James Henry Hoskins. Anderson, Eliza. See James Glover. Anderson, Elizabeth Ann. See Donald Juan Finch. Anderson, Elizabeth. See Albert Evoy. Anderson, Ellen. See Jacob Sheinhoff. Anderson, Ellen. See James Smith. Anderson, Harriet. See William Brooks. Anderson, Isabella. See Charles Swan. Anderson, Isabella. See Peter McKeorie. Anderson, James Y., married 16 May 1856 to Agnes Moore. Anderson, James, married 26 May 1886 to Agnes Roy. Anderson, Jane. See Henry Wright. Anderson, John D. married 14 Jun 1870 to Eliza Jane Randall. Anderson, John, married 1 Oct 1885, Ont. to Mrs. S.A. Scott. Anderson, John, married 11 Nov 1863 to Catherine Gibson. Anderson, John, married 4 Oct 1865 to Matilda Carmichael. Anderson, John, married 6 Jan 1834 to Sarah Court. Anderson, Lewis, married 28 Dec 1870 to Frances McLean. Anderson, Margaret Young. See George Hartley. Anderson, Margaret. See Samuel Hughson. Anderson, Margaret. See James Tanner. Anderson, Margery. See Thomas Tiffin. Anderson, Martha. See Robert Houston. Anderson, Mary. See Charles F. Byan. Anderson, Mary. See George A. Walker. Anderson, Nicholas, married 20 May 1879 to Mary Ellen Shepherd. Anderson, Robert, married 3 Nov 1887 to Susan Armstrong. Anderson, William Devlin, married 17 Feb 1885 to Margaret Murray. Anderson, William Henry, married 31 Dec 1863 to Janet McVita?. Andrews, Catherine. See Robert Dale. Andrews, Charlotte. See Milton Edward Taylor. Andrews, Elizabeth. See Joseph Kellar. Andrews, John, married 26 Nov 1872 to Elizabeth Rigney. Andrews, Julia. See Thomas Hume. Andrews, Mary. See Francis Powell. Andrews, Olive Rose. See James Jarvis. Andrus, Frederick J. C, married 3 Jun 1873 to F. Witchman. Anker, Samuel, married 18 May 1872 to Elizabeth Jane Preston. Ankles, Sarah. See Henry M. Hodgins. Annett, George, married 5 Oct 1864 to Margaret Brownlee. Annett, Jane. See Colin John Dolbear. Annett, Margaret. See Hugh Patterson. Annett, Martha. See James Columbus. Annett, Simon, married 25 Mar 1873 to Lucy Smith. Annett, William, married 27 Jan 1886 to Mary Willis. Anscombe, Emily Louisa Soloman Joyes. Anthony, Charles, married 27 Jan 1846 to Elizabeth Morrow. Antony, Mary. See James Karr. App, George F., married 27 Aug 1879 to M.L. Sanders. Appleton, Sarah E. See M. Coates. Appleyard, William, married 27 Jan 1886 to Margaret McNaughton. Arkland, Alexander D., married 4 Apr 1865 to Sarah Wright. Armitage, A., married Agnes M. Baker 2 Jan 1879. Armitage, Garford, married 5 Nov 1867 to Elizabeth Bowes. Armitage, Mary Matilda. See Peter Wells. Armitage, Sarah Mooney (Widow). See Donald McIntyre. Armstrong, Capt. S A., married 29 Aug 1885 to Mary Elizabeth Northey. Armstrong, Christopher, married 3 Nov 1886 to Ada Hodgins. Armstrong, Adam, married 5 Dec 1866 to Eliza Riske. Armstrong, Charles, married 4 May 1860 to Jane Armstrong. Armstrong, Delilah. See Bryn Holmes. Armstrong, Elizabeth. See Timothy V. Rolston. Armstrong, Frances. See Charles Stile. Armstrong, Frances. See Murdoch McInnes. Armstrong, James, married 19 May 1868 to Catherine Crop. Armstrong, Jane. See Angus Carmichael. Armstrong, Jane. See Charles Armstrong. Armstrong, Margaret. See Robert Coristine. Armstrong, Mary. See Thomas Holmes. Armstrong, Mary. See Robert Cooper. Armstrong, Miss. See Daniel McCauley. Armstrong, Nancy L. See Robert Johnston. Armstrong, Orson J., married 17 Aug 1887 to Isabella Chalmers. Armstrong, Phoebe. See Charles Johnston. Armstrong, Susan. See Robert Anderson. Armstrong, William, married 1866 to Flora McKinsey. Armstrong, William, married 6 Aug 1864 to Hannah Tully. Arnill, Sarah. See David Robertson. Arnold, Alexander, married 3 Jul 1871 to Rebecca Metcalf. Arnold, Elizabeth. See Aaron Bartley. Arnold, Harvey, married 23 Mar 1870 to Margaret Murray. Arnold, Joseph George, married 4 Oct 1871 to Mary Jane Wells. Arnold, Martha Matilda. See Richard King. Arnold, Mary (Beer). See Samuel Eleanor. Arnold, Nathaniel, married 13 Aug 1866 to Catherine Anderson. Arnold, William, married 17 Jan 1883 to Emma Slater. Arnold, William, married 18 Aug 1886 to Eva McWaters. Arthur, Samuel, married 17 Oct 1871 to Annie Sinclair. Aahby, John, married 3 Feb 1873 to Isabella Riley. Atcheson, Agnes. See Robert Spalding. Atcheson, Andrew, married 29 Mar 1864 to Janet Munroe. Atchinson, Martha Jane. See George McLean. Atchison, James, married 2 Apr 1872 to Ellen Jane Ellinor. Atkin, John, married 16 Feb 1887 to Amy J. Hilborn. Atkins, William, married 30 Mar 1868 to Emma Johnston. Atkinson, Elizabeth Jane. See George Horning. Atkinson, Ellen Jane. See David John Livingston. Atkinson, Henry M., married 4 Jun 1867 to Mary Ann Smith. Atkinson, James, married 28 May 1867 to Ellen Sophia Bennett. Atkinson, James, married 28 May 1867 to Ellen Sophia Burnett. Atkinson, Jennifer (Jennie). See John O'Hagan. Atkinson, William, married 29 Jul 1861 to Rebecca Tennant. Atkinson, William, married 28 Feb 1870 to Catherine Donnelly. Atkinson, Willliam J., married 15 May 1883 to Agnes M. VanAlstyne. Atmore, Molly. See Henry Barron. Atmore, William, married 29 Mar 1867 to Rebecca (Hoar) Pascoe. Attwood, Elizabeth. See Robert Young. Attwood, Ellen. See Norman Kimball. Atwood, Agnes B. See D.J. Shively. Aucten, James, married 29 Dec 1871 to Margaret Long. Auld, Jennie. See David Ross. Auld, Josephine J. See Henry (Harry) Bentley. Auld, William, married 16 Dec 1885 to Christina Anderson. Aulph, R. H., married 27 Oct 1883 to Throdociasee Shultz. Austin, Emma. See John Walker. Austin, M.J. See William Minielly. Austin, Phillip, married 21 Oct 1863 to Emeline Eastman. Austin, Sarah Ann. See Z. Starr. Austin, Sarah E. See David J. Kitchen. Aves, Isaac, married 13 Mar 1866 to Elvia Barber. Babcock, Ellen Jane. See Enoch Cornell. Babcock, Peter, married 25 Dec 1871 to Mary Ann Carter. Bachelor, Benjamin, married 30 Jun 1853 to Elizabeth Hobson. Backhouse, Theodora. See John Lamb. Bacon, Elizabeth. See Sinclair Sutherland. Bacon, William Charles, married 4 Apr 1872 to Margaret Jane Searle. Badder, Elizabeth Sarah. See Joseph Laycock. Badder, William I., married 7 May 1867 to Lornila Merrill. Bagley, Robert, married 28 Feb 1866 to Mary (Baxter) Fennor. Bailey, Elizabeth. See Edward Elliott. Bailey, Jennie. See Paul Kingston. Bailey, John Wesley, married 1 May 1865 to Mary Jane Bailey. Bailey, Maria. See David Clark. Bailey, Mary Jane. See John Bailey. Bailey, Mary Jane. See John Garrett. Bailey, Melinda. See William Christner. Bailey, Rachel. See Peter Clark. Bailey, Robert G., married 29 Nov 1882 to Mary J. Stirrett. Bailey, Samuel, married 22 Nov 1877 to Emma Kimball. Bailey, Sarah Ann. See Francis Lang. Bailie, Elizabeth Jane. See James Rutherford. Baillie, Bert J., married 11 May 1887 to Millie Lawrence. Bain, Jane. See Robert McRorie. Bain, Lucy. See Lyman Davenport. Baird, Adam, married 9 Apr 1861 to Letitia Brandon. Baird, Henry, married 11 Nov 1884 to Isabelle McLeay. Baker, Adolphus, married 27 Mar 1873 to Janet Richmond. Baker, Agnes M. See A. Armitage. Baker, Herman Asher, married 12 Apr 1871 to Frances Wiltshire. Baker, Jemima. See James Edwards. Baker, Jessie. See Alfred Briefly. but [Briefly charged with bigamy] Baker, John, married 9 Nov 1886 to Henrietta (Hattie) Williams. Baker, Margaret. See Stephen Griffith. Baker, Thomas, married 25 Dec 1885 to Margaret Ann Brownlee. Baker, William, married 16 Feb 1846 to Amanda Mather. Baker, William, married 25 Aug 1858 to Rachel Kenney. Baldwin, Byron, married 15 Sep 1865 to Margaret Bartram. Baldwin, Thomas, married 25 Dec 1872 to Eliza Jane Burwell. Ballantine, Margaret. See John Elliott. Ballard, J. S., married Oct/Nov/80 to Nina Boyle. Balstone, David, married 22 Dec 1862 to Ann Scarf. Bambridge, William, married 23 Oct 1883 to Martha A. McKay. Banister, Hannah C. See Edison Dent. Bannister, Eliza. See John Bell. Bannister, Elizabeth. See James Hair. Bannister, Emily Adelaide. See Valentine Fisher. Bannister, William, married 9 Dec 1886 to Eliza Dent. BantingA, Mary. See Thomas Henry Lucas. Banwell, Augustus, married 3 Mar 1860 to Mary McKellar. Barber, Ellen. See Henry Spurway. Barber, Ann Maria. See Thomas B. Williams. Barber, Ebenezer, married 12 Mar 1866 to Ann Williams. Barber, Elvia. See Isaac Aves. Barber, Jabez, married 29 Feb 1860 to Margaret Johnson. Barber, John J., married 2 May 1870 to Hannah Pennington. Barclay, Jane. See Benjamin Gooden. Barclay, Margaret Jane. See John B. Rogers. Barclay, William Walker, married 24 Dec 1867 to Jane Ann House. Barker, Emma Eve. See Benjamin James. Barker, Harriet. See Absalom Wheeler. Barker, Mahala Catherine. See John Serimgour. Barker, Samuel, married 6 Apr 1859 to Mary Littleworth. Barker, Sarah Ann (Brydges). See John Helps. Barker, Sarah Ann. See Robert Brydges. Barker, William, married 30 Oct 1865 to Jane Helps. Barnes, Charles A., married 22 Dec 1868 to Sarah Seymour. Barnes, Charles A., married 9 Jan 1878 to Jessie Turney. Barnes, Edward, married 31 May 1866 to Florence (Flora) Campbell. Barnes, Emma. See John Bloom. Barnes, Frank, married 21 Jul 1886 to Elizabeth Robertson. Barnes, George, married 31 May 1866 to Mary Ann Paul. Barnes, James, married 20 Dec 1866 to Ann Cox. Barnes, Joseph E. married Caroline Page. Barnes, Mary J. (Maginess) see Thomas Hanna. Barnes, Samuel David, married 15 Sep 1870 to Louisa Hagle. Barnes, Sarah L. See Williamson Thompson. Barnes, Sarah. See Henry Booth. Barnes, William C., married 26 Nov 1884 to Margaret Bell. Barnes, William, married 22 Jun 1864 to Anastasia Murphy. Barnett, Eliza. See Nicholas Depeal. Barnett, Henry, married 9 Jun 1868 to Jane Gray. Barns, Frances. See Reuben Booth. Barns, Isabella. See Edward Booth. Barns, Margaret. See James Bowley. Barnum, Mary Jane. See John Henry Bennett. Baron, Emelia. See Alexander Gallencaux. Barrett, Anne Amelia. See Albert J. Brock. Barrett, Elizabeth Jane. See William Pedlar. Barrett, John, married 18 Nov 1885 to Mary Ellen Allen. Barron, Henry, married Sep 1887 to Molly Atmore. Barron, John, married 1 Jan 1869 to Sarah Ann Petch. Barry, Uriah, married Ann Eliza Hart. Barstowe, William, married 2 Apr 1865 to Mary Sinclair. Barter, William, married 28 Mar 1860 to Clarissa Dougherty. Bartiett, Eliza Jane. See William McDougall. Bartlett, Aaron, married 11 Jul 1865 to Hannah Springstead. Bartley, John, married 25 May 1867 to Lavina Lampman. Bartley, Aaron, married 5 May 1856 to Elizabeth Arnold. Bartley, Daniel, married 1 Jan 1858 to Harriett Alexander. Bartley, Miss. See William Alexander. Barton, David, married 11 Sep 1872 to Sarah Ann Rolfe. Bartram, David, married 24 Jul 1860 to Margaret McLellan. Bartram, Margaret. See Byron Baldwin. Bartram, Hannah. See Charles C. Teeple. Bartram, Susan. See Levi E. Bearss. Bartram, William, married 24 Sep 1873 to Isabella Dickinson. Barwick, Mary. See Alexander Lyons. Baskerville, Sarah. See Christopher Brownlee. Bass, Eliza Jane. See George Watts. Bass, Sarah. See John Hall. Bassett, Annie. See Morrison Hall. Bassett, Deborah see John McLaggan. Bassett, Edward, married 21 Dec 1869 to Euphemia Sutherland. BatchelorB, Benjamin, married 17 Nov 1880 to Clemantine Thompson. Bateman, Richard, married 24 Apr 1848 to Maria Moorehead. Bateman, Robert, married 12 Oct 1885 to Mary Raycroft. Bates, Ira D., married 9 Mar 1886 to Nettie Rodgers. Bates, Mary Jane. See Lyman Kennedy. Battle, Rosa. See James Luscomb. Bawden, Jacob, married 21 Nov 1883 to Miss McCarty. Baxter, Francis, married 25 Nov 1862 to Ann McKinnon. Bayley, Thomas Jefferson, married 28 Sep 1886 to Agnes McIntyre. Bayliss, John, married 16 Jun 1860 to Ann Brooks. Beach, Eliza. See George Mosier. Beadham, Mary. See Peter Dodds. Beamish, Samuel, married 1 Oct 1863 to Elizabeth Lloyd. Beares, Oliver, married 9 Oct 1868 to Elizabeth McKinnon. Bearss, Alvira. See John Muma. Bearss, Dorothy. See Thomas Brydges. Bearss, Eliza Jane. See George Moore. Bearss, Henry, married 28 Sep 1886 to Mary Smith. Bearss, Henry, married 9 Jan 1867 to Catherine Muma. Bearss, Levi E., married 19 Aug 1880 to Susan Bartram. Bearss, Melissa. See James Greer. Bearss, Oliver, married 9 Oct 1868 to Elizabeth McKinnon. Bearss, Peter, married 7 Jul 1886 to Elsa Service. Bearss, Samuel Jefferson, married 22 Jul 1868 to Mary A. Combs. Bearss, Sarah. See Peter Spillane. Beasley, John M., married 17 Sep 1867 to Mary Ann Sleno. Beaton, Christina. See Allen McMillen. Beaton, David Clark, married 24 Sep 1870 to Lydia Johnston. Beaton, Mary. See Donald McLean. Beaton, Mary. See James Campbell. Beattie, Angus, married 22 Sep 1886 to Rebecca Laing. Beattie, Isabella. See George Murray. Beatty, Elizabeth 0. See Bartholomew Johnnana. Beatty, James, married 19 May 1859 to Margaret Ann Porter. Beatty, John, married 26 Oct 1870 to Mary Ann Dewar. Beausoleil, Amanda. See Joseph Rocette. Beaver, Elizabeth. See John Beaver. Beaver, John, married 1 Jun 1868 to Elizabeth Beaver. Bechtle, John C., married 7 Apr 1864 to Clementina Brooks. Becker, Elizabeth. See William Seymore. Beckett, James, married 30 Sep 1864 to Mary Jane Blain. Beedham, George, married 13 Sep 1871 to Agnes Martin. Beediiam, Eleanor. See James Jarritt. Beer, Christian, married 28 Jan 1886 to Mrs. Samuel E. Morningstar. Beer, Eliza. See Frederick Harris. Beer, Ellen. See Jacob Winlow. Beer, Jacob Christopher, married 1 Jan 1855 to Ann Hawken. Beer, Jane. See Richard Moyle. Beer, Mary (Arnold). See Samuel Eleanor. Beiz, Nancy Jane. See George Cameron. Bele, John George, married 2 Jan 1865 to Phoebe Eliza Vary. Belford, Ellen. See John Burr. Bell, Ann. See Samuel Stonehouse. Bell, Elizabeth M. See Samuel Dell. Bell, Elizabeth. See James F. Johnston. Bell, Isabella. See John Chester. Bell, Jane. See Alexander Crawford. Bell, Jessie. See David McMaster. Bell, John William, married 19 Jul 1866 to Eliza Bannister. Bell, Joseph, married 13 Mar 1868 to Eliza Sparling. Bell, Margaret. See Joseph Shillington. Bell, Mary A. See John Jones. Bell, Mary. See Alexander Smith. Bell, Thomas, married 24 Dec 1866 to Sarah Lloyd. Bell, William, married 15 Jul 1858 to Letitia Hyde. Bell, Adam, married 20 May 1859 to Hannah Thompson. Bell, Christina. See William Williams. Bell, Elizabeth. See David Mead. Bell, Freada. See George Gammon. Bell, Georgina A. See Henry Ingram. Bell, James Parker (Rev)., married 1 Jul 1869 to Sarah Taylor. Bell, Jane H. See William Ferns. Bell, John, married 9 Jan 1861 to Jane Stewart. Bell, Margaret. See William C. Barnes. Bell, Mary. See Henry Stonehouse. Bell, Rachel Elizabeth. See Hugh Walker. Bell, Thomas A., married 24 Oct 1871 to Sarah Dew. Bell, William, married 21 Sep 1869, Ont. to Martha Jane Hunter. Bellairs, James P., married 5 Feb 1835 to Maria McKenzie. Bellwood, Frances. See Lunman Long. Belot, Mr., married Jun 1885 to Sarah Wiley. Belton, Dr. C.W., married 29 Sep 1887 to Jennie C. Ross. Bebedict, Isabella. See Edward R. Davis. Benest, Harriet. See Donald Hamilton. Bennett, John, married 19 Jun 1862 to Mary Eliza Stanley. Bennet, Teressa. See Theodore Riveuse. Bennett, Charlotte. See Daniel Carpenter. Bennett, Eleanor S. See Wilson 0. Thomas. Bennett, Ellen Sophia. See James Atkinson. Bennett, Etta. See William Wade. Bennett, James, married 17 May 1841 to Anne McCallum. Bennett, James, married Nov 1886 to Frances McDonald. Bennett, Jane. See Dugald McDonald. Bennett, John Henry, married 20 Oct 1868 to Mary Jane Barnum. Benson, John William, married 22 May 1872 to Adeline Magee. Benstead, Edith (Eddie). See Robert Hollingsworth. Bentley, Benjamin, married 25 Jun 1868 to Sarah Powers. Bentley, Henry (Harry), married 31 Aug 1875 to Josephine J. Auld. Bentley, John, married 15 Dec 1863 to Julia Ann Rogers. Bentley, Joseph L., married 21 Nov 1861 to Jane Williams. Bentley, Margaret. See Joseph Kent. Bentley, Samuel, married 18 May 1870 to Ann Jane McCabe. Bentley, Sarah. See Henry Buchanan. Beringua(?), Ann Jane. See John H. Hadden. Berlingette, Clara. See Joseph Laforge. Berlingette, Mary. See Ferdinand Fortier. Berquist, Gustoff A., married 8 Oct 1883 to Mary McKim. Berryhill, Margaret. See Harvey Comstock. Bertrand, Antoine, married 13 Nov 1871 to Josephine Buffard. Bertrand, John, married 9 Jan 1871 to Emilie Jacques. Bertrand, Matilda. See Joseph Dennis. Bertrand, Proxille. See Paul Chartrand. Binder, Matilda. See John Reid. Birch, Mary Ann. See Donald Ross. Bird, John, married 20 Jul 1860 to Mary Dougall Young. Bird, Margaret Jane. See John Edward Smith. Birney, Alexander, married 25 Dec 1860 to Prudence Outhouse. Bishop, Eleanor. See William Lovelock. Bishop, Frances. See Elijah Henry Pinney. Bishop, Francis L. married 21 Sep 1869 to Harriet Sweet. Bishop, Ida. See Alexander McPherson. Bishop, Samuel Lock, married 26 Nov 1867 to Julia Almina ?. Bishop, William, married 4 Aug 1837 to Agnes McPherson. Bissit, Margaret. See Andrew Thompson. Black, James, married 20 Sep 1882 to Bessie Lamont. Black, John L., married 9 Mar 1886 to Nina Walsh. Black, John, married 5 Oct 1865 to Mary Grey. Black, Mary. See John Currie. BlackBURN, Rachel. See Andrew Zahn. Blackman, Lewis, married 2 Feb 1865 to Mary Laing. Blackwell, Frederick, married 20 Apr 1887 to Annie Henderson. Blackwell, Freeman, married 7 Dec 1887 to Annie Hillier Strongman Blain, Isaac, married 20 Aug 1850 to Elizabeth Sinclair. Blain, Thomas, married 3 Oct 1866 to Sarah Johnston. Blain, Agnes. See Thomas Symington. Blain, Emma. See John Edgar. Blain, Isaac Alexander, married 15 Apr 1885 to Sarah E.B. Styles. Blain, Mary Jane. See James Beckett. Blair, John, married 1 Dec 1885 to Charlotte Ann McCready. Blair, Frances. See Joseph Graham. Blake, Ann. See Samuel Cranston. Blake, Elizabeth. See Joseph Warren. Blake, Frances. See Richard Flood. Blake, Mary. See William Wilkinson. Blake, Selma. See Alexander Dickson. Blank, Frederick, married 31 Dec 1873 to Isabella Menery. Blanshard, James, married 26 Aug 1872 to Margaret Stephens. Blean, Mayloire , married 5 Feb 1863 to Genevieve Braindemour. Bloom, Taija. See Philip Switzer. Bloom, George, married 21 Sep 1868 to Maria Bobier. Bloom, John, married 12 Apr 1860 to Emma Barnes. Bloom, Robert, married 6 Dec 1870 to Elizabeth Taylor. Blough, Francis, married 24 Nov 1871 to Ellen M. Rutledge. Blount, James (Rev), married 12 Jul 1859 to Catherine Kennedy. Blue, Sarah. See Donald McPhail. Blunden, Anne. See James Hill. Blunden, Annie A. See James A. McFarlane. Blunden, Humphrey A. married 22 Dec 1869 to Isabella Frances Scott. Blunden, Simon O. Washington, married 15 Apr 1862 to Lavinia (Rawlings) Whyte (Widow). Bobbier, Elizabeth. See Thomas Huston. Bobier, Edward, married 24 Mar 1863 to Mary Scott. Bobier, John, married 30 Jan 1858 to Caroline Manning. Bobier, Maria. See George Bloom. Bobier. Lorinda. See Robert Mitten. Boddy, Maria. See John Jones. Boddy, Andrew, married 12 Aug 1851 to Maria Derry. Boddy, Henry, married 25 Aug 1871 to Susannah Reilly. Boddy, Samuel Richard, married 20 Jun 1835 to Madeline Zamik. Boddy, William, married 18 Mar 1850 to Elizabeth Tompkins. Bogart, Alford George, married 2 Jan 1886 to Georgina Lee. Bogart, William T., married 7 Sep 1887 to Hannah Mitton. Bohanan, Mary Jane. See Lawrence Murphy. Boiling, William Jonas, married 1 Dec 1869 to Elizabeth Galenaugh. Bole, Loretta. See John Dawson. Bole, Margaret. See L. Rankin. Bole, Mary J. See J.W. Smith. Bole, Richard, married 30 May 1860 to Elizabeth Heavner. Bole, W. W., married 27 Sep 1887 to Julia Mills. Bole, W., married Feb 1880 to Bella Lennox. Bolt, John George, married 4 Oct 1869 to Sarah Frances Rebecca Boyce. Boltin, George V., married 15 Dec 1887 to Christena McDonald. Bolton, Charles, married 20 Oct 1886 to Sarah Scott. Bolton, Edward J., married 23 Feb 1887 to Sarah Graham. Bolton, Mary. See William James. Bolton, William H., married 6 Dec 1887 to Mary Elizabeth Linton. Bond, James, married 19 Oct 1840 to Jane Passmore. Bond, Sarah. See Philander Kimberly. Boomer, Elizabeth. See Alexander McDonald. Booth, Alfred, married 9 Jul 1872 to Elizabeth Rolston. Booth, Charlotte. See William J. Courtney. Booth, Daniel, married 21 Oct 1867 to Mary Jane Splaine. Booth, Edward, married 24 Mar 1863 to & Isabella Barnes. Booth, Hannah. See Francis Wright. Booth, Henry, married 21 Nov 1865 to Sarah Barnes. Booth, Maria. See William McKay. Booth, Mary Ann. See Quinn Zimmer. Booth, Reuben, married 18 Dec 1862 to Frances Barnes. Boothe, Benjamin, married 23 Jan 1868 to Eliza Mowbray. Borthwick, Diana. See Philander Shaver. Bosley, Louisa. See Wilson Vary. Bostic, Kate. See Dugald McMurphy. Bostock, Jonathan, married 6 Jun 1882 to Annie McGowan. Bostock, Mary Louise. See George Gillord. Bostwick, Susannah. See John Kelly. Boswell, Nathaniel, married 5 Sep 1882 to Mrs. Cleopatra Durand. Bottomfelt, John Henry, married Jan 1878 to Maria Green. Boucher, Elizabeth Jane. See William Richards. Bouchett, Isai, married 7 Jan 1858 to Ann Dunn. Bouchette, Adelaide. See Francis Girvais. Bowen, John, married 9 Jun 1860 to Phoebe Houser. Bowen, Nelson, married 22 Nov 1858 to Hannah Johnston. Bowen, Nelson, married 9 May 1867 to Rebecca Creighton. Bowen, William Henry, married 28 Feb 1865 to Letitia Moshier. Bowerman, Ella S. See J.W. Harvey. Bowers, George L., married 25 Nov 1880 to Mary Lawrence. Bowes, Catherine. See John Evans. Bowes, Elizabeth. See Garford Armitage. Bowes, Jessie. See Hugh McIntyre. Bowes, Joanna. See John Clarke. Bowes, Mary. See John Murdy. Bowlby, Charity. See Charles Parker. Bowlby, Emanuel, married 29 Oct 1879 to Ellie C. Plumsteel. Bowlby, Jennie. See H.J. Mann. Bowlby, Mary Margaret. See Thomas Henry Lucas. Bowles, Charles, married 30 Nov 1877 to Clara Lake. Bowles, John, married 24 Feb 1870 to Elizabeth Johnston. Bowles, Mary A. See Edward Whyte. Bowley, James, married 13 Aug 1866 to Margaret Barnes. Boyce, Clara Hay. See Robert L. Craise. Boyce, Sarah Frances Rebecca. See John George Bolt. Boyd, Adeline. See John McLeod. Boyd, Byron, married 20 Mar 1873 to Isabella Pain. Boyd, Ellen Ethel. See James Francis Downer. Boyd, Mary. See Dougald Livingston. Boyd, Walter, married 3 Sep 1867 to Margaret Elizabeth Stewart. Boyer, Thomas, married 19 Oct 1870 to Charlotte C. Tooth. Boylan, Sarah. See Benjamin Milliken. Boylan, William, married 16 May 1863 to Mary Milliken. Boyle, Adam, married 6 Feb 1863 to Isabella Craig. Boyle, Agnes. See Robert Menah. Boyle, Elizabeth. See William Burton. Boyle, Jane. See Joseph Hamilton. Boyle, Mary. See Patrick McMahon. Boyle, Nina. See J.S. Ballard. Boyle, William, married 6 Oct 1863 to Ann Eliza McLean. Boyles, Elijah, married 6 Nov 1872 to Annie Millosh. BRABANT, Christine. See Joseph Snyeran. BRACK, James, married 11 May 1860 to Margaret Wanless. BRADAMORE, Teressa. See Benjamin Carrier. BRADEN, Samuel, married 15 Sep 1866 to Mary Jarman. BRADLEY, William, married 1 Nov 1853 to Christina Livingston. BRADSHAW, J.C., married 4 Feb 1885 to Margaret Smith. BRADSHAW, John, married 3 Nov 1886 to Teenie Smith. BRADY, Charles, married 16 Dec 1885 to Jessie A. Wilson. BRADY, Ellen. See William Flanagan. BRADY, Patrick, married 30 Oct 1865 to JAne Reilly. BRAIN, Henry, married 29 Oct 1885 to Jennie Dears. BRAINDEMOUR, David Garnat, married 7 Jan 1862 to Rose Rondeau. BRAINDEMOUR, Genevieve. See Mayloire Blean. BRANAN, Kate. See R.R. Genge. BRAND, David, married 6 Dec 1871 to Rebecca Fraser. BRAND, William R.G., married 1 Jul 1854 to Maria Gemmill. BRANDON, Letitia. See Adam Baird. BRANDON, Margaret. See James Campbell. BRANES, George, married 31 May 1866 to Mary Ann Paul. BRANND, Sonya M. See James H. Johnston. BRAY, Blanche Louisa. See James Large. BRAY, Sarah. See James Loughin. BREADKIRK, Thomas Alonzo, married 30 Jun 1870 to Cecilia Robertson Duff. BRECKET, Martin, married 21 May 1858 to Elizabeth Ferres. BREMNER, Alexander, married 10 Dec 1862 to Margaret Crawford. BRENNAN, Catherine L. See Thomas Kellman BRENNAN, Maria. See Samuel Hudson. BRENNER, Jacob, married 16 Mar 1887 to Donaletta Graham. Brent, Grace. See George Hawkins. Brent, Grace. See George Hawkin. Brent, Jane. See William Fowler. Brent, Joseph, married 25 Jun 1879 to Annie Hodgson. Brent, Thomas C., married 21 Mar 1878 to Jane Hawkins. Brent, William, married 7 Mar 1862 to Jane Murray. Brent,Thomas C., married 21 Mar 1878 to Jane Hawkins. Brerton, Sarah E. See Reuben Huntley. Brett, Emma L. See Dr. A. McDiarmid Brett, L. E. See W.W. Buchanan. Brett, Rachel. See Francis Johnston. Brett, Robert G. (Dr), married 26 Jun 1878 to Louisa Hungerford. Brewer, Martha J. See Albert Wright. Brewster, George, married 5 Dec 1864 to Mary Martin. Brey, Mary Ann. See John C. Trubilcock. Brickan, Mary Ann. See William Harding. Bridges, Thomas, married 8 Feb 1870 to Sarah Helps. Bridsking, T. A., married 29 Dec 1875 to Mary McKellar. Brielly, Alfred. Wanted to marry Jessie Baker but [Briefly…. charged with bigamy ] Bright, Sarah J. See Benjamin F. Williamson. Brink, Eliza Jane (Ellis). See William B. Clark. Brisett, John, married 24 Sep 1873 to Mary Ann McAggy. BrisonBritney, Jane. See William Karr. Britton, William, married 22 Aug 1858 to Mary McIntyre. Brock ,Francis (Robert?), married 17 Sep 1884 to Eliza Lucinda Morgan. Brock, Albert J., married 22 Jun 1881 to Annie Amelia Barrett. Brock, Arthur, married 4 Jul 1872 to Esther Conkey. Brock, Catharine. See John Dundas. Brock, Catherine. See Alfred Rice. Brock, Catherine. See William Seeds. Brock, Elizabeth. See Thomas Williams. Brock, Ellen. See John Tyler. Brock, George, married 8 Oct 1872 to Jane Shanks. Brock, Jemima. See Charles G. Sifton. Brock, John, married 24 Oct 1867 to Elizabeth Hayward. Brock, Margaret. See James Wakefield. Brock, Margaret. See John Williams. Brock, Mary Jane. See James Riggs. Brock, Mary. See William Dundas. Brock, William D., married 18 Nov 1879 to Mary Ann Kenward. Broderick, Elizabeth. See John Buckley. Broderick, Mary (Butler) (Widow). See John Toomey. Brodie, Agnes. See James McLellan. Brodie, Duncan, married 19 Jul 1860 to Margaret Livingston. Brodie, Margaret. See David Wright. Brome, Elizabeth. See Francis Miller. Brook, James C. married 4 Feb 1863 to Elizabeth Barclay. Brooke, Richard, married Eliza Jane Kent. Brookfield Byron, married 22 Apr 1882 to Lucy Walters. Brooks Agnes(Aggie). See George Anderson Griffen. Brooks, Alice see Charles Walker. Brooks, Ann (Wilson). See John Bayliss. Brooks, Barbara M. See Robert Brownlee. Brooks, Clementina. See John Bechtle. Brooks, James E., married 23 Apr 1858 to Mary O'Neill. Brooks, Barbara. See Thomas Richardson. Brooks, Elizabeth. See John Muir. Brooks, Elizabeth. See Edward Campbell. Brooks, James, married 9 Jun 1862 to Ann Metcalf. Brooks, James, married 12 Nov 1869 to Harriet Hall. Brooks, Janet. See John C. Brooks. Brooks, John C., married 27 Mar 1867 to Janet Brooks. Brooks, John, married 17 Nov 1868 to Frances M. Holmes. Brooks, Margaret. See John O'Neil. Brooks, Thomas, married 5 Nov 1867 to Amanda Steadman. Brooks, William, married 8 Jan 1869 to Harriet Anderson. Brouer, John, married 30 Nov 1871 to Charlotte Southworth. Broughton, W.A., married 17 Nov 1886 to Mary J. Hutchison. Broughton, William, married 1 Jun 1868 to Rose McMeryle. Brown, Adeline. See Smith Mott. Brown, Albert B., married 5 Mar 1864 to Rhoda E. Harris. Brown, Ann Jane. See Robert Miller. Brown, Anne Jane. See Barnabas Wicket. Brown, Annie Jane. See George Yates. Brown, Annie. See J.B. Wynn. Brown, Caroline Frances. See Arthur Freer Brown, Caroline. See Donald Galbraith. Brown, Catherine. See Greenwood Thomas. Brown, Catherine. See John McDonald. Brown, David, married 11 Mar 1847 to Christiana Morrison. Brown, David, married 14 Jul 1863 to Sarah F. Moffat. Brown, Elizabeth. See Thomas Doherty. Brown, Elizabeth. See Robert Dubbin. Brown, Eliza. See Joseph Hackett. Brown, Emily Adelaide. See John H. Saxton. Brown, Eugene, married 3 Oct 1871 to Ellen Rogers. Brown, George, married 31 Jan 1870 to Maria Cecilia Hunt. Brown, Grace. See George Menzies. Brown, Hugh, married 27 Jan 1859 to Margery ?? Brown, Irene. See Hezekiah Neale. Brown, Jacob, married 31 Oct 1883 to Christena Smith. Brown, James, married 12 Nov 1863 to Jane McLeish. Brown, Jane. See Donald Alexander. Brown, Jessie. See Peter Coults. Brown, John A., married 17 Oct 1882 to Catharine Ann Freer. Brown, John, married 20 Oct 1886 Forest, Ont. to Kate Scoular. Brown, John, married 31 May 1871 to Margaret Rattray. Brown, Joseph, married 30 May 1848 to Anne Galbraith. Brown, Joseph, married 1 Jun 1871 to Sarah Gott Brown, James Burt, married 27 Dec 1867 to Elizabeth Scott. Brown, James, married 16 Jul 1868 to Catherine Maken. Brown, Janet. See William Young. Brown, John McLellan, married 16 Jun 1864 to Nancy Maitland. Brown, John, married 12 Oct 1861 to Phoebe Moffatt. Brown, John, married 14 Aug 1861 to Matilda Wishart. Brown, John, married 25 Oct 1861 to Lidia Halling. Brown, John, married 31 Dec 1866 to Ellen Flynn. Brown, Margaret. See James Midmery. Brown, Margaret. See Patrick Maitland. Brown, M. A. See W.J. Craig. Brown, Magdalene. See William Williamson. Brown, Margaret M.A.D. See Peter Duncan. Brown, Margaret. See James Dodds. Brown, Margaret. See Hugh Logan. Brown, Mary Ann see John Morrison. Brown, Mary Ann. See Francis (Frank) Herman. Brown, Mary J. see Hugh Park. Brown, Rachel Ann. See John Wallis. Brown, Rachel. See James Cruickshank. Brown, Rebecca. See George Collins. Brown, Richard, married 10 Jan 1878 to Eliza Coome. Brown, Robert, married 11 Oct 1854 to Jane Magdalane Kerr. Brown, Sarah. See James Miller. Brown, Susan see John Sitzers. Brown, Susannah. See Henry Burgess. Brown, Thomas Frederick, married 2 Jan 1850 to Elizabeth Collins. Brown, Thomas William, married 29 May 1861 to Mary Brown McGregor. Brown, Thomas, married 23 Feb 1870 to Ellen Wilkie. Brown, William Henry, married 15 Jan 1861 to Isabella Chalmers. Brown, William, married 24 Jun 1861 to Frances Fleming. Brown, William, married 4 Apr 1864 to Sarah Cuddy. Browne, Anne. See Samuel McIlmurray. Browne, Alexander Gerald, married 9 Dec 1885 to Ellen Early. Browne, Anne. See Samuel McIlmurray Carpenter. Browne, George, married 12 Jul 1843 to Sarah Collins. Browne, Mary Anne. See Alfred Nash. Brownlee, Christopher, married 12 Jun 1867 to Sarah Baskerville. Brownlee, David, married 12 Oct 1869 to Jane Hay Park. Brownlee, John, married 20 Apr 1864 to Frances Wilson. Brownlee, Margaret Ann. See Thomas Baker. Brownlee, Margaret. See George Annett. Brownlee, Robert, married 2 Jun 1868 to Barbara M. Brooks. BRUCE, Alexander, married 3 May 1871 to Eliza Holman. BRUCE, Elizabeth. See Thomas Reynolds. BRUCE, John Robert, married 23 Sep 1861 to Susannah Caddy. BRUCH, Elizabeth. See James Cabel. BRUMWELL, Robert, married 20 Oct 1864 to Jane E. Stutt. BRUSH Samuel, married 11 Nov 1885 to Mary Jane Cope. BRUSH, James, married 22 Feb 1871 to Emma Molesworth. BRUSH, Mary Jane. See Charles Phillips. BRUTON, William, married 14 Oct 1861 to Elizabeth Boyle. BRYAN, Lydia. See James Johnston. BRYAN, Spier, married 17 Jun 1871 to Margaret Mee. BRYCE, Caroline. See Gideon Morrow. BRYCE, Hugh, married 29 Sep 1868 to Sarah Agnes Jones. BRYCE, Jane. See William R. Burger. BRYCE, John, married 21 Jun 1876 to Mary M. Williamson. BRYCE, John, married 28 Feb 1838 to Jane Kelly. BRYCE, Margaret. See Elijah Saunders. BRYCE, Martha. See Duncan Ward. BRYCE, Mary. See James Higgins. BRYCE, William, married 25 Dec 1871 to Margaret Glendening. BRYCE, William, married 4 Feb 1870 to Isabella Gillespie. BRYDEN, Isabella. See George Doran. BRYDGES L. See Samuel Churchill. BRYDGES, Mary. See William Brydges. BRYDGES, William, married 17 Apr 1886 to Mary Brydges. BRYDGES, Frances. See Alvah Trusler. BRYDGES, Robert, married 17 Jun 1858 to Sarah Anne Barker. BRYDGES, Sarah (Barker). See John Helps. BRYDGES, Thomas, married 22 Dec 1862 to Dorothy Bearss. BRYSON, George, married 28 Sep 1886 to Jane Matthews. BRYSON, John, married 29 Jun 1886 to Sarah Jane Gott. BRYSON, Joseph, married 9 Nov 1887 to Isabella Williamson. BUCHANAN, Daniel, married 27 Jun 1872 to Louise Holling. BUCHANAN, Eliza Anne. See Robert Johnston. BUCHANAN, Ellen. See Donald McFarlane. BUCHANAN, Henry, married 16 Jan 1862 to Sarah Bentley. BUCHANAN, Hugh, married 4 Jun 1863 to Mary McFadden. BUCHANAN, James, married 6 Oct 1886 to Jane E. Fitzgerald. BUCHANAN, John C., married 26 Dec 1865 to Margaret Ann Thornton. BUCHANAN, John, married 25 Jan 1872 to Flora McPhedren. BUCHANAN, Mary Jane. See Jarvis Westgate. BUCHANAN, Mary. See Charles Sykes. BUCHANAN, W. W., married 20 Aug 1884 to L.E. Brett. BUCHANAN, Alexander, married 19 Oct 1866 to Eliza Townsend. BUCHANAN, Anna. See Lemuel Cole. BUCHNER, George, married 5 Jun 1883 to Emma Schrum. BUCKE, Edward Horatio, married 22 Aug 1861 to Frances Gardiner Pousett. BUCKE, George Walpole, married 17 Mar 1858 to Frances Radcliffe. BUCKE, Richard Maurice, married 7 Sep 1865 to Jessie Maria Gurd. BUCKINGHAM, George, married 28 Mar 1865 to Jane Dennie. BUCKLEY John, married 26 Apr 1887 to Elizabeth Broderick. BUCKPITT, Mary. See Henry Ellis. BUFFARD, Josephine. See Antoine Bertrand. BUGGY, Dorah Ann. See James Hawkins. BULL, Ann Elizabeth. See Joseph Robinson. BULL, Elizabeth. See Dennis Kelly. BULL, Melissa E. See James Paisley. BULLOCK, James, marriage 22 Jan 1884 to Eliza Russell was denied. BULLOCK, James, married 18 Mar 1884 to Eliza (Russell) Bullock (for sure). BULLOCK, Sarah Ann. See John Curtis. BULLY, Angelica. See Francis Laforge. BULLY, Catherine. See Charles Devitt. BULMAN, Thomas, married 10 Jan 1865 to Mary Cowan. BURCHELL, Mary Jane. See Hugh McCornell. BURDEN, John, married 24 Mar 1870 to Sarah Jane Harkness. BURDETT, James, married 3 May 1875 to Hannah Littleworth. BURDETT, Richard, married 6 Sep 1865 to Jane McCabe. BURDOCK, Charles Henry, married 29 Nov 1870 to Elizabeth Harriet Combs. BURDON, Caroline. See William George Martin. BURGAR, John P., married 27 Mar 1867 to Marian Duncan. BURGER, William R., married 24 May 1866 to Jane Bryce. BURGESS, Annie. See William Fraser. BURGESS, Henry, married 3 May 1860 to Susannah Brown. BURGESS, Philip, married 16 Mar 1858 to Ann Jones. BURGESS, Wesley, married 13 Sep 1864 to Barbara Johnston. BURKE Edwin, married 13 Jul 1882 to M. Forsyth. BURKE, Mrs. See Alexander McAlpine. BURLEY, Samuel, married 16 Oct 1861 to Mary Clark. BURLEY, Sarah. See William Burley. BURLEY, William, married 3 Apr 1865 to Sarah Burley. BURNETT, Elizabeth. See Cornelius Wales. BURNETT, Ellen Sophia. See James Atkinson. BURNEY, William Joseph, married 28 Sep 1867 to Ellen Eliza Ressiguie. BURNHAM, Robert, married 6 Jan 1869 to Marian Watson. BURNS, James John, married 12 Apr 1860 to Charlotte Spearman. BURNS, Margaret. See John Crumnier. BURNS, William, married 28 Apr 1860 to Eleanor Gilroy. BURR, John, married 6 Nov 1872, Moore Twp. to Sarah Foster. BURR, John, married 7 Oct 1873 to Ellen Belford. BURR, Mary Ann. See Asa Elwood. BURR, Meri ?. See James B. Moore. BURR, Robert, married 4 May 1868 to Nancy Lynn Dobbyn. BURR, Samuel Joseph, married 2 Sep 1862 to Mary Ann Hendershot. BURRETT, Mathew, married 26 Sep 1861 to Harriet Chesher. BURROWES, Dennis, married 17 Sep 1863 to Elizabeth Ann Faithorn. BURROWS, Annie. See Charles E. Lyman. BURSE, Elijah, married 18 Sep 1862 to Rhoda Wood. BURTCH, Luman, married 15 Jan 1864 to Anne Loop. BURTON Emma. See John Lowrey. BURTON, Amy Byron. See George Fawcett. BURTON, Anne. See John Gosden. BURWELL, Eliza Jane. See Thomas Baldwin. BURWELL, Hannah. See William Peter McLaren. BURWELL, James, married 13 Jan 1863 to Elizabeth Dickson. BURWELL, Sarah. See Lancelot Rodgers. BUSBY, John, married 25 Dec 1879 to Isabella Dodds. BUSBY, Mary. See Alexander Forsyth. BUSH, Miss. See Charles Case. BUSHEL, Emma (Welsh). See James Hooper. BUTLER Jennie. See Donald M. Livingstone. BUTLER, Christiana. See Isaac Vansickle. BUTLER, Levi, married 14 Oct 1863 to Hannah E. Jackson. BUTLER, Mary. See John Toomey. (Widow of Mr. Broderick). BUTLER, Sarah Ann. See Samuel McCombs. BUTTERWORTH, Robert, married 2 Sep 1862 to Mary Carmichael. BUTTLER, Mary Ann. See Richard Knight. BYAN, Charles F., married 26 Apr 1866 to Mary Anderson. BYEGROVE, Annie. See Oscar Gooden. CABEL, James, married 24 May 1871 to Elizabeth Brush. CABLE, Harriet. See Henry Saunders. CADDY, Mary. See David Wiley. CADEWLL, Margaret Jane. See John Cane Watson. CADMAN, James, married 20 Aug 1868 to Agnes Cochran. CAIN, Ann. See Michael Sharpe. CAIN, Emily. See John Nolan. CAIN, Mary. See John Downs. Cairns, Annie. See William Wright. Cairns, Eliza. See James Lowrie. Cairns, Elizabeth Dickson. See Allen Gray. Cairns, James, married 1 Feb 1872 to Margaret Stirrett. Cairns, John Thomas, married 18 Jun 1886 to Annie Murray. Cairns, Joseph, married 20 Mar 1872 to Frances Elizabeth Ross. Cairns, Margaret. See David Gillatly. Cairns, Rachel. See William Welsh. Cairns, Robert, married 3 Nov 1868 to Catherine Cox. Cairns, William, married 30 Dec 1875 to Jane Duncan. Calcut, John, married 24 Nov 1840 to Rhoda Taylor. Caldwell, Eleanor. See Joseph Whitley. Caldwell, Oliver B., married 8 Nov 1860 to Jennet Robson. Caldwell, Robert, married 6 Mar 1867 to Eliza McDonald. Calladine, Thomas, married 3 May 1883 to Mary Tully. Callender, Thomas, married to Sarah McClure. Callum, Donald, married 19 Oct 1859 to Mary Raspberry. Callum, Duncan, married 2 Dec 1858 to Margaret I. Hossie. Callum, Euphemia. See Jonathan Moore. Callum, John, married 31 Jan 1872 to Margaret Waddel. Calvert, Jane. See Joseph Duncan. Calvert, Rachel. See William White. Calvert, Hannah M. See Donald A. McTavish. Calvert, Jane. See Joseph S. Wood. Calvert, Margaret Ann. See Thomas Fowler. Calvert, Minnie. See Arthur Churchill. Calvert, W. S., married 17 Dec 1879 to Minnie Sutherland. Cameron, Ann. See John Ross. Cameron, Hugh, married 4 May 1865 to Margaret Wilkins. Cameron, Jane. See David Anderson. Cameron, John R., married 2 May 1866 to Sarah McCallum. Cameron, Margaret. See William McHaney. Cameron, Paul, married 31 May 1860 to Agnes McNaughton. Cameron, Barbara. See Neil C. Eastman. Cameron, D. C., married 25 Apr 1882 to Kate McNaughton. Cameron, Elizabeth Jane. See Samuel D. Lottridge. Cameron, Elizabeth. See William Johnston. Cameron, Ellen Isabella. See Frederick Wellesley Holmstead. Cameron, George, married 19 Oct 1887 to Annie McNeish. Cameron, George, married 25 Mar 1884 to Nancy Jane Beiz. Cameron, Grace. See James FAulds. Cameron, Joannah. See James Murray. Cameron, Mary. See George Symington. Cameron, Wilma. See Hugh Campbell. Campbell, Janet. See James Johnson. Campbell, John, married 1 May 1862 to Ann Guppy. Campbell, Joseph, married 20 Sep 1860 to Mary Foster. Campbell, Margaret. See Allen Clelland. Campbell, Martha. See Oswald Foster. Campbell, Robert P., married 7 Jul 1863 to Agnes Park. Campbell, Sarah. See Abraham Leopard. Campbell, Alexander, married 11 Dec 1862 to Jane Ann Hurst. Campbell, Alexander, married 30 Jun 1879 to Jessie McCallum. Campbell, Catherine A. See William Steadman. Campbell, Christine. See John Campbell. Campbell, David W., married 20 Sep 1882 to Mary Ann Clark. Campbell, David, married 11 Jan 1865 to Jane Lawson. Campbell, Donald, married 7 Sep 1858 to Nora Leitch or Leach. Campbell, Duncan, married 19 Apr 1882 to Annie Robotham. Campbell, Duncan, married 9 Jul 1853 to Matilda Campbell. Campbell, Edward, married 3 Jul 1871 to Elizabeth Brooks. Campbell, Edward, married 9 Feb 1858 to Nancy Ann Willoughby. Campbell, Elizabeth. See Archibald McGuggan. Campbell, Evaline. See Phillip Hayward. Campbell, Flora. See Edward Barnes. Campbell, Florence (Flora). See Edward Barnes. Campbell, Frances. See Daniel McIntyre. Campbell, Hessie Eleanor. See William Kelly. Campbell, Hugh, married 20 Mar 1861 to Wilma Cameron. Campbell, Humphrey, married 1 Jan 1871 to Elizabeth Duncan. Campbell, Isabelle. See John Patterson. Campbell, James, married 29 Apr 1863 to Margaret Brandon. Campbell, Jane. See Joseph Deacon. Campbell, Janet. See George Abraham Doan. Campbell, John, married 15 Oct 1853 to Christina Campbell. Campbell, John, married 26 Jan 1887 to Mary G. Eastabrooke. Campbell, John, married 29 Oct 1884 to Eliza Rebecca Sutcliffe. Campbell, John, married 6 Jul 1870 to Helen Jane (Thoms) Forbes. Campbell, John, married 30 Mar 1872 to Sarah (James) Wellington, (Widow). Campbell, Malcolm, married 25 Mar 1852 to Mary McDougall. Campbell, Margaret. See Colin McIntyre. Campbell, Margaret. See Alexander McKellar. Campbell, Margaret. See Peter McClennan. Campbell, Martha. See Elijah Clark. Campbell, Mary Jane. See Joseph W. Stewart. Campbell, Mary. See John Gray. Campbell, Matilda. See Duncan Campbell. Campbell, Neil, married 12 Dec 1865 to Catherine Carswell. Campbell, Peter, married 4 Jan 1855 to Catherine McIntyre. Campbell, William, married 1 Jan 1883 to Louisa Jane Wilson. Campbell, William, married 18 Mar 1862 to Isabella Walker. CAMPRELL, Duncan, married 6 Jun 1865 to Sarah Homes. CAMPRELL, James, married 27 Dec 1867 to Mary Beaton. CANADA, Amelia. See William Henry Howard. CANADA, Mary E. See John Drape. CANTON, Ellen. See William Menilly. CANTON, Joseph, married 29 Mar 1882 to Mary Jane Walker. CANTON, Peter, married 18 Nov 1885 to Isabella Chapman. CANTON, Peter (Widower), married 11 Jan 1871 to Isabella Murdock. CANTON, William, married 17 Dec 1868 to Ellen Medill. CAPES, Henry, married 7 Dec 1887 to Eva Sparling. CAPES, Easter. See Samuel Smith. CAPES, Maria. See Albert Lapham. CAPES, Mary A. See Cyrenius Hitchcock. CAREY, Mary Ann. See Francis Graham. CAREY, Richard Hood, married 29 Jul 1865 to Abigail Cook. CAREY, Ellen. See Anthony, McKinley. CAREY, John, married 22 Nov 1870 to Agnes McKinley. CARLETON, M., married 24 Dec 1860 to M. Ketchum. CARLIN, Mary Jane. See Walter Hill. CARLTON, Henry R., married 5 Sep 1866 to Amanda Norton. CARMAN, Harrietta A. See Joshua Adams. CARMICHAEL, Angus, married 5 Nov 1861 to Jane Armstrong. CARMICHAEL, Archibald, married 9 Jul 1867 to Rachel McDonald. CARMICHAEL, Mary. See Robert Butterworth. CARMICHAEL, Matilda. See John Anderson. CARNELIA, June. See Walter Stevens. CARNEY, Mrs. See Thomas Sanderson. CARNIHAN, Catherine. See Henry Patterson. CARPENTER, Cramea ??, married 11 Aug 1868 to Elizabeth Lancaster. CARPENTER, Daniel, married 25 Oct 1873 to Charlotte Bennett. CARPENTER, Nelson, married 19 Jan 1871 to Mary Jane Henry. CARPENTER, Peter, married 20 Oct 1868 to Lucy Lancaster. CARPENTER, Samuel McIlmurray, married 22 Oct 1839 to Anne Browne. CARR, Emily. See William S. Wright. CARR, Miss. See Frederick Sturdy. CARRATHERS, James, married 24 Nov 1869 to Jane Fitchett. CARRICK, Elizabeth. See Josiah McDonald. CARRIGAN, Catherine. See Patrick Whitely. CARRIGAN, Timothy, married 18 Jun 1872 to Johanna Mason. CARROL, Robert, married 3 May 1870 to Abigail Ann Scarth. CARROLL, Martha. See John Shirley. CARROLL R., married 16 Jun 1880 to Annie Dolbear. CARROLL, Bridget. See James Maloney. CARROLL, Francis, married 6 Oct 1864 to Susan Lenfesty. CARROLL, Hamilton M., married 16 Jan 1845 to Martha Kenward. CARROLL, James, married 1 Apr 1866 to Sarah Jane Myers. CARROLL, Martin, married 20 Oct 1873 to Elizabeth Rolston. CARROLL, Thomas, married 9 Jan 1864 to Charlotte Nye. CARRUTHER, Catherine. See John Keys. CARRUTHERS, Elizabeth. See John Mooney. CARRUTHERS, Miss. See D.M. Leitch. CARSCADEN, Christina. See Dr. John Donaldson. CARSON, Andrew, married 19 Sep 1883 to Margaret Dewar. CARSON, Elizabeth. See John Shannon. CARSON, Mary Ann. See Samuel Foster. CARSON, W. E., married 25 Oct 1887 to Jessie McPhedran. CARSON, William, married 17 Jul 1866 to Anne Sudaman. CARSWELL, Catherine. See Neil Campbell. CARSWELL, Mary. See Donald McPhail. CARTER, Sarah. See Malcolm Downie. CARTER, (Castle?) Mary. See Thomas Godley. CARTER, Ann. See John Hair. CARTER, Bethune. See Oscar Sherwood. CARTER, Jennett M. See Jaseph Tetereau. CARTER, Mary Ann. See Peter Babcock. CARTER, Mary Ann. See Richard Palmer. CARTER, Rosa. See Daniel McIntyre. CARTHY, Mary Jane. See David Wiley. CARUTHERS, Helen. See George Irving. CARY, George Alfred, married 11 Nov 1872 to Jane McKenzie. CASE, Catherine. See Daniel Wallis. CASE, Charles M., married ? Dec 1882 to Miss Bush. CASSELMAN, Annie. See Eliha McKay. CASSIDY, Sarah. See Milton Mitchell. CASTLE, (Carter?) Mary. See Thomas Godley. CASTLE, Catherine. See George Palmer. CATER, William, married 12 Jan 1868 to Emma Delista Chrysler. CATES, Martha. See Richard Ellerker. CATES, Joseph Ward, married 18 Jul 1871 to Mary Harvey. CATES, William, married 12 Jan 1868 to Emma Delista Chrysler. CATHCART, Cassie Geressa. See A. J. Pike. CATHERS, Ann. See Gilbert Mellon. CATT, Alice. See Charles Harman. CATT, Caroline. See Isaac James Hodgeson. CATT, Stephen, married 6 Mar 1862 to Mary Ainscaught ?? CATTANACH, Margaret Ann. See Stephen Cromwell. CATTENACH, Peter, married 27 Jun 1876 to Mary Symington. CATTERALL, Monah. See Paul Williams. CAUGHELL, George, married 2 Apr 1862 to Ellen Shaw. CAUGHLIN, Bridget. See Patrick Cox. CAUGHLIN, John, married 10 Apr 1872 to Sarah Cox. CAUSLEY, Silas, married 26 Aug 1867 to Agnes A. Vary. CAVANAGH, Charles George, married 4 Dec 1878 to Emma S. Leavens. CAVERS, Jessie. See Joseph Morgan. CAWRSE, Bedena. See Lawrence Cleverdon. CAWRSE, Charles, married 28 Oct 1863 to Elizabeth Cleverdon. CAWRSE, Jane. See Isaac Thompson. CELBY, Mary ?. See M. Root CENTON, John, married 14 Dec 1859 to Catherine Stowe. CHALMERS, Catherine. See William Seaton. CHALMERS, Isabella. See Orson J. Armstrong. CHALMERS, Jane. See John Donald. CHALMERS, Agnes. See Alexander Chalmers. CHALMERS, Alexander, married 12 Sep 1861 to Janet Park. CHALMERS, Alexander, married 26 Mar 1855 to Agnes Chalmers. CHALMERS, Anna M. See Donald McDougall. CHALMERS, Christina. See John McMahon. CHALMERS, Isabella. See William H. Brown. CHALMERS, James Thomas, married 23 Jan 1867 to Matilda Marshall VanHooser. CHALMERS, Jane. See Andrew Park. CHALMERS, Janet. See James A. Cause. CHALMERS, Margaret. See Robert Kerr. CHALMERS, Thomas, married 8 Jan 1863 to Eleanor Polly. CHALMERS, William, married 18 May 1863 to Alice Sherman. CHALMERS, William, married 4 Sep 1865 to Mary Seward. CHAMBERS, John, married 4 Apr 1865 to Frances Ellis. CHAMPION, Richard, married 11 Feb 1864 to Margaret McEachrin. CHANDLER, John, married 24 Dec 1872 to Elizabeth McDonald. CHAPMAN, Isabella. See Peter Canton. CHAPMAN, John, married Sep 1885 to Susan L. Hoskins. CHAPMAN, Mary. See George E. Murphy. CHAPMAN, Margaret. See William Roe. CHAPMAN, Thomas, married 2 Nov 1852 to Anne Roe. CHARTRAND, Paul, married 26 Nov 1865 to Proxille Bertrand. CHASE, Ann Eliza. See Charles Moore. CHESHER, Eliza, See John McGhee. CHESHER, Harriet. See Mathew Burrett. CHESHIRE, Isaac, married 13 Oct 1887 to Katie McDonald. CHESTER, John, married 23 Sep 1868 to Isabella Bell. CHESTER, Lucy. See Jacob Fuller. CHESTER, Mary. See Andrew Isles. CHESTER, Mary> See William A. Munn. CHICKEN, Francis, married 9 Mar 1868 to Eliza Elliott. CHILDS, Ellen. See Charles McGuire. CHISHOLM, Findley, married 9 Mar 1858 to Mary Jane May. CHITTICK, Emma. See Samuel McLelland. CHITTICK, John William, married 1 Jun 1866 to Margaret Gascoine. CHRISTIE, George, married 20 Jul 1865 to Lilley Watson. CHRISTIE, John, married 10 Dec 1861 to Susannah Erb. CHRISTNER, Abigail. See Samuel McMahon. CHRISTNER, William, married 5 May 1859 to Melinda Bailey. CHRYSLER, Angeline. See Thomas Killmer. CHRYSLER, Emma Delilah. See William Cates. CHRYSLER, Jacob, married 20 Nov 1867 to Mary Ann Fenner. CHRYSLER, Matilda Jane. See Peter Setter. CHRYSLER, Nelson, married 9 Nov 1870 to Ellen Mary Knapp. CHRYSLER, Webster, married 26 May 1863 to Eliza Eves. CHUBB, Sarah A. See William Early. CHULE, (?), Freeman, married 1 Aug 1858 to Eliza Dodge. CHUR, Lucy. See William McDiarmid. CHURCHILL, Arthur, married 12 Apr 1887 to Minnie Calvert. CHURCHILL, James, married 25 Jul 1872 to Frances Ann Russell. CHURCHILL, Joseph, married 26 Aug 1884 to Rachel A. Purdy. CHURCHILL, Mr., married Dec 1886 to Sarah Ann Welsh. CHURCHILL, Samuel, married 12 Jan 1887 to L. Brydges. CIDER, Sarah. See George Stillwell. CLARGE,(?), Mary. See John Stokes. CLARK, Joanna. See Archibald Thompson. CLARK, John, married 31 Dec 1885 to Margaret Thompson. CLARK, M. See George Smith. CLARK, Margaret Jane. See Nelson Wingrove. CLARK, Mary Ann. See David W. Campbell. CLARK, Adam, married 15 May 1861 to Emma Vile. CLARK, Albert F., married 22 Apr 1868 to Jane Wanless. CLARK, Ann. See Benjamin Henry Parker. CLARK, Annie. See Nathaniel Seed. CLARK, Antrobus Charles, married 20 Nov 1867 to Frances Georgina Walker. CLARK, Carolina. See Arthur Randall. CLARK, Charlotte. See Edmund Eldred. CLARK, Christine. See James Orchard. CLARK, Clara. See D.G. Rodgers. CLARK, Daniel, married 1 May 1860 to Rebecca Milliken. CLARK, David, married 22 May 1867 to Maria Bailey. CLARK, David, married 27 Feb 1861 to Eliza Cromwell. CLARK, Elijah, married 18 Jul 1872 to Martha Campbell. CLARK, Eliza. See James McCawley. CLARK, Gracia Abigail. See Thomas Coulson Wheatley. CLARK, Henry B., married 11 Nov 1869 to Margaret McIntyre. CLARK, Henry, married 24 Dec 1864 to Catherine B. Miller. CLARK, J. S., married 11 Dec 1882 to Amelia Hodgson. CLARK, Jess, married 10 Nov 1865 to Martha (Perry) Steward. CLARK, John Smith, married 24 Dec 1869 to Margaret Neelin. CLARK, John, married 1 Dec 1862 to Frances Walker. CLARK, Maria. See James Groves. CLARK, Mary Ann. See Duncan Livingston. CLARK, Mary Jane. See Henry Clive. CLARK, Mary. See Samuel Burley. CLARK, Peter, married 31 Dec 1866 to Rachel Bailey. CLARK, Rachel. See Thomas Cline. CLARK, Samuel Leggatt, married 15 Feb 1866 to Lydia Morgan. CLARK, Sarah A. See Hugh Trusdale. CLARK, Sarah Susannah. See Archibald Degan. CLARK, Susannah. See James Kersey. CLARK, Thomas Walter, married 29 Jan 1868 to Leah A. Morgan. CLARK, Thomas, married 26 Sep 1871 to Honora McLaughlin. CLARK, William Brown, married 2 Jul 1863 to Eliza Jane (Brink) Ellis. CLARK, William W., married 25 Sep 1883 to Nelly Randall. CLARK, William, married 12 Sep 1859 to Henrietta Ellis. CLARKE, Daniel, married 29 Sep 1859 to Janet MeGregor. CLARKE, Elizabeth. See Anthony Douglas. CLARKE, Emaline. See Thomas Prout. CLARKE, Frances. See George Thomas Hodgson. CLARKE, George Henry, married 31 Dec 1864 to Margaret Amanda Polley. CLARKE, John Henry, married 26 Nov 1868 to Sarah Willis. CLARKE, John, married 31 Jul 1883 to Joanna Bowes. CLARKE, Mary Ann. See Thomas Watling. CLARKE, Mary. See Oliver Douglas. CLARKE, Robert, married 8 Mar 1871 to Elizabeth Cochrane. CLARKE, Thomas, married 31 Oct 1883 to Annie Cornfield. CLARKE, William, married 4 Jun 1872 to Mary Fryer. CLAYDON, Ruth Woodward. See Robert Simpson. CLEGG, Robert, married 13 Sep 1887 to Jennie Kenward. CLELFORD, Mrs. See Mr. Lee. CLELFORD, Phoebe Ann. See Alexander Luckins. CLELLAND, Margaret. See John Riggs. CLELLAND, Allen, married 1 Jan 1867 to Margaret Campbell. CLEMENS, Hannah. See William Smith. CLEMENS, Lucretia. See James Vivian. CLEMENT, Benjamin Joseph, married 26 Jul 1868 to Mary Cunningham. CLEMENTS, Samuel, married 25 Jun 1868 to Margaret McDonald. CLEMENTS, William, married 24 Sep 1868 to Anne Sayers. CLEMIO, William, married 27 Mar 1871 to Janet Park. CLEVE, James, married 18 Sep 1879 to Margaret Lawrence. CLEVERDON, Elizabeth. See Charles Cawrse. CLEVERDON, Lawrence, married 28 Oct 1863 to Bedena Cawrse. CLIFF, Al., married 18 May 1887 to Nellie Smith. CLIME, Caroline. See James Glass. CLIMIE, Andrew, married 16 Dec 1862 to Ellen Duncan. CLIMIE, Janet. See John MacKenzie. CLIMIE, Marian. See Joseph Johnson. CLIMIE, Mary. See Robert Paul. CLINE Mary J. See William James Cowan. CLINE, Caroline. See James Glass. CLINE, Ellen. See Leonard Soper. CLINE, Robert William, married 10 Apr 1867 to Margaret Jane Early. CLINE, Thomas, married 1 Jul 1859 to Rachel Clark. CLINK, Jane Ann. See George Forsyth. CLINK, Malinda S. See Joseph Forsyth. CLINKMAN, John, married 1 Jan 1867 to Isabella King. CLINTON Mary Ellen. See Titus Scott. CLIVE, Henry, married 21 Oct 1868 to Mary Jane Clark. CLOTHIER, Elizabeth. See John King. COATES, M., married 24 Jun 1884 to Sarah E. Appleton. COATES, Richard Clarence, married 12 Oct 1886 to Jennie S. Wolway. COATS, Elizabeth. See Richard Turner. COATS, Mary Ann. See Edward Histon. COATS, Preston, married 24 Dec 1878 to Mary E. Temple. COCHRAN, Agnes. See James Cadman. COCHRANE, Elizabeth. See Robert Clarke. COCHRANE, Sarah. See David White. COCLUGH, Frances, See Dougall McPherson. CODDY, Susannah. See John Bruce. COLE, Belinda. See David Smith. COLE, Hannah Mrs. See C. M. Eastman. COLE, Hiram, married 11 May 1862 to Eliza Ann Mahon COLE, Lemuel, married 12 Oct 1867 to Anna Buchanan. COLE, Miss. See Charles Fleck. COLE, Rebecca. See James Steed. COLE, Rhoda. See Henry Hesburn. COLEMAN, Edward, married 24 Feb 1869 to Ellen McDonald. COLEMAN, Hannah. See John Gallaway. COLEMAN, M., married 24 May 1883 to Annie McKinnon. COLLENGE, Samuel, married 23 Nov 1865 to Harriet Hannah Hawey. COLLIER, Ann. See William Ford. COLLIER, Martha. See Richard Powell. COLLINGE, Margaret. See Christopher Matchett. COLLINGE, Sarah Jane. See Thomas Jordon. COLLINS, Catherine. See Phillip Johnson. COLLINS, Charles, married 14 Aug 1872 to Adeline Devozies. COLLINS, Elizabeth Catherine. See William Matthews. COLLINS, Elizabeth. See Thomas Frederick Brown. COLLINS, George, married 19 Aug 1872 to Rebecca Brown. COLLINS, Jane. See John E. Saxton. COLLINS, M. A. See Hiram Ray. COLLINS, Mary. See William Large. COLLINS, Mathew, married 29 Apr 1873 to Ellen Walton. COLLINS, Morris K., married 2 Apr 1863 to Elizabeth Ward. COLLINS, Sarah. See George Browne. COLLINS, William Wesley, married 24 Dec 1860 to Caroline Milligan. COLLIOUR, Elizabeth. See Joseph Loop. COLMAN, Elizabeth. See Lawrence Riley. COLTER, Elizabeth. See Poole Mills. COLTER, William, married 19 Sep 1865 to Eliza Stalker. COLUMBUS, James, married 1 Aug 1872 to Martha Annett. COMBS, Elizabeth Harriet. See Charles Henry Burbock. COMBS, Mary A. See Samuel J. Bearss. COMSTOCK, Elizabeth. See Jabez Numabin. COMSTOCK, Harvey, married 15 Sep 1863 to Margaret Berryhill. COMWALL, Stephen Nelson, married 7 Nov 1866 to Margaret Ann Cattanach. CONDIE, Ann (Reynolds). See David Patterson. CONKEY, David, married 2 Jun 1871 to Elizabeth Minielly. CONKEY, Esther. See Arthur Brock. CONKEY, Robert, married 22 Feb 1848 to Jane Wiley. CONLON, Margaret. See Miles Ronan. CONN, Elizabeth. See James McRarey. CONNELLY, Margaret. See Robert Seymour. CONNOLLEY, Margaret. See Robert Seymour. CONNOLLEY, Mary Ann. See William Henry Nicholson. CONOVER, George, married 1 Jan 1872 to Mary Whiteman. CONROY, Sarah. See David Morrison. COOK, Abigail. See Richard Carey. COOK, Albert A., married 28 Mar 1866 to Margaret C. Craft. COOK, Alonzo, married 24 Dec 1884 to Esther McCutcheon. COOK, Catherine Elizabeth. See William Eyre. COOK, David, married 3 Oct 1866 to Martha Crank. COOK, Farrant, married 8 Oct 1886 to Elsie Kermoody?. COOK, Frederick, married 23 Dec 1885 to Matilda Ann Lodell. COOK, George, married 29 Oct 1862 to Elizabeth Wright. COOK, Henry, married 1 Jan 1868 to Melissa Kenward. COOK, James Elias, married 5 May 1870 to Hannah Maria Dingman. COOK, John A., married 1 Jun 1887 to Annie Lynam. COOK, John, married 18 Jan 1862 to Mary Roberts. COOK, John, married 4 May 1875 to Anne Dinning. COOK, John, married 5 Jun 1883 to Sarah A. Walkerdine. COOK, Margaret. See John Ennis. COOK, Maria L. See James A Sommerville. COOK, Nancy. See Augustus Hawkens. COOKE John, married 25 Dec 1878 to Jane Westgate. COOKE, Mary Ann. See James McKay. COOL, Phillip, married 18 Jun 1863 to Margaret Corry. COOMBS, Serinia. See Israel Molton. COOME,,Eliza. See Richard Brown. COOPER, Ellen. See Thomas H. Cope. COOPER, Emma. See Thomas Rapley. COOPER, Harriott. See George Pegley. COOPER, James, married 3 Aug 1887 to Harriet Peacock. COOPER, Robert, married 31 Dec 1978 to Mary Armstrong. COOPER, Samuel, married 27 Nov 1861 to Jane Parker. COOPER, Sarah. See Angus Morrison. COOPER, Sarah. See Isaac Saunders. COOPER, Thomas, married 24 Jun 1850 to Mary Moody. COOT, Elizabeth. See John Humphrey. COPE, Elizabeth Letitia. See Charles Maidment. COPE, Mary Jane. See Samuel Brush. COPE, Richard, married 27 Apr 1859 to Lucy Garrett. COPE, Samuel, married 7 Feb 1860 to Mary Sparling. COPE, Thomas H., married 13 Oct 1886 to Ellen Cooper. COPELAND, Thomas, married 29 Jun 1887 to Izetta Williamson. COPELON, Margaret Mrs. See John Lightfoot. CORCORAN, Edward, married 25 Mar 1868 to Harriet Gosden. CORCORAN, Robert, married 24 Jan 1865 to Sarah Adams. CORDUIKES ?, Sarah Jane. See Thomas Joseph Nelson. CORE, Edward, married 27 Feb 1868 to Mary Jane Omer. CORE, Eleanor. See Daniel Wilton. CORE, George, married 7 Nov 1872 to Bethamy Gammon. COREANS, E. A. See Lewis Rowland. COREY, Christina. See Neil Thom. COREY, Thomas, married 9 Apr 1855 to Margaret Garrett. CORISTINE, Maria. See Abraham Lee. CORISTINE, Robert, married 12 May 1875 to Margaret Armstrong. CORISTINE, Robert, married 8 Oct 1868 to Eliza Jane Shirley. CORISTINE, William, married 17 Dec 1878 to Sarah Leitch. CORLET, Henry, married 19 Nov 1863 to Mary Ann Dougherty. CORMER, Catherine S. See Alfred Ward. CORNELL Minnie. See Henry Traver. CORNELL, Adam, married 2 Aug 1871 to Lucy Ann Phillips. CORNELL, Archibald, married 29 Apr 1873 to Julia Aldridge. CORNELL, Catherine. See William Wintermute. CORNELL, David Alonzo, married 27 Jan 1869 to Melissa Ann Smith. CORNELL, Enoch, married 3 Jan 1867 to Ellen Jane Babcock. CORNELL, Evaline. See William Drone. CORNELL, Kentura. See Robert Showler. CORNELL, Mary Ann. See Elisha Hill. CORNELL, Matilda J. See Martin J. Woodward. CORNELL, Matilda. See Alexander Dickinson. CORNFIELD, Annie. See Thomas Clarke. CORNWELL, John Henry, married 6 Jul 1861 to Adelia (Sutterworth) Dark. CORNWELL, John, married 5 Mar 1863 to Eliza C. Yokom. CORNWELL, Joseph, married 1 Feb 1873 to Lucy Daniels. CORRIER, Benjamin, married 1858 to Theresa Bradamore. CORRY, Margaret. See Philip Cool. CORSE, Mary. See William Taylor. COSENS, Elizabeth. See Charles Poor. COSENS, Henry, married 1 Jan 1870 to Olive Poor. COSENS, Isaac, married 12 Sep 1867 to Sarah Thompson. COSENS, Joseph, married 16 Jun 1886 to Rebecca Johnson. COSLY, Melisa. See Napoleon Lapage. COSTELLO, Johannah. See Alexander Fetreau. COTES, Richard Douglas Fry, married 12 Dec 1871 to Oliva Ann Woodford. COTTE, Joseph, married 28 Mar 1860 to Janet Thompson. COTTER, Elizabeth. See William Got ?? COTTINGHAM, John, married 25 Mar 1867 to Margery Swisher. COTTLE, William, married 1 Jun 1868 to Ellen Jacob. COTTON, Sophia. See William Neil. COTTRELL, Francis, married 21 Oct 1862 to Susan Shakeens. COUCHINMASTER, John, married 6 Jul 1886 to Elizabeth Shepherd. COUGHLIN, Margaret. See John Mahony. COULTER, Catharine . See & Andrew Minielly. COULTER, Christina. See Samuel R. Phillips. COULTER, Joseph, married 30 Nov 1865 to Elizabeth Graham. COULTIS, John, married 2 Mar 1871 to Margaret Williamson. COULTS, Peter, married 3 Nov 1870 to Jessie Brown. COUNTER, Peter, married 21 Jun 1866 to Deborah Lafance. COURCY, John, married 1866 to Jane Gibson. COURT, Caroline. See & John Donaldson. COURT, Sarah. See James Evans. COURT, Sarah. See John Anderson. COURTNAY, Catherine. See James Elliott. COURTNEY, Emily. See John Sutherland. COURTNEY, Michael, married 7 Mar 1872 to Jane (Thomson) Reid (Widow) COURTNEY, Peter E., married Apr 1861 to Sarah Ann Roe. COURTNEY, Rachel Jane. See John Marsh. COURTNEY, Sarah Ann. See William McPherson. COURTNEY, William J., married 1 Dec 1868 to Charlotte Booth. COUSE, Arthur, married 28 Sep 1882 to Miss Ross. COUSE, James Albert, married 25 May 1868 to Janet Chalmers. COUSINS, Charlotte. See William McPherson. COUTS, Wesley W., married 1 Jan 1863 to Janet Morrison. COUTTS, Elizabeth. See Alexander Farquharson. COUTTS, Robert H., married 30 Nov 1887 to Ada Owens. COVENTRY, John, married 13 Feb 1873 to Alicia Verner. COWAN, John, married 24 Dec 1861 to Maria Hume. COWAN, Joseph, married 20 Oct 1869 to Mary Ann Frances Dunlop. COWAN, Mary. See Thomas Bullman. COWAN, Rebecca. See David/Daniel Kemp. COWAN, Sarah L. See Isaac J. Neil. COWAN, Sarah Louise. See James W. McGuire. COWAN, William James, married 17 Mar 1886 to Mary J. Cline. COWELL, Catherine. See George Robinson. COWEN, James, married 29 Dec 1862 to Margaret Miller. COWEN, Sarah. See Emanual Milliken. COWEN, Thomas, married 7 May 1860 to Frances Locke. COWEN, William, married 4 Jan 1862 to Jane Gamling. COX, Ann. See James Barnes. COX, Catherine. See Robert Cairns. COX, Elizabeth. See William Wilson. COX, James, married 8 Jan 1879 to Annie McNamara. COX, Patrick, married 20 Jun 1871 to Bridget Caughlin. COX, Richard, married 10 Feb 1880 to May Ann Hall. COX, Sarah Ann. See John Julian. COX, Sarah. See John Caughlin. COX, William, married 22 Jun 1847 to Ruth McNiece. COYLE, Anne. See James Patrick McDonald. COYLE, Patrick, married 22 Apr 1868 to Jane McNaughton. CRAFT, Anne. See Robert Humphrey. CRAFT, Margaret C. see Albert A. Cook. CRAFTS, Alice A. See James Anderson. CRAIG, Christina. See Robert Hackney. CRAIG, Isabella. See Adam Boyle. CRAIG, Martha. See John Miles CRAIG, Sarah. See Noble Howden. CRAIG, W. J., married 22 Sep 1875 to M.A. Brown. CRAIG, William, married 16 Oct 1872 to Catherine Ray. CRAIG, William, married 7 Oct 1868 to Martha Matilda (Clara) Smith. CRAISE, Robert L., married 24 Oct 1871 to Clara Hay Boyce. CRANDON Hannah. See Samuel Harry. CRANSTON, Catherine. See Joseph M. Jenkins. CRANSTON, Charles, married 12 Feb 1867 to Mary Johnston. CRANSTON, Margaret, See George Wilson. CRANSTON, Samuel, married 12 Jul 1867 to Ann Blake. CRANTON, John W., married 25 Dec 1878 to Margaret Murdock. CRAVEN, George, married 16 Sep 1858 to Louisa Ervine. CRAVEN, Mary Jane. See Samuel Ervine. CRAWFORD, A.H. (Dr)., married 14 Jun 1856 to Mary A. Hoffman. CRAWFORD, Alexander, married 31 Jan 1862 to Jane Bell. CRAWFORD, Charles A., married 29 Jun 1887 to Alida B. Scott. CRAWFORD, Elizabeth. See David Winter. CRAWFORD, Frederick, married 20 Nov 1873 to Mary Mann. CRAWFORD, Helen. See John McKenzie. CRAWFORD, Helen. See William Henry Rawlings. CRAWFORD, Jane. See James McPherson. CRAWFORD, Margaret. See Alexander Bremner. CRAWFORD, Mary Jane. See William Luscombe. CRAWFORD, Thomas, married 15 Jul 1862 to Elizabeth Crane. CREASEY, Elizabeth. See Ira A. Lavier. CREIGHTON, Rebecca. See Nelson Bowen. CREWS, Mary Jane. See Samuel Harris. CROCKER, Annie. See Charles R. Williams. CROCKER, Sarah J. See Charles Mansfield. CROCKER, William, married 24 Jan 1866 to Amelia Shepherd. CRONE, Elizabeth. See Thomas Crawford. CRONE, Henry Thomas, married 24 Dec 1863 to Ann Walton. CRONE, Joseph, married 5 Dec 1862 to Barbara Neilson. CRONE, Margaret. See William Thompson. CRONE, Sarah Ann. See Joseph Wilson. CRONE, Sarah. See Walker D. Hossie. CRONE, William L. married 10 Oct 1878 to Ellen Manning. CRONE, William, married 30 Sep 1869 to Catherine McKellar. CRONIN, John, married 24 Sep 1872 to Margery McKinlay. CRONK, Jacob, married 8 Oct 1864 to Johannah Winegarden. CRONK, Martha. See David Cook. CRONKEITE, John, married 24 Nov 1861 to Eleanor Harriet May. CRONKHITE, Nathan, married 29 Mar 1866 to Lavina Hescott. CRONMITE, George Henry, married 20 Jun 1863 to Amanda McFarland. CROP, Catherine. See James Armstrong. CROSBY, Eliza. See Stewart Leckie. CROSBY. Richard, married 4 Mar 1863 to Sarah Jane Alexander. CROSLEY, James, married 30 Jul 1860 to Sarah Nesbit. CROSLEY, Jane. See John Leckie. CROSS, Alice. See Mark Rolston. CROSS, Thomas, married 25 Oct 1841 to Jane Pegley. CROUCH Mary. See Henry Mathers. CROUDER, Jacob, married 9 Aug 1863 to Sarah Jane Hopper. CROUSE Emma. See W.C. Manning. CROUSE, Catherine. See Ephriam Thoman. CROW, Elizabeth (Betsey). See Thomas Johnson. CROWELL, Eliza. See David Clark. CROWTHER, William, married 31 Mar 1868 to Hester West. CRUICKSHANK, James, married 23 Jul 1872 to Rachel Brown. CRUIKSHANK, Alexander, married 12 Oct 1865 to Mary M. Lewis. CRUIKSHANK, James, married 5 Nov 1866 to Mary A. Maynard. CRUIKSHANK, Mary Ann. See William White. CRUISE, Frances Ann. See David Kaley. CRUISE, George, married 22 Dec 1885 to Annie Isabell Marsland. CRUMMER, James, married 11 May 1843 to Mary Jane McLean. CRUMMER, John, married 23 Dec 1851 to Margaret Burns. CRUMMER, Lewis, married 13 Oct 1875 to Elizabeth McCarthy. CRUMMER, Mary Elizabeth. See Neil White. CRUMMER, Percy, married 13 Oct 1886 to Annie J. Watson. CUDDY, Margaret. See Thomas Johnston. CUDDY, Sarah Ann. See Samuel Martin. CUDDY, Sarah. See William Brown. CUFFE, Michael, married 12 Jan 1846 to Jane Lamb. CULBERT, Catherine. See Alexander Morden. CULLAN, Mary. See Archibald McDonald. CUMAFORT, Mary. See John Dean. CUMMINGS, Martha. See Joseph Rilett. CUMMINGS, Sarah T. See Chancy Smith. CUMMINS, John, married 24 Aug 1840 to Elizabeth Moorehead. CUMMINS, Rebecca. See William John Freer. CUNNINGHAM, Alexander, married 8 Dec 1864 to Euphemia Wardrope. CUNNINGHAM, Catherine. See Alexander Finlayson. CUNNINGHAM, James, married 6 Apr 1871 to Jane Kerr. CUNNINGHAM, Margaret. See Robert Peattie. CUNNINGHAM, Mary. See Benjamin J. Clement. CUNNINGHAM, Mary. See John Law CUNNS, Sarah. See Charles Yorke. CURE, John Peter, married 18 Dec 1860 to Elizabeth Hill or Hall. CURE, Phoebe. See John Truman. CURRAN, Jane. See Thomas Phillips. CURREY, Mary. See John Palmer. CURRIE, Alvira (Hunter) (Widow). See William Elmsley CURRIE, Jennie. See Robert H. Lumby. CURRIE, John, married 21 Dec 1858 to Mary Black. CURRIE, Joseph, married 15 Nov 1871 to Malecia Humphrey. CURRIE, Margaret. See David McBeath. CURRIE, Mary. See Neil Morrison. CURRY, Duncan, married 28 Apr 1868 to Ann Ensign. CURRY, Elizabeth. See William Watts. CURRY, Flora. See Mathew Haslet. CURRY, Jane. See Duncan McCallum. CURRY, Susannah King. See Mark Miller. CURTIS, Alvira. See Duncan McKinlay. CURTIS, William, married 5 Apr 1858 to Mary Ann Legatt. CURTON, Walter, married 16 Sep 1873 to Barbara Little. CURTS, George, married 20 Apr 1886 to Elizabeth Meadows. CURTS, John, married 4 Sep 1876 to Sarah Ann Bullock. CURTS, Samuel, married 5 Dec 1860 to Elizabeth Scott. CUTLER, Andrew, married 20 Sep 1871 to Louisa Dunlop. CUTLER, Catherine E. See William Vahey. CUTLER, Celestia Jane. See Edward Ward. CUTLER, Ida A. See Sheldon Wever. CUTLER, James, married 17 Nov 1884 to Nellie M. Snyder. CUTLER, James, married 24 Dec 1861 to Susan Muma. CUTLER, Selena Jane (Ward)(Widow). See Peter Graham. DALE, Robert, married 29 Oct 1846 to Catherine Andrews. DALEY, Eliza. See Sandford Lindsay. DALRIEL, John, married 28 May 1867 to Catherine Hallister. DALTON, Helen. See James Dudon. DALTON, Michael, married 20 Jun 1864 to Maria McLonghin. DALUEL, James, married 13 Oct 1863 to Mary Ketchum. DALY, Margaret. See Peter Kelly. DALZEIL. Andrew, married 23 May 1870 to Elizabeth English. DALZIEL, Jane. See John McGregor. DANCY, Abraham, married 7 Apr 1863 to Elizabeth Patchet. DANIELS, Lucy. See Joseph Cornwell. DANTFORD, John, married 16 Feb 1868 to Mary Jane Hepburn. DARK, Adealia (Sutterworth). See John Henry Cornwall. DARK, Louisa. See Reuben Ward. DAUGHERTY Edward, married 16 Nov 1887 to Susan Reid. DAVENPORT, Lyman William, married 10 Jul 1860 to Lucy F. Bain. DAVERNE, Mary Ann. See James Leach. DAVID, Augustus, married 8 Jul 1862 to Mary McIlmurray. DAVID, Clarinda. See James McIlmurray. DAVID, Elijah, married 2 Dec 1867 to Eliza McKenquay ?. DAVIS Alice (Allie). See Andrew Kerr. DAVIS Annie. See George Higgins. DAVIS Elizabeth. See William Hargrave. DAVIS Frederick F. (Rev), married Sep 1886 to Maria L. Fortin. DAVIS John B., married 11 Jan 1885 to Sarah Smith. DAVIS R., married 9 Aug 1879 to Marianne Wilson. DAVIS, Catherine. See John Luxton. DAVIS, Ebenezer, married 4 Dec 1858 to Charlotte Gilbert. DAVIS, Edward Robert, married 9 Sep 1862 to Isabella Benedict. DAVIS, James, married 7 Feb 1860 to E1iza L. Rickie. DAVIS, Sarah Jane. See Isaacd Allen Fuller. DAVIS, Sarah. See Michael McManus. DAVISON. Jane. See William Dew. DAVY, Elizabeth. See Thomas Oliver. DAWSON John, married 19 Jun 1878 to Loretta Bole. DAWSON, Hannah. See James McCordick. DAWSON, John, married 30 Oct 1856 to Ellenor Jackson. DAWSON, Jonathan, married 25 Jan 1841 to Jane Hodgson. DAWSON, Martha Houston. See Adam Dolmage. DAWSON, Robert, married 28 Apr 1856 to Ann Duncan. DAWSON, Sarah. See Joseph Richards. DAWSON. Thomas, married 24 Mar 1871 to Mary Ann Thompson. DAY, Harriett Burdett. See Joseph R. Johnston. DAY, Joseph, married Aug 1875 to Emma Week. DAY, Emma. See Gordon Wiggle. DEACON, Ezekial, married 1 Jan 1861 to Margaret Ingalls. DEACON, Joseph, married 19 Sep 1871 to Jane Campbell. DEAN, John, married 14 Oct 1865 to Mary Cumfort. DEARS Jennie. See Henry Brain. DECATUR Granville, married 9 Jun 1886 to Lillian Stephenson. DECKER, George, married 13 Dec 1871 to Nancy Kennedy. DECKER, Sarah Ann. See William Washburn. DEEGAN, Mary. See Dennis Lade. DEFOE Jennie. See William Vivian. DEGAN, Archibald, married 10 Oct 1864 to Sarah Susannah Clark. DELL, Carolyn. See Francis Frank. DELL, Deborah. See William Fury. DELL, Samuel, married 20 Sep 1858 to Elizabeth M. Bell. DENHAM, Daniel, married 30 Dec 1869 to Harriet E. Snively. DENICK, Isabella. See Charles Taylor. DENIS, Joseph, married 7 Jan 1858 to Matilda Bertrand. DENNIS, Caroline (Johnson)(Widow). See Joseph Shively. DENNIS, Esther Ann. See Nicholas Gascoine. DENNIS, Jane. See George Buckingham. DENNIS, Mary. See William Stamm. DENNIS, Pierce, married 7 Jul 1868 to Olive Houch. DENNIS, Samuel, married 31 Oct 1866 to Ophelia E. Patterson. DENNIS, William, married 6 Feb 1865 to Jane Stacey. DENT, Edison, married 31 Mar 1885 to Hannah C. Banister. DENT, Eliza. See William Bannister. DEPEAL, Nicholas, married 11 Feb 1873 to Eliza Barnett. DERENZEY, William, married 19 Aug 1868 to E. Ward. DERRY, Maria. See Andrew Boddy. DESCOCHES, Sarah. See Alexander Mousson. DETWILER, Samuel, married 13 Jan 1887 to Elizabeth Richardson. DEVITT, Charles, married 29 Oct 1868 to Catherine Bully. DEVLIN Mary. See Walter Malone. DEVOZIES, Adeline. See Charles Collins. DEW, Samuel, married 12 Jan 1871 to Maria Elizabeth Kemp. DEW, Sarah. See Thomas A. Bell. DEW, Susan. See Edward Molintor. DEW, William, married 9 May 1867 to Jane Davison. DEWAR Margaret. See Andrew Carson. DEWAR, Agnes. See Alexander Wanless. DEWAR, Alexander, married 27 Jun 1872 to Mary Graham. DEWAR, Alexander, married 7 Jul 1871 to Mary Young Ferguson. DEWAR, Ann. See Godfrey McDonald. DEWAR, Ann. See Simon Roache. DEWAR, Archibald, married 10 Mar 1858 to Jessie Dewar. DEWAR, Christina. See Archibald McKellar. DEWAR, Dr., married 28 Dec 1887 to Annie Nesbitt. DEWAR, Elizabeth. See Donald McGugan. DEWAR, Isabella. See Charles Tanner. DEWAR, Jane. See James Hamilton. DEWAR, Jesse. See Archibald Dewar. DEWAR, Mary Ann. See John Beatty. DEWAR, Malcolm, married 16 Dec 1885 to Nancy Williamson. DIBB, Mary. See George Hawken. DIBBLE, David J., married 2 Aug 1887 to Elizabeth Shaw. DICKENSON, George, married 1 Oct 1885 to Mary Morley. DICKINSON, Alexander, married 19 Nov 1872 to Matilda Cornell. DICKINSON, Isabella. See William Bartram. DICKSON, Alexander (Widower), married 24 Dec 1870 to Selma Blake. DICKSON, Alexander, married 25 Jun 1858 to Lucy Ann Johnson. DICKSON, Elizabeth. See James Burwell. DILLER, Amon, married 7 Jul 1863 to Susannah Kennedy. DILLER, Anson, married 4 Mar 1869 to Hannah Hubber. DILLON, Sarah. See John Smalis. DINGMAN, Hannah Maria. See James Elias Cook. DINGMAN, Hannah. See David Mosier. DINGMAN, Lawrence, married 17 Feb 1864 to Ellen Kelly. DINGWALL, Frederick, married 26 Jan 1865 to Sarah Marr. DINNEN William, married 8 Oct 1887 to Mary E. Thompson. DINNING, Anne. See John Cook. DINNING, Eliza Jane. See Alexander Lyons. DINNING, William, married 10 Mar 1874 to Mary Eleanor Ferguson. DINSMORE, Rachel. See Thomas Wees. DISNEY Christina. See Thomas Murray. DIVES, Henry, married 25 Dec 1865 to Harriett Watt. DIXON, Mary Ann. See Alexander Fraser. DOAN, George Abraham, married 18 Jan 1865 to Janet Campbell. DOAN, John, married 4 Sep 1860 to Elizabeth McDermid DOAN, Mary. See William Smith. DOAN, Peter, married 24 Dec 1866 to Margaret Martin. DOAR, John Henry, married 6 Dec 1869 to Elizabeth Edwards. DOBBIE, Agnes. See Thomas Eastwood. DOBBIE, Catherine. See Robert McLeary. DOBBIN, James, married 3 Jun 1862 to Eliza Anne Smith. DOBBIN, Jane (Smith). See John Tate. DOBBIN, Jane. See George Donaldson. DOBBINS, Joseph, married 23 Mar 1869 to Margaret Jane Gilliland. DOBBM Richard, married 4 Jan 1859 to Maria Laird. DOBBYN, Charles Sylvester, married 9 Jan 1872 to Susannah Margaret Wilson. DOBBYN, Nancy Lynia. See Robert Burr. DOBBYN, Nancy Lynn. See Robert Burr. DOBIE, Mary Ann. See Archibald McIntyre. DOCKRILL, Elizabeth. See Alfred Laird. DODD, Harriett. See Joseph Wilkinson. DODD, James Newman, married 9 Apr 1883 to Ellen Amelia Oke. DODDS, Eleanor. See Charles Thompson. DODDS, Elizabeth (Sinclair)(Widow). See Thomas Tindall. DODDS, Elizabeth. See Freeman Chute. DODDS, Elizabeth. See E.D. Swift. DODDS, Isabella. See John Busby. DODDS, James, married 5 Jan 1866 to Margaret Brown. DODDS, John, married 18 Mar 1858 to Catherine Morrison. DODDS, Peter, married 21 Aug 1876 to Mary Beadham. DODDS, William R. S., married 25 Dec 1879 to Rosa Wehrung. DODDY, Maria. See John Jones. DODGE Miss. See T. Watson. DODGE, Francis M., married 15 Jun 1863 to Roseanna Eastman. DOHERTY, Thomas, married 26 May 1864 to Elizabeth Brown. DOIG, Elizabeth. See Peter Osborne. DOIG, Isabella. See David Smith. DOIG, John, married 29 Apr 1869 to Janet Miller. DOLBEAR, Annie. See R. Carroll. DOLBEAR, Colin John, married Dec 1887 to Annie Annett. DOLBEAR, William, married 14 May 1884 to Annie Shirley. DOLMAGE, Adam, married 2 Mar 1871 to Martha Houston Dawson. DOLMANGE, Elizabeth (Betsy). See George O'Neil. DONALD John, married 23 Dec 1885 to Jane Chalmers. DONALD, Ann. See William Smith. DONALD, George, married 10 Dec 1868 to Susanna E. Woolley. DONALDSON, George, married 16 Feb 1860 to Jane Dobbin. DONALDSON, John (Dr), married 15 Sep 1875 to Christina Carscaden. DONALDSON, John, married 7 Jan 1840 to Caroline Court. DONELLY, James, married 26 Jan 1872 to Elizabeth Miller. DONNELLY, Arthur, married 29 Jan 1872 to Anne Radigan. DONNELLY, Catherine. See William Atkinson. DONNELLY, Francis, married 2 Jan 1862 to Melissa Eastman. DONNELLY, Mary Ann. See John Doyle. DONNELLY, Stephen Philip, married 22 May 1861 to Maria Baby Henderson. DONNOLLY, Caroline. See Daniel McCarty. DONNOLLY, Sophia Mary. See Christopher Thomas Portwood. DONOHOE, Hannah. See William Jewell. DORAN, George (Widower), married 24 Apr 1871 to Isabella Bryden. DOUCHAR, Edward, married 15 Nov 1864 to Mary Ann Soloon. DOUCHER, Edward, married 27 Feb 1867 to Ellen Ridley. DOUCHER, Thomas, married 6 May 1872 to Mary Ann Madden. DOUGHERTY, Clarissa. See William Barter. DOUGHERTY, Mary A. See Henry Corlet. DOUGHTY, Clarissa. See William Barter. DOUGLAS, Anthony, married 16 Sep 1862 to Elizabeth Clarke. DOUGLAS, Frances. See Thomas Haigh. DOUGLAS, John, married 27 Mar 1862 to Catherine McKinley. DOUGLAS, L. A. See David W. Turner. DOUGLAS, Oliver, married 6 Nov 1860 to Mary Clarke. DOUGLAS, William H., married 2 Dec 1861 to Jemima F. Robbins. DOUGLAS, William, married 18 Nov 1865 to Martha Hastie. DOWDALE, Henry Parker, married 6 May 1869 to Charlotte Tomlinson. DOWDEN, Thomas, married 20 Apr 1835 to Martha Randall. DOWDEN, Thomas, married 4 Jan 1860 to Frances Mayhood. DOWLER, Mary. See James Shepherd. DOWN, Helen. See Neil Albert Edwards. DOWN, James, married 17 Mar 1880 to Jane Alice Jewett. DOWN, Minnie. See S. Fitchett. DOWNER, Charles Henry, married 30 Aug 1871 to Sarah Forsyth. DOWNER, James Francis, married 15 Sep 1870 to Ellen Ethel Boyd. DOWNIE, Jennie. See Neil Livingston. DOWNIE, Malcolm, married 28 Oct 1885 to Sarah Carter. DOWNS, John, married 22 Jan 1872 to Mary Cain. DOYLE, John, married 14 Jan 1870 to Mary Ann Donnolly. DRAKE, Margaret. See Robert Glassop. DRAPER, Joseph, married 16 Oct 1884 to Alice Trusler. DREW, Emily. See Thomas Moorehouse. DREW, Joseph, married 21 Jun 1860 to Maria Adelaide Johnston. DREW, William George, married 6 Aug 1861 to Eliza Preston. DREW, William J., married 6 Aug 1861 to Elizabeth Preston. DREW, William, married 16 Oct 1866 to Alice Lloyd. DRIEVER, Mary. See William Freele. DRISCOLL, Jane Ann. See Owen Henry Sheeran. DROHG ,(?), Thomas, married 30 Mar 1858 to Margaret Graham. DRONE, William, married 1 Jan 1872 to Evaline Cornell. DROPE, John, married 2 Sep 1862 to Mary E. Canada. DROPE, Thomas, married 3 Jul 1863 to Mary Ann Stakes. DUAN, Charlotte. See George Mackie. DUBBIN, Robert, married 1866 to Elizabeth Brown. DUDON, James, married 17 Sep 1862 to Helen Dalton. DUELLY, Bridget. See Alfred Nash. DUFF, Cecilia Robertson. See Thomas Alonzo Breadkirk. DUFF, John, married 9 Dec 1862 to Mary Jane Murray. DUFF, M. J. See D.W. Smith. DUFF, Margaret Harriet. See James Simpson. DUGGAN, Dennis, married 5 Jul 1870 to Frances Holling. DUGGAN, John, married 18 Jan 1861 to Jessie Powrie. DUMBLE, Thomas, married 14 Feb 1863 to Hester Ann Wingate. DUMBRILL, Richard, married 9 Dec 1858 to Martha Keefer. DUNCAN Arabella. See James W. Leach. DUNCAN Jane. See William Cairns. DUNCAN Mr., married 30 Apr 1884 to Rosa H. Hanna. DUNCAN Phoebe Ann. See Constantine Aichorn. DUNCAN Tillie. See James Oak. DUNCAN, Catherine. See Alexander Lamond. DUNCAN, Ellen. See Andrew Climie. DUNCAN, Isabella. See Duncan McDonald. DUNCAN, Jane. See Francis Kent. DUNCAN, Jane. See Robert Purvis. DUNCAN, Janet. See Robert Dunlop. DUNCAN, John, married 26 Dec 1868 to Eliza McIntosh. DUNCAN, Joseph, married 10 Mar 1866 to Jane Calvert. DUNCAN, Margaret. See John 0. Pierce. DUNCAN, Marian. See John P. Burgar. DUNCAN, Peter, married 20 Feb 1868 to Margaret M.A.D. Brown. DUNCAN, Alexander, married 20 Oct 1865 to Christina McCormick. DUNCAN, Allan, married 21 Dec 1864 to Elizabeth Anne Hicknott. DUNCAN, Andrew, married 18 Dec 1862 to Catharine McLean. DUNCAN, Ann. See Robert Dawson. DUNCAN, Annie, See Silas Mills. DUNCAN, Charles, married 23 Apr 1856 to Jane Stewart. DUNCAN, Elizabeth. See Humphrey Campbell. DUNCAN, Isabella. See Ronald McColl. DUNCAN, Margaret Olivia. See John Reid. DUNDAS, John, married 16 Mar 1869 to Catharine Brock. DUNDAS, Sarah T. See Charles W. Kendall. DUNDAS, William, married 3 May 1866 to Mary Brock. DUNFIELD, Joseph Alexander, married 15 Oct 1873 to Rachel Tenant. DUNLAP. Harriet. See James Shearman. DUNLOP, Agnes, See William Mewzie. DUNLOP, Elizabeth. See Norman Fraser. DUNLOP, Isabella. See Norton Stewart. DUNLOP, Mary Ann. See George Molton. DUNLOP, Robert S., married 31 May 1866 to Janet Duncan. DUNLOP, Alfred, married 22 May 1872 to Jane Eliza Smith. DUNLOP, Elizabeth. See Edward Large. DUNLOP, Ellen. See John Polly. DUNLOP, Jane Eliza. See Thomas White. DUNLOP, Jessie Primrose. See John McKenzie. DUNLOP, Louisa. See Andrew Cutler. DUNLOP, Marsha. See Isiah C. Watson. DUNLOP, Mary Ann Frances, See Joseph Cowan. DUNLOP, Sarah. See Ballser Taylor. DUNLOP, William, married 29 Dec 1864 to Ellen Thompson. DUNLOP. Malcolm, married 1 Jan 1880 to Sarah Jane Hilborn. DUNLOP. Sarah. See William Richardson. DUNMORE, Edward, married May 1886 to Eliza Wilson. DUNN, Alexander, married 22 Jun 1887 to Dora Green. DUNN, Ann. See Isaih Bouchett. DUNN, E. Jane. See Samuel Landon. DUNN, Thomas, married 12 Jan 1843 to Isabella Kelly. DUNN, William, married 27 Sep 1871 to Marion Nisbet. DUNWOODIE, William Henry, married 20 May 1872 to Agnes Ferguson. DUPUIS, Joseph, married 2 May 1862 to Margaret Miller. DUPUY, Mr., married 25 Nov 1866 to Julia Laforge. DURAND Cleopatra Mrs. See Nathaniel Boswell. DURRANT, George, married 15 May 1872 to Mary Ann McGee. DUSHAM, Jane. See Joseph Parent. DYER, Mark, married 11 Nov 1853 to Jane Fulton. DYNES, Letitia. See John Bartel? Watson. EADES, Mary A. See George Slipper. EADY, Elizabeth. See David Watson. EAGLE, Thomas, married 27 May 1868 to Elizabeth Ann Roberts. EAID, James, married 4 Nov 1867 to Isabella Wilkie. EARLY, Eleanor. See Charles W. Matthews. EARLY, Ellen. See Alexander Gerald Browne. EARLY, Jane. See John Richardson. EARLY, Margaret Jane. See Robert William Cline. EARLY, William, married 15 Sep 1875 to Sarah S. Pennington. EARLY, William, married 18 Jul 1863 to Sarah Ann Chubb. EASTABROOKE, Mary G. See John Campbell. EASTERBROOK ,J., married Oct 1885 to Elsie Watson. EASTERBROOKE, Sarah Ann. See James Smith. EASTMAN, C. M., married 4 Jan 1882 to Mrs. Hannah Cole. EASTMAN, Emeline. See Philip Austin. EASTMAN, Joseph, married 19 Apr 1854 to Mary Jane Mayhood. EASTMAN, Lucy. See George Mitchell. EASTMAN, Mariah. See Marvel White. EASTMAN, Marvin, married 26 Mar 1867 to Mary Jane Nelson. EASTMAN, Marvin, married Jun 1886 to Martha Huffman. EASTMAN, Melissa. See Francis Donnelly. EASTMAN, Neil C., married 27 Dec 1887 to Barbara Cameron. EASTMAN, Phoebe Etta. See John Walker. EASTMAN, Roseanna. See Francis Dodge. EASTMAN, Silas, married 20 Jun 1860 Ellen Nymal? EASTMAN, Thirza. See Joseph Fenton. EASTMAN, Willard M., married 14 Apr 1880 to Mary Malkin. EASTWOOD, Thomas, married 30 Jun 1864 to Agnes. Dobbie. ECCLES, Augusta H.W. See Dr. W.H.B. Aitkens. ECCLES, Hugh, married 11 Nov 1860 to Alice Fulton. ECCLES, Louise. See William McLeay. ECCLES, Susan. See George Genge. ECKERT, Wm. P., married 25 Dec 1885 to Martha A Howden. EDGAR, Catherine. See Donald McLeod. EDGAR, Elizabeth. See John McLellan. EDGAR, Jeanie. See Thomas Jennings. EDGAR, John, married 5 Dec 1883 to Emma Blain. EDISON Sarah. See Rev. John Abraham. EDWARDS, Caroline. See John Martin. EDWARDS, Catherine. See Alexander Stewart. EDWARDS, Elizabeth. See William Reed. EDWARDS, Elizabeth. See John Henry Doar. EDWARDS, Francis, married 25 Jan 1858 to Margaret E. Keune. EDWARDS, James, married 16 Sep 1868 to Jemima Baker. EDWARDS, Mary Ann. See John Haggerty. EDWARDS, Mary. See Richard Phillips. EDWARDS, Matilda. See Robert Lucas. EDWARDS, Neil Albert, married 24 Jun 1879 to Helen Down. EDWARDS, Thomas, married 27 Apr 1859 to Susan Ward. EDWARDS, William Abram, married 16 Apr 1884 to Margaret Ann Styles. ELDRED, Edmund, married 16 Apr 1865 to Charlotte Clark. ELEANOR, Eliza. See Robert Machan. ELEANOR, Samuel, married 6 Jul 1863 to Mary (Arnold) Beer. ELGIN, James, married 25 Aug 1867 to Lois Naggs. ELLACE, Mary. See James Oak. ELLERBY, Alice Louise. See George Mountain Evans. ELLERKER Richard, married 10 Nov 1886 to Martha Cates. ELLERKER, Michael, married 18 Feb 1858 to Rachael Mathews. ELLINOR, Ellen Jane. See James Atchinson. ELLINOR, Henry, married 13 May 1872 to Elizabeth Ford. ELLINOR, Margaret Ann. See Alexander Morris. ELLIOT, Grecian. See Joshua Harris. ELLIOT, Isabella. See William Vipham. ELLIOT, Samuel, married 7 Oct 1863 to Margaret Lamb. ELLIOTT, Ann. See William J. Fraser. ELLIOTT, Edward, married 20 Jul 1887 to Elizabeth Bailey. ELLIOTT, Eliza. See Francis Chicken ??. ELLIOTT, Helen. See James Daniel Meigher. ELLIOTT, James, married 1 Dec 1880 to Ruth McKeown. ELLIOTT, James, married 16 Nov 1854 to Catherine Courtnay. ELLIOTT, Janet. See F. Lehrbass. ELLIOTT, John, married 17 Sep 1855 to Margaret Ballantine. ELLIOTT, John, married 9 Sep 1887 to Mary Jane Porter. ELLIOTT, Margaret. See James Summerville. ELLIOTT, Maria. See William Woodbridge. ELLIOTT, Mary Ann. See Alfred Sessions. ELLIOTT, Robert Tait, married 16 Nov 1870 to Emily Mary Sifton. ELLIOTT, Samuel, married 25 May 1862 to Elvira Price. ELLIOTT, T. B., married 5 Sep 1887 to Jessie Morrison. ELLIS, Andrew, married 23 Dec 1878 to Sarah Ann Foreman. ELLIS, Andrew, married 22 Oct 1869 to Eliza Weeks. ELLIS, Archibald, married 25 Dec 1873 to Eliza Kellam. ELLIS, Charles, married 27 Feb 1884 to Margaret S. Leys. ELLIS, David, married 13 Jan 1869 to Annie Price. ELLIS, Elizabeth Jane (Brink). See William B. Clark. ELLIS, Elizabeth. See Henry Sharp. ELLIS, Frances. See John Chambers. ELLIS, Henrietta. See William Clark. ELLIS, Henry, married 10 Feb 1873 to Mary Buckpitt. ELLIS, Henry, married 18 Dec 1862 to Sarah Perry. ELLIS, Isaaac Edward, married 10 Apr 1868 to Mary Ann Higgins. ELLIS, Jacob, married 28 Jul 1859 to Marian Young. ELLIS, Margaret. See John Luke. ELLIS, Sarah. See John Lewis. ELLIS, Susan. See John Morewood. ELLIS, William, married 17 Jul 1873 to Mary Harkness. ELLIS, William, married 31 Jul 1864 to Susan Oke. ELLISON, Anne. See William McKinnon. ELMSLEY, William, married 4 Jun 1872 to Alvira (Currie) Hunter (Widow). ELSON, Joseph James, married 8 Apr 1867 to Elizabeth Palmer. ELVICK, William, married 18 Sep 1865 to Ann McSlaght. ELWOOD, Asa A., married 17 Sep 1863 to Mary Ann Burr. EMERICK, Ann. See Oliver Ivors. EMERICK, Peter, married 30 Aug 1852 to Darina Taylor. EMERSON, John, married 28 Oct 1885 to Lillian Roe. EMMONS, John, married 10 Feb 1847 to Harriet Taylor. EMRICK, Catherine. See Charles Taylor. EMRICK, Elizabeth. See Timothy McKenna. ENGLISH, Abigail Mrs. See Stewart Lamont. ENGLISH, Eliza Jane. See Francis Ashdown Marshall. ENGLISH, Elizabeth. See Andrew Dalzeil. ENGLISH, Hannah. See Benjamin Newcombe. ENGLISH, Mark, married 25 Jun 1859 to Mary Arvilla Hall. ENNIS, John, married 22 Dec 1886 to Margaret Cook. ENNIS, Mary Ann. See John J. Maw. ENSIGN, Ann. See Duncan Curry. ERB, George, married 27 Nov 1860 to Mary Travis. ERB, Sarah Ann. See Daniel Thompson. ERB, Susannah. See John Christie. ERB, Susannah. See Luke Robinson. ERVINE, Louisa. See George Craven. ERVINE, Samuel, married 16 Sep 1858 to Mary Jane Craven. ESSEX, Maria P. See Charles Farrell. ESSON, William, married 24 Oct 1872 to Isabella McRobbie. EVANS, Benjamin, married 18 Mar 1861 to Eveline O'Dell. EVANS, Catherine. See William Mitchell. EVANS, Frank, married 6 Dec 1882 to Marion McDonald. EVANS, George Mountain, married 21 Dec 1870 to Alice Louise Ellerby. EVANS, James, married 4 Mar 1851 to Sarah Court. EVANS, John, married 1 Mar 1863 to Matilda Manley. EVANS, John, married 11 Nov 1864 to Elizabeth Stewart. EVANS, John, married 3 Mar 1876 to Catherine Bowes. EVANS, Samuel, married 8 Jun 1887 to Isabella Heatherington. EVANS, Sarah. See Francis Restorick. EVANS, Susan. See William Henry Rogers. EVANS, William, married 8 Jul 1862 to Eliza Letitia Minty. EVELAND, Eugene, married 1 Jul 1872 to Margaret Rollston. EVERETT, James, married 21 Jan 1868 to Angeline Hopper. EVES, Elizabeth. See Webster Chrysler. EVOY, Albert, married 20 Jun 1864 to Elizabeth Anderson. EVOY, Eliza Jane. See John Harrison. EVOY, Jeremiah, married 4 Nov 1844 to Harriet Knight. EVOY, Mary. See Andrew Lucas. EWART, Andrew, married 29 Mar 1859 to Mary McNaughton. EWER, Frederick, married 18 Dec 1885 to Miss Halpin. EWING, Mary. See John Gibson EWING, William, married 17 Aug 1869 to Eliza Smith. EYRE, Joseph, married 1 Oct 1873 to Annie Wells. EYRE, William, married 16 Nov 1870 to Catherine Elizabeth Cook. FAIRBAIRN, William George, married 2 Nov 1859 to Janet Martin. FAITHORN, Elizabeth A. See Dennis Burrowes. FALCONER, Duncan, married 5 Nov 1872 to Margaret Tomlinson. FALCONER, Jane. See James Hanna. FALCONER, Robert G., married 9 Jan 1883 to Emma Williams. FALLS, Alexander Sydney, married 23 Jun 1870 to Harriet Tooth. FANSHER, Lucretia. See William Thomas Smith. FARQUHAR, Elizabeth. See Duncan McDonald. FARQUHARSON, Alexander, married 31 Jan 1867 to Elizabeth Coutts. FARQUHARSON, Charles, married 28 Jan 1862 to Mary Gilbert. FARQUHARSON, John, married 15 Aug 1872 to Isabella Watson. FARQUHARSON, Margaret. See William MacDonald. FARRELL, Charles, married 24 Nov 1860 to Maria Essex. FARRELL, Hester. See William D. MacKintosh. FARRELL, S.W., married 8 Nov 1854 to Emma Harriett Vidal. FARRIS, George, married 15 Oct 1884 to Silvia Sophia Hoover. FAuldS, James, married 28 Dec 1855 to Grace Cameron. FAuldS, William, married 27 Sep 1863 to Sarah Ann Ward. FAuldS, William, married 30 Apr 1862 to Maria Watt. FAULKNER, [Fortner?] Isaac James, married 18 Nov 1886 to Annie Harper. FAULKNER, Catherine. See John Bapt. Fournier. FAULKNER, James, married 16 Apr 1866 to Helen Lennon. FAWCETT, Charlotte M. See James W. Rapley or Ripley. FAWCETT, George, married 7 Feb 1872 to Amy Byron Burton. FAWCETT, Robert William, married 1 Jan 1884 to Mary Ann Welsh. FAWCETT, Robert, married 21 Mar 1882 to Alice Williamson. FAWNSWORTH, Catherine. See George Wilson. FENBY, Sarah Jane. See Joseph Edward Meadows. FENNER, Elizabeth. See Arthur Mallery. FENNER, Mary Ann. See Jacob Chrysler. FENNER, Theophilus, married 13 Dec 1871 to Sarah Overholt. FENNOR, Mary (Baxter). See Robert Bagley. FENTON, Joseph, married 26 Oct 1861 to Thirza (Eastman) Smith. FENWICK, Henry, married 19 Jun 1871 to Hannah McIntosh. FERGUSON, Agnes Mrs. See John Miller. FERGUSON, Agnes. See William Henry Dunwoodie. FERGUSON, Catherine. See James Piggott. FERGUSON, Christina. See Josiah Wellwood. FERGUSON, Christina. See William Stacy. FERGUSON, Christina. See George Scott. FERGUSON, Dugald, married 11 May 1869 to Elizabeth Mayberry. FERGUSON, Hannah. See James Bowlby. FERGUSON, Hannah. See John Horton. FERGUSON, Isaac N., married 9 Nov 1887 to Catherine McDonald. FERGUSON, Jessie. See Alexander McKay. FERGUSON, Joseph, married 21 Mar 1866 to Sarah Shoebottom. FERGUSON, Lucy. See Archibald McIntyre. FERGUSON, Margaret Mary. See Michael Stanley. FERGUSON, Mary Eleanor. See William Dinning. FERGUSON, Mary Maria. See John Moore. FERGUSON, Mary Young. See Alexander Dewar. FERGUSON, William, married 10 Feb 1859 to Catherine Mclean. FERKEY, James H., married 10 Feb 1883 to Sarah Gardner. FERNS, William, married 5 Mar 1886 to Jane H. Bell. FERRIS, Elizabeth. See Martin Brecket. FERRIS, George, married 1 Jul 1867 to Sarah Ann Mellon. FERRIS, James, married 5 Apr 1866 to Ann Goodfellow. FETREAU, Alexander, married 13 Mar 1865 to Johannah Costello. FIELDS, Sarah. See George Young. FILEY, Abel, married 8 Apr 1865 to Sophia Wood. FINCH, Donald Juan, married 10 Sep 1872 to Elizabeth Ann Anderson. FINCH, Jane. See Daniel McDonald. FINCH, Solomon Elias, married 28 May 1871 to Catherine Weaver. FINDLAYSON, John, married 18 Nov 1852 to Mary McLellan. FINKLE, Mary Jane. See John Martin. FINLAYSON, Christina. See M.M. Gillespie. FINLAYSON, Alexander, married 4 Feb 1864 to Catherine Cunningham. FINLAYSON, John, married 18 Nov 1852 to Mary McLellan. FISHER, Alfred, married 8 Sep 1859 to Eliza Ann Thornton. FISHER, Angus, married 25 Mar 1885 to Martha Acton. FISHER, D., married 3 Feb 1886 to Agnes Morrison. FISHER, Elizabeth. See Thomas Glass. FISHER, Isabella. See Adam Harris. FISHER, Isabella. See Adam Harris. FISHER, Julia M. See Stuart MacVicar. FISHER, Malcolm, married 23 Mar 1865 to Margaret Leitch. FISHER, Mary. See John GAuld. FISHER, Valentine, married 7 Jun 1866 to Emily Adelaide Bannister. FISHLEIGH, Eliza Ann. See Andrew Anderson. FITCHETT, Ashley, married 1 Jan 1887 to Charlotte Rowcliffe. FITCHETT, Jane, See James Carrathers. FITCHETT, S., married 5 Oct 1887 to Minnie Down. FITZGERALD, Jane E. See James Buchanan. FITZGIBBONS, Mary. See James Reilly. FITZPATRICK, Mary Frances. See John Lovell. FITZPATRICK, Nicholas, married 19 May 1836 to Mary McKenna. FITZPATRICK, W., married 22 Dec 1886 to Elizabeth Shields. FITZSIMMONS, Earl, married 21 Oct 1886 to Dinah Morgan. FLAGG Marilla. See Daniel Kilmer. FLAGG, Abraham, married 25 Oct 1886 to Celerta Underwood. FLAGG, Cornelius, married 12 Dec 1864 to Elizabeth Lyman. FLAGG, Edward, married 29 Dec 1886 to Martha I. Jackson. FLAGG, Julia. See Albert Kimball. FLANAGAN, William, married 27 May 1868 to Ellen Brady. FLECK Charles, married 9 Dec 1885, Sarnia Twp. to Miss Cole. FLEMING, Frances. See William Brown. FLEMING, John Chase, married 24 Dec 1861 to Ann Elizabeth Ingalls. FLEMING, Margaret. See Alexander McKenzie. FLEMING, Michael, married 23 Jun 1869 to Annie Leys. FLEMMING William, married 21 Mar 1884 to Mrs. Moffat. FLETT, Henry, married 4 Sep 1862 to Agnes McDonald. FLETT, Jemima. See Edward Silvester. FLINTOFT. Margaret. See Daniel MacKenzie. FLOOD, Helen. See John McLachlan. FLOOD, Jane. See Thomas Saunders. FLOOD, Mary Ann. See Thomas McKenna. FLOOD, Richard, married 17 Feb 1834 to Frances Blake. FLOWERS. Hannah. See John Smith. FLYNN .Sarah Jane. See Theodore Shea. FLYNN, Ellen. See John Brown. FOOTE, Michael T., married 17 Aug 1867 to Margaret Omelia Kilcorze. FORBES, Helen Jane (Thoms). See John Campbell. FORBES, William, married 16 Dec 1868 to Catherine Kerr. FORD, Elizabeth. See Henry Ellinor. FORD, Henry J., married 31 Dec 1862 to Sarah Ann Temple. FORD, James Williams, married 7 Nov 1872, Ont. to May Jane Pryor. FORD, Margaret Jane. See George Wray. FORD, William, married 18 Feb 1869 to Agnes Sinclair. FORD, William, married 18 Oct 1859 to Ann Collier. FORDHAM, Eliza J. See Robert Harning. FORDHAM, John Wesley, married 17 Nov 1870 to Agnes Louise Johnston. FORDHAM, Samuel, married 13 Jan 1863 to Susan Harris. FOREMAN, Sarah Ann. See Andrew Ellis. FORESTER, Henry (Harry), married 13 Mar 1886 to Julia Gair. FORKER, Janett. See Milton M. Harris. FORKER, Martha. See Thomas Hay. FORSTER, Sarah. See J. Pemberton. FORSYTH, Alexander, married 27 Jun 1872 to Mary Busby. FORSYTH, Ellen Alice. See James Gowans. FORSYTH, Emma Kerby. See Timothy B. Pardee. FORSYTH, George, married 21 Dec 1862 to Jane Ann Clink. FORSYTH, Hannah. See Charles Wilson. (Hannah sister of Sarah) FORSYTH, Joseph A., married 19 Nov 1865 to Malinda S. Clink. FORSYTH, M. See Edwin Burke. FORSYTH, Sarah. See Charles Henry Downer. (Sarah sister of Hannah) FORTIER Minnie. See John Knapp. FORTIER, Ferdinand, married 9 Oct 1866 to Mary Berlingette. FORTIN, Maria L. See Rev. Frederick F. Davis. FORTNER, Jane. See H. Rodgers. FORTNOR, William J., married 24 Jan 1860 to Jane York. FORTUNE, Thomas, married 23 Jun 1886 to Ida Moore. FOSTER, Charles, married 10 Sep 1863 to Ellen Wilson. FOSTER, Elizabeth. See William Thompson. FOSTER, Jennie. See John Watson. FOSTER, John Charles, married 23 Oct 1867 to Mary M.C.Murray. FOSTER, John, married 28 May 1859 to Isabella Smith. FOSTER, Joseph, married 29 Apr 1859 to Jane Murray. FOSTER, Mary Ann. See John London. FOSTER, Mary. See Joseph Campbell. FOSTER, Mary. See Henry Freer. FOSTER, Oswald, married 28 Dec 1859 to Martha Campbell. FOSTER, Samuel, married 5 Dec 1866 to Mary Ann Carson. FOSTER, Sarah. See John Burr. FOSTER, W.H., married 6 Oct 1886 to Charity Inch. FOTHERBY, Laura. See Sherman Morley. FOURNIER, John Bapt., married 18 Nov 1858 to Catherine Faulkner. FOWLER, Mary Ann (Inman). See Benjamin Hutson. FOWLER, Reginald Amherst, married 18 Jun 1874 to Ellen Mary Gale. FOWLER, Thomas, married 6 Aug 1872 to Margaret Ann Calvert. FOWLER, William, married 24 Apr 1860 to Jane Brent. FOX Frank L., married 22 Jun 1887 to Florence Lineham. FOX, John D., married 23 Jul 1863 to Christina Simons. FOX, John, married 6 Feb 1872 to Jane Hall. FRAME, Grace. See James Harrower. FRANCE, Alexander, married 17 Oct 1866 to Anne Harrower. FRANK, Ellen Mary. See Richard A. Robinson. FRANK, Francis, married 30 Jan 1868 to Carolyn Dell. FRANK, Minnie. See A.J. Muma. FRANK, Solomon, married 6 Oct 1864 to Caroline Kenward. FRASER, Alexander, married 19 Aug 1858 to Catherine Ross. FRASER, Alexander, married 22 Dec 1869, Ont. to Mary Ann Dixon. FRASER, Ellen. See Achilles Lapham. FRASER, James or (John H), married 1 Oct 1884 to Victoria Higgins. FRASER, John, married 15 Nov 1867 to Rebecca Machen. FRASER, Lucinda. See Archibald C. Wilson. FRASER, Margaret. See George M. Winn/Wynn. FRASER, Mary. See William Symington. FRASER, Mary. See James McBeath. FRASER, Norman, married 25 Jul 1867 to Elizabeth Dunlop. FRASER, Rebecca. See David Brand. FRASER, Robert, married 4 Apr 1872 to Mary Jane McIlwain. FRASER, William J., married 12 Feb 1873 to Ann Elliott. FRASER, William, married 10 Feb 1869 to Annie Burgess. FRAYN, Henry, married 4 May 1882 to Clara Taylor. FRAYN, Mary. See A.I. Lundie. FRAYN, Richard, married 23 May 1870 to Matilda Hare/Hair. FRAYN, William, married 7 Oct 1873 to Sarah Hare. FRAZER, James Archibald, married 8 Mar 1855 to Margaret Reid. FREEBORN Elizabeth. See Robert Seals. FREELAND, George W., married 5 Mar 1858 to Isabella McFarland. FREELAND, Isabella. See Andrew Spearman. FREELAND, Margaret A. See Simpson Ward. FREELE, Catharine Ann. See John A. Brown. FREELE, Hugh, married 8 Feb 1858 to Margaret Jane O'Brien. FREELE, James, married 30 May 1865 to Mary Z. Whitlock. FREELE, Matilda. See William Whitlock. FREELE, Michael, married 5 Jul 1855 to Mary McKeen. FREELE, William John, married 24 Oct 1865 to Rebecca Cummins. FREELE, William, married Mar 1885 to Mary Driever. FREER, Arthur, married 17 Jan 1844 to Caroline Frances Brown. FREER, Henry, married 6 Nov 1866 to Mary Foster. FREER, Robert, married 30 Apr 1874 to Maria Seed. FREER, Thomas, marriedd 18 Jul 1876 to Eliza Ann Neil. FRENCH, Charles, married 3 Mar 1838 to Anne Smith. FRIER, Margaret. See Robert Stewart. FRINK, Hiram, married 20 Sep 1858 to Sarah Ann Parsons. FRINK, William Amos, married 10 Apr 1872 to Emma Louise Webb. FROST, Charles Henry, married 3 Oct 1871 to Ann Gillies. FROST, Honor. See Joseph Ward. FRYER, Mary. See William Clarke. FULCHER, William, married 16 Jul 1873 to Mary Jane Gibbons. FULLER, George, married 20 Feb 1845 to Elizabeth Lucas. FULLER, Isaac Allen, married 19 Dec 1872 to Sarah Jane Davis. FULLER, Jacob, married 13 Feb 1883 to Lucy Chester. FULLER, John, married 6 Nov 1878 to Eliza Smith. FULLER, Mary Jane. See William H. Sitlington. FULLER, Samuel, married 19 May 1875 to Jane Henderson. FULLER, Sarah Jane. See Dr. Oscar Wilson. FULTON, Alicia. See Hugh Eccles. FULTON, Jane. See Mark Dyer. FURY, Jane. See Cyrenas Watson. FURY, William, married 10 Jun 1859 to Deborah Dell. FURY, William, married 16 Jun 1858 to Deborah D. Hill. FYFE Jessie. See Thomson Watt.

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