Marriage Records
Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
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For these entries the following format is followed registration , county, groom's name,age, occupation, his birth place, his residence, his parents' names; bride's name, age, her birthplace, her residence, her parents' names; witnesses, date & place of marriage.

009602-1900 (Lambton Co): William PREECE, 29, Farmer, Brooke, Alvinston, s/o Thomas PREECE & Eliza HAY, married Annie Jane READER, 28, Brooke, d/o James READER & Maggie CAMPBELL, witnesses were Laniel ? PREECE & Betsy READER, both of Alvinston, 27 December 1900, Brooke, by Rev S.G. Livingstone, by Lic.

00903-1901 (Lambton Co): Dougald McCALLUM, 40, Farmer, Brooke, s/o Duncan McCALLUM & Jane CAMPBELL, married Martha SHIELDS, 28, Mosa, Brooke, d/o James SHIELDS & Nancy CARSWELL, witnesses were George SHIELDS & Katie CAMPBELL, both of Alvinston, 9 January 1901, Alvinston , by Rev. S.G. Livingstone, by Lic.

00904-1901 (Lambton Co): Archibald HADDEN, 26, Painter, Ont, Goderich, s/o Archibald B. HADDEN and Elizabeth LEICH, married Mary Ann Swift, Ont, Alvinston, d/o Lewis Dean Swift & Not known, witnesses were G.A. HADDEN & Mary CONNOR, both of Alvinston, 23 January 1901, Alvinston, by Rev. Samuel Mieyworthy ?, by Lic.

00905-1901 (Lambton Co): Isaac S.G. VANWART, 41, Merchant, St. John's, NB, Calgary, Alberta, s/o Rev T.S. VANWART & Phoebe Ann GEROW, married Hattie H.E. JAYNES, Ont, Alvinston, d/o John R. JAYNES & Frances WAIT, witnesses were, Philip Holt HORTON of Goderich & Nell L. LYTON of Calgary, 31 February 1901 Alvinston, by Rev. Samuel Mieyworthy?, by Lic.

009606-1901 (Lambton Co): William McKEWEN, 21, Farmer, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o Moses McKEWEN & Ellen LINDSAY, married Hannah L. COX, 22, Brooke, Brooke, d/o William COX & Mary Ann WALL, witnesses were David McKEWEN & Martha ADAIR both of Aberfeldy, 3 April 1901, Alvinston, by Rev. S.G. Livingstone, by Lic.

009607-1901 (Lambton Co): Alfred DARVILL, 38, Farmer, London, Ont., Brooke, s/o William DARVILL & Rebecca O'BRIEN, married Mary CAMPBELL, 33, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Alexander & Margaret CAMPBELL, witnesses were D.N. McLEAN & Katie CAMPBELL, both of Brooke, 26 April 1901, Alvinston, by Rev. S.G. Livingstone, by Lic.

009634-1901 (Lambton Co): Robert W. CARTER, 20, Stove Joiner, Brooke, Brooke, s/o Robert CARTER & Mary PIPER, married Alice A. DINGMAN, 19 Southwell, Southwell, d/o Jeremiah DINGMAN & Anitta SMUCK, witnesses, N.W. SMITH & Florence PIPER both of Inwood, 22 July 1901, at the Manse in Inwood by Rev. J. Wallace, by Lic.

009635-1901 (Lambton Co): Robert KAYTER, 23, Barber, Brooke, Alvinston, s/o ? KAYTER & Melinda SMITH, married Blanche CALLAN, 18, Mosa, Newberry, d/o Robert CALLAN & Catherine DAVIS, witnesses, George & Annie KAYTER, both of Brooke, 21 August 1901, Brooke by Rev. M.E. Siple, by Lic.

009636-1901 (Lambton Co): Frederick John RISK, 25, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o William H. RISK & Mary SIMPSON, married Frances Etta ROSS, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Charles ROSS & Louisa GUBBINS, witnesses, Albert E. WARD of Shetland & Annie C. WILSON of Brampton, 4 September 1901, Lot 12 Con 8 Brooke, by Rev. M.E. Siple, by Lic.

009637-1901 (Lambton Co): Arthur G. KERSEY, 26, Carriage Builder, Warwick, Flint, Mich., s/o John KERSEY & Ann FULLER, married Minnie E. ANNETT, 23, Brooke, Brooke, d/o James ANNETT & ? WALKER, witnesses George E. KERSEY of Warwick & Catherine WALKER of Brooke, 11 September 1901 Lot 24 Con 12 Brooke, by Rev. M.E. Siple, by Lic.

009638-1901 (Lambton Co): John D. CAMPBELL, 35, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Annie LEITCH, married Annie B. McTAGGART, 22, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Neil McTAGGERT & Betsy McEACHERN, witnesses Archibald CAMPBELL & Maggie McTAGGERT, both of Brooke, 11 September 1901, Lot 18 Con 8 Brooke, by Rev. T.A. Bell, by Lic.

009639-1901 (Lambton Co): William Sherman HAIR, 28, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o John HAIR & Ann CARTER, married Fedicia WATSON, 24, Brooke, Brooke, d/o David WATSON & Katie CAMPBELL, witnesses ? WATSON & Liecie? HAIR, both of Watford, 11 Sep 1901, Lot 27 Con 12, Brooke, by Rev. A.M. McCulloch, by Lic.

009640-1901 (Lambton Co): William REID, 33, Agent, Middlesex Co., Strathroy, s/o William REID & Elizabeth EDWARDS, married Deborah SAUNDERS, 20, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Absalom SAUNDERS & Mary BRYCE, witnesses Alfred REID of London, Ont., & Martha SAUNDERS of Brooke, 20 September 1901, Brooke, by Rev. A.M. McCUlloch, by Lic.

009641-1901 (Lambton Co): George William TAIT, 23, Baker, Inwood, Alvinston, s/o John TAIT & Catherine KELLY, married Esther Jane (Stevens) ANDERSON (Widow), 28, Brooke, Inwood, d/o George W. STEVENS & Esther Jane SHAW, witnesses Fred & George STEVENS of Inwood, 7 October 1901 Brooke, by Rev. A.A. Graham, by Lic.

009642-1901 (Lambton Co): William R. DOLBEAR, 39, (Widower) Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o John DOLBEAR & Catherine WEIR, married Nettie ANNETT, 26, Brooke, Brooke, d/o George ANNETT & Margaret BROWNLEE, witnesses Wellington ANNETT of Walnut & Mary A. DOLBEAR of Brooke, 25 September 1901, Lot 18 Con 10 Brooke, by Rev. A.M. McCulloch, by Lic.

009643-1901 (Lambton Co): William Robert JOHNSTON, 26, Farmer, Brooke, Enniskillen, s/o James JOHNSTON & Matilda MOORE, married Mary Annie HIGGINS, 22, Brooke, Brooke, d/o James HIGGINS & Mary BRYCE, witnesses Theophilus JOHNSTONE & Martha HIGGINS, both of Brooke, 30 October 1901, Lot 11 Con 14, Brooke, by Rev. John Downie, by Lic.

009644-1901 (Lambton Co): Rev. William T. KELLY, 30, Clergyman, ?, Collingwood, s/o John KELLY & Sarah J. HARRIS, married Eliza B. COPELAND, 18, London, Ont, Brooke, d/o Arthur COPELAND & Jane ELLISON, witnesses Ernest KARLOW of St. Thomas, Ont., & Maggie Ellison of St. Clair, Mich., 30 October 1901, Lot 28 Con 7 Brooke, by Rev. J.T. LeFevre of London, Ont., by Lic.

009645-1901 (Lambton Co): Silas BROWN, 24, Farmer, Metcalfe, Metcalfe Twp., s/o Charles BROWN & Elizabeth HENRY, married Sara Ann McSWAIN, 28 Metcalfe, Brooke, d/o John W. McSWAIN & Jane WALKER, witnesses Sylvester BROWN of Metcalfe & Lillie McSWAIN of Brooke, 4 December 1901, Lot 29 Con 8 Brooke, by Rev. A. Bell, by Lic. (Bride could be McLWAIN??)

009646-1901 (Lambton Co): George MISSELBROOK, 32, Railroading, Lambton Co, Sarnia, s/o Samuel MISSELBROOK & Rachel DAWSON, married Sarah Jane HIGGINS, 30 Brooke, Brooke, d/o James HIGGINS & Mary BRYCE, witnesses Lambert MISSELBROOK of Dawn Twp., & Susannah HIGGINS of Brooke, 20 December 1901 Lot 11 Con 14 Brooke, by Rev. John Downie, by Lic.

009647-1901 (Lambton Co): Truman E. ROSS, 28, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o Ebenezer ROSS & Mary NIXON, married Annie LAWS, 23, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Henry LAWES & Emma MORRIS, witnesses Daniel McLEAN & Emma LAWES, both of Brooke, 25 December 1901 Lot 9 Con 6 Brooke, by Rev. William Hartley, by Lic.

009654-1901 (Lambton Co): Rev. James McCREA, 37, Minister, Brant Co., Ont, Minto, Man., s/o ? & Jennie McCREA, married Susan O'NEILL, 35 Oxford Twp., Rutherford, Ont., d/o William O'NEILL & Hannah FLEMING, witnesses Rev. Henry PRITCHARD of Brantford & Annie O'NEILL of Rutherford, 17 Jul 1901 Rutherford, Ont., by Rev. R.J. Ross, by Lic.

009655-1901 (Lambton Co): Charles COOK, 20, Farmer, Dunwich Twp., Edy's Mills, s/o J. COOK & Mary Ann KELLY, married Villa McLEAN, 16, Dawn Twp., Edy's Mills, d/o Jacob Benjamin McLEAN & Matilda Jane DYKEMAN, witnesses Susan McLEAN of Rutherford and ? Murray of Woodstock, 19 July 1901, Rutherford, by Rev. R.J. Ross, by Lic.

009656-1901 (Lambton Co): Jonathan A COOK, 21, Farmer, Dawn, Dawn, s/o Albert A COOK & Margaret CROFTS, married Georgine MILTON, 22, Florence, Florence, d/o William G. MILTON & Isabella WILSON, witnesses Stanley MILTON of Florence & Deborah COOK of Dawn, 26 September 1901, Florence, by Rev. E.W. Brown, by Lic.

009657-1901 (Lambton Co): Norris Clinton OLIPHANT, 27, Labourer, Dresden, Bridgen, s/o Aaron OLIPHANT & Elizabeth McKAY, married Mary Bell SCOTT, 18, Bridgen, Bridgen, d/o Henry SCOTT & Mary LIGORER ?, witnesses Louise SHEPHERD of Toronto & Georgenia ROSS of Rutherford, 4 September 1901, Rutherford, by Rev. R.J. Ross, by Lic.

009658-1901 (Lambton Co): Enos STREVEL, 28, Farmer, Euphemia, Dawn, s/o William STREVEL & Euphemia CROSS, married Ellen HILL, 20 Kincaidine, Dawn, d/o John HILL & Jane WRIGHT ?, witnesses Charles HILL & Allie STREVEL, both of Dawn, 10 September 1901, Rutherford, by Rev. E. W. EDWARDS by Lic.

009659-1901 (Lambton Co): Frederick LAW, 28, Farmer, Scotland, Dawn, s/o Frederick LAW & Jane FASKEW, married Annie MISSELBROOK, 19 Dawn, Dawn, d/o Samuel MISSELBROOK & Rachel DAWSON, witnesses Mrs. William Ross of Oxford & George Ross of Rutherford, 12 September 1901, Rutherford, by Rev. R.J. Ross, by Lic.

009660-1901 (Lambton Co): Robert McMAHON, 25, Farmer, Sarnia Twp., Dawn, s/o James McMAHON & Margaret LYNCH, married Sarah Ann PERRY, 19, Lobo Twp., Dawn, d/o Richard PERRY & Isabella HOSSACK ?, witnesses Francis McMAHON & Mary PERRY, both of Dawn Twp., 23 October 1901, Rutherford, by Rev. E.M. Edwards, by Lic.

009661-1901 (Lambton Co): Anslon ? ATCHISON, 21, Huron County, Dawn, s/o Thomas ATCHISON & Mary HILL, married Ida LOCKERY, 21 Warwick Twp., Dawn, d/o Charles LOCKERY & Katherine McDONALD, witnesses Hugh DUNLOP of ? Valley & Mrs. E. M. EDWARDS of Rutherford, 18 December 1901, Rutherford, by Rev. E.M. Edwards, by Lic.

009662-1901 (Lambton Co): Donald N. MUNRO, 30, Mosa Twp., Mosa Twp., s/o Malcolm MUNROE & Mary McNEIL, married Jessie P. WOOD, 19, Dawn, Dawn, d/o James WOOD & Elizabeth McFARLANE, witnesses Isaac McDONALD of Kilmartin & Grace WOOD of Lanebank, 24 December 1901, Dawn Twp, by Rev. R.J. Ross, by Lic.

009683-1901 (Lambton Co): Walter F. McFADDEN, 29, Farmer, Chatham Twp., Chatham Twp., s/o Robert McFADDEN & A. Jane CURRIE, married Martha Agnes BARRETT, 22, Brooke, Dawn, d/o William BARRETT & Elizabeth McCARTER, witnesses Edwin MILLS & Annie BURTON, both of Florence, 16 Jan 1901, Florence, by Rev. R.C. Burton, by Lic.

009684-1901 (Lambton Co): Samuel S. MacKEY, 34, Farmer, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o William J. MacKEY and Mary McLEAN, married Evelina FENWICK, 20, Caradoc, Euphemia, d/o Edward FENWICK & Julia SYERS, witnesses Walter D. CHAPPELL of Cairo and Mary WALKER of Wardville, 7 February 1901, Cario, Ont. by Rev. J.J. Brown, by Lic.

009685-1901 (Lambton Co): S. William SKINNER, 27, England, Euphemia, s/o Joseph SKINNER & Phoebe Ann PITT, married Lizzie Jane WEBSTER, 22, Dawn, Dawn, d/o Ira WEBSTER & Mary A. MYLIC ? witnesses Edwin MILLS, & Annie E. BURTON, both of Florence, 20 February 1901, Florence, by Rev. R.C. Burton, by Lic. (Could be KINNER. Looks like an "S" has been added in front of name).

009686-1901 (Lambton Co): Thomas Richard ARMSTRONG, Farmer, Euphemia, South Dakota, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Susan FARMER, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 31, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o James JOHNSTON & Eleanor TULLY, witnesses John ARMSTRONG of London, Ont., & Amelia JOHNSTON of Euphemia, 5 March 1901, Euphemia Twp., by Rev. H.R. Diehl, by Lic.

009687-1901 (Lambton Co): Levi Harris BADLEY?, 24, Blacksmith, Camden, Shetland, s/o Royal Harrison BADLEY ? & Jane HART, married Sarah Jane WILSON, 22, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o John WILSON & Mary BROWNLEE, witnesses Albert E. WARD of Shetland & Ellen McINTYRE of Strathroy, 3 April 1901, Shetland, by Rev. H.R. Diehl, by Lic.

009688-1901 (Lambton Co): Joseph MILLS, 23, Labourer, Thamesville, Thamesville, s/o Joseph MILLS & Hannah GRAHAM, married Margaret Jane YOUNG, 22 Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o Joseph YOUNG & Sarah McCLOY, witnesses D. BROWN of Thamesville & Retta HART of Florence, 5 April 1901, Florence, by Rev. H.R. Dieh, by Lic.

009689-1901 (Lambton Co): Wellington BOBIER, 23m Farmer, Dresden, Florence, s/o Joseph BOBIER & Mary SALISBURY, married Annie Eva LAW, 20 Camden, Euphemia, d/o William LAW & Frances GREENWOOD, witnesses H. WEBSTER and Williamina TWEED, both of Florence, 24 April 1901, Florence, by Rev. R.C. Burton, by Lic.

009690-1901 (Lambton Co): Walter MILLS, 25, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o Alexander MILLS & Mary MOORE, married Minnie FOSTER, 16, Lobo, Euphemia, d/o Benjamin W. FOSTER & Annie ARRETT, witnesses Thomas PHILIP of Dawn & Emma MILLS, of Brooke, 3 April 1901, Florence, by Rev. R.C. Burton, by Lic.

009691-1901 (Lambton Co): Samuel James CRAIG, 23, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o William CRAIG & Annie MARTIN, married Almedia TOWNS, 18, Norwich, Brooke, d/o Thomas TOWNS & Mary J. WILLIAMSON, witnesses W. & Jane BEBENOCE ? of Euphemia, 8 May 1901, Florence, by Rev. R.C. Burton, by Lic.

009692-1901 (Lambton Co): John Franklin DODGE, 24, Farmer, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o John DODGE & Jane BROWNLEE, married Emma Louise BROWNLEE, 30, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o Christopher & Jane BROWNLEE, witnesses James Franklin DODGE of Plympton & Bertha Ann BROWNLEE of Euphemia, 5 June 1901, Euphemia, by Rev. H.R. Diehl, by Lic.

009693-1901 (Lambton Co): James Christopher COX, 29, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o Joseph COX & Annie BROWNLEE, married Annie Elizabeth BAILEY, 24, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o Thomas BAILEY & Elizabeth SPEARMAN, witnesses Albert COX of Euphemia & Sarah A. BRUSH of Brooke, 7 June 1901, Euphemia, by Rev. Walter Collins, by Lic.

009694-1901 (Lambton Co): William GRAY, 29, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o Robert GRAY & Mary Ann WALL, married Hattie Belle McCALLUM, 24, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o Duncan McCALLUM & Flora CAMPBELL, witnesses A.D. McINTYRE of Alvinston & Bella McINTYRE of Knapdale, 19 June 1901 Euphemia, by Rev. S.G. Livingston, by Lic.

009695-1900 (Lambton Co): Daniel PATTERSON, 28, Farmer, Aldboro Twp., Elgin Co., Aldboro, s/o Archibald PATTERSON & Isabella McCRAE, married Eveyln HUNTER, 23 Aldboro Twp., Euphemia d/o John HUNTER & Susan CURRIE, witnesses, John McLEAN of Clachan & Lillian HUNTER of Euphemia, 15 November 1900, Euphemia, by Rev. Alex Wilson, by Lic.

009697-1901 (Lambton Co): Harry Alex DODGESON, 26, Merchant, Kent Co., Guelph, s/o Henry DODGESON & Christina CAMPBELL, married Christina McCALLUM, 29, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o Duncan McCALLUM & Flora CAMPBELL, witnesses, John C. McCALLUM of Euphemia & Etta STREET of London, Ont, 21 August 1901, Euphemia Twp., by Rev. S.G. Livingston, by Lic.

009698-1901 (Lambton Co): William Daniel JOHNSTON, 24, Farmer, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o James JOHNSTON & Annie BURKE, married Mildred M. KELLY, 24, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o Edward KELLY & Mary MACKIE, witneses Colin KELLY of Bothwell & Mary PRITCHARD of Chatham, 2 October 1901, Euphemia Twp., by Rev. Emmanual Kidd ?, by Lic.

009699-1901 (Lambton Co): George M. KELLY, 29, Farmer, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o Edward KELLY & Mary MACKIE, married Mary B. MERRILL, 22, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o Simon MERRILL & Mary ADKIN, witnesses Colin KELLY of Bothwell and Lena MERRILL of Chatham, 30 October 1901, Euphemia, by Rev. J.W. Hibbert, by Lic.

009700-1901 (Lambton Co): John HUFFMAN, 27, Farmer, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o John Henry HUFFMAN & Mary INDYJFAM??, married Etta WADE, 26, Euphemia, Euphemia, d/o George WADE & Charlotte FORDHAM, witnesses Arthur E. FORDMAN & Ella HUFFMAN, both of Euphemia, 20 December 1901, Euphemia, by Rev. J.W. Hibbert, by Lic.

009701-1901 (Lambton Co): Joseph H. WOOD, ?2, (Widower) Carpenter, Cornwallis, N.S., Euphemia, s/o George WOOD & Eliza NEWCOMB, married ?? McAUSLIN, 48, Sarnia, Bothwell, d/o Andrew McAUSLIN & Margaret HUNT, witnesses Alfred ELLY of Bothwell & Clara HEALY of Euphemia, 20 December 1901, Euphemia, by Rev. E.W. Brown, by Lic.

009702-1901 (Lambton Co): Duncan McPHAIL, 25, Farmer, London, Ont., Enniskillen, s/o Duncan McPHAIL & Mirza GREENLESS, married Mary McDONALD, 22, Dawn, Enniskillen, d/o John McDONALD & Sarah BYLES, witnesses Annie E. BURTON and Alice SLACK, both of Florence, 18 December 1901, Euphemia, by Rev. R.C. Burton, by Lic.

009703-1901 (Lambton Co): (Dr) Alexander McTAVISH, 36, Vet. Surgeon, Palmyrn ?, Florence, s/o John McTAVISH and Frances MOOREHOUSE, married S. Vinnie WALKER, 33 Dawn, Florence, d/o William WALKER & Elizabeth CAREY, witnesses Thomas D. Walker of Florence and Fanny McTAVISH of Palmyrn, Ont??, 24 December 1901, Florence by Rev. E.S. Walker, by Lic.

009761-1901 (Lambton Co); William GORMAN, 28, Laundryman, Petrolia, Petrolia, s/o Peter GORMAN & Mary HENDERSON, married Ann Jane CANBELON ?, 25, Morris Twp., Petrolia, d/o William CANBELON ? & Leticia ARMSTRONG, witnesses, Harry E. RUSSELL & Minnie DOYLE both of Oil Springs, 30 Jan 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009762-1901 (Lambton Co): Robert GADSBY, 22, Student, Euphemia Twp., Petrolia, s/o Charles GADSBY & Harriet PERRY, married Isabella LOGAN, 21 Enniskillen, Enniskillen, d/o John LOGAN & Ellen ROLLEY, witnesses Katie M. GRAHAM of Glencoe & Jennie S. GRAHAM of Petrolia, 19 February 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. A.A. Graham, by Lic.

009763-1901 (Lambton Co): Henry LUCAS, 50 (Widower), Shoemaker, Devonshire, Eng., Petrolia, s/o George LUCAS & Elizabeth COLE, married Sarah Jane BARRETT, 43, Aberson, Wales, Petrolia, d/o Joseph BARRETT & Jane DAVIDSON, witnesses Marie TOMLINSON & Mabel E. ROOT both of Pt. Huron, Mich., 20 February, Petrolia, by Rev. Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009764-1901 (Lambton Co): John Seymour GATES, 30, Farmer, Penn., USA, Petrolia, s/o Charles GATES & Jave DAVIDSON, married Florence Mary WILL ? MILL?, 18, Ont, Petrolia, d/o John WILL/MILL ? & Mary Elizabeth CHAPMAN, witnesses Ashley BELDEN & Matilda WILL?MILL? both of Petrolia, 26 February 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. William Craig, by Lic.

009765-1901 (Lambton Co): Harry E. RUSSELL, 23, Baker, Stratford, Ont., Oil Springs, s/o William RUSSELL & Bessie BOYCE, married Winnie DOYLE, 21 Enniskillen, Oil Springs, d/o John DOYLE & Elizabeth Jane HENDERSON, witnesses Lorne A. CRONKITE & Lillian RUSSELL both of Petrolia, 26 February 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009766-1901 (Lambton Co): Arthur COLLIER, 20, Teamster, Dorchester Twp., Petrolia, s/o John COLLIER & Jane SAGE, married Georgina GARRETT, 22, Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o William GARRETT & Sarah PERRY, witnesses Maude COLLIER of Petrolia & Mary GRAHAM of Glencoe, 19 March 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. A.A. Graham, by Lic.

009767-1901 (Lambton Co): Lewis EDDY, 26, Foreman, Rochester, NY, Flint, Mich., s/o Philip C. EDDY & Isabella CONDLIN, married Lena HATHAWAY, 21 Emily City, Mich., Petrolia, d/o James HATHAWAY & Sarah REED, witnesses Robert RICHARD and May COLLINS, both of Petrolia, 1 April 1901, Petrolia by Rev. A.A. Graham, by Lic.

009768-1901 (Lambton Co): Davis S. TEMPLETON, 21, Driller, Enniskillen, Enniskillen, s/o David TEMPLETON & Sarah SUMNER, married Lilliam May STOFFA ?, 20 Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o Norris STOFFA & Mary Ann WOODLEY, witnesses Arthur L. JULIAN & Kate Pearl STOFFA, both of Petrolia, 4 April 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009769-1901 (Lambton Co): Fredrick J. MALTON, 25, Baker, Port Huron, Mich, Petrolia, s/o Robert MALTON & Eveline JONES, married Lena REID, 22 London, Ont., Petrolia, d/o Charles F. REID & Dina V. LOUGHEED, witnesses, A. R. MALTON of Petrolia and Miss. M. TAUBON of London, Ont., 3 April 1901, Petrolia, by Rev L. Brown, by Lic. (Name might be WALTON..hard to read).

009770-1901 (Lambton Co): Herbert Reginald JACKSON, 21, Plumber, Sarnia, Cleveland, Ohio, s/o William JACKSON & Annie TAYLOR, married Rebecca Eliza FOX, 18, Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o Daniel FOX & Melena FRASER ?, witnesses George L. BARROWMAN of Wyoming & Bertha FOX of Petrolia, 17 April 1902, Petrolia, by Rev. Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009771-1901 (Lambton Co): John McDONALD, 36, Oil Producer, Galt, Ont, Petrolia, s/o John McDONALD & Catherine DONALDSON, married Carrie May WISEMAN, 24? or 34?, Ingersol Twp., Petrolia, d/o William WISEMAN & Nancy LEWIS, witnesses Minnie LUSTON ? & Ida SNIVELY both of Petrolia, 24 April 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. A.A. Graham, by Lic.

009772-1901 (Lambton Co): David BRYSON, 26, Labourer, Peterborough, Peterborough, Ont., s/o Robert BRYSON & Sarah REID, married Katie Jane BRENNAN, 22, Marthville, Marthaville, d/o William BRENNAN & Isabella PAUL, witnesses Fred Bryson & Lizzie BRENNAN both of Petrolia, 24 April 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. L. Brown, by Lic.

009773-1901 (Lambton Co): (Dr.) John FYFE, 33 (Widower), Physician, Guelph, Ont., Cypress River, Man., s/o Peter FYFE & Jean TODD, married Maude Olivia SIMMONS, 27, Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o Oliver SIMMONS & Laura FISHER, witnesses Frank A. SMILEY of Sarnia & Mary MacKENZIE of Petrolia, 8 May 1901, Petrolia, by Re. A.A. Graham, by Lic.

009774-1901 (Lambton Co): Joshua PORTER, 22, Aaron Twp., Petrolia, s/o Robert PORTER & Letetia FAULKMAN, married Ida Irene CHRISTNER, 17, Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o Robert CHRISTNER & Emily JACKSON, witnesses John CHRISTNER and Emily JACKSON both of Petrolia, 8 May 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. A.A. Graham, by Lic.

009777-1901 (Lambton Co): George A. ANDERSON, 24, Farmer, Ont., Enniskillen, s/o Alex ANDERSON, & Emma MacALPINE, married Clara Ann MARRIOTT, 21 Ont., Enniskillen, d/o William MARRIOTT & Eliza BELDON, witnesses Herbert G. CRAIG & Madelon CRAIG, both of Petrolia, 1 August 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. William Craig, by Lic.

009778-1901 (Lambton Co): James A. JOHNSTON, 30, R.R.Brackman, Fergus, Ont., Sarnia, s/o James JOHNSTON & Isabella GEARY, married Elizabeth PARKER, 22, Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o Robert PARKER & Lavinia TOOLEY, witnesses F.J. Julian & Ella PARKER, both of Petrolia, 24 July 1901, Petrolia, by Rev.Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009779-1901 (Lambton Co): John WILSON, 25, Farmer, Frontenac Co., Chatham, s/o Henry WILSON & Eliza HAMILTON, married Selena BARNES, 27, Dawn Twp., Camden, d/o George BARNES & Catherine McCRAFTY ?, witnesses Louisa BARNES of Dawn Mills & Jacob WILSON of Wallaceburg, 2 October 1901, by Rev. A.A. Graham, by Lic.

009780-1901 (Lambton Co): Frederickd G. BRAGG, 35, Port Hope, Chatham, s/o Matthew BRAGG & Mary WHITE, married Margaret McDONALD, 21, Manitoulin, Ridgetown, d/o Donald McDONALD & Mary McGRAN ?, witnesses W.E. MILLSON of Geste and Emma BALLS of Petrolia, 16 October 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009781-1901 (Lambton Co): Humphrey F. TRACY, 22, Driller, Enniskillen, Enniskillen, s/o John TRACY & Carrie ROBINSON, married Mary Ann ENNIS, 18, Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o Arthur ENNIS & Eliza LOXTON, witnesses Thomas LASHEN of Petrolia & Mary A. FORSYTH of Copleston, 4 December 1901, Petrolia, by REv. Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009782-1901 (Lambton Co): Frederick SAUNDERS, 20, Engineer, Brooke, Enniskillen, s/o William Henry SAUNDERS & Sarah Jane LUCAS, married Elizabethian O'DELL, 19, Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o Frederick O'DELL & Ethel MITCHELL, witnesses Wallace SAUNDERS of Copleston, & Laura May O'DELL of Petrolia, 4 December 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009783-1901 (Lambton Co): Alfred Ernest FISHER, 22, Wholesale Grocery, Ont, Toronto, s/o Michael FISHER & Adeline F. KAISER, married Margeritta DOWNING, 20, England, Petrolia, d/o Frederick DOWNING & A.S. COOPER, witnesses, Arthur DOWNING of Toronto & Mina ROSFORD, of Petrolia, 12 December 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. William Craig, by Lic.

009784-1901 (Lambton Co): Alexander WEATHERSTON, 22, Farmer, London, Ont, Dawn Twp., s/o John WEATHERSTON & Marion COWIE, married Elizabeth SMITH, 17, Alvinston, Dawn, d/o Roland SMITH & Marcella SUTTON, witnesses Blanche WAYLETT ? & Alice SMITH, both of Petrolia, 13 December 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. Joseph Philip, by Lic.

009785-1901 (Lambton Co): William John CHAMBERS, 34, Labourer, Adelaide Twp., Petrolia, s/o A. CHAMBERS & Sarah CLARK, married Elizabeth Ann LEWIS, 29, England, Petrolia, d/o William LEWIS & Ellen LEWIS, witnesses Annie HARNORD ? & Arthur BELL, both of Petrolia, 24 December 1901 Petrolia, by Rev. L. Brown, by Lic.

009786-1901 (Lambton Co): Charles L. VANSICKLE, 20, Labourer, Petrolia, Petrolia, s/o Eugene VANSCICKLE & Victoria BELL, married Mattie G. FERNS, 17, Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o James FERMS & Sarah WARD, witnesses Hattie SIMMONS & Tena WHITLOCK both of Petrolia, 28 December 1901, Petrolia, by Rev. L. Brown, by Lic.

009715-1901 (Lambton Co): Alexander McKENZIE, 64, Gentleman, Nova Scotia, Detroit, Mich., s/o John McKENZIE & Mary MORRISON, married Helen MORRISON, 46, Michigan, Moore, d/o Alexander MORRISON & Margaret McLEAN, witnesses, John MORRISON & John S. MORRISON, both of Moore Twp. 21 March 1901, Residence of the Brides Parents, by Rev. J.C.McKee, by Lic.

009716-1901 (Lambton Co): Archibald Edward CURRIE, 22, Oil Driller, Ont., Marthaville, s/o Archibald CURRIE & Frances FOSTER, married Myrtle Maud DODGE, 18, Ont., Marthaville, d/o Thomas DODGE & Jane BRAY, witnesses Maggie McDONALD & Fanny BARUBY, both of Bryden, 8 May 1901, at the Parsonage by Rev. R.H. Baruby, by Lic.

009717-1901 (Lambton Co): Julius ARNOLD, 24, Farmer, Dawn, Sombra, s/o Henry ARNOLD & Margaret MURRAY, married Anna Beulah MANNER, 19, Moore, Moore, d/o John MANNER & Mary KERR, witnesses, L.S. HALVERSTON ? & Flossie McDONALD, both of Bryden, 20 February 1901, Res of Brides Father, by Rev. James Coutts, by Lic.

009718-1901 (Lambton C0): William LOTEAU??, 34, Farmer, Mosa, Bryden, s/o William LOTEAU?? & Harriet WHITING, married Vina PARR, 23, Mosa, Bryden, d/o Frederick PARR & Jane WHITING, witnesses Thomas LEE & Harriet JOHNSTON, both of Courtright, 13 April 1901, Courtright, by Rev. Edwin Lee, by Lic.

009719-1901 (Lambton Co): Albert Edward KING, 25, Deputy, Camden, Camden, s/o William H. KING & Sara A. GREENWOOD?, married Mina LETT, Watford, Dawn, d/o Robert LETT & Mary A. LEECH, witnesses Fanny BARUBY and Mary MARR both of Bryden, 30 Jan 1901, Parsonage, by Rev. R.H. Baruby, by Lic.

009720-1901 (Lambton Co): Charles Thomas BRADSHAW, 28, Sailor, England, Port Huron, Mich., s/o William BRADSHAW & Jane AIREY, married Ursula SINCLAIR, 23, Moore, Moore, d/o Lawrence SINCLAIR & Annie MURRAY, witnesses Harrison BRADSHAW & Margaret SINCLAIR of Moore Twp., 16 Jan 1901 at the Brides Parents residence, by Rev. D. Johnston, by Lic.

00721-1901 (Lambton Co): Edward Richard WILSON, 39, Engineer, Richmond Hills, St. Thomas, s/o Richard & Maria WILSON, married Florence A. HYDE, 24, Courtright, Courtright, d/o John & Sarah HYDE, witnesses W. COTTRELL of St. Thomas & M. HYDE of Courtright, 22 May 1901, Courtright, by Rev. Edward Lee, by Lic.

009722-1901 (Lambton Co): Young TAYLOR, 28, Labourer, England, Sarnia, s/o John TAYLOR & June BASAUDELE ?, married Barbara E. DARISH, 19, Moore, Moore, d/o Peter DARISH & Elizabeth BRANDINOR??, witnesses A.W. McKAY and Minnie MAW both of Fromfield, 16 October 1901, Fromfield Moore Twp., by Rev. J.A. Ferguson, by Lic.

009723-1901 (Lambton Co): John McRAE, 63, Widower, Merchant, Welland Co., Ont., Moore, s/o William McRAE & Agnes McFARLANE, married Margaret McKINNON, 58, Widow, P.E.I., Courtright, d/o Kenneth & Henrietta McKENZIE, witnesses, Mrs. Mary BELL of Corunna & Cashline ALLEN of Clinton 20 June 1901, Corunna, by Rev. W.D. Bell. by Lic.

009724-1901 (Lambton Co): Arthur Brannd JOHNSTON, 24, Farmer, Oil Springs, Moore, s/o James JOHNSTON & Louisa BRANND, married Rosa Ann WARWICK, 22, Leedds Co., Oil Springs, d/o John WARWICK & Sara RUNNING ?, witnesses Maud AYERAST & E. GRIEU? both of Courtright, 1 July 1901 Courtright, by Rev. J. W. Ayerast, by Lic.

009725-1901 (Lambton Co): Frederick J. HARRIS, 20, Mechanie, Lambton Co, Sarnia, s/o Charles HARRIS & ?? (note says. Mr. Harris did not know his wife's name ?), married Charlotte HILLER, 18, Sarnia Twp., Sarnia Twp., d/o George HILLER & Charlotte BRITNAY, witnesses Mrs. D.W. BELL of Corunna & Coshin ALLEN of Clinton, 3 July 1901 by Rev. D.W. Bell, by Lic.

009726-1901 (Lambton Co): John MANNER, 29, Farmer, Moore, Moore, s/o John MANNER & Mary KERR, married Euphemia NESBIT, 21, Chatham Twp., Moore, d/o David NESBIT & Margaret FORSYTH, wittnesses Overton MANNER & John NESBIT, both of Moore, 19 June 1901 at Brides Residence, by Rev. J.C. McKee, by Lic.

009727-1901 (Lambton Co): John HAWSON, 29, Farmer, Watford, Sombra, s/o Neil HAWSON & Phoebe FRESH ?, married Lottie COLTON, 28 Burford Twp., Sombra, d/o George H. COLTON & Ellen WHOLE, witnesses Mary & Bella McKEE both of Bryden, 27 June 1901, at the Manse, by Rev. J.C. McKee, by Lic.

009728-1901 (Lambton Co): Thomas Henry SWISH ?, 38, Brakeman, Bothwell, Sarnia, s/o James SWISH? & Elizabeth SWEET, married Annie PARK, 32, Moore, Moore, d/o James PARK & Rachel SWISH, witnesses Andrew PORTER & Harriet PRETTY, both of Sarnia, 26 June 1901 Res. of brides Mother, by Rev. J. K. Hall, by Lic.

009729-1901 (Lambton Co): Charles S. NESBIT, 28, farmer, Moore, Brigden, s/o George NESBIT & Sara BOOTH, married Helen HOSKINS, 20, Petrolia, Moore, d/o James HOSKINS & Eliza ANDERSON, witnesses Mary E. & Robina BELL both of Corunna, 5 August 1901, Corunna, by Rev.D.W. Bell, by Lic.

009730-1901 (Lambton Co): James BLACKMAN, 35, Farmer, Moore, Moore, s/o Louis BLACKMAN & Mary LANG?, married Mary Matilda Jane GRAY, 31, Moore, Moore, d/o William GRAY & Henrietta NEAL witnesses Oren BLACKMORE & Barbara B. GRAY, both of Moore, 18 August 1901, Moore, by Rev. J.C. McKee, by Lic.

009731-1901 (Lambton Co): Frank JOHNSTON, 37, Widower, Jeweller, Oil Springs, Petrolia, s/o Robert R. & Mary C. JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth ATWOOD, 40, Widow, N. Hampshire, USA, Sombra, d/o Jeduthas ATWOOD & Mary E. THURSTON, witnesses George & Mary ATWOOD of Sombra, 3 October 1901, Guthrie House, by Rev. Johnston, by Lic.

009732-1901 (Lambton Co): Robert BAXTER, 30, Farmer, Moore, Fargo N. Dak., s/o Francis BAXTER & Jane KIRTON, married Catherine McDOUGELL, 30 Cardoc Twp., Moore, d/o Donald McDOUGELL & Ann McPHAIL, witnesses, Duncan LEROUX of Moore & Gertrude ??, of Warkworth, 5 November 1901 Moore Twp., by Rev. W. D. Bell, by Lic.

009733-1901 (Lambton Co): George RUMHOR, 21, Carpenter, Waterloo, Bridgen, s/o James H. RUMHOR & Margaret Elizabeth DAKE??, married Lottie Mary REWBOTHAN, 20, Brigden, Brigden, d/o William REWBOTHAN & Emily Jane BEER, witnesses Arnold & Stela REWBOTHAN of Brigden, 10 October 1901 Brigden, by Rev. R. H. Baruby, by Lic.

009734-1901 (Lambton Co): Harry Franklin CLARK, 27, Bricklayer, Petrolia, Petrolia, s/o Robert CLARK & Susan HOSKINS, married Phoebe Jane JAMES, 25, Wilkensport, Brigden, d/o Charles B. JAMES & Esther McDERMAID, witnesses Charles & Esther Jane JAMES of Brigden, 31 October 1901, Brigden, by Rev. R.H. Baruby, by Lic.

009735-1901 (Lambton Co): George Holland CLARK, 28, Farmer, Wales, Brigden, s/o James CLARK & Mary HOLLAND, married Elizabeth Jane SMITH, 29, Moore, Brigden, d/o Thomas SMITH & Sarah GIBSON, witnesses James & Mrs. James SMITH of Brigden, 17 October 1901, Brigden, by Rev. R.H.Baruby, by Lic.

009736-1901 (Lambton Co):Robert MARTIN, 21, Clerk, Manitolin Isl, Sarnia, s/o Frank MARTIN & Mary McCOLL, married May LINDSAY, 19, Chatham, Sarnia, d/o Joseph LINDSAY & Mary MARSHALL, witnesses M. WALLACE of Inwood & Robena BELL of Corunna, 11 February 1901, Corunna, by Rev. W. Bell, by Lic.

009737-1901 (Lambton Co): Fred S. BRADSHAW, 25, Farmer, Sombra, Sombra, s/o William BRADSHAW & Jane AIREY, married Cecely Elizabeth BARNES, 26, Chatham, Moore, d/o E. Stevens BARNES & Elizabeth SAVAGE, witnesses Harrison BRADSHAW of Sombra & Flossie BARNES of Moore, 23 October 1901, Moore, by Rev. R.H. Baruby, by Lic.

009738-1901 (Lambton Co): Jeremiah Hagar BABCOCK, 31, Farmer, Frontenac, Dawn, s/o Phylander BABCOCK & Margaret McIVER, married Margaret Alexia McHANEY, 23, Mich, Moore, d/o William McHANEY & Margaret MANNER, witnesses George A CARR of Dresden & Christina E. DAY? 18 December 1901, Moore, by Rev. D. Johnston, by Lic.

009739-1901 (Lambton Co): John McGREGOR, 34, Fisherman, Plympton, Plympton, s/o Alexander McGREGOR & Jane SYMINGTON ?, married Eleanor Elizabeth GRAHAM, 33, Sarnia Twp., Moore, d/o Joseph GRAHAM & Francis Eunice BLAIR??, witnesses John SYMINGTON of Plympton & ? GRAHAM of Moore, 10 December 1901, Moore by Rev.J.A. Ayearst, by Lic.

009740-1902 (Lambton Co): Robert MEDLEY, 28, Farmer, Moore, Moore, s/o Francis MEDLEY & Mary NEILOT, married Jennie ALLENYHAM, 22, Moore, Moore, d/o John ALLENYHAM & Jennie McQETTIE ?, witnesses Alfred ALLENYHAM of Cryston & Beskia ?WILLIAMSON of Kingscourt, 1 January 1901, by Rev. W.D. Bell, by Lic.

009741-1902 (Lambton Co): William Charles KENNIS ?, 34, Sailor, England, Moore, s/o George & Sarah KENNIS ?, married Lilly E. FORD, 36, Moore, Moore, d/o William & Ann FORD, witnesses F. LEE & E. LOGAN, both of Courtright, 1 January 1902, Courtright, by Rev. Edwin Lee, by Lic.

009742-1902 (Lambton Co): James Henry MORRISON, 34, Clerk, Wentworth Co., Brigden, s/o Robert MORRISON & Martha ELLY, married Mary Catherine BLAKIE, 21, Norfolk Co., Brigden, witnesses A.L. MORRISON of Alvinston & Nina MOSS of Detroit, Mich., 1 January 1902, Brigden, by Rev. R.H. Baruby, by Lic.

009787-1901 (Lambton Co): Ebenezer ANDERSON, 31, Farmer, Plympton, Plympton, s/o Robert ANSERSON & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, married Christina M. SMITH, 23, Plympton, Plympton, d/o James E. SMITH & Margaret RAMSAY, witnesses Robert WALKER of Forest & Bertha RAMSAY of Plympton, 9 Jan 1901, Plympton, by Rev. S.V.R. Pentland, by Lic.

009788-1901 (Lambton Co): Samuel CROSSON, 37, Ranchman, Lawrence, Ont., Maple Creek, s/o David CROSSON & Catherine McKAY, married Sophia BRIDEKIRK, 25, Plympton, Plympton, d/o Thomas A. BRIDEKIRK & Cecilia DUFF, witnesses David CROSSON of Lawrence, Ont., & Mary PYE of Wyoming, Ont., 23 January 1901, Plympton, by Rev. John M. Gunne, by Banns.

009789-1901 (Lambton Co): Sidney CURRAH, 27, Farmer, Sarnia, Twp, Plympton, s/o Joseph CURRAH & Elizabeth MITCHELL, married Esther BRIGHT, 24, Plympton, Plympton, d/o Leonard BRIGHT & Elizabeth EDWARDS, witnesses William HOUGHLON & Lilly BRIGHT both of Plympton, 6 February 1901, Plympton, by Rev. R.S. Wilson, by Lic.

009790-1901 (Lambton Co): Joseph W. BLAIR, 27, Fireman, Plympton, Plympton, Goderich, Ont., Port Huron, Mich., s/o Samuel BLAIR & Elizabeth SPLAM ? married Sadie E. SCHRAM, 30, Plympton, Plympton, d/o David SCHRAM & Elizabeth MAY, witnesses, Delbert WILDER of Sarnia & Mattie SCHRAM of Plympton, 24 April 1901, Plympton, by Rev. R.S. Wilson, by Lic.

009791-1901 (Lambton Co): John Oliver TREMAIN, 26, Farmer, Plympton, Plympton, s/o John TREMAIN & Mary GOODHILL, married Eunice COLBECK, 28, Plympton, Plympton, d/o William COLBECK & Margaret KENNEDY, witnesses Bertha M. TREMAIN & H.H. COLBECK both of Plympton, 5 June 1901, Plympton, by Rev. James Barber, by Lic.

009792-1901 (Lambton Co): Joseph BARRETT, 30, Steam Fitter, Detroit, Mich, Detroit, Mich, s/o Patrick BARRETT & Catherine BRETT, married Mary JOHNSON, 30, Plympton, Detroit, d/o Joseph JOHNSON & Marion CLIMIE, witnesses Thomas & Mrs. T. JOHNSON, of Sarnia, 5 June 1901, Plympton, by Rev. John. M. Gunne, by Lic.

009793-1901 (Lambton Co): Duncan McLACHLAN, 40, Farmer, Scotland, Enniskillen, s/o Duncan McLACHLAN & Mary McMILLAN, married Nellie BARTLEY, 33, Streetsville, Ont, Plympton, d/o Charles BARTLEY & Margaret COOPER, witnesses Joseph BODDICK of Enniskillen & Bella McLEAN of Plympton, 24 October 1901, Plympton, by Rev. S. Anderson, by Lic.

009794-1901 (Lambton Co): Thomas Albert MORRIS, 26, Farmer, Warwick, Warwick, s/o William MORRIS & Margaret WYNN ?, married Hannah Ida SCOFFIN, 21, Plympton, Plympton, d/o John P. SCOFFIN & Mary HAWKINS, witnesses William E. MORRIS of Warwick & Amy A. SCOFFIN of Plympton, 19 Jun 1901 Plympton, by Rev. S. Anderson, by Lic.

009808-1901 (Lambton Co): William Alexander McCLUE, 30, Woodworker, Michigan, Sarnia, s/o Peter McCLUE & Anna SHANNON, married Margaret WATT, 22, Sarnia, Sarnia, d/o John WATT & Sarha Matilda SMART, witnesses, Edward McCLUE of Michigan & Susia BRENNANof Sarnia, 1 January 1901, Sarnia, by Rev. John R. Hall, by Lic.

009809-1901 (Lambton Co): Cal DAWSON, 36, Marine Engineer, Pontiac, Mich., Port Huron, Mich., s/o James D. DAWSON & Marietta ?GNITH?, married Ella PEASLEY, 24, Greenwood, Mich., Port Huron, Mich d/o William PEASLEY & Lena SHADER, witnesses Mrs. E.P SPELLER & Miss E.B. SPELLER both of Sarnia, 9 January 1901, Sarnia, by Rev. H.C. Speller, by Lic.

009810-1900 (Lambton Co): Charles SEAMAN, 27, Traveller, Alpena, Mich., Detroit, s/o A.L. SEAMAN & Jessie GORDON, married Margaret HUBER, 20, Mitchell, Ont, Port Huron, d/o George HUBER & Margaret MITCHELL, witnesses Laura J. GADEN & Ethel J. HARDWICK, both of Sarnia, 28 October 1900 Sarnia, by Rev. George Daniel for Dr. J. Smith of London, by Lic.

009811-1900 (Lambton Co): Gus PETHKE, 20, Mason, Germany, Sarnia, s/o Aloin PETHKE & Teresa CRAFT, married Clara SEIB, 18, Sarnia, Sarnia, d/o Charles SEIB & Monika WISE, witnesses John O'BRIEN & Anna PETHKE both of Port Huron, Mich., 18 December 1900, Sarnia, by Rev. George Daniel by Lic.

009812-1901 (LambtonCo): Joseph OSTNER, 28, Engineer, Saginaw, Mich, Sarnia, s/o Joseph OSTNER & Mary RIDDLE, married Violet HUTCHINSON, 18, Mich., Sarnia, d/o Stephen HUTCHINSON & Hannah VALLEY, witnesses, F.N. VALLEY of Mich., & Gertrude RISH ? of Sarnia, 9 January 1901, Sarnia by Rev. George Daniel, by Lic.

009813-1901 (Lambton Co): Dr. Edward S. NAVANN, 49, Widower, Physician, Texas, Buffalo, s/o Franklin NAVANN, & Mary STEWART, married Jessie CREIGHTON, 28, Bruce Co., Ont., Winnipeg, Man d/o William CREIGHTON & Elizabeth CHISHOLM, witness Jessie GADEN & Laura J. GADEN both of Toronto, Ont., 16 January 1901, Sarnia, by Rev. George Daniel, by Lic.

009814-1900 (Lambton Co): William Henry SCOTT, 44, Machinist, New Jersey, USA, Chicago, USA, s/o William SCOTT & Ann VALENTINE, married Dora HAYWOOD, 58 ? (38 ??), Mich., Lexington, Mich, d/o Roderick HAYWOOD & Emma LATHROP, witnesses Jessie GADEN of Toronto & A.M. Daniel of Sarnia, 29 December 1900, Parsonage, Sarnia, by Rev. George Daniel, by Lic.

009815-1900 (Lambton Co): Robert Scott MISENER, 21, Sailor, Brucefield, Thesalow, Algoma , s/o Edward MISNER & Mary HAGEN, married Olive E.L. GLASS, 18, Sarnia, Sarnia, d/o William GLASS & Margaret McFADDEN witnesses, Albert HAGEN of Thesalow, Algoma & Ethel B.J. GLASS of Sarnia, 5 December 1900, Sarnia, by Rev. George Daniel, by Lic.

009816-1901 (Lambton Co): George W. EARL, 24, Brakeman, Sarnia, Sarnia, s/o William EARL & Eliza FLETCHER, married Clara KIRKPATRICK, 21, Goderich, Sarnia, d/o William KIRKPATRICK & Ann KERR, witnesses Claude MANN of Port Huron & Maude KIRKPATRICK of Sarnia, 1 Jan 1901, Sarnia by Rev. George Daniel, by Lic.

009817-1901 (LambtonCo): Davie Sylvester CLARK, 23, Sailor, Osley, Osley, Ont., s/o Thomas CLARK & Eliza FLETCHER, married Maud Adeline PHILLIPS, 23, Watford, Sarnia, d/o William F. PHILLIPS & Caroline STEWART, witnesses Elmer P. STEWART & Gertrude STOKES, both of Sarnia, 1 January 1901, Sarnia, by Rev. George Daniels, by Lic.

009818-1901 (Lambton Co): Robert George ELLNOR, 21, Labourer, Sarnia, Sarnia, s/o George ELLNOR & Martha BLACKBURN, married Christine Pearl KILBREATH, 17, Forest, Sarnia d/o Ezra KILBREATH & Jennie ROSS, witnesses, Mrs. Jennie KILBREATH & Bertie ELLNOR both of Sarnia, 17 January 1901 Sarnia, by Rev. George Daniel by Lic.

009819-1901 (Lambton Co): Joseph PARADIS, 21, Farmer, Quebec, Sarnia Twp., s/o Thomas PARADIS & Jenny SHENEAU, married Violetta SCHAPELL, 21, Port Rowan, Ont., Sarnia Twp., d/o Lewis SHENEAU & Dora DICKERSON, witnesses Ethel OGDEN & Margaret HAWLEY both of Sarnia, 1 February 1901, Sarnia, by Rev. H.C. Speller, by Lic.

009820-1901 (Lambton Co): John GLOVER, 30, Oil Driller, Ireland, Petrolia, s/o James GLOVER & Mary INGRAM, married Mabel A. JACKSON, 23, Sarnia, Sarnia, d/o William JACKSON & Annie TAYLOR, witnesses Margaret ROGER & Jane DAVIS, both of Sarnia, 9 February 1901, The Rectory, by Rev. T. R. Davies, by Lic.

009821-1901 (Lambton Co): Joseph COLLARD, 41, Farmer, Welland, Ont, ??, s/o Elijah COLLARD & Eliza MARTIN, married Dora FARGO, 32, Grenville, ??, d/o Jerome FARGO & Rachel KING, witnesses Mrs. Colin CAMERON & Mrs. E.P. SPELLER, both of Sarnia, 20 March 1901, Sarnia by Rev. H.C. Speller, by Lic.

009770-1902 (Lambton Co): Joseph ROBINSON, 25, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o William ROBINSON & Sarah GARDNER, married Jennie M. ROBINS, 27, Metcalfe, Brooke, d/o John ROBINS & Maria WARNER, witnesses James ROBINSON of Inwood & Annie McINTYRE of Napier, 25 June 1902, Brooke by Rev. A.M. McCulloch, by Lic.

009771-1902 (Lambton Co): Dougal READER, 30, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o James READER & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Mary A. LUKE, 21, Brooke, Brooke, d/o John LUKE & Margaret ELLIS witnesses William READER & Ethel E. LUKE both of Alvinston, 25 June 1902, Brooke, by Rev. S.G. Livingston, by Lic.

009772-1902 (Lambton Co): Samuel MITCHELL, 38, Barber, Warwick, Watford, s/o John MITCHELL & Margaret HUME, married Annie COWAN, 32, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Edward COWAN & Elizabeth WHITCRAFT, witnesses, W.J. MITCHELL of Toronto & Edith M. Cowan of Watford, 10 September 1902, Brooke, by Rev. John Downie, by Lic.

009773-1902 (Lambton Co): Robert CARRUTHERS, 33, Farmer, Elkfrid, Mosa, s/o Christopher CARRUTHERS & Elizabeth MAGEE, married Flora Ann WALKER, 27, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Archibald WALKER & Anne McGUGAN ?, witnesses James CARRUTHERS of ? & Kate WALKER of Alvinston, 1 October 1902, Brooke, by Rev. S.G. Livingston, by Lic.

009774-1902 (Lambton Co): John Thomas KERSEY, 29, Farmer, Warwick, Warwick, s/o Edward KERSEY & Mary Ann CLARKE, married Rachel Jane HOSKINS, 18, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Josiah HOSKINS & Jane DENNIS, witnesses Samuel L. JAMES of Watford & Alda HOSKINS of Brooke, 1 October 1902, Brooke, by Rev. John A. Baldwin, by Lic.

009775-1902 (Lambton Co):Andrew B. CONNOR, 38, Lumber Merchant, Brooke, Brooke, s/o Robert CONNER & Elizabeth McNAUGHTON, married Ida A. HOLBROOK, 29, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Henry HOLBROOK & Martha LETT, witnesses William A. CLARKE of Berlin? & Laura HOLBROOK of Brrok, 16 October 1902, Brooke, by Rev. A.M. McCulloch, by Lic.

009776-1902 (Lambton Co): Arthur Wellington GRIFFITHS, 23, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o John Wesley GRIFFITHS & Emily LEACH, married Martha SAUNDERS, 18, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Abraham SAUNDERS & Elizabeth Ann BURCHILL, witnesses John PARKER & Martha GRIFFITH both of Sutorville, 29 October 1902, Brooke, by Rev. A.M. McCulloch, by Lic.

009777-1902 (Lambton Co): John C. McCALLUM, 28, Farmer, Euphemia, Euphemia, s/o Duncan McCALLUM & Flora CAMPBELL, married Alma May LUKE, 25, brooke, Brooke, d/o John LUKE & Margaret ELLIS, witnesses, Robert LUKE of Alvinston & Pearl McALPINE of Weidman, 17 December 1902, Brooke, by Re. S.G. Livingston, by Lic.

009778-1902 (Lambton Co): George SHORTT, 30, Rancher, Walkerton, Calgary, s/o George SHORTT & Mary SHIELDS, married Janetta Isabella CAMPBELL, 20, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Margaret SHIELDS, witnesses James SHIELDS of Warsick & Sara LEITCH of Brooke, 17 December 1902, by Rev. A. Bell, by Lic.

009760-1902 (Lambton Co): Freeman C. BIRCHARD, 32, Farmer, Ont., Warwick, s/o Harvey BIRCHARD & Sarah ORRIS, married Margaret LONG, 24, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Robert LONG & Sarah WILLIAMSON, witnesses Levi BIRCHARD of Flint, Mich., & Maude LONG of Brooke, 1 January 1902, Brppke, by Rev. E.B. Horne, by Lic.

009761-1902 (Lambton Co): Wallace WATSON, 39, Farmer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o William & Sarah WATSON, married Edith KELLY, 21, Brooke, Brooke, d/o James L. KELLY & Frances KINGSTON, witnesses Alfred George LUCAS & Amelia KELLY, both of Brooke, 15 January 1902, Brooke, by Rev. John Downie, by Lic.

009762-1902 (Lambton Co): Thomas LAMOINE, 35, Farmer, Carleton Co., Enniskillen, s/o Charles LAMOINE & Jane Ann LATIMER, married Margaret Jane McNABB, 24, Bosanquet, Brooke, d/o Archiblad McNABB & Margaret RAE, witnesses James R. & Agnes McNABB both of Brooke, 29 January 1902, The Manse at Inwood, by Rev. J.M. Wallace, by Lic.

009763-1902 (Lambton Co): Robert J. STUART, 21, Farmer, Mosa, Dawn, s/o Angus John STUART & Jane Innes, married Minnie D.J. POWELL, 17, Enbridge ?, Euphemia, d/o James POWELL & Jane WILLIAMS witnesses Mrs. C.H. THOMPSON of Montreal & Roswell B. WARNER of Inwood, 6 February 1902, The Manse, Inwood, by Rev. J. M. Wallace, by Lic.

009764-1902 (Lambton Co): Laird SIMPSON, 23, Farmer, Plympton, Enniskillen, s/o William SIMPSON & Rachel SCOTT, married Isabella SIMPSON, 18, Enniskillen, Enniskillen, d/o John SIMPSON & Betsy GREENLEES, witnesses Sandy WILLIAMSON of Aberander & Rachel WATSON of Sutorville, 26 February 1902, The Manse at Inwood, by Rev. J.M. Wallace, by Lic.

009765-1902 (Lambton Co): Malcolm McLARTY, 23, Barber, Oakdale, Glencoe, s/o Alexander McLARTY & Mary McGREGOR, married Catherine Ann POLLOCK, 24, Brooke, Brooke, d/o James POLLOCK & Ellen LETT, witnesses William George POLLOCK of Brooke & Flora McLARTY of Detroit, 26 March 1902 Brooke, by Rev. T.A. Bell, by Lic.

009766-1902 (Lambton Co): John WARDELL, 28, Farmer, Muskoka, Brooke, s/o Timothy WARDELL & Barbara HUNTSBERGER, married Christina CAMPBELL, 22, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Alexander L. CAMPBELL & Jessie McCALLUM, witnesses Mac McAPLINE of Aughrim & Annie L. GUNN of Oil Springs, 26 March 1902, Brooke, by Rev. S.G. Livingston, by Lic.

009767-1902 (Lambton Co): John W. HAWES, 26, Labourer, Elgin Co., St. Thomas, s/o Thomas HAWES & Frances DENNIS, married Amelia A. KELLY, 22, Brooke, Brooke, d/o Frank KELLY & Armenia WILLOUGHBY, witnesses F. BELL of St. Thomas & Minnie J. KELLY of Brooke, 22 January 1902, Brooke by Rev. A. M. McCulloch, by Lic.

009768-1902 (Lambton Co): George BUYERS, 25, Blacksmith, Detroit, Detroit, Mich, s/o James BUYERS & Mary DILLANE, married Elizabeth McLACHLAN, 24, Brooke, Brooke, d/o John McLACHLAN & Ellie McALPINE, witnesses Neil LEITCH & Annie McLACHLAN both of Brooke, 21 Mary 1902, Brooke, by Rev. Edward B. Horne ?, by Lic.

009769-1902 (Lambton Co): Isaac LINTON , 31, Farmer, London Twp., Brooke, s/o Isaac LINTON & Isabella CLARKE, married Eunice JOHNSTON, 24, Brooke, Brooke, d/o James JOHNSTON & Matilda MOORE, witnesses James H. JOHNSTON & Mary LINTON both of Alvinston, 4 June 1902, Brooke, by Rev. S.G. Livingston, by Lic.

Vol 12 Pge 215 (Lambton Co); Joseph G. ARNOLD, 28, Farmer, lives Moore Twp., born Germany, s/o Adam & Elizabeth ARNOLD, married Mary Jane WELLS, 18, lives Moore Twp., born England, d/o William & Jane WELLS. Wit. Mathew ANDREWS & Sarah WELLS, Moore. 4 Oct. 1871, Sarnia, Rev. Joseph W. McCALLUM, license.

Vol 12 Pge 215 (Lambton Co): John A. SELLS, 20, Farmer, lives Strathroy, born Canada, s/o David & Sarah SELLS, married Ann PLANK, 18, lives Warwick, born Canada, d/o Henry & Ann PLANK. Wit. Sylvester PLANK & H. PLANK, 18 Dec. 1871, Arkona. H. J. KELLY, banns.

Vol 12 Pge 216 (Lambton Co):William BRYCE, 27, Teacher, lives Watford, Canada, s/o Robert BRYCE &Eliza McKEOWN, married Margaret GLENDENING, 29, lives Watford, born Scotland, d/o Alexander GLENDENING & Margaret PARK. Wit. John BRYCE & Georgina GLENDENING, Watford. 25 Dec. 187 1, Widder Station, P. GOODFELLOW, license.

Vol 12 Pge 216 (Lambton Co): Joseph PARENT, 25, lives Bosanquet, born Quebec, s/o Tilespher & Julia PARENT, married Jane DUSHAM, 18, lives Bosanquet, born Quebec, d/o Martin & ? DUSHAM. Wit. Christopher DUSHAM & Jacob LYMAN, Bosanquet. 17 Oct. 1870, Bosanquet, Robert LYMAN, license.

Vol 12 Pge 216 (Lambton Co): John HOPKINS, 25, lives Bosanquet, born Napanee, s/o John & Elizabeth HOPKINS, married Mary Emily NORTON, 21, lives Bosanquet, born Elizabethtown, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth NORTON. Wit. Gideon PEARSALL & William ARMSTRONG, Forest. 13 Nov. 1870, Forest, B. C. MOORE, license.

Vol 12 Pge 216 (Lambton Co): Joseph MORLEY, 26, Oil Distiller, lives Petrolia, born Yorkshire, England, s/o Joseph & Hannah MORLEY, married Anna WALKER, 18, lives Forest, born Strathroy, d/o William A. & Mary Arm WALKER. Wit. Adam & Elizabeth ROBERTSON Forest. 27 Dec. 1870, Forest. B. C. MOORE, license.

Reg 262: George ANNETT, 28, res. Brook, born Euphremia; parents Philip & Sarah ANNETT; bride Margaret BROWNLEE, age 23, res. Euprhemia, born Euphremia; parents William and Jane BROWNLEE; Witnesses Christopher BROWNLEE & Elvira ANNETT both of Euprhemia; date of marriage Oct 5, 1864

006117-87 (Lambton Co) Robert MORRISON, 22, Canada, Moore Twp, b, farmer, s/o Alexander MORRISON & Margaret McLEAN, married Mary Milla COOL, 22, Canada, Moore Twp, s, d/o Philip COOL & Margaret CARR, witn: Mary THOMPSON of Sarnia, Mrs. CLARK, 22 July 1886, Sarnia

006118-87 (Lambton Co) William Edward THOMPSON, 47, Canada, Petrolia, widower, Engineer, s/o Ralph THOMPSON & Mary Ann LEITCH, married Sarah Ann JULIAN, 29, England, Petrolia, s(!), d/o George COX & Harriet ODELL, witn: L.A. HAND of Sarnia, 22 June 1886, Sarnia

006119-87 (Lambton Co) James JOHNSTON, 47, Scotland, Village of Walford, widower, mechanic, s/o William JOHNSTON & Ann CRAY, married Mary Ann McPHAIL, 20, Canada, Walford, d/o Duncan McPHAIL & Lizzie BOWES, witn: Mrs. THOMPSON, Emily CLARK, both Sarnia, 21 April 1886, Sarnia

006120-87 (Lambton Co) James MILLER, 43, Canada, Sarnia, b, mail carrier, s/o John MILLER & Janet LYLE, married Thiza RUBIER, 40, Canada, Sarnia, widow, d/o Eoli HABERS & Olivia DESK, witn: George L. MAIN, Mary MAIN, both Township of Sarnia, 22 September 1886, Sarnia

006121-87 (Lambton Co) Angus MATHESON, 34, Nova Scotia, Town of Goderich, widower, sailor, s/o Mathew MATHESON & Henrietta McIVER, married Emma HUGHSON, 24, Canada, Port Albert, s, d/o Oscar HUGHSON & Sarah JACKSON, witn: Mary THOMPSON, Emily CLARK, both Sarnia, 9 November 1886, Sarnia

006122-87 (Lambton Co) James Cuyler MILLS, 34, Canada, Jarvis, b, chemist, s/o James MILLS & E.V. ROBINSON, married Charlotte Jane FOULDS, 22, Canada, Sarnia, s, d/o James FOULDS & Grace CAMERON, witn: Sutherland JOHNSON of Sarnia, Miss MACK, 29 September 1886, Sarnia

006119-93 (Lambton Co) William WRAY, 33, Devonshire England, Bosanquet, b, farmer, s/o George WRAY & Mary Ann LOOSMORE, married Helen HORNER, 31, Bosanquet, same, s, d/o William HORNER & Janet HAY, witn: Robt WRAY of Bosanquet, Ella CAMPBELL of Warwick, 28 March 1893, Bosanquet

006120-93 (Lambton Co) Donald McKELLAR, 27, Bosanquet, same, b, farmer, s/o Donald & Margaret McKELLAR, married Alice (no surname given), 21, Canada, Bosanquet, s, d/o David & Harriet Maria (no surname given), witn: Robert McKELLAR of Forest & Mary Ann DONALD of Bosanquet, 2 March 1893, Bosanquet. Remarks - Female NOT INDEXED (maybe DONALD??)

006121-93 (Lambton Co) James BURCH, 44, Canada, Dawn Twp, widower, labourer, s/o James & Mary Ann BURCH, married Mary Ann NORTH, 32, Canada, Thedford, s, d/o Thomas & Esther NORTH, witn: George LOCKERY, Mrs. Agnes ROSS, both Bosanquet, 22 February 1893, Bosanquet

006122-93 (Lambton Co) Dugald McINTYRE, 38, Middlesex Co Ont, Bosanquet, b, farmer, s/o Dugald McINTYRE & Margaret FERGUSON, married Annabella McGILL, 33, Elgin Co Ont, Bosanquet, s, d/o Peter McGILL & Isabella McCALLUM, witn: Caleb TRAVIS, Sarah A. McGILL, both Bosanquet, 14 February 1893, Bosanquet

006123-93 (Lambton Co) George KENDALL, 25, Raleigh twp., same, b, farmer, s/o John KENDALL & Margaret BISON, married Minnie Alberta MOLESWORTH, 24, Dorchester, Bosanquet, s, d/o John MOLESWORTH & Julia Ann AYLESO(cut off), witn: Augustus & Edith MOLESWORTH of Forest, 7 March 1893, Bosanquet

004974-79 (Lambton Co) Alfred Johnston FOCKNER, 39, Ontario, Whitchurch Ont, widower, farmer, s/o Benjamin & Mary FOCKNER, married Anna MUMA, Blenheim Ont,, Warwick Ont, s, d/o Michael & Sarah MUMA, witn: G.M. EVERETT of Arkona, R.G. BRETT, MD of Arkona, 10 December 1879, Warwick. (Groom's surname should be FOCKLER)

004975-79 (Lambton Co) Mitton E. TAYLOR, 35, Lanark Co Ont, Brooke, b, School Teacher, s/o Joseph & Elisabeth TAYLOR, married Charlotte ANDREWS, 27, Lanark Co Ont, Warwick Ont, s, d/o James B. & Mary ANDREWS, witn: J.H. HAZELWOOD, Debbie KERFOOT, 25 December 1879, Warwick

004976-79 (Lambton Co) Alexander LAIRD, 32, Scotland, Warwick, b, farmer, s/o Robert & Ann LAIRD, married Maria WILLIAMS, 30, Warwick Ont, same, s, d/o John & Ann WILLIAMS, witn: John WILLIAMS, Wm. D. CAMERON, 9 December 1879, Warwick

004977-79 (Lambton Co) James HUNTER, 31, Belfast Ireland, Petrolia, b, farmer, s/o Robert & Hannah HUNTER, married Mary MANN, 21, Stratford Ont, Petrolia, s, d/o Meshach & Mary Ann MANN, witn: James PERKINS, Julia COBB, Petrolia, 17 April 1879, Petrolia

004978-79 (Lambton Co) Joseph THOMPSON, 24, WellingtonCo Ont, Petrolia, b, mechanic, s/o James & Mary THOMPSON, married Margaret WYNNE, 21, Kincardine Ont, Petrolia, s, d/o Ambrose & Bridget WYNNE, witn: John WYNNE, Mattie LIGHTHART, Petrolia, 23 April 1879, Petrolia

004979-79 (Lambton Co) John FRASER, 30, Scotland, Petrolia, b, Merchant, s/o Donald & James Noble (!) FRASER, married Ellen Harlow McGILL, 18, Camden East Ont, Petrolia, s, d/o James & Mary Catharine McGILL, witn: J.W. LINDSAY, Mary AITKINS, Petrolia, 23 April 1879, Petrolia

005874-1874 (Lambton Co): Richard SHEPERD, 26, teacher, Canada, Wyoming, s/o Simpson & Sarah SHEPERD, married Nancy HUNTER, 26, Stratford, Plymton. d/o Hugh & Sarah HUNTER; John HUNTER, John BELL ?, Plympton. 31 May 1874 at Plympton.

005875-1874 (Lambton Co): George Davidson, 26, farmer, England, Tp of London, s/o William & Mary DAVIDSON, married Deborah LITTLE, 18, Canada, Plympton, d/o Thomas & Jane LITTLE; wit Will'm BEATIE, Forest, Eliz'th LITTLE, Plympton. 4 Jul 1874 at Forest.

005876-1874 (Lambton Co): Joseph CAIRNS, 33, merchant, Plympton, Forest, s/o Thomas & Ellen CAIRNS, married Kate E DALE, 20, Canada, Hilsboro, d/o Lawrence & Annie DALE; wit Wm CAIRNS, Plympton, L -- DALE, Hillsboro. 6 Aug 1874 at Hillsboro.

004317-1875 (Lambton Co): Joseph J SWANSEY, 23, farmer, England, Sombra, s/o John & Margaret SWANSEY, married Margaret HAYES, 20, Tecumseth Co, Sombra, d/o Thomas & Annie HAYES; wit L & William HAYES. 14 Dec 1875 at Sarnia.

004318-1875 (Lambton Co): William CAIRNS, 22, carriage maker, Plympton, same, s/o James & E CAIRNS, married Jane DUNCAN 22, Plympton, same, d/o Alexander & Jane DUNCAN; wit Mary DUNCAN, J CAIRNS. 30 Dec 1875 at Sarnia.

004319-1875 (Lambton Co): Oakley ROSS, 26, farmer, Belleville, Tp Moore, s/o Matthias & Samantha ROSS, married Rebecca PAISLEY, -, Toronto, Tp Moore, d/o Jerry & Rebecca PAISLEY; wit J S Oliver, T DICKSON. 1 Oct 1875 at Sarnia.

004283-1875 (Lambton Co): James CAIRNS, 28, farmer, Scotland, Plympton, s/o Peter CAIRNS & Mary KNOX, married Dorathea BENSON, 35, Plympton, same, d/o John BENSON & Mary CRIMMINS; wit William SYMINGTON, J CAIRNS, Plympton. 28 Jun 1875 at Plympton.

004284-1875 (Lambton Co): John CANTON, 23, farmer, USA, Plympton, s/o Peter CANTON & Sarah JOHNSTON, married Ellen WILLIAMSON, 22, Plympton, same, d/o Richard WILLIAMSON & Margaret ANDERSON; wit Joseph CANTON, Margt BRYSON, Plympton. 13 Jul 1875 at Plympton.

004285-1875 (Lambton Co): John McCORMICK, 29, farmer, Plympton, Warwick, s/o Mathew McCORMICK & Rachel WILLIAMSON, married Charlotte MONTGOMERY, 21, Trafalgar, Plympton, d/o Charles MONTGOMERY & Charlotte BROWN; wit J K McCORMICK, J G HOYLE, Plympton. 8 Dec 1875 at Plympton.

010711-03 Stephenson -- Roy St John of Dawn 18 born in Forest B farmer Pres S/o Mary Weed & George Stephenson married 16 Sep 1903 in Edys Mills, Dawn T, Lambton County by Rev R J Ross to Olive Velvia Johnston of Dawn 18 born in Dawn S farmer's daughter Pres D/o Charlotte Kier & James Johnston Wit: Susan M Groombridge + Wilfred Johnston, both of Edys Mills Reg 16 Sep 1903

His name: Mathew COUBROUGH Age 28 yrs Residence when Married: Twp of Dawn, Ont. Place of Birth: Halifax Nova Scotia Bachelor Rank or Profession: Farmer Names of Parents: James COUBROUGH Ann COUBROUGH Her name: Elizabeth BROWN, Age: 21 yrs, Spinster Residence when Married: Twp of Dawn, Ont Place of Birth: Twp of Dawn Ont Names of Parents: James C. BROWN Annie BROWN Names and Residences of Witnesses: Lachlan McNEIL Twp of Dawn Maggie BROWN Twp of Dawn Date and Place of Marriage: Oct 3 1883 Tp of Dawn, Ont Religious Denomination of Bridegroom: Presbyterian Religious Denomination of Bride: Presbyterian By whom Married: David A. MOIR By License or Banns: License

His name: John S. BLOOM Age 29 yrs Residence when Married: Twp of Dawn, Ont Place of Birth: Twp Dawn Bachelor or Widower: Bachelor Rank or Profession: Farmer Names of Parents: Robert BLOOM Jane BLOOM Her name: Elizabeth A. Childs, Age: 25 yrs Residence when Married: Dawn Place of Birth: Dawn Spinster or Widow: Spinster Names of Parents: Joseph CHILDS Mary CHILDS Names and Residences of Witnesses: George Williams - Dawn Nella(?) CHILDS - Dawn Date and Place of Marriage: Oct 31st 1883 Twp of Dawn Religious Denomination of Bridegroom: Presbyterian Religious Denomination of Bride: C Methodist By whom Married: James LIVINGSTONE By License or Banns: License

His name: Henry COOK Age 26 yrs Residence when Married: Dawn Place of Birth: Raleigh, Ont Bachelor or Widower: Bachelor Rank or Profession: Farmer Names of Parents: Henry & Charity COOK Her name: Emeline WALKER, Age: 21 yrs Residence when Married: Dawn Place of Birth: Kingston Ont Spinster or Widow: Spinster Names of Parents: Wm & Eliza Jane WALKER Names and Residences of Witnesses: Robert CONLIFFEor ANLIFFE(?) Maggie FLEMING Dawn Date and Place of Marriage: Dawn Nov 29 1883 Religious Denomination of Bridegroom: Baptist Religious Denomination of Bride: Episc Methodist By whom Married: R. A. Hall By License or Banns: License.

11 Oct 1838 John Hiscult, 17, Moore, Upper Canada Ann Edwards, 14, Israel Carelton, JP

19 April 1839 William Nelson, 28, Sombra, Upper Canada Sarian Welch, 18, Sombra, Upper Canada John Bamham, of Sombra & Henry H., of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP

12 Feb 1838 George Bell Johnson, 24, Moore, Upper Canada Emily S. Donnaly, 19, Moore, Upper Canada Hugh Johnson & John Colton, both of Moore, Upper Canada; O.C. Thompson, Minister

7 March 1839 Alexander Callum, 27, Moore, Upper Canada Elizabeth Wood, 16, Moore, Upper Canada Donald Callum, of Moore, Upper Canada & Mr. Nelson George; O.C. Thompson, Minister

19 May 1839 Francis Cadet, 23, Sombra, Upper Canada Sophia Anderson, 18 Anthony Laborder & Florey Laborder, both of Sombra, Upper Canada; John P. Phillips, JP

21 March 1839 Daniel McDonald, 25, Sombra Flora McDonald, 24, Sombra McDough Larchlen (?) & Hector McDonald; Jacob Kendall, JP

10 April 1839 Miles McMillen, 28, Sombra, Upper Canada Ann Smith, 18, Sombra, Upper Canada Alex McIngor & John McDonald; Jacob Kendall, JP

9 Oct 1839 Peter Galino, 28, Moore, Upper Canada Elizabeth Frazer, 19, Moore, Upper Canada Sidney Kenyon & Mon (?) Hopkins; Saul F. Hopkins, JP

20 April 1840 Hester Genaw, 18, Sombra, Upper Canada, P: Joseph Genaw & Cecilia Delisle James Fisher, 26 David Stewart & Richard Peck, of Clay; J.G. Streit, JP

24 March 1840 Hannah McDougan, 20, Sombra Hiram Little, 22 James McDougall, of Upper Canada; J.G. Streit, JP

23 May 1840 Hector McDonald, 21, Sombra, Upper Canada, Farmer Jane Judson, 17, Sombra, Upper Canada, Seamstress Sarah C. Smith & Jane Smith; John K. Smith, JP

21 June 1839 Mary Rattray, 22, Walpole, Upper Canada, late of Scotland George Fish, 25, Walpole, Upper Canada, late of England Sarah C. Smith & Jane Smith; John K. Smith, JP

23 May 1840 Hector McDonald, 21, Sombra, Upper Canada, Farmer Jane Judson, 17, Sombra, Upper Canada, Seamstress Sarah C. Smith & Jane Smith; John K. Smith, JP

4 March 1841 James Metten, 23, Sandwich, Upper Canada Mary Ann Ward, Sombra, Upper Canada James Little, of Sandwich, U.C. & George W. Jones, of Sombra, U.C.; David Cottrellville, JP

8 May 1841 Andrew Garvey, 26, Moore, Upper Canada Julia A. McKinney, 16, Moore, Upper Canada Mons Hopkins & Jane Nichols; S.F. Hopkins, JP

22 Aug 1841 John Decator, 22, Moore, Upper Canada and Sarah P. Cooley, 15, Upper Canada. Archibald and Mary Ann Cooley; David Cottrell, JP.

16 June 1841 William Porter, 25, Port Sarnia, Canada and Mary Boyd, 16, Port Sarnia, Canada. George and Fanny Lennox, both of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP.

25 April 1841 George W. Jones, 25, Sombra, Canada and Rose Bunviner, 19, Sombra, Canada. Seth W. Knight & Henry Ward, both of Sombra; David Cottrell, JP

11 Feb 1841 John Baptiste Oulette, 32, Gilbert Twp, Kent County, Upper Canada and Mrs. Angeline Paeno (Preno?), 29, Gilbert Twp, Kent County, Upper Canada John K. Smith, JP

20 Feb 1841 Ezekiel Niles, 25, Watertown, Kent County, Upper Canada, Farmer and Miss Sarah Cryderman, 20, late of Upper Canada, Seamstress John K. Smith, JP

20 Jan 1842 Reuben Mackum, 30, Sombra, Upper Canada and Eliza Howard, 20, Sombra, Upper Canada. Theodore Howard & Elen Howard, both of Sombra, U.C.; J.G. Striet, JP

31 March 1842 Alex Fubn, 24, Sombra, Upper Canada and Miss Priscilla Lauraby, 20, Sombra, Upper Canada Miss Sophia Moran, of Moore, Upper Canada & Agnes McDougall, of Sombra, U.C.

24 Feb 1842, house of Henry A. Caswell, Cottrellville William Wright, 41, Chatham, Upper Canada and Mary Nobles, 25, Chatham, Upper Canada. Curtis Bellows & Philander Woolsey, both of Cottrellville; N.A. Caswell, JP

Recorded 16 Feb 1843 Jacob Mazless, 33, Sombra, Upper Canada and Hannah Draper, Sombra, Upper Canada. Laymen & Susanna Layman, both of Sombra, U.C.; Zale Ward, JP

26 Feb 1843 George Blaker, 22, Sombra, Upper Canada and Eliza Burnham, 17, Sombra, Upper Canada. Leonard H. Johnson & Mary Johnson, both of Sombra, U.C.; David Cottrell, JP

9 July 1843 John Fisher, 27, Sombra, Upper Canada and Mary Ann James, 22, Sombra, Upper Canada. Alexander Fisher & Angus McDonald; David Cottrell, JP

11 Aug 1843 David Atkins, 21, Sombra, Upper Canada and Annie Arnold, 21, Cottrellville. Robert Little & Malum Burnham, both of Sombra, U.C.; David Cottrellville, JP

23 Aug 1843 Anson Henderson, 34, Moore, Upper Canada and Mrs. Loisa Carter, 32, Moore, Upper Canada. James Henderson & Mr. Francis Baby, both of Moore, U.C.; O.C. Thompson, Minister

29 July 1843 Peter Donnaly, 24, Warwick, Kent County, Upper Canada and Miss Margaret Murphy, 24, Warwick, Kent County, Upper Canada. Christopher Louft, of Fort Gratiot & Anna J. Foster, of Port Huron; Labin Hough, Min. of Protestant Episcopal Ch.

1 Jan 1844 George W. Goodwin, 24, Port Huron and Miss Sophia Morass, 24, Moore, Upper Canada. Alexander Frazier and Miss Victoria Morass, Moore, Upper Canada, O.C. Thompson, Minister.

11 Jan 1844 William B. Wells, 31, Kent County, Upper Canada and Miss Mary Jane Richardson, 21, Cambden, Kent County, Upper Canada. Simeon B. Brown & John Britain; M.H. Miles, JP

11 Jan 1844 Samuel A. Richardson, 23, Cambdon, Kent County, Upper Canada and Miss Lois G. Hull, 23, Cottrellville Simon B. Brown & John Britain, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

12 Feb 1844 Henry Parker, 26, Sombra, Upper Canada and Isabella Parker, 30, Sombra, Upper Canada. Charles D. Cottrell & Daniel D. Cottrell, both of Cottrellville; David Cottrell, JP

8 July 1844 Alexander Stone, 22, St. Clair and Sarah McDonald, 20, Moore, Upper Canada. Albert & Perseus S. Carleton; Isaac Carleton, JP

17 July 1844 Simon Petit, 22, Port Huron and Miss Sophia Gerard, 21, Moore, Kent County, Canada. Ann Brown & John D. Chamberlain, both of St. Clair; M.H. Miles, JP

1 Aug 1844 John Kemp, 25, Warwick, Canada West and Catherine Duncan, 26, Warwick, Canada West. Mrs. Alice L. Thomson & Miss Maryon Martin, both of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

1 Sep 1845 Andrew Barrow, 24, Moore, Kent County, Canada West and Mary Jane Hough, 17, Moore, Kent County, Canada West Benjamin Barrow & Peter Bouchamp, both of Moore, Kent Co, Canada West; Harvey Hyde, Minister

20 Aug 1845 Abraham Curtis, 25, Enneskillen, Canada West and Miss Hannah Walker, 18. Miss Ellen Curtis, of Enneskillen & Mrs. Allice L. Thompson, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

9 Oct 1845 William Wood, 21, Port Sarnia, Canada West and Miss Margaret Boothe, 17, Port Sarnia, Canada West William Flanagan & Miss Abigail Flanagan, both of Port Huron; William Rhodes, Minister

11 Jan 1846 Allen McDougal, 27, Sombra, Upper Canada and Mary Ann Laberdee, 19, Sombra, Upper Canada Allen McDonald & Alexander McDonald, of Clay; J.G. Streit, JP

1 June 1846 James Walker, 23, Enniskellen, Canada West and Ellen Curtis, 18, Enniskellen, Canada West Abram Curtis & Mrs. Hannah Curtis, both of Enniskellen, Canada West; O.C. Thompson, Minister

29 Sept 1846 Charles S. McDonell, 29, Sombra, Canada West and Laura Elizabeth Burnham, 18, Sombra, Canada West Gemima Ward, of Sombra & Harriet C. Cottrell; David Cottrell, JP

6 July 1846 William McCubbin, 21, Chatham, Canada West and Manda M. Darby, 19, Harwich, Canada West Harriet C. Cottrell, of Cottrellville & Hannah McCullin, of Chatham; David Cottrell, JP

26 Jan 1847 Stewart Johnson, 26, Moore, Canada West and Mary Ann Little, 20, Moore, Canada West. George Little & Thomas W. Johnson, both of Moore, Canada West; O.C. Thompson, Minister

15 Dec 1846 William Provert (Provost?), 52, Ekford, London District, Canada West and Sarah Philips, 17, Ekford, London District, Canada West. John Wrightman, of Cottrellville & David Kelly, of Ekford, London District, Canada West; Solomon Gardner, JP.

2 Jan 1847 At the home of Ebenezer Westbrook, Granville Smith, 23, and Polly Smith, 16, Sombra, Kent County, Canada Edwin R. Smith & Harris Hemenger, both of China; E. Westbrook, Minister

25 Feb 1847 Alexander Anderson, 29, Moore, Canada West and Martha Havers, 24, Moore, Canada West D. Folensky & V.A. Ripley, St. Clair; Miles, JP

8 March 1847 Daniel Little, 21, Sombra, Canada and Sophia Droulard, 19, Sombra, Canada, P: Thomas Drouillard & "Polly" Wilcox Robert Little & Emily Little, of Sombra; John K. Smith, JP

18 Feb 1847 Luther Spring, 21, Dawn, Canada West Maria Pecke, 18, Sombra, Canada West Joseph Pecke & Timothy Finley, of Sombram; John K. Smith, JP

28 Feb 1847 Abram Lyman, 21, Sombra, Canada Louisa Allen, 20, Sombra, Canada William Bridgewater & Ephraim Youngs, both of Cottrellville; Solomon Gardner, JP

7 March 1847 Enoch C. Donaldson, 22, Dorchester, London District, Canada West Elizabeth Willsie, 16, Dorchester, London District, Canada West Philip L. Wixson & Eleanor Caster, both of Lexington; Amos Wixson, JP

10 July 1847 John Clark, 22, Warwick Catherine Conner, 17, Warwick A.E. Fechet & G.N. Buel, both of St. Clair; Francis Glass, Minister

15 Oct 1847 Warren Bryce, 19, Port Sarnia, Upper Canada Millissent Wilson, 23, Port Sarnia, Upper Canada Simeon B. Brown & J.W. Bryce; E.S. Crop, JP

20 Oct 1847 Naumabin, 22, an Indian of Sarnia Reserve, Canada Wausage, 18, an Indian of Sarnia Reserve, Canada Henry P. Chase, of Sarnia & Mary L. Crawford, of Port Huron; Riley C. Crawford, Minister

8 Feb 1848 James King, 36?, Canada West Hannah Curtis, 20, Canada West Thomas Caswell, Moore, Canada West & Mrs. A.L. Thompson; O.C. Thompson, Minister

9 June 1848, Reuben Proctor, 24, Port Sarnia, Canada Margaret Taylor, 20, Moore, Canada West William Cole & Ann Taylor, Canada; Riley C. Crawford, Minister

3 Nov 1848 Adam McDonald, 25, Moore, Upper Canada Jane Tremell, 18, Moore, Upper Canada Ines Eliza Carleton & Josephine Carleton; Israel Carleton, JP

14 Dec 1848 John M. Gill, 23, Moore, Canada West (Mrs.) Martha Penoyer, 20, Moore, Canada West Thomas Minton, of Moore, C.W. & Mrs. Mary Ann Gallagher, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

15 Oct 1848 George Stewart McPherson, 24, Eniskillen County, Moore, Canada West Frances Fisher, 23, Moore, Canada West Malcomb Lee Purham, of Moore, Canada & Margaret Martin, of St. Clair; O.C. Thompson, Minister

30 Nov 1849 Malcomb Wright, 28, Moore, Canada West Mary Monson, 28, St. Clair James Baby, Jr. & Edwin D. Kitton; W.P. Wastell, Minister, Congregational, St. Clair

6 Feb 1849 James Dunsmore, 24, Moore, Canada West Elizabeth Gallaway Mrs. Wastile & Miss Eliza Sara Wastile; W.P. Wastell, Minister

2 May 1849 Christopher Hoton?, 21, Sombra, Canada West Jane Clark, 16, Sombra, Canada West Hannah Clark & Thomas Sturdevant; John K. Smith, JP

4 Aug 1849 Thomas Cadman, Sombra, Canada - [Thomas Cadwell? See next entry's witnesses]Sarah Stewart, Sombra, Canada Francis Winters & Sarah Jane Hill; John K. Smith, JP

4 Aug 1849 Francis Winters, 22, Sombra, Canada Sarah Jane Hill, 18, Sombra, Canada Thomas Cadwell & Sarah Jane Hill; John K. Smith, JP

20 Aug 1849 Joseph Booth, 22, Enniskellin, Canada West Sarah Jinner?, 18, Sombra, Canada West Maria C. Miles & B.W. Jenks; Marcus Miles, JP

31 Aug 1849 William Smith, 30, Moore, Canada West Margaret Gowan, 22, Moore, Canada West Samuel F. Hopkins & wife; H.H. Morgan, Minister

14 Sept 1849 George Smith, 27, Warwick, Canada West Mary Ann Thomas, 16, Warwick, Canada West Thomas Kennard & Mrs. B.C. Morgan; H.H. Morgan, Minister

11 Oct 1849 Chris Eberts, 27, Sombra, Canada West Maria Cole, 19, Sombra, Canada West John Reynolds & Lydia Cole, of Sombra; Marcus Miles, JP

6 Nov 1849 James Bell, 21, Metcalf, Canada Helen Woods, 17, Metcalf, Canada A. Bartterte & S.M. Robins; H.L. Stevens, JP

31 Jan 1850 Thomas Cary, 25, Plympton, Kent County, Canada West Catherine McLaughlin, 20, Plympton, Kent County, Canada West M.B. Kean & R.R. McNiff; Reubin Warner, JP

31 Jan 1850 Joseph Farlow, 23, Kent County, Canada West Mary Jane O'Neal, 20, Kent County, Canada West David Robutson (Robertson?) & Mr. Kean, of Cottrellville; Reubin Warner, JP

22 Jan 1850 Peter Tindal, 28, Warwick, Kent County, Canada West Sally Cole, 19, Warwick, Kent County, Canada West Jonathan Smith & Thirza Smith, Warwick; William Taylor, Minister

1 May 1850 Joseph Watson, Moore, Canada West Amee (Annie?) Jones, Moore, Canada West Donald Morrison & Mary Morrison; Milton Ward, Minister

Recorded 29 July 1850 George King, 20, Moore, Canada Julia Corsley, 19, Moore, Canada Delamatre & wife; Israel Carleton, JP

25 Sept 1850 John J. Brown, 26, Moore, Canada West Ann McLaughin?, Moore, Canada West William Cameron & Catherine Cameron; W.H. Milse, JP

12 Nov 1850, John Price, 37, Sombra, Canada West Sarah Brown, 22, Sombra, Canada West Daniel Campbell & Jean Campbell, Sombra; J.G. Streit, JP

12 Dec 1850 Peter Stovers, 24, Sombra, Canada West Estille Hott?, Sombra, Canada West L.T. Purner & A.G. Tenant, China; James Clark, JP
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