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The Nazarene Church in Howell had the  50th Anniversary book published
in 1980. 

The Howell Church of the Nazarene found its real beginning in a tent meeting on July 4, 1930.
The charter members were: Alfred Alizon, John Cook, John Frederickson, Mrs. Edith Frederickson, Eva Mae Frederickson (Pardee), Rosamond Frederickson (Street), Stanley Frederickson, Doris Jubb (Ferrett), Mrs. Jean Snyder, Percy Snyder, Myron L. Tyndall, J.B. Knoop, Mrs. Genevieve VanBlaricum, Mrs. Louise VanBlaricum, Mrs. Nellie Lawrence, Alfred Pierson, Mrs. Alfred Pierson, Mrs. Nora Schafer, Mrs. Sarah Woodard, and Gertrude Zeeb.

The organizational meeting took place on October 31, 1980. The chairman of the Board of Trustees was John Cook; chairman of the Board of Stewards was Alfred Pierson, and the chairman of the Church School Board was AlfredAlizon. Myron Tyndall was the first treasurer and Doris Jubb was the first secretary.

Services were held in the Parish Hall (across from the Post Office) for quite a number of months. Much property has been purchased during the pastorates of nine pastors and the necessary building has been done.

At the end of our first fifty years, the church board and church are endeavoring to determine God will for future expansion to accommodate the church congregation. Your prayers will be appreciated as these decisions must be made.

Our church has had many faithful workers throughout its history. Space does not allow us to name all of them.

Can you imagine what our church would have looked like had we not had such faithful maintenance committees and not had our people such as Clyde Grain, Dayton Whittum Ronald Wellman, Ronald Sharpe, Orville Coffey, Sam Olrich, John Nichols, Fred Love William Ferrett, and the many others.

Could our church have been a beautiful and clean place to worship without the faithful custodians including Harold Shippy, Lindsy Scott, Robert Gallup, William Ferrett, Wilbur and Rosamond Street, Eugene Dngelo, Richard Coleman, and others Could we have survived without good secretaries such as Doris Ferrett, Treva Bradley., Ruth Grain, Nieta Wiseman, and Linda Ketchum

Would our music portions of the church service have been as lovely without the musicians such as Arloa Vincent, Freida Collins, Nellie Grain, June Frederickson, Ruth Grain, Elizabeth Hoornstra, June Liddell, Naomi Schultheis, June Franklin, Ruth Rawlings, Velma Curdy, Janice Wakeman, Ruth Gearhart, Evangeline Street, and others

Would our books have been well kept without such people as John Frederickson, Rodney Street, Alfred Alizon, Stanley Cornell, Clyde Crain, and Bill Neathnmer


1930-33 Rev. G.E. Ling 1933-46 Rev. W.W. Clay 1979 Rev. R.N. Raycroft 1946-49 Rev. J.E. VanAllen 1980ev. George Cook 1949-52 Rev. Paul Hoornstra 1952-56 Rev. R.C. Johnson 1956-63 Rev. William Varian 1963-69 Rev. R.N. Raycroft 1969-75 Rev. Harold Harris 1975- Rev. Ronald Ketchum ASSOCIATE PASTOR 1968-70 Rev. Maynard Richards MINISTER OF VISITATION 1974-80 Rev, C.L. Elston 1979-80 Rev R. N. Rayroft 1980- Rev. George Cook MINISTER OF YOUTH 1971-72 Larry Shupe 1972-74 Wayne Brown 1978-80 Jack Schmitt 1980 Tom Humphreys DEDICATION DATES ..... November 5, 1944 1950 Original Church Building January 18, 1959 Present Church Building January 6, 1974 Christian Education Unit 1954 Present Parsonage Completed EXPANSION AND GROWTH 336 Michigan Avenue for Parsonage Open House held Dec. 18, 1950 1952 French property 422 McCarthy for construction of Parsonage 1966 Eager house moved in 1969 Parking area 1968 Turner house Parsonage #2 1969 E.U.B. Church Parking area 1970 Pettibone property (also known as Hilton or Chubb property) Space used for Education Unit 1971 Mink property corner of Crane and Fleming Streets Parking area MUSIC DIRECTORS Harold Lawrence Milton Hoose

LaVerne Sheffield Ronald Angles Jim Ewers June Liddell Rod Bushey Jim Ewers

Our first church pianist was Doris (Jubb) Ferrett 

Our first "chorister" was Percy Snyder. 

Milton Hoose  Anthemaires was organized in 1950 with seven voices. 

LaVerne Sheffield 
          Our church bought the Baldwin Organ in April of 1951 
          Mrs. Elisabeth Hoornetra was our first organist.

Ronald Angles     George Bennard and 
                  Harold Lillenas were with us in 1950. 

Jim Ewers  Rev.W.W. Clay formed a choir and used people ten
           years old and older.     

June Liddell      We had a Quintet when Brother Clay was here.
                  Two members were Rev.Clay and George Bergin. 
                  Do you remember who the other members were 

Jim Ewers       Orville Coffey, Bessie Wainwright, Ruth Bergin,
                Fred Love and others directed the choir  
                 which we had no music directors. 


Mrs. Edith Frederickson taught all the children in one class in 1930. Treva Bradley was the first paid office secretary.

John Cook, the first chairman of the board, was also the first custodian, unpaid.

The first church bulletin was prepared by Rev. Clay and typed by Doris (Jubb) Ferrett in 1938.

In 1949, the church tried to purchase the Chubb property, where the education unit now stands, but it was unavailable.

Emma (Alizon) Shippy was the librarian in 1939.. We had 120 books, with 26 being on missions.

Early baptismal services were held at Lake Chemung. In more recent years, they have been held at Sandy Bottom Lake at the Campgrounds. A unanimous vote of 134 was given on March 30, 1958, to build our present sanctuary and church building. Rev. Varian drove the dump truck when our present church was being erected.

Our first Newsletter was sent on March 13, 1968.

The tape ministry was approved by the church board in 1977.

While Rev. Johnson was pastor, the church board voted to have all the offerings from every department on the last Sunday of November become a part of the Thanksgiving Offering.

The early Junior Church services began under the ministry of Rev. Clay in the basement of the church. The services were held on Sunday afternoon.. This happened about 1933.


Rev. Hoornstra prepared a bulletin for November 5, 1.950, with these words:

The Pastor Paragraphs: Pray and Fast This Week Announcements: Revival

Our first parsonage was rented and Rev. G.E. Ling and family lived there.

Mrs. Clay announced in 1940 that our prayer and fasting league had been formed with the women having 17 and the men 7 members.

Lewis Gearhart reported in 1953 that 53 services had been held at Camp Brighton.

Doris Ferrett ordered the first Sunday School supplies in 1930 and continues to do so in 1980. This might be a first or most times for Guiness Book of Records.

Rev. Ketchum organized and directed the first church board retreat that met in September of 1980. Both Rev. Clay and Rev. VanAllen were pastors during World War II and during gas and tire rationing.

Rev. Harris was our first pastor to become a missionary.

Robert Curdy faithfully dared for Herald of Holiness and Come Ye Apart subscriptions for many years. He reported 76 subscriptions in May of 1950. Robert is a pastor at a convalescent hone with a local preacher license.

Rev. Raycroft preached holiness and missionary giving. He asked us to give a week wages for Thanksgiving and Easter offerings.

Eva (Frederickson) Pardee was our first Sunday School secretary.

One of our first male cooks to help prepare ( dinners for special events was Harold Shippy.

George Bergin operated our first P.A.


Church Board Meeting on August 24, 1938: It was moved by M.L. Tyndall, supported, and carried that the Pastor salary be set at $27.50 per week.

In the early 1940, Harold Shippy worked as custodian for $5.00 a week. Later, Lindsy Scott worked as custodian for $25.00 per week.

Harold Lawrence began as Music Director with a salary of $5.00 a week.

In 1938, Penny a Meal Banks were purchased for $15.11 to use for building fund. That year, $300.48 was brought in those banks and the building pledges brought in were $149.40.

In June of 1938, with a Sunday School attendance of 183, the offering was $7.43.

In 1939, a shower was to be held for John and Rachel Nichols. Mrs. Curdy learned that the young people planned to rent the Parish Hall. She told them that they could use the Curdy home if they would take up an offering for rent and give it into the building fund. $3.08 was given.

Rev. Clay salary in 1941 was $2,020.00. The building pledges were $881.45. At that time the outside of the structure of the church was completed.

In 1943, Rev. Clay report said it had been a trying year with the war and gas rationing. Giving for foreign missions doubled, heavy giving was made for the building of the original church, and all budgets were paid in full. We had 31 stars on our service flag.

In 1945, total indebtedness of the church was paid off. All budgets were paid in full.

In 1949, we purchased the E.U.B. Church for $11,910.00. In 1960, it was voted to name the old church building fellowship Hall. That same year, the church board decided we should build a kitchen in the annex.

In 1940, the board passed a motion that the church seats be placed far enough apart to permit kneeling.

In 1938, the rent for the apartments above the living quarters of the Pastor was $45.00.

The first Evangelist was Rev. Clayton Kidd and he stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Albright in Argentine.

Dr. E.W. Martin was one of the earliest Evangelists during Rev. C.E. Ling ministry.

October 29, 1939 A motion was passed to name the church Tyndall Memorial Church of the Nazarene, after the death of Brother Tyndall, in honor of his faithful service and life which he has given to us.


In 1960 it was voted to name the "old" church building "Fellowship Hall."

That same year, the church board decided we should build a kitchen in the annex.

In 1940 the board passed a motion that the church seats be placed far enough apart to permit kneeling.

In 1938 the rent for the apartments above the living quarters of the Pastor was $45.00.

The first Evangelist was Rev. Clayton Kidd and he stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Albright in Argentine.

Dr. E. W. Martin was one of the earliest Evangelists during Rev. C. E. Ling's ministry.

October 29, 1939 A motion was passed to name the church Tyndall Memorial Church of the Nazarene, after the death of Brother Tyndall, in honor of his faithful service and life which he has given to us.

A Revival, perhaps the most outstanding in the history of the church, began on March 9, 1952. At a special hoard meeting on March 24, it was decided to extend the revival through March 31, Easter Sunday day noon, as Sister Fairy Chusim felt was the will of God for her to continue the services for additional time. It was during this revival that many learned the value of praying and fasting.

The street between the church and parsonage, which was given to us for parking by the City of Howell, was paved in 1977.

Rev. Ketchum was recommended to the church as answer to Prayer. He began the Hour of Power on the first Saturday night he was here and he was the only person present, except the Lord was there He continues to have the Hour of Power with as many as twenty or more present. His most earnest announcement each Sunday is attend the Hour of Power. Could we take heed?


Our church has made a habit of paying all budgets in full. We have, with dedication attempted to accept the challenges of the denomination and the district.

Our church has led all churches on the district for the past three years with the greatest number of Herald Of Holiness subscriptions. This past year we had a total of 313 subscriptions. Ruth Bergin has done a wonderful piece of work as campaign manager of our church during this period of time.

We are pleased to have two young men at Olivet Nazarene College, preparing for the ministry. Both Jay Kendall and Ron Sharpe, Jr., are currently enrolled there during our fiftieth year as a church.

The following men from our church have gone into the ministry. Those who have pastored or are currently pastoring churches are:

Vernon Frederickson,
 Harold Lawrence, 
George Smith, 
Milton Hoose,
Kenneth Hauser,
 Donald Smith,
 Gerald Street,
 Ron Wencel, 
Terry VanBlaricurn, 
Jerry Cram, 
Tom Hauser, 
Jon Martin, 
John Denby 
 Donald N. Smith.
Rev. P.L. Liddell, a church member, is a full time evangelist. The Eastern Michigan District Center and Campgrounds are located at Howell. The people who have made their homes there have made tremendous contributions throughout the years. We appreciate them.

Could we have had quiet church services without the services of

Beatrice Kendall,
 Rosamond Street 
Emma Shippy,
 Doris  Coddington
Pat  Kline 
in our nursery throughout the years

On October 26, 1980, our church will celebrate our 50th Anniversary with a crowd of people enjoying the occasion. Some of them attended the tent meeting fifty years ago, some, thanks to God, are new to our church in 1980. God is still saving lost souls and giving to them the blessing of entire sanctification.

we are celebrating God's blessing upon this church over the past fifty years. We rejoice in the faithfulness of God to us, and to the church. The pastors and people have worked together in an effort to build and advance the kingdom of God.

In attempting to summarize fifty years, names have been omitted for lack of complete records in some cases, but not intentionally, You may write some things on the "note" page you wish had not been listed.

We never found out who all had been baptized in our church baptistery besides Doris (Jubb) Ferrett and George Bergin, Were you one?

We haven't learned who had the privilege of being the first couple to be married in any of our edifices, who had the first baby born to a member of our church and many other interesting facts.

HOWELL NAZARENE SUNDAY SCHOOL The most effective outreach program has always been the Sunday School. Our leadership in this area has proved dedicated and efficient. Our Sunday School Superintendents have been:

1931-38.......John Frederickson	
1954-56.......Vernon Frederickson
1938-47.......Mark Curdy.....	1956-65...Fred Love
1947-51.......Lewis Gearhart..  1965-67....Don Smith
1951-53.......Thomas Sharpe	1967-74...June Liddell
1953-54.......Lewis Gearhart	1974-75...Jim Ewers
1975-76.......June Liddell
1976-78.......Ruth Rawlings, 
Christian Ed Director
1978-Esther Sharpe, 
Chin. Board of Christian Life

These enthusiastic leaders along with the dedicated teachers have had great influence on the lives of hundreds. Visitation programs have been sponsored, and many different ones participated, giving of their time and prayers in concern. Some will be remembered for their consistent efforts.

Mrs. BessieAlizon, and Lewis and Ruth Gearhart. Lewis and Ruth had a growing concern for the homebound, and terminated other areas of responsibility to promote and visit for the Home Department. Very active in this program now are Harold and Ruth House, Margaretta Wellman and Wilbur Street.

In the old days contests played an important part in the increase in attendance. One contest that was a lot of fun was fill the Pew Sunday. Another one that really worked was the seven Churches Contest in 1949 when Rev. VanAllen was our Pastor and Lewis Gearhart the Superintendent.

October average attendance was 416 and November average was 419. Regular attendance always increased after a successful contest. At one time, Mary (Woodard) Zimkievicz agreed to pay 1/2 of the cost for new chairs for her classes so they would have chairs to sit on.

We have broken a previous record ten times in our history: 

10-30=32	62	
12-02=34	118
11-24-35        189	
4-18-37         192
3-13-38         307
4-7-40          338
4-24-49         419
10-9=49    	523
10-26-69        527

In January, 1939, Rev. W.W. Clay went to Kansas City to participate in the planning program to start the Boys and Girls Clubs (the forerunners of our current Caravan program). Howell organized the first clubs in the United States, the girls in March, 1939, with Mrs. BessieAlizon as Guide, and the boys in July, 1939, with Ervin Gillett as Guide.

In 1940, the records show that we paid Brother Clay 2 per mile to pick up boys and girls for the Club Meetings. The Sunday School has always participated in the overall emphasis: the Building Fund profited by the bushel of pennies, totaling $185.00, when Brother Mark Curdy was Superintendent; the Missionary program was supported in two ways first during the general opening on the first Sunday. of the month, a special emphasis was tithing and second, the entire last Sunday offering applied on the General Budget, as did all birthday offerings. All of these have been discontinued.

For 16 1/2 years Lewis and Ruth Gearhart held services at Camp Brighton, enlisting the assistance of singers and speakers for the Thursday night services, with Alice and Paul Glenn.accoinpanying them on Sunday night with Alice teaching the Sunday School lesson.

Emphasis on the Senior Adult Ministries for those over.55 has begun in recent years, with Rev. C.L. Elston and Norma and Ken Kendall participating, and is now progressing under the leadership of Orville and Juliana Coffey.


We are committed to the task of promoting the interests of World Missions: pray for the missionary work of the 
church study the salvation needs of the world
 and to promote a wider knowledge of the mission 
fields of the Church of the Nazarene.
3. to inspire and challenge the youth to
 keep willing hearts to answer Gods call to the
 mission field. help raise funds to carry on the 
missionary work of the church.

We have five chapters locally. 

The Flora Wilson 
Chapter was organized, first, and this includes 
all of the adult Ladies; then the men organized the 

Stanley Wilson Chapter; 
then the Teen, 
Junior and Primary Chapters
were originate young ladies 

Ruth Rawlings 
Chapter is meeting with the Flora Wilson Chapter this

The chapters meet monthly. Throughout the year we try and have a missionary on furlough speak to us on two different occasions. It is our pleasure to have Mrs. N.M. McGuire, who served as District NUNS Presdent for 12 years, live in Howell during her retirement years and attend our church. Helen Arnold has served as NUNS Treasurer for more years than any other, and we are grateful for her dedication and accuracy. We were an Award Society again That year, and also received the 17th Certificate for giving over 10% for foreign Missions.

Those who have served as President over the past 50 years are:

1931-33	Gertrude Zeeh
1933-35 Ruth Gearhart
1935-46 Lillian Clay
1946-47 Bessie Alizon
1947-48 Freida Collins
1948-52	Bessie Alizon	
1952-57	Eunice Johnson
1957-60 Agnes Whittum
1960	Loleta Smith 
1964	Vera Raycroft
1965    Laura Richards	
1971    Doris Harris
1975    Alice Glenn
1976	Imogene Elston
1978 Doris Ferrett

Eight different ladies have served as Box Work Secretary over the
 last 50 years to pack and mail supplies to missionary hospitals,
 Bible schools, and for the personal needs of the missionaries. 
Of the secretaries, Agnes Whittum and Rachel Nichols have given
 the most years of service. A few of the projects have been: 

portable sewing machines for Mrs. Shirley Thorpe, Africa, Ruth Rawlings, Japan, and Patricia l3uffett, New Guinea; suits for Rev. William Fowler and Rev. Glenn Grose; an organ for Trinidad; a desk for school in Lebanon; a well in India; food to Scotland during World War II; leather jacket to Rev. Ira Taylor, blue rnyliuin jacket for Mrs. Taylor, as well as the first instant pudding she ever had.

We have had personal showers or food poundings for missionaries on furlough. The official Box Work is an annual project, starting way back in the 1930 with a quilt tied off in the parsonage living room, a house on the corner of Brooks and McCarthy where our sanctuary is today (1980). During the last decade. Mrs. Adelaide Gillettis the one who has pieced and prepared quilts for tying off. Over the years, hundreds of quilts have been sent for mission work. Each July an offering for the World Mission Radio broadcast is taken. This takes the Gospel to areas where we do not have a work, as yet.

In February and September we bring our Alabaster Boxes, and this money is used to build churches, parsonages, missionary homes, schools and hospitals. Our September offering is in excess of $1,400.00.

The Easter Offering is one of our greatest avenues of going into all the world to preach the Gospel. In November we join Nazarenes everywhere in expressing thanks to God in a material way by bringing in a generous offering for worldwide evangelism. Prayer and Fasting (a voluntary commitment) money applies on the General Budget.

In December Memorial Certificates are presented to the family of members lost through the year, a fragrant memory of noble Christian men and women.

Over the years, some of our people have helped with the District Work and Witness Teams in Barbados, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, St. Lucia and Puerto Rico. Each of the following have gone on at least one trip, some on several: George Bergin, Orville and Juliana Coffey, Rev, and Mrs. H.L. Harris, Stanley and Gladys Cornell, Joan Hendershot, Bob Highfield, Rev. R.C. Ketchun, Dr. and Mrs. E.W. Martin, John and Rachel Nichols and Ronald Wellman. To the Top

Besides these regular district sponsored Work Teams, John and Rachel Nichols have made four trips to work on mission trips. Sherry Coddington represented our church on the first District Teen Mission Trip, which was to Belize, after Christmas vacation in 1979, returning with an enthusiastic report of victories won for Jesus.

Several missionaries hold a special place in our hearts and prayers, Rev. Harold and Doris Harris, Ruth Rawlings, and Rev. Stanley and Flora Wilson, and we love to have them in our services when on furlough.

Caring, sharing and praying is the biggest business on earth helping to spread the Gospel around the world. Our goal is to deepen our missionary fervor and promote the cause of missions until Jesus comes.


The Nazarene Young People Society began in 1931 with the first president, Doris (Jubb) Ferrett, directing. The NYPS felt a need for outreach in the beginning years even as a baby church. Tent meetings were held in Fowlerville with Gertrude ( Patton) Ward as the worker. There were many obstacles and locations were difficult to find, but God honored their efforts with new souls.

Presidents in following years have been:

1932 Lewis Gearhart	1956	Virgil Gillette
1936 Egbert Street	1959	June Gearhart (Franklin)
1937 Lewis Gearhart	1961	Kenneth  Hauser
1939 Doris Jubb (Ferrett)	1962	Ronald Wellman
1941 Don Smith	1965	Sharon Wilkinson
1943 Loleta Smith	1966	Geraldine Anscombe
1944 Don Smith	1969	Terry VanBlaricum
1945 Alice Hall (Glenn)	1970	Neal Wall
1949 George Bergin	1971	Mike DeMint
1950 Don Smith	1973	Janice Smith (Wakeman)
1951 Dale Bradley	1978	Janet Warby
1953 June Gearhart (Franklin)	1979	Joanne Davis
1954 Milton loose	1980	Linda Wilson
1955 Ronald Wellman

Youth meetings found the entire church participating with the Youth in direction. The church grew as a result of the spiritual programs sponsored by the NYPS. These programs included a Bible Reading Contest, requiring the reading of at least one chapter a day; thus beginning a habit of Bible reading still evident among some of the old timers".

Youth sponsored and directed revivals have been a high point in the youth program each year. The NYPS has taken an active interest in Missions, often participating in a special fund raising project. One that has been called to mind was $200.00. wells for India. Small wells moved on a string as pledges were made. Pledges were even made by small children.

As the Youth Department grew, a HiY was started for the teens. Their program was separate from the older youth and they had their own officers within their group. Some years later, a Junior group was added as part of the NYPS.

Other events that have taken place over the years that we mention:

a Homecoming in 1956 sponsored by the NYPS,
featuring Rev. J.E. VanAllen,
The gospel Four and Gerald Barkey;
a this Is Your Life involving the community and church
for retiring president, June (Gearhart) Franklin (1961);

Missionary Banquet in 1953 Dr. Leslie Parrott, speaker.

Many wonderful things have taken place in NYPS. Those who have been in the Tyndall Memorial Church over the past years can look upon the NYPS as an important part of their lives. In 1976, the official name became Nazarene Youth International, with the general Church changing the entire structure of the old but ever to be remembered NYPS.

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