Children of Isam Dennis and Mary Jane Melvin
Andy, Lewis, Tom, Charley
Mary, Jim, Minnie

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Generation 3   Thomas Isam Dennis and Ada Lunsford

Generation 4     Isam Dennis and Mary Jane Melvin
Generation 5     Charles Dennis and 1 Nancy Dennis
2 Elizabeth Doty
Generation 6    Isham Dennis and Rebecca
Generation 7     John Dennis and Ann Creighton
Hugh Creighton and Mary Adkins     Hugh Creighton and Mary Adkins
Generation 8 - 12  First Dennis Family - Virginia
early records
  Adkins Will 1762  
  Hugh Creighton Will 1794  
  Dennis Family Crest
  Bear Thicket Index
  Old Pisgah Cemetery Index
  White Oak Pond Cemetery Index
 April 24, 1940
Dennis Cemetery Inscriptions
Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee

  Dennis Census -
1790 SC to 1880 Missouri
  Early Records  Dennis Wills and Deeds
  Dennis Photo Page 1

  Dennis Photo Page 2

  Dennis family 3
  Emmett Lunsford WWI

  Emmett Lunsford War Records

  Andy Payne Race
  Lynn Riggs - screen play "Oklahoma"
  Thomas Dennis Grand Children

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A Family Tree generation chart will always start with you and your family or just 'YOU'.  
This generation chart starts with my grandfather,  Thomas Isam Dennis.   He is #3    My mother, Pearl Dennis Scott is #2.   
I am #1. The first Dennis family will be on the Virginia Records site. This link will take you there

Dennis Family in Virginia
I am the first generation in my family tree. I now have children and grandchildren that have been added to my big Family Tree book. This book has been in my house for over 20 years.

I have changed the dates for John Dennis who married Ann Creighton many times. This is because he has been very hard to find, one of those "brick walls" we all have in genealogy. I have found new information that gives me reason to believe the year of his birth is between 1764-1767 in Lunenburg County Virginia. We know Hugh Creighton sold land to John Dennis in Virginia as in the Virginia deed books. The Creighton and Dennis family probably traveled together in the early Virginia days and on to Tennessee. We find three Creighton men listed in the 1790 census of South Caroline.

I also have found work from the Allen Dennis line that points to Joseph Dennis who married Mary _______ as the brother of John Dennis (1764). I have a large amount of records in my files that are too large to put on the web.

The John Dennis and Ann Creighton family have been found in the 1790 census of Newberry 96th District South Carolina, 1800 census of Newberry SC, 1810 census Newberry SC and the 1811 Grainger Co TN. They moved to Tennessee between 1810 and 1811.

Part of the Dennis and Creighton family did not move from South Carolina as the John Dennis family did. We find "Dennis" names in South Carolina long after John and Ann were in Tennessee. The Mary Creighton Ward branch moved to Holmes Co. Mississippi.

In the records of Mrs. Boyer and the Allen Dennis family we see deeds, wills and other records from Virginia. In these records we see John Dennis with his birth place as Lunenburg Co. Virginia. Other Dennis family members have found more records in the past few years and they may be the right names and dates. I am 70 years old now and will not be doing more research. I will however keep the work I have posted on the web. It may be of some help to the young genealogist in the future.

I have some new information about our Charlie Dennis at his family page below.

I hope you all have Happy Hunting with your family.

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Generation #1
Beverly Ann Scott

Generation #2
Lula Pearl Dennis
married Lindsy E. Scott

Generation 3

Thomas Isam Dennis
born: 17 Jan. 1882 Conway Laclede Co. Missouri
married: 15 Oct 1903 Ada Lunsford
Indian Territory Oklahoma
died: 3 January 1965 Howell Livingston Michigan
age 83
Father: Isam Dennis
Mother: Mary Jane Melvin

Ada Lunsford
born: 20 Aug.1884 in Trenton Grundy County Missouri
died: 23 December 1959 in Howell Michigan
age 75
Buried: 26 Dec 1959
Father: William Lunsford
Mother: MARY Jane McAtee

Dennis Children

1 Pearl L. Dennis
born: 24 October 1904, Claremore Rogers Oklahoma
married: Lindsy Ervin Scott 23 May 1926
at the Home of Ross Lunsford
5:30 Sunday Tulsa Oklahoma
died: 14 July 1991, Howell Michigan
age 87

2 Stella Jane Dennis
born: 27 August 1906, Claremore Rogers Oklahoma
died: 18 September 1975, Willow Springs Mo.
married: Herbert Miller
died: 17 June 1975, Willow Springs Missouri
age 69

3 Myrtle Gertrude Dennis
born: 11 September 1908, Claremore Rogers Oklahoma
married: Charles Naylor
died: 2 April 2005, Minneapolis, MN
age 97

4 Mary Belle Dennis
born: 05 January 1911, Claremore Rodgers Oklahoma
married: Robert Wilson Stone   20 November 1950
died: 22 May,1973 Howell Mich
age 62

5 Elsa Lucille Dennis
born: 31 December 1912, Claremore Rogers Okla
married: Glenn Marshall Hauser
Guelph North Dakota
died: 20 June 1999, Elizabethan Tenn
age 87

6 Henry Howard Dennis
born: 29 October 1915, Claremore Rogers Oklahoma
married: Frankie Lewis
Howell Michigan
died: 22 August 1996 Howell Livingston Michigan
age 81

7 Virgil Thomas Dennis
born: 07 March 1918, Claremore Rodgers Oklahoma
married (1) Rhoda Gates 1939
m. (2) Mary Margaret Rasegan 1944 Howell Michigan
m. (3) Patricia Allen 23 June 1953 Howell Michigan
died: 28 March 1990, Howell Livingston MI
age 72

8 Ruby Viola Dennis
born: 08 March 1922, Claremore Rodgers Oklahoma
married: Marvin Hagman
died: 18 April 2010
age 88 years
~ the last of this family to pass away

9 Glenn William Thomas Dennis
born: 04 January 1924 Claremore Rogers Oklahoma
married: Bonnie Baker
Howell Michigan
died: 01 March 2001,
Bay Medical Center, Bay City Michigan
age 77

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Generation 4

Isam Dennis and Mary Jane Melvin

Isam Dennis
born: 1856 Conway Laclede County Missouri
married: 6 Dec. 1874 Laclede Co Mo.
died: 8 Feb 1889
Laclede Co. Mo. from a hunting accident
buried: at Bear Thicket Cemetery
Father: Charles Dennis
Mother: Elizabeth Doty

Mary Jane Melvin
born: 6 April 1852
Alamance County N.C.
died: 2 Jan 1922
Claremore Rogers County Okla.
Father: James Melvin
Mother: Sarah Palmer

photo of James melvin, Elizabeth Melvin Lee and family
from a family site by Carol June Jones

Photo of Thomas Isam Dennis, cousin of my grandfather with the same name and living in the same town when they were young
Thomas Isam Dennis
son of WILLIAM M. DENNIS, b. December 07, 1827, McMinn Co,TN;

Family page for James Melvin and Sarah Palmer Melvin

Photo of Mary Jane Melvin Dennis
with records of Bear Thicket Cemetery and family history

Census records for the Palmer, Melvin family

Dennis Photo Page

1 Mary Elizabeth Dennis
born: 19 Jan. 1876 Conway Laclede Mo.
married: William Willihoite 21 March 1897
died: 1968 Claremore Rogers County Okla

2 James William Dennis
born: 2 June 1877 Conway Laclede Mo.
married: Myrtle Melton 15 Dec 1898
died: 1965 Claremore Rogers County Okla

3 Minnie Elizabeth Dennis
born: 18 Dec 1878 Conway Laclede Mo.
married: Alpha Griffin
died: 16 Dec 1947 Conway Laclede County Mo.

4 Charles Dennis
born: 27 Sept 1880 Conway Laclede County Mo
married: Lula Brown
died: 1975 Claremore Rogers Okla

5 Thomas Isam Dennis
** my line
17 Jan. 1881 Conway
Conway Laclede Co. Mo.
married: the 15th of Oct 1903
died: 3 of Jan 1965
Howell Michigan

6 Lewis Dennis
born: 5 Dec. 1885 Conway Laclede County Mo
died: 1963 Claremore Rogers County Okla.
married: 1. Cora Epps
born: 13 APR 1891 Webster County MO
Father: Tavner Clay Epps
born: 20 JUL 1858 in Webster, Missouri
Mother: Julia Frances Alexander
born:16 AUG 1862 in Marshfield, Webster, Missouri
2. Alice ______

7 Andrew Jackson (Andy) Dennis
born: 6 Oct. 1887
died: 1969 Claremore Rogers County Okla.
married: Nancy Ethel Epps
b: 25 MAY 1895 Webster County MO
Father: Tavner Clay Epps
born: 20 JUL 1858 in Webster, Missouri
Mother: Julia Frances Alexander
born:16 AUG 1862 in Marshfield, Webster, Missouri

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Generation 5

Charles Dennis and 1 Nancy Dennis- 2 Elizabeth Doty

Charley left Tennessee around 1853 to travel by ox teams to Missouri. His wife Nancy and their four children Jasper, Rebecca, Creighton and Newcum accompanied him on the journey. The trail they took led them through Illinois where the weather became so severe they were forced to spend the winter. They had to stay and make camp for several weeks. We do not know how Nancy died, but we do know she gave birth to a baby boy before her death. Charles and Nancy named the baby Creighton Dennis. Charles also lost his son, Newcum at the same time. Nancy and Newcum are buried some where in Pulaski County, Illinois. When spring came Charley continued on with his three remaining children. Charles and the children traveled on to Missouri.

Several month's later they arrived in Lebanon, Missouri and settled on a farm In White the Oak Pond Community. Charley also owned the "David Mill" on the Osage Fork. It was here that Charley met and married his second wife Elizabeth Houseright, daughter of Harve Doty. Elizabeth and John Houseright had no children. John died a few years after they were married.

According to the 1860 Census of Laclede County, Missouri they also had a two-year-old child named Harvey. This child may have died at a young age since he does not appear on the 1870 Census. We have a copy of the land grant to Charles Dennis in Laclede Co. Missouri with "Issue Date: 06//01/1859. You may search for your family at the government site for Land Patent Accession. Numbers for Charles Dennis are: Accession/Serial #:?MO5620__.008

Charley served with the Confederate Army in the Civil War.
From the Missouri State Archives report:

No. 269
Dennis Charles
Private...card Number 48042331
see also 8th Bn Mo. Inf.
Company F, 9th Mo. Inf. (Company B, 8th Bn., Mo. Inf,)
Enlisted Nov 17/1862 at Camp Horsehead, Ark.
Final disposition not found of record.

I can not find records to show Charles went home after the war. He may have, but I think he died at Camp Horsehead Arkansas. The last record I have of him does not come from Missouri but comes from his war record.
NOTE: According to the 1870 Census Charley's wife, Elizabeth, remarried in 1865 to Elias Barker. Charlie's exact death date is not known but his probate record is dated 1888. Probate Records are sometimes filed years after the death has occurred.

According to the will left by Charles it states that Mahlon N. Hill and Peter Dennis as executors and assigns. It names Betsy Dennis (Elizabeth) as appointed guardian. The children, Jasper, Rebecca, Creighton, Isam, and Mary Dennis as minor heirs. The will was dated March 11, 1867. Betsy (Elizabeth Doty) married Elias Barker in 1868. They lived next to Isham and Rebecca Dennis, Parents of Charles Dennis.

NOTE: Some family members believe Nancy and baby Newcum became ill and died there. Others believe Nancy and Newcum drowned while the wagons were trying to cross a rain swollen river. Whatever the story we do know Nancy and Newcum died that winter in Illinois.

Our Charlie Dennis and Jasper Dennis were not on good terms with each other. From what I can find Jasper's family would not talk to our Charlie. They were not on the same side during the Civil War and it seem to be why this family was torn apart.

Charles Dennis
born: 16 April 1822 McMinn County Tenn.
married .. Nancy Dennis 23 Dec 1843 McMinn Co Tenn
married .. Elizabeth Doty 22 March 1855
Died: Before 11 March 1867
Piney Ark. in the Civil War
Co. F, 9th Mo. Inf.
Father: Isham Dennis
Mother: Rebecca

1st wife - Nancy Dennis
born: 8 Dec 1822 McMinn Co Tenn.
died: 1853 in Pulaski County Ill.
Father: Allen Dennis
Mother: Mary Tipton

2nd wife - Elizabeth (Betsy) Doty
born: 1832 Ill.
Died: after 1870
Elizabeth married .. 1 John Houseright..25 April 1852
2 Charley Dennis
3 Elias Barker...16 July 1868
Father: Harvy Doty
Mother: Sally Coram

Elias fell from a horse 1-8-1874 and died in LaClede County, MO. A coroner's inquest found his death accidental. Elias is buried in a cemetery on the Leonard O'Dell farm of Hwy C in LaClede County, MO. Elias appeared on the 1830 Crawford County, 1840 Taney County, and the 1850 through 1870 LaClede County, MO censuses.

Children of Charles Dennis and Nancy Dennis

1 Almira Dennis
born: 1841 McMinn Co. Tn.

2 Jasper Dennis
born: 1 May 1845 McMinn Co. Tn.
married: Caroline Roper 24 Aug 1865
died: Laclede Co. Mo.

3 Newcum Dennis
born: 1847 McMinn Co Tn.
died: 1853 Pulaski Co Ill.

4 Rebecca Dennis
born: 1849 McMinn Co Tn.
married: 31 Aug 1873 William Vermillion

5 Creighton Dennis
born: 1853 Pulaski Co Ill.
married: 1 Aug 1869 Sarah Vermillion

Children of Charles Dennis and Elizabeth Doty

6 Isam Dennis
born: 1856 Laclede Co Mo
married: 6 Dec 1874 Mary Jane Melvin
died: 8 Feb 1889 Laclede Co Mo

7 Harvey Dennis
born: 1858 Laclede Co MO
died: before 1860

8 Mary Dennis:
born: 1860 Laclede Co Mo
died: ____

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Generation 6

Isham Dennis and Rebecca Blankinship Family

Isham Dennis
Born: 5 July 1800 Newberry S.C.
Married: Rebecca Blankinship
Isham Dennis died 27 July 1888
Laclede Co Missouri
Buried: Old Pisgah cemetery Phillipsburg Mo.
Father: John Dennis born 1764-67 Lunenburg Co. Virginia
Mother: Ann (Anne) Creighton (Crayton) born 1764 Lunenburg Co. Va.

Rebecca Blankinship
Born: 20 Aug 1798 S.C.
Died: 5 March 1879 Laclede County Missouri
Buried: Old Pisgah cemetery Phillipsburg Mo
Father :
Mother :

Isham spent much of his early life in McMinn County, Tennessee. His occupation was a farmer. According to the 1850 Census his Real Estate was valued $400.00. On the 1870 Census the value of his Real Estate had increased to $1000.00 and his personal estate was valued at $595.00.

Isham must have been held in high regard since he is listed on McMinn County Court Records as having served on many different juries.

The James Dennis line also has a Isam Dennis in the Civil War. In all my records I find that "Isham Dennis" the son of John Dennis, was not the same man. The name is very confusing because we have so many men by this name. We have a record of marriage for "Isham Dennis to Rebecca Thompson on 25 September 1856." Some family members have this as Isham's second wife.
My records show this marriage to be in the James Dennis line as:
ISHAM DENNIS, b. 24 March 1832; d. 24 February 1885, Rhea County, Tennessee1; m. REBECCA THOMPSON, 25 September 1856, McMinn County, Tennessee. Buried at Lone Mt. Cemetery in Rhea County, TN.

All my records show the father of Charles, Isham Dennis, moving to Missouri in the early 1850's. The 1860 census of Laclede Co. Missouri could be wrong about the birth of Rebecca as it has her born in Va. This has been known to happen in the early census. The two children living with Isham in 1870 were grandchildren. This makes the date of 1856 for a marriage doubtful. Isam, the son of Charles, was born in Missouri in the year 1856.

We have the land deed that Isham and Rebecca gave to the church before Isham passed away. This deed has "Given under my hand this 31st day of July 1876" It was filed Oct 22, 1888. Isham's death was 27 July 1888. Another land grant is to Isam Dennis of Laclede County Missouri and has "Issue Date: 04/15/1871" This is on the web at the Government site for Land Patent Accession .. Land Patent Accession /Serial #:?MO5740__.350"

These questions and many other questions can be answered by future genealogy families. The Dennis research by family members in Oklahoma have more records in the reunion files. They are my cousins and excellent with genealogy. The records of Charles Dennis are from April in Oklahoma. Part of Ishams records are also from April. She has put a lot of work into the history of this family.

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1 Name: Polly (Mary) Dennis
born: 1821 McMinn Tn.
married: Austin Melton
19 Aug 1858 Laclede Co Mo

From History of Laclede County by Lois Roper 1976
" - husband of Polly - Austin Melton"
"Mary was the last person to be buried in Old Pisgah Cemetery."
"daughter of Polly was Nancy Melton Shafer" All buried at Old Pisgah

2 Name: Charles Dennis
born: 16 April 1822 McMinn Tn.
married: 1st Nancy Dennis
Dec. 23,1843 McMinn Co. Tn.
2 -Elizabeth (Betsy)Doty
July 22, 1855 Laclede Co Mo.
near White Oak Pond
d Civil War

3 Name: James Dennis
born: 1824 McMinn Tn.
married: Sarah Doty 22 July 1861 Laclede Co. Mo.

4 Name: Betty (Elizabeth) Dennis
born: 1825 McMinn Tn.

5 Name: William Dennis
born: 7 Dec 1827 McMinn Tn.
married: Catherine Horn
died: 20 Dec 1883 Laclede Co. Mo.
buried: Old Pisgah Cemetery Laclede Co. Mo.
** Samual and William were twins **

We find a Thomas Isam Dennis, cousin of my grandfather, with the
same name and living in the same town when they were young. Also a
Charles Dennis in the same Missouri town as our Charles.

6 Name: Samuel Dennis
born: 7 Dec 1827 McMinn Tn.
married: 28 Sept 1852 Tenn. Mary Blankinship
died: 2 Aug 1909 Laclede Co. Mo.
buried: Old Pisgah Cemetery Laclede Co. Mo.
A new pink granite grave stone for both
Samuel and Mary...was given by their children

7 Name: Brooks Dennis
born: 1838 McMinn Tn.

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Generation 7

John Dennis and Ann Creighton Family

John Dennis
born about 1753-55
married Ann Creighton about 1773
before Ann's fathers will date 1793
died 1827 in McMinn Co. Tn.

Estate settlement of John Dennis in Will Book A page 124 McMinn
County Tennessee Court House.
I have a copy of the complete settlement. The date is 1827.
Inventory of John Dennis Estate - names James, Isham, Allen, Nancy
James Dennis (as administrator)

Ann Creighton
born about 1755
married in her fathers will date 1793
died before 1830
McMinn Co. Tn.
Father: Hugh Creighton
Mother: Mary Adkins


1 Mary Dennis
born before 1773
Mary Dennis was "of age" when Hugh C. died 1793
Mary born before 1773 if 20 when Hugh C. deid

2 Joel Dennis
born 3 May 1786
("when he comes of age")
.....1 Unknown in South Carolina
.....2 Margaret ________
died 3 March 1863 in Cosby Tenn.
buried in Tennessee we have a picture of his grave

3 Nancy Dennis

4 Isham Dennis
born 5 July 1800 Newberry Dist. S.C.
married Rebecca Blankinship
Some family members have a 2nd wife in Laclede Co. Missouri
Rebecca ________ born Virginia
Isham Dennis died 27 July 1888
Laclede Co Missouri

The spelling "Isham" is found in several items. His name is in the Will Book of McMinn Co. Tennessee, Inventory of John Dennis Estate as a son "Isham". Will Book A page 123-124.

5 Allen Dennis
Born 10 Dec 1801 Newberry Dist.S.C.
married Mary Tipton
Died: 1-24-1877
Mary Tipton Dennis born 8-5-1804
Died: 11-27-1877

Photos of   Allen Dennis

Allen and Mary Dennis are buried at
McMinn County, Tennessee - Calhoun Community Cemetery
Located On State Road 163

We find this record in
Tenn will Book D page 135 ..."Allen Dennis
guardian to Serena Tipton ...May 15 1842"

6 James Dennis
born 1802 S.C
married Matilda Dennis

Family of Hugh Creighton and Mary Adkins Creighton:

born Abt. 1730 in north Ireland
died Bef.
21 October 1794 in Newberry South Carolina.

married before her fathers death in 1763
in Lunenburg Co. Va.

Children of Hugh Creighton and Mary Adkins:

1 Mary Creighton
married James Ward
2 Ann Creighton
married John Dennis

Both the John Dennis family and the Hugh Creighton (Craton)
family are in the 1790 census of South Carolina, Newberry
We also have a Peter Hawkins in the same section.

Mary Creighton Ward is in this 1800 census of South Carolina
Her husband had passed away before 1800

Fairfield Co. SC Census, 1800:
Mary Ward head of the household
1 male under 10
1 male 10-16
Administration papers for a James Ward with wife Mary.
His estate was settled in 1797.

Our family records of Virginia give us this John Dennis grandfather.

(Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book 2, p. 288)

July 16, 1654. Orphans of John Dennis.
400 acres in Northumberland County. 350 acres north upon a
branch of the great Wicocomoco River, called Dennis Creek,
southeast upon a branch dividing this from
land of Thomas Gascogne and northwest upon land
of William Spicer, and 50 acres bounding northeast
upon the same, etc. 350 acres due by the decease of
their father, John Dennis, who pattented it
September 15, 1649; and 50 acres for transporting
William Dingley.

April 26, 1656. Richard Dennis. 400 acres in
Northumberland County. 350 acres north upon a branch of
great Wicocomoco River called Dennis Creek, southeast
upon a branch dividing same from land of Thomas Gascogne
and northwest upon land of William Spicer, and 50 acres
adjacent same 350 acres, granted
unto his father, John Dennis,

Family of John Adkins and Mary Unknown

Father John Adkins
died: before 1763
Father: Thomas Adkins

Mother: Mary

This information is From the Will of John Adkins 10 March 1763
Lunenburg County Virginia ( in Will book 2 pg.152)

1 Francis "my son Francis Adkins"
2 Edward "my son Edward Adkins"
3 Agnes "my daughter Agnes Adkins"
4 Rachel "my daughter Rachel Adkins"
5 William "my son William Adkins"
6 John (Jr.) "my son John Adkins
7 Mary CREIGHTON "my daughter Mary Creighton" (Craighton)***
8 Benjamin "my son Benjamin Adkins"

(Hugh Creighton and Mary Adkins were married BEFORE 1763)
Executors: Frances Adkins (son) and James Taylor
Witnesses: David (his X mark) Maddox,
Michael (his X mark) Maddox.
Page 11.--13th May, 1767. John Creighton's estate appraised
by Wm. McKee, Robt. Young, Jno. McKee.
This will was found on Sept 11, 1966 by Adelle Dennis Lockhart. Her
visit to the Lunenburg County Virginia Court House.

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General Orders No. 133, W.D., 1919
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