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The Lamberts

It seems to be accepted among researchers that Nathan Lambert and his wife, Carey Bounds, were married on May 9, 1820 in Perry County, Mississippi, but I have not seen a marriage record or other proof of that date. The Lambert and Bounds families are said to have come to the area from North Carolina.  The identity of Nathan's parents is unknown, but it is believed that his father may have been James Lambert, who was a revolutionary war soldier. There was a large group of Lamberts who settled in Lawrence County, but I have been unable to make any connection between them and Nathan. Carey Bounds' parents were William Bounds and Fereby Dearman, who came to Mississippi from North Carolina in the very early 1800s and settled in what is now the area around Brooklyn in south Forrest County, Mississippi.


 Nathan appeared on the 1841 Tax list in Perry County, having paid his poll tax. The poll tax was assessed to free white men over the age of twenty one, or, essentially, those eligible to vote in county elections. After 1841 Nathan was never again recorded as having paid his poll tax. In 1842, he paid 80 cents property tax on eighty head of cattle.  In 1843 he had twenty cattle and paid 20 cents. In 1844 he declared one watch valued at $25.00, one clock valued at $25.00, and twenty head of cattle. His total tax that year was 48 cents. In 1845 Nathan claimed to own a ferry valued at $50.00, a clock valued at $25.00, and thirty head of cattle. In 1846 he claimed exactly the same assets as in 1845. In 1847 he paid 37 1/2 cents taxes on a ferry, thirty head of cattle and $30.00 cash.

The 1850 census may shed some light on Nathan's failure to pay his poll tax after 1841. Taken on 21 October 1850, the census record states that Nathan was 56 years old and born in South Carolina. He lived with his wife and six children and the census taker recorded that Nathan was a convict. If Nathan was a convicted felon he was not eligible to vote. I have searched the records that exist for some clue as to Nathan's offense, but have been unable to find any information.


     Nathan Lambert and Carey Bounds were the parents of at least six children. Daughter Celia married a Hicks. Daughter Nancy married Ben Perkins. The Perkins family eventually operated a ferry service on Black Creek near Brooklyn. The four Lambert sons all served the Confederacy in the Civil War.


      James Thaniel Lambert served in Company B, Ham's Mississippi State Cavalry, which originated in Booneville, Mississippi. William, John, and Thomas Obanion all enlisted in Perry County on September 17, 1861, serving in Company G, 27th Mississippi Infantry, CSA, commanded by Julius Kennedy. John died in a military hospital in Mobile, Alabama on July 1, 1862. William, too, died in a Mobile hospital on August 3, 1862, leaving behind his wife Ellen Odom Lambert and their son William Jackson Lambert. Thomas Obanion Lambert was reported absent on muster rolls in March and April, 1863. He was in the hospital in Chattanooga.  He had rejoined his troop by  July of 1863.  He was captured at Lookout Mountain on 24 November 1863 and was sent to Rock Island Prison.  James Thaniel and Thomas Obanion survived the war and returned to Perry County to raise families.


     It has been recorded by others that Nathan Lambert died on November 20, 1862, and was buried near his home in Perry County.


       Many of the descendants of  Nathan Lambert and Carey Bounds still live in the south Forrest County community of  Brooklyn, and many, including James Thaniel, are buried in the cemetery there.


Family Group Sheet For Nathan Lambert and Carey Bounds


          My Lambert line descends from William Lambert and Ellen Odom.   These links go to short narratives  which are in turn linked to the family group sheets of each family.

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