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MATTHEW MORGAN McCALL, M.D, Alikchi Chukma of the Choctaws, Page


Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2), son of Matthew Morgan McCall (M5/1.1) and Lucinda Rogers Bowlin Willis McCall (R5/1.1), was born January 21, 1850 in Red River County, Texas.  His father died 10 months later.  His mother died about 1858, and he and his brother and sister went to live with an aunt [or perhaps an older step-sister].  Later he and his brother and sister lived in the home of William H. Bowlin (B4/1.3), a step-brother.  He brought them in a covered wagon to Floresville, Texas.  When his sister was married in 1865 he and his brother went to live with her and were employed as cow­boys on the ranch of her husband.


Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) went as a drover up the Chisholm Trail with the second herd of cattle driven to Abilene, Kansas, according to a granddaughter, Blanche Maurie Duncum Monroe (D2/1.3).


He was married July 10, 1873 to Joyce Ann Lewis (L4/1.5), according to Williamson County Marriage Book 4, Certificate No. 68.  She was the daughter of William Lewis, Jr. (L5/1.1) and Mary Fish Lewis (F5/1.2), and was born in July 1854 in Harris County, Texas.  [The birth certificate of her son John D. McCall (M3/2.5) shows her year of birth as 1844.]  She was described as "one of the most beautiful girls in Texas" by Martin Lord (L5/1.2), brother to Leroy Boyce Lord (L5/1.1). 


Mary Alnora "Nora" Cox Drennan (C2/10.4) wrote in 1970:


"When they were married he was working for David McFaden, her great-uncle.  Da­vid McFaden had a two-story brick house, land and cattle and a flour mill on the San Gabriel River in Williamson County.  I visited this place in April.  It is about one mile below Circleville, Texas.  The house is in good repair, hav­ing been re­modeled recently.  It has been occupied continually until recently.  It is now used on weekends by owners Judge and Mrs. Kirby Vance who live in Tay­lor.  We also visited the old McFaden Cemetery.  It is a large cemetery com­pletely surrounded by a cyclone fence.  Jerusha Dyches McFaden is buried here."


Joyce Ann Lewis McCall and Nancy Whitmire McCall were first cousins on one side of the family.  Their children were first cousins on one side and second cou­sins on the other side."


Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) appeared as the head of a household in the federal census of Lampasas County, Enumeration District 90, page 5, precinct 6, taken June 4, 1880.  The family was reported as:


        "McCall, Robert         29, farmer, born in Texas, father born

                                    Virginia, mother born in Virginia

                 Ann            25, keeping house, born in Texas, mother

                                    born in Louisiana, wife

                 Mary            5, born in Texas, father born in Texas,

                                    mother born in Texas, daughter

                 Dora            3, born in Texas, father born in Texas,

                                    mother born in Texas, daughter

                 Joseph          2, born in Texas, father born in Texas,

                                    mother, born in Texas, son

                 Julina       4/12, born in Texas, father born in Texas,

                                    mother born in Texas, daughter"


In 1882 they were living in Lampasas County, four miles southwest of Cop­peras Cove, Texas.  They sold their farm and moved to Rockdale, Texas about 1885.  In 1890 they lived near Lexington, Texas in Lee County.


On October 3, 1898 "Robert M. McCall of Lee County" purchased 69 acres in Survey 414, five miles from Dripping Springs, Texas, from J. A. B. Middle­ton and his wife S. E. Middleton for $800, according to Hays County Deed Book 62, page 778.  It is possible that the family of his half-brother William H. Bowlin (B4/1.3) may have provided some financial assistance for the purchase.  Once when Julia E. Bowlin was visiting in the home of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) she remarked that "the farm belonged to the Bowlins."  He emphatically denied the statement, and the air was charged with tension, according to Annie Bell McCall (M3/2.8).


On October 16, 1915 Dora Middleton Parsley, daughter of J. A. B. Middleton gave an af­fidavit to the public that Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) had "lived there continu­ously except one year when they rented it out and lived nearby," according to Hays County Deed Book 68, page 223.  They sold the property to A. F. Robisher of Travis County for $2,000 December 15, 1915, according to Hays County Deed Book 68, page 423.


Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) reappeared as the head of a household in the 1900 cen­sus of Hays County, Enumeration District 23, page 2 at Dripping Springs.  He reported that nine of his ten children were living at that time.  The family was recorded as:


        "McCall, Robt. M.       50, born in Texas, January 1850

                 Joice A.       45, born in Texas, July 1854, wife

                 Joseph M.      22, born in Texas, April 1878, son,

                 Julia A.       20, born in Texas, January 1880, daughter

                 John H.        17, born in Texas, August 1882, son

                 James E.       15, born in Texas, August 1884, son

                 Perry          11, born in Texas, September 1889, son

                 Annie B.       10, born in Texas, June 1890, daughter

                 Ellie E.        8, born in Texas, April 1892, daughter

                 Katie L.        3, born in Texas, October 1896, daughter"


Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) died January 1, 1936 of a stroke, and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5) died January 8, 1936 of kidney failure.


Children born to Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis Mc­Call (L4/1.5) include:


        Mary "Mollie" McCall    (M3/2.1)        born in 1874

        Dora Alice McCall       (M3/2.2)        born in 1876

        Joseph M. McCall        (M3/2.3)        born in April 1878

        Julia Ann McCall        (M3/2.4)        born January 19, 1880

        John D. McCall          (M3/2.5)        born August 29, 1882

        James Edwin McCall      (M3/2.6)        born August 21, 1884

        Perry Cornelius McCall  (M3/2.7)        born September 29, 1888

        Annie Bell McCall       (M3/2.8)        born in June 1890

        Ellie Elma McCall       (M3/2.9)        born  April 7, 1893

        Katie Eleanor McCall    (M3/2.10)       born October 25, 1896


Mary "Mollie" McCall (M3/2.1), daughter of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5), was born in 1874.  She died in 1893 "of congestion" and was buried at Lexington.


Dora Alice McCall (M3/2.2), daughter of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5), was born in 1876.  She was married January 8, 1893 to Isaac Duncum (D3/1.1), according to Milam County Marriage Book 6, page 67.  In 1958 they lived at Cameron, Texas.  She died in 1973 at the age of 96.


Children born to Isaac Duncum (D3/1.1) and Dora Alice McCall Duncum (M3/2.2) include:


        Nora Elma Duncum        (D2/1.1)        born November 11, 1893

        Orba O. Duncum          (D2/1.2)        born June 28, 1899

        Blanche Maurie Duncum   (D2/1.3)        born September 19, 1907

        Morris Coleman Duncum   (D2/1.4)        born January 24, 1916


Nora Elma Duncum (D2/1.1), daughter of Isaac Duncum (D3/1.1) and Dora Al­ice McCall Duncum (M3/2.2), was born November 11, 1893.  She did not marry.  She taught school for 47 years in Milam County.


Orba O. Duncum (D2/1.2), son of Isaac Duncum (D3/1.1), and Dora Alice Mc­Call Duncum (M3/2.2), was born June 28, 1899.  He was married about 1920 to Nuell Sanders (S2/­1.1), daughter of A. L. Sanders (S3/1.1) and Emma Poe Sanders (P3/1.1).  He died in 1979.


A daugh­ter was born to them:


        Dora Emma Duncum       (D1/2.1)       born August 20, 1922


Dora Emma Duncum (D1/2.1), daughter of Orba O. Duncum (D2/1.2) and Nuell Sanders Dun­cum (S2/1.1), a namesake of her two grandmothers, was born August 20, 1922.  She was mar­ried to Reese Monroe Turner (T1/1.1) April 17, 1939.


Children born to them include:


        Reese Monroe Turner, Jr. (T-1/1.1)    born April 26, 1948


Reese Monroe Turner, Jr. (T-1/1.1), son of Reese Monroe Turner (T1/1.1) and Dora Emma Duncum Turner (D1/2.1), was born April 26, 1948.  He was married May 28, 1977 to Gayle Prince (P-1/1.1) of Duxbury, Massachusetts.  She was the daughter of Dick Prince (P1/­1.1) and Eleanor Prince.


Three daughters were born to them:


        Ella Gayne Turner      (G-2/1.1)      born April 6, 1978

        Cara Nuell Turner      (G-2/1.2)      born August 3, 1979

        Jena Reese Turner      (G-2/1.3)      born July 16, 1986


Blanche Maurie Duncum (D2/1.3), daughter of Isaac Duncum (D3/1.1) and Dora Alice Mc­Call Duncum (M3/2.2), was born September 19, 1907.  She was mar­ried February 20, 1942 to Her­shel Brown Monroe (M2/1.1) who was born September 24, 1913 in Tennessee.  During World War II he served in the U. S. Navy in a Seabee Battalion where he served a year on Guadalcanal.  Following the war he was employed by Union Carbide Company near Hous­ton.  In 1988 they lived in La Marque, Texas in retirement.


One daughter was adopted by them:


        Lela Faye Monroe        (M1/1.1)        born February 9, 1944


Lela Faye Monroe (M1/1.1), daughter of Hershel B. Monroe (M2/1.1) and Blanche Maurie Duncum Monroe (D2/1.3), was born February 9, 1944.  She was married in January 1964 to Luther Gwen Boyd  who was born August 1, 1940 to Weldon "Pud" Boyd (B1/1.1) and Oleta Siegler Boyd (S1/1.1).  He attended Lubbock Christian College in 1959-60, Harding College in 1961 and Abilene Chris­tian College in 1962.  He received a master's degree there in 1964.  She was graduated from Lubbock Christian College in 1977.  In 1988 they lived at Ralls, Texas.  In 1993 they lived in Lubbock at 3816-39th Street.


Children born to them include:


          Gregory Collins Boyd                                  born November 20, 1964

          Weldon Kregg Boyd                                    born November 9, 1967

          Stephen Monroe Boyd                        born June 28, 1971

          Stephanie Lee Boyd                                     born February 3, 1973


Morris Coleman Duncum (D2/1.4), son of Isaac Duncum (D3/1.1) and Dora Al­ice McCall Duncum (M3/2.2), was born January 24, 1916.  He was married about 1937 to Bertha Bay­lor (B2/1.1) who was born November 24, 1917.  In 1941 he owned a DeSota-Plymouth deal­ership in Cameron.  He served in the U. S. Army during World War II.  In 1970 they lived in Cameron where he was an elder in the Church of Christ.


Children born to them include:


        Mary Alice Duncum       (D1/4.1)        born November 25, 1941

        John Morris Duncum      (D1/4.2)        born about 1943


Mary Alice Duncum (D1/4.1), daughter of Morris Coleman Duncum (C2/1.4) and Bertha Bay­lor Duncum (B2/1.1), was born November 25, 1941.  Following graduation from Abilene Christian University she was married to Gary Welch (W1/1.1), a dentist, son of Louis Welch (W2/1.1), mayor of Houston.  In 1983 they lived in Houston.


Children born to Gary Welch (W1/1.1) and Mary Alice Duncum Welch (D1/4.1) include:


        Merideth McCall Welch   (W-1/1.1)       born about 1969

        Gilford Nicholas Welch  (W-1/1.2)       born about 1971


John Morris Duncum (D1/4.2), son of Morris Coleman Duncum (C2/1.4) and Bertha Baylor Duncum (D2/1.1), was born about 1943.  He was married about 1963 to Dianne Vannoy (V1/1.1).  Initially he was an agricultural teacher in Huntsville and Duncanville, Texas.  Later he was employed by Prudential Insurance Company as a mortgage loan ap­praiser in Ft. Worth, Texas.  In 1988 he owned a Ford dealership in Cleveland, Texas.


Children born to them include:


        John Mark Duncum        (D-1/2.1)       born about 1965

        James Michael Duncum    (D-1/2.2)       born about 1967

        Jeffrey MacRea Duncum   (D-1/2.3)       born about 1969


Joseph M. McCall (M3/2.3), son of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5), was born in 1878 in Williamson County.  He did not marry, and he was killed by lightning in 1900, at age 22, while returning from a visit with the family of his uncle Oliver Hazard Perry McCall (M4/1.3).  He was buried at Lexington.


Julia Ann McCall (M3/2.4), daughter of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5), was born January 19, 1880,according to Milam County Delayed Birth Book 48, page 185.  She was married about 1898 to Napoleon Hendricks (H3/1.1).  She died in 1960.


Children born to them include:


        O. F. Hendricks         (H2/1.1)        born about 1900

        Delmer L. Hendricks     (H2/1.2)        born about 1902

        Neva Hendricks          (H2/1.3)        born about 1905


O. F. Hendricks (H2/1.1), son of Napoleon Hendricks (H3/1.1) and Julia Ann McCall Hen­dricks (M3/2.4), was born about 1900.  In 1970 they lived near Houston.


Delmer L. Hendricks (H2/1.2), son of Napoleon Hendricks (H3/1.1) and Julia Ann McCall Hendricks (M3/2.4), was born about 1908.  In 1970 they lived near Houston.


Neva Hendricks (H2/1.3), daughter of Napoleon Hendricks (H3/1.1) and Julia Ann McCall Hendricks (M3/2.4), was born about 1905.  She was married about 1923 to R. B. Roddy (R2/1.1).


Children born to them include:


        Wilbur Roddy            (R1/1.1)        born about 1925


John D. McCall (M3/2.5), son of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5), was born August 29, 1882 in Lampasas County, four miles from Copperas Cove, according to Lampasas County Pro­bate Birth Book 9, page 140.  Dora Alice McCall Duncum (M3/2.2) attested to the birth certificate.  He attended school at Dripping Springs and college at Southwest Texas Teachers Normal at San Marcos, Texas.  He re­ceived a teacher's certificate about 1905.


He related that once when he returned to his boyhood home in Lampasas County he found an "old man Van Winkle" living there.  His father sold this farm and moved to Rockdale in Milam County.  He appeared as "John H. McCall, age 17" in the 1900 census of his father's household in Hays County.


He taught school first at Karnes City, Texas and later at Sour Lake, Texas.  While teaching school he studied law at night until he was able to pass the bar exams.  He was married in San Antonio, Texas August 29, 1906 on his twenty-fourth birthday to Bammer Boyls (B3/1.1), daughter of Sylvester Boyls (B4/1.1) and Mary Catherine "Kitty" Satterfield Boyls (S4/1.1).  She was born June 13, 1883 in Dekalb, Mississippi.  A photograph of them was taken in "December 1907."  The portrait with the date inscribed on the back is retained by Fannie M. Boyls (B2/2.1).


A photograph of him was published in the May 31, 1926 edition of the "Beaumont Enter­prise." He was, about that time an unsuccessful candidate for Lt. Governor of Texas.  In 1941 he was an at­torney in Beaumont, Texas.  In a letter he wrote to John H. McCall June 1, 1958 he mentioned that he was now offic­ing in his home at 2545 Broadway and owned property in Phoenix, Arizona.  At one time he was a law partner with E. W. Mc­Call, of no known kinship, in  Beaumont. 


She died September 15, 1966 in Beaumont.  He died there in a nursing home November 12, 1973 at the age of 91, according to a letter written June 1, 1988 by Fannie M. Boyls (B2/2.1), a niece of Washington, D. C.  LeRoy McCall, attorney of Hamshire in Jeffer­son County and brother of E. W. McCall, presented a tribute to John D. McCall March 22, 1974 in a memorial service conducted by the Jefferson County courts in the court­house.


John D. McCall (M3/2.5) gave a sketch of the family in a letter:


                                   "John D. McCall

                                    407 San Jacinto Building

                                    Beaumont, Texas                    

                                                                 March 12, 1941


Mr. Arlee Gowen

Room 125, Horn Hall

Texas Technological College

Lubbock, Texas


Dear Cousin,


I have your letter which I received some time ago requesting information about our family.


Oliver Hazard Perry McCall, your great-grandfather, was my father's brother and my uncle.  He was named after the naval hero Oliver Hazard Perry [Battle of Lake Erie, 1813], but I do not believe there was a relationship existing be­tween the family. Rather it is my understanding that Grandpa was a great admir­er of the hero and wished to name his son for him.  [Oliver Hazard Perry Mc­Call (M4/1.3) was born June 13, 1851, seven months after the death of his fa­ther so it must have been some other member of the family who was an admirer of the Commodore.]  This is in accordance with information from my father and my aunt who were older than Uncle Perry.


In answer to your question No. 1: I will state that my grandfather's name was Daniel [Matthew] Morgan McCall.  He was a physician and practiced medicine in Red River County, Texas and lived near Clarksville up to the time of his death.  He acquired a great deal of property, some three or four thousand acres, about three thousand of which was blackland, and the remainder was timberland.  After I was a good-sized boy the family sold the timberland to a man by the name of Young, but as to the remainder, it is probably lost by reason of the statute of limitation.


No. 2: Grandmother McCall's maiden name was Lucinda Rogers.  Her family came from Tennessee, and she had a brother Hugh and one name William.  William was a preacher and a banker.  Hugh was a farmer and a cattleman, and I understand some of the descendants are now living around Waco and some out on the Pacific Coast at Seattle. In fact, I met the son of my great uncle Hugh Rogers who was just recently killed in an automobile accident near Houston.  His family lived at or near Liberty, Texas.  He was in the oil business.  I know of no other de­scendant of him.


No. 3: My great-grandmother's maiden name was Thomas.  Her first name was Eliz­abeth; and my great-grandfather's name was John.  He was a son of Henry McCall who was a lieutenant in the French and Indian War [1754-63] and feasted a Brit­ish General with o'possum and potatoes and used a log for a table and bark for dishes.  He later served in the Revolutionary War.


My great-grandfather, John McCall, had four sons--Dr. Daniel Morgan McCall, Lorenzo McCall, William McCall and John McCall.  These four sons moved from Tennessee to Mississippi and lived near Jackson.  They came from there to Texas and lived near Clarksville at a place known as Fulbright.  Their sister mar­ried a man by the name of Bay."


Lt. Henry McCall had two brothers, John and William.  They came from around Ab­erdeen and Glasgow, Scotland and settled at Charleston, South Carolina.  His­tory has it that one of the brothers went into Massachusetts where one of the descendants was a Congressman during the World War.  One remained in South Car­olina where his descendants or some of them still reside.  Lt. Henry McCall's folks are represented by our family, and I find that one of them was a Con­gressman from Tennessee and was later United States District Judge.  He was John E. McCall and has a son now living at Memphis.


In this connection I might say that my great-grandmother, who was a Thomas, was part Cherokee, and I thought you might be interested in knowing that.


No. 4: My father's name was Robert Marshall McCall, and my mother's name was Joyce Lewis.


No. 5: Aunt Melissa McCall, my father's sister, married an Irishman by the name of Hugh Rogers (no relation to the aforementioned family).  Aunt Melissa was my father's only sister.  She was the oldest of the three.  These children were left orphans when they were small and lived with an aunt who was a sister to my grandfather near Cameron.  She married a doctor whose name I believe was Yer­relton.  She was red-headed and my father and Uncle Perry said that she got af­ter them quite frequently for the mischief they would get into.  When Aunt Me­lissa and Uncle Hugh bought a ranch near San Antonio, and the boys went to live with them.  They grew up and were both "cowboys" and followed the trails to the west.  Both of them were good riders and were well known to the early settlers of the west.  Both spoke Spanish fluently.  I might add in this con­nection that Uncle Hugh Rogers, Aunt Melissa's husband, used to visit us, and I would always take him a toddy early in the morning before he got up.  He would always re­mark, "John, you are a good-like fellow."  He was a graduate of the University of Glasgow, Scotland, having gone from Ireland to Scotland when he was a boy.  He spoke with an Irish brogue, and I had great difficulty at times in under­standing him.  Aunt Melissa survived him, and they left a number of children, several of whom lived in San Antonio; and two of the grand­daughters are teach­ing school in San Antonio.  The rest of the children live around Flo­resville in Wilson County.  I am also enclosing a statement with reference to the Fish fam­ily which was furnished me by Judge C. A. Lord of Beaumont who is my mother's first cousin and Aunt Nancy McCall's first cousin and therefore kin to you.  It might be interesting for you to know also that my mother, who was Joyce Lewis, and Aunt Nancy McCall, Uncle Perry's wife, were first cousins, their mothers being sisters and two of the Fish girls.  This would make Uncle Perry's chil­dren and my father's children first cousins and then some.


Uncle Perry's wife was a Whitmire and her father's name was Henry.  These Whit­mires settled near Beaumont and were some of the early settlers of Texas.  I think you will be glad to know that my father, whose name was Robert Marshall McCall, and my mother, Joyce Lewis McCall, lived for many years at Austin, Tex­as where they died in 1936.  They were nearly 90 years of age.  They raised ten children to be grown; eight of them are still living, to wit: Dora McCall who married Isaac Duncum, who reside at Cameron, Texas; Julia McCall who mar­ried a Hendrix and lives at Houston, Texas; Annabell McCall who married Neil Mills and lives at Austin; Ellie McCall who lived at Austin; Perry McCall lives at Tempe, Arizona, is married and has several children; Kate McCall lives at Austin; James McCall lives at Miles City, Montana and is a cattleman.


The writer hereof has lived and practiced law here for a good many years.  Joseph M. and Mollie McCall are both long since deceased, although they lived to be grown.  I believe this is as much as I know about the immediate family; that is the descendants of Dr. Daniel Morgan McCall as far as my family and Aunt Melissa's family are concerned.  Of course, you know about Uncle Perry's family.


I might say in conclusion that Uncle David McFadden and my Aunt Jerusha Dykes were married at Beaumont in 1836.  I have checked their marriage license and the return thereon.  This was shortly after the town was founded.  These people were kin to the McFaddens of Beaumont and Victoria; and this Uncle David McFad­den and one of the Dykes great uncles were actually in the Battle of San Jac­into, and if you will take the time to look at the picture of the surrender, you will find Uncle David McFadden and one of the Dykes in it.  I will say also that there some of the other folks, including Grandpa Lewis, who was not act­ually in that battle but were on their way from Goliad there, but the fight was over and Santa Ana was captured before Grandpa Lewis arrived.


I want to say one other thing that might interest you, and that is that Aunt Lizzie Lewis and Grandma Lewis drew pensions from the Mexican War, from the Texas Revolution and from the Civil War.


I am glad you wrote as you did and I will be glad to hear from you again at your convenience.  Trusting that what I have said may be of some assistance to you even though it is a little late, I am,


                                                    Sincerely yours,

                                                    John D. McCall"


One child was born to them, but died at birth.  A niece of Bammer Boyls McCall (B3/­1.1), Fannie M. Boyls (B2/2.1), daughter of James F. Boyls (B3/1.2), an attorney of San Antonio and Lillie Lamme Boyls (L3/1.1), was a favorite of them.  He took pride in seeing her graduate from the University of Texas with a BA degree in 1925 and from the law school of the university in 1929 with an LLB degree.  She practiced law for two years with her father and then removed to Beaumont to pursue a legal practice in part­nership with John D. McCall (M3/2.5).  Afterwards she practiced law in Washington, D. C. and continued to live there in 1988. 


Fannie M. Boyls (B2/2.1) mentioned an error in the death certificate of her aunt which will send a chill down the spine of a genealogist:


"When Aunt Bammer died, the coroner who made out the death certificate called Uncle John D. to inquire about her relatives.  I was the first relative to ar­rive, and he mentioned me as a niece.  He was then asked for the names of her father and mother.  My uncle, upset and not thinking very clearly, gave him the names of my parents.  When I discovered the error some time later and sought to have it corrected, the State of Texas sent me an application to amend the death certificate and stated that 'due to the radical change in the name of the par­ents, please send us a copy of their marriage license plus a fee for a certi­fied copy of the documents.' 


It would have been impossible for me to provide the license since I did not know where they were married and since a cyclone had blown away their home, furnishings and records when Aunt Bammer was a child.  Nothing but a sofa pil­low lodged in the limbs of a tree was ever found.  That pillow, covered and re­covered, is now in my possession.  Accordingly, I made no further effort to have the death certificate corrected.  Can you imagine the consternation of some genealogist in the future trying to figure out how an aunt and a niece could have the same parents!"


James Edwin McCall (M3/2.6), son of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lew­is McCall (L4/1.5), was born August 21, 1884 in Copperas Cove, according to Coryell County Delayed Birth Book 14, page 15.  In 1890 his parents removed to Lexington.  He ran away from home when he was 13 and worked as a waterboy for a railroad.  When his father learned his whereabouts he had the sheriff pick him up and send him home.


He was the subject of a magazine article written by Dick Glenn and pub­lished in the December 1966 edition of "Western Horseman:"


"Ed was a born-in-the-wool cowboy and was seldom seen without a rope in his hand, an instrument he learned to use with perfection by the time he was 12 years old.  At the age of 15 he was consid­ered a top hand, so he bade farewell to his family and announced, 'I think I can make it on my own the rest of the way.'  He hired out on the JJ Ranch south of Midland, Texas.  He worked there a few years and then moved to the Johnson Brothers cow ranch on the Pecos River near Pecos, Texas when he remained from 1904 to 1908."


His picture, taken near Odessa, Texas in 1905 with his horse 'Dirty Linen', appeared in the article.


"Ed, like many other cowboys, had heard fabulous tales of the rich cattle coun­try of Montana, and from the time he first left home, he had a keen desire to go there.


Along with learning to become an expert roper, Ed practiced cutting hair and shaving the cowboys with the roundup wagons and at cow camps.  His service was invaluable to the cowboys as they seldom got to a town more than one or twice during a year.  Once when he was laid-up in town for a spell after a steer had jerked his horse down, Ed obtained a license to practice that trade, thinking some day it might come in handy.


Early in 1906 Ed went with a large trail herd of 7HL cattle, driv­ing them to Bovina, Texas in the last trail herd owned by J. T. McElroy.  Ed was then 22 years old and ambitious with thoughts of a more enterprising life than that of an ordinary cowpoke.  One day he said to himself, "Shucks, I can make more mon­ey barbering and rodeoing."  He quit his job; set up a crude one-chair barber­shop in a small town, and combined that work with roping steers in area rodeos.


Eight years later Ed gave his two good roping horses to a friend, bought a railroad ticket and late in the year 1914 registered at the Hotel Milligan, Miles City, Montana.  Three days later a candy­stick pole was turning on Main Street with a sign above, "McCall's Shop."  It was a one-chair shop, and busi­ness was slow at the start, but soon people heard that Ed McCall was a cowboy (he told them so) and business started to pick up.


Ed had a pleasing personality, was a good mixer and an avid story teller.  In slightly over a year the business grew into an eight-chair shop.  The business flourished, and he became one of the best-liked personalities in Miles City; however as the years rolled by, some doubt grew as to whether Ed McCall had ev­er been the professional steer roper and wild cowboy who served as basic mater

­ial for his stories.


On a Saturday in June 1928 quite a number of cowboys and cattlemen were in Mc­Call's Shop.  The chairs were all full and the waiting line was long.  Ed Mc­Call was telling a story about how he won a big steer roping down Pecos way.  Suddenly someone said, 'Ed, have you ever thought about roping again?'  'It's been too long since Ed has roped to ever do it again; he's grown too soft work­ing all these years in a barbershop.'  At that remark Ed advised the entire au­dience, 'I'm leasing out the shop and going back to roping in about two weeks.'


Ed started going out to the big LO Ranch to train his roping horse "Big Buck."  They ran 10,000 cattle that included a large number of corriente Mexican steers.  When the Fourth of July Roundup took place in Miles City Ed finished second in the single steer roping and also placed in the calf roping.  From there he started follow­ing the circuit making all the big rodeos for the next six years and becoming a familiar figure at the pay windows.  In 1934 at the age of 50 he retired from rodeoing and hung up his spurs."


He returned to Pecos in the fall of 1963 for a visit with oldtime cowboy acquaint­ances.  The get-together, held in the Brandon Hotel, was written up in the November 12, 1963 edition of the "Pecos Independent."  Partici­pating were Young Bell, his host; Albert Cooksey, "born in Toyah over 80 years ago;" Curtis McElroy and Louis Roberson, former sheriff and deputy U. S. Marshall.


In 1965 he was recognized on his 81st birthday by a Miles City radio sta­tion who car­ried a tribute to him and his wife Martha McCall.  No children were born to them.


Perry Cornelius McCall (M3/2.7), son of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5), was born September 19, 1888 at Rockdale, according to Milam County Delayed Birth Book 52, page 67.  He was married about 1910 to Ruth McCormick (M3/1.1).  In 1916 he was a farmer living at Henly, Texas in Hays County.  He died in 1959 in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Children born to Perry Cornelius McCall (M3/2.7) and Ruth McCormick McCall (M3/1.1) in­clude:


        William Marshall McCall (M2/7.1)        born March 21, 1912

        Marvin Dale McCall      (M2/7.2)        born March 4, 1913

        John D. McCall          (M2/7.3)        born abut 1914

        Edna Ruth McCall        (M2/7.3)        born about 1915

        Louise McCall           (M2/7.5)        born December 16, 1916


William Marshall McCall (M2/7.1), son of Perry Cornelius McCall (M3/2.7) and Ruth McCor­mick McCall (M3/1.1), was born March 21, 1912, according to Coryell County Birth Book 1, page 248.  In 1958, in 1970 and in 1988 he lived at Kingman, Arizona.


Marvin Dale McCall (M2/7.2), son of Perry Cornelius McCall (M3/2.7) and Ruth McCormick McCall (M3/1.1), was born March 4, 1913, according to Coryell County Birth Book 1, page 43.  In 1970 and in 1988 he lived in Kingman.


Edna Ruth McCall (M2/7.3), daughter of Perry Cornelius McCall (M3/2.7) and Ruth McCormick Mc­Call (M3/1.1), was born about 1916.  She was married about 1936 to Robert Lawless (L2/1.1).  In 1958, in 1970 and in 1988 they lived in Grand Junction.


Louise McCall (M2/7.5), daughter of Perry Cornelius McCall (M3/2.7) and Ruth McCormick McCall (M3/1.1), was born December 16, 1916, according to Hays County Birth Book 7, page 246.  She was shown as "fifth child, four living."  In 1970 she lived in Portland, Oregon.  Subsequently she was married to Theodore W. Newell (N2/1.1).  In 1988 they lived in Tacoma, Washington.  She was a very talented painter, according to Fannie M. Boyls (B2/2.1) who reported that "one of her landscapes hung in the home of John D. McCall (M3/2.5).


Annie Bell McCall (M3/2.8), daughter of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5), was born in 1891 in Williamson County, according to Hazel Inez Nelson Bradbury (N2/1.7).   She was mar­ried about 1918 to Neil Mills (M3/1.1).  In 1958 and 1968 they lived in Austin.  She continued there in 1983, living in a nursing home.


Children born to them include:


        Neil Mills, Jr.         (M2/1.1)        born about 1920

        Edward Mills            (M2/1.2)        born about 1922

        Dale Mills              (M2/1.3)        born about 1925


Neil Mills, Jr, son of Neil Mills (M3/1.1) and Annie Bell McCall Mills (M3/2.8), was born about 1920.  He had two sons and in 1968 lived in Austin.


Edward Mills, son of Neil Mills (M3/1.1) and Annie Bell McCall Mills (M3/2.8), was born about 1922.  He had two sons and in 1968 lived in Austin.


Dale Mills, son of Neil Mills (M3/1.1) and Annie Belle McCall Mills (M3/2.8), was born about 1925.  He had two daughters and a son and in 1968 lived in Austin.


Ellie Elma McCall (M3/2.9), daughter of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5), was born April 7, 1893, according to Milam County Delayed Birth Book 35, page 340.  She was married about 1910 to E. M. Fields (F3/1.1).  In 1958 and 1968 they lived in Austin.  She died there in 1979.


Children born to them include:


        Ray Fields              (F2/1.1)        born about 1912

        Joyce Fields            (F2/1.2)        born about 1914

        Dorothy Fields          (F2/1.3)        born about 1917


Ray Fields (F2/1.1), son of E. M. Fields (F3/1.1) and Ellie Elma McCall Fields (M3/­2.9), was born about 1912.  In 1968 he lived in Austin.


Joyce Fields (F2/1.2), daughter of E. M. Fields (F3/1.1) and Ellie Elma Mc­Call Fields (M3/2.9), was born about 1914.  She was married about 1934 to Clifton Fort (F2/1.1) of Austin.  In 1968 she lived in Austin.


Dorothy Fields (F2/1.3), daughter of E. M. Fields (F3/1.1) and Ellie Elma McCall Fields (M3/2.9), was born about 1917.  In 1968 she lived in Austin.


Katie Eleanor McCall (M3/2.10), daughter of Robert Marshall McCall (M4/1.2) and Joyce Ann Lewis McCall (L4/1.5), was born October 25, 1896 at Lexington  She was married January 4, 1919 to Ellis Marvin Powell (P3/1.1) who was born August 31, 1898 at Buda, Texas to Eugene Columbus Powell (P4/1.1) and Nellie McGruder Ferguson Powell (F4/1.1).  He died July 11, 1959 in Austin.  In 1984 she continued there, living in a nursing home.


Children born to them include:


        Marvin Dean Powell      (P2/1.1)        born August 14, 1923

        Vincent Charby Powell   (P2/1.2)        born August 13, 1932

        Gloria Mae Powell       (P2/1.3)        born September 11, 1934


Marvin Dean Powell (P2/1.1), son of Ellis Marvin Powell (P3/1.1) and Katie Eleanor Mc­Call Powell (M3/2.10), was born August 14, 1923 in Houston.  He was married January 4, 1947 to Verda Mae Dungan (D2/1.1) in Austin.  She was born November 12, 1925 in Lul­ing, Texas to Plenie Preston Dungan (D3/1.1) and Artie Mae Atkins Dungan (A3/1.1).  In 1988 he, a retired fire­man and a family history researcher, lived in Austin.


Children born to them include:


        Randy Dell Powell       (P1/1.1)        born September 20, 1947

        Gerald Dean Powell      (P1/1.2)        born January 5, 1950


Randy Dell Powell (P1/1.1), son of Marvin Dean Powell (P2/1.1) and Verda Mae Dungan Powell (D2/1.1), was born September 20, 1947 in Austin.  He was married September 27, 1975 to Marcia Eileen Baugh (B1/1.1) who was born November 13, 1953 in Burnet, Texas. She was a daughter of Herbert Cowan Baugh (B2/1.1) and Marjorie Virginia Allen Baugh (A2/1.1).  In 1977 they lived in Austin.


Children born to them include:


        Cody Dell Powell        (P-1/1.1)       born April 15, 1976

        Alison Leah Powell      (P-1/1.2)       born December 8, 1977


Gerald Dean Powell (P1/1.2), son of Marvin Dean Powell (P2/1.1) and Verda Mae Dungan Powell (D2/1.1), was born January 5, 1950 in Austin.  He was married May 8, 1981 to Bettina Mae LeDoux (L1/1.1) who was born March 19, 1953 in Lakes Charles, Louisiana to Philip LeDoux (L2/1.1) and Betty Jane Pousson LeDoux (P2/1.1).  In 1985 they lived in Austin.


Children born to them include:


        Brian David Powell      (P-1/2.1)       born November 17, 1981

        Sarah Elizabeth Powell  (P-1/2.2)       born June 12, 1983


Vincent Charby Powell (P2/1.2), son of Ellis Marvin Powell (P3/1.1) and Katie Eleanor McCall Powell (M3/2.10), was born August 13, 1932 in Los An­geles, California.  He was married March 16, 1952 to Georgia Lou Ridgeway (R2/1.1).  In 1970 they lived in Austin where he was a building contrac­tor.


Gloria Mae Powell (P2/1.3), daughter of Ellis Marvin Powell (P3/1.1) and Katie Eleanor McCall Powell (M3/2.10), was born September 11, 1934 in Los Angeles.  She was married December 26, 1952 to Douglas B. Phillips (P2/1.1).  In 1968 they lived in Austin.



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