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Tracing the Glennie ancestry of a friend~ who were Londoners through and through as far back as anyone in the family could remember ~ I discovered that originally they came from a small area in Aberdeenshire.The problem was, so did a large number of other Glennie families!††† In an effort to discover who, if any, were related I researched pretty much all of them and ended up with ten different and distinct family groups.I canít believe that in such a very small area that at least some of them arenít related but at the moment I canít find any linksÖ.



To differentiate between the families, they are listed under the name of the wife of the first person in the tree:




Glennie ~ Begg


Glennie ~ Booth


Glennie ~ Cruikshank


Glennie ~ Gordon


Glennie ~ Henderson


Glennie ~ Murdoch


Glennie ~ Reid


Glennie ~ Sim


Glennie ~ Williams