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Some years ago I started investigating my own family roots in Scotland, really having no idea about anything except that my grandfather had been born in Glasgow and had lived there until he came south after the First World War.


A decade later, never having shaken the thrill of digging through church records and crawling around graveyards, I have tracked all my Scottish roots, have made a good stab towards following my fatherís English ones, and have investigated families for any friends who stood still long enough to tell me who their grandparents were and where, vaguely, they came from!


The Ďunrelatedí families are those I have investigated either for friends or because in some way they touched on my own ~ and then proved not to be mine!†† The English families are in various little groupings as within these groups all the families are related in some way or other, usually to the living person for whom the research was done.


In the course of investigating, I have used as many primary sources as possible but inevitably there comes a time, particularly once back to the early 1700ís, when records no longer exist, if they ever did, or they donít provide as much corroborating evidence as I would really like, and sometimes in these circumstances I have made educated guesses and assumptions.


Where I have done this I have indicated it and given my reasons for the assumption, but I am continually checking for new records to either prove or disprove my theory, so the data here may change.I am also more than happy to hear from anyone who point out any errors!




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Gowans (Perth)

Dakers (Brechin)

Ireland (Laurencekirk)

Imrie†† (Perth)

Maconochie (Perth)

Maxton (Perth)

Duncan (Perth)

Clark (Perthshire)

English Ancestry

Clarke (Hawkedon)

Pettitt (Ousden)

Mison (Ousden)

Wade (Cheshire)

Unrelated - Scottish

Duncan (Kingoldrum, Angus)

Glennie (Aberdeenshire)

Gowans (Perthshire)

Imrie (St Martins, Perthshire)

Ireland (Markinch)

McWilliams (Glasgow)

Unrelated - English

Baker (Somerset)

Clark (London)

Brewer (Monmouthshire)

Page (Hail Weston)

Tillett (Brightlingsea)

Tilzey (Somerset)


Copeland (Bury St Edmunds)

Fox (Kent)

Comer (Somerset)

Evans (Pentre)

Fox (Bristol)

Lodge (Essex)

Poulter (Romford)

Stebbings (Romford)

White (Bruton)