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News & Notices
Dec. 1, 2016Added DNA results for the decendants of Francis John Chapman.
Dec. 1, 2016Updated links and performed other maintenance tasks. Been away for awhile. Retired now so I should have more time.
Apr. 5, 2009Discovered lots of good info using Great resource!
Feb. 12, 2006I have resolved my limited disk space problem by placing all photos on roots web. I should now be able to start loading many of the photos that I have acquired over the last few years. Thanks for being patient.
Jan. 16, 2006Found the parents of Indiana C. Brown, I believe.
June 5, 2005Still trying to find some time to place all of the photos I have onto the web site. Trains seem to be coming my way with increasing regularity. Palmer Rowe sent some info concerning a Francis Chapman in SC that may be the father of our Francis John Chapman. This Francis was given 350 acres of land between Saludy and Savannah River on around November 2, 1768. This Francis got another 300 acres of land in 1769 between Santee and Savannah. Also, from the COUNCIL JOURNAL, page 618, July 28, 1769 His Excellency the Governor signed and sealed the following grants for land on the Bounty. In Berkley County, Francis Chapman 350 ac. More later.
February 26, 2005The photos for the 2004 Family Reunion coming soon. Work seems to be getting back to normal and I see light at the end of the tunnel. Hope it is not another train coming my way.
October 18, 2004The 2004 Family Reunion was great. Over 60 attendees, great food, picture sharing, and interesting family stories. More details later time permitting...
September 23, 2004A new word-of-mouth history (see item 7) of the father of Francis John Chapman and his brothers coming to Charleston from Northern Ireland has been revealed!!!
August 7, 2004Notice for the 2004 Chapman Family Reunion listed.
June 13, 2004The Chapman History page has several new articles added. See below.
June 12, 2004Genelle STRICKLAND Nichols has provided many descendants of Elenor Chapman (daughter of Francis John Chapman) and Allen Sinclair Strickland
May 7, 2004"A Book of Remembrance" written by Elmer Oris Parker has been used to update the family tree.
The official title is:
Some Pioneer and Allied Families of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas
A Collection of Records and Abstracts
Researched and Compiled by Elmer Oris Parker; Archivist and Historian; Columbia, South Carolina; 1996
Dec 26, 2003Book written by James Fleming Chapman Jr. found! Will provide info when available.
Dec 12, 2003Holiday Greetings. Courtesy of Julie Sheppard.
Oct 19, 2003If anyone has photos to share of the 2003 Chapman family reunion, please send me an email. Thanks.
Oct 19, 2003I'm also looking to get a copy of the name and address list that was passed around at the reunion.

Feb 26, 20062005 Chapman Reunion photos uploaded to KinNextions.
Jan 16, 2006Updated the family braches for ARCHER, BROWN, HARPER, LEIGH, MORGAN, WARREN, and others.
Jul 4, 2005Updated the family braches for Willis, Harris, Jenkins, & Johns amoung others.
Jun 5, 2005Updated the private family trees. More branches for Chapman, Warren, & Morgan added, amoung others.
Feb 26, 2005Updated the private and public family trees.
Feb 15, 2005Updated the private family tree. Many new ancestors of Andrew Corbley Morgan and Mary Elizabeth Miller added!
Jan 2, 2005Updated the private family tree. More additions for Annie Davis Chapman and Major Ivory Morgan.
Oct 18, 2004Updated the private family tree. Major additions added for Annie David Chapman and George Washington Woodall.
Sep 28, 2004Family Recollections of Nathaniel Francis Chapman and Sarah Jane Anderson
Sep 23, 2004A new word-of-mouth history (see item 7) of the father of Francis John Chapman and his brothers coming to Charleston from Northern Ireland has been revealed!!!

Photos and bio of James Marion Owens added. James is the husband of Rosena Clementine Chapman
Sep 6, 2004Updated private tree.
Aug 24, 2004Table giving CHAPMAN genealogist and family tree statistics
Aug 7, 2004Private Family Tree updated.
Jun 22, 2004Public Family Tree updated.
Jun 22, 2004Private Dynamic Family Tree updated to include additional descendants of Nathaniel Francis Chapman. Info provided by Sara HOLLAND Brozak, daughter of Daniel Webster HOLLAND and Lelia Geraldine CHAPMAN.
Jun 21, 2004Obituary for Francis John Chapman II (provided by Lindy Sillers from the old papers that belonged to her grandmother, Minnie Chapman Gordon)
Jun 13, 2004Chapman History page updated. Articles include
1) 1888 birthday celebration for John Chapman, (provided by Chrissy Chapman)
2) the 1930 birthday celebration of Francis John Chapman II, (provided by Lamar Chapman)
3) the obit for Francis John Chapman II (provided by Lamar Chapman)
4) the Deed of Gift by Mary Chapman, mother of Francis John Chapman (provided by Lamar Chapman)
Jun 12, 2004Updated Family trees to include info provided by Genelle STRICKLAND Nichols.
Jun 6, 2004Updated Family trees.
May 9, 2004Info provided by Elmer Oris Parker updated the BAXTER, DELK, and PARKER families. More updates later as time permits.
May 2, 2004PICO search engine added.
New photos of head stones at Jones Creek added with many thanks to Chrissy Chapman. More to be added as time permits.
Apr. 4, 2004Descendants of William Hall Parker added.
Mar. 28, 2004Letters on ancestors to Namoee Adams, wife of Miles J. Chapman.
Mar. 27, 2004More ancestors to Namoee Adams, wife of Miles J. Chapman, have been identified.
Mar. 24, 2004Ancestors to Namoee Adams, wife of Miles J. Chapman, have been identified.
Mar. 24, 2004Many new ancestors to Georgia Berniece Warren have been identified.
Mar. 20, 2004History and Origins of our Chapman Family.
Letters by George Arnold Chapman on family history
Erastus Winters added to Warren/Winters family tree.
Jan. 27, 2004Private Family Tree. Ancestors of Ruth Arnold Miller in the George Washington Chapman family line. New descendents of John Chapman + Elizabeth Delk.
Jan. 10, 2004Private Dynamic Family Tree. Ancestors of Ruth Arnold Miller and Alice May Wyche in the George Washing Chapman family line.
Jan. 4, 2004Private Dynamic Family Tree. More descendents of George Washington Chapman provided by H. Ray
Jan. 3, 2004Private Dynamic Family Tree. More descendents of Miles J. Chapman including families of Beasley, Defoor, and Skinner
Jan. 1, 2004Private Dynamic Family Tree. More descendents of Ida Mae Chapman and W. Adolph Redelsheimer
Dec. 26, 2003Private Dynamic Family Tree. Updates include 1) more descendents of James Fleming Chapman 2)many ancestors to Elizabeth Michel, w/o Georg Jacob Schulz
Nov 28, 2003More photos for James Fleming Chapman Jr. and Alice Ophelia Harper.
Nov 22, 2003Better photo of Sheldon Madison Chapman and his sister, Rosena. Also added photos of Sheldon's house, then and now.
Nov 16, 2003Photos for Sheldon Madison Chapman and Rosena Clementine Chapman Owens.
Nov 15, 2003Private family tree. Updates include 1) ancestors to Elizabeth Delk and Ella Gertrude Burney, 2) more descendents to Elsie Fleming Chapman, and 3) corrections.
Nov 02, 2003Head stones of kin at Jones Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Oct 26, 2003 Records of Alonzo and Rosella Arnett Chapman. Will, death & age books, and more.
Oct 26, 2003 itemized list of food and livestock taken from John Chapman's house during civil war.
Oct 22, 2003 Photos of John Chapman and Elizabeth Delk. Photos of the house they lived in also included
Oct 19, 2003 Photos of Arnett-Chapman Cemetery.
Oct 18, 2003Photos for 2003 Chapman Family reunion

Future Updates
Family lineName Description
Chapman Marion Carlos Chapman Journal relating to James Fleming Chapman Jr., Ponsell, and Harris lines
Chapman Francis John Chapman New photos of children found
Chapman Sheldon Madison Chapman Photo diary of visit with Lloyd Chapman on inherited lands from Francis John Chapman.
Oakland Cemetery in Waycross Photos
Ponsell Rehobeth Cemetery in Waycross Photos
Chapman James Fleming Chapman Jr. Family album photos
Chapman Alonzo Lamar Chapman Family album photos
Chapman Don Carlos Chapman Family album photos
Sloan Martha Elizabeth Sloan Photos