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James Fleming Chapman (1822 - 1890)
Family and History

James's parents John's parents

A picture is known to exist but has not been located.

In Rosella's will, page 5, it states:

... the other one Edna can keep them except your grandfather Chapman picture. If your father is living, he can do as he likes about it.

Since Rosella died before her husband, Alonzo, it would appear that the picture stayed with him. We can only presume that the picture of James Fleming Chapman Sr. has been passed on to one of their children. What a treasure it would be if someone were to find this picture.

James Fleming Chapman was born July 18, 1822 in Liberty County, Georgia, and died August 16, 1890 in Wayne County, Georgia. Grave just across Wayne County line from Thalmann, Georgia. He was the seventh son of Francis John and Mary Leigh Chapman. He was a farmer in Wayne and Glynn counties and later became the first elected sheriff of Wayne County.

A letter he wrote in 1862 to his younger brother Sheldon Madison Chapman described the hard times during the Civil War. James Fleming Chapman was a private in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He was a member of Rumph's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Wayne Cavalry Guards)

The following excerpt is from the Centinel - Anniversary Edition 1965 (Name of paper not given, probably Jesup paper)

At an earlier date, the court obtained the release of James F. Chapman after receiving an affidavit that he "was not subject to military service" and was being held "in the service against his will." A year later, Chapman became the sheriff of Wayne Co. Incidently, his service in the office is the first available record noting that the sheriff was elected. (dated 1864)

James Fleming Chapman had four (or five) wives:

  1. Mildred C. Harrington m. 29 Oct 1846 d. 13 Sep 1850 (She was 21 years old when she died.) Mildred and James had a child, Mary, in 1848. No further info is known about Mary.

  2. Eliza Ann Burney m. 22 Apr 1853 d. 25 Dec 1856 (during childbirth of third son George.) Eliza was the daughter of William Burney and Rachel Ann Hunter. James and Eliza had the following children:
      M i James Fleming CHAPMAN Jr. was born 4 Apr 1854 and died 28 Feb 1936.
      M ii Miles Johnston CHAPMAN was born May 1855 and died June 17, 1923 in Agusta, GA.
      M iii George Washington CHAPMAN was born 26 Dec 1856 and died 8 Dec 1929.
  3. Ester Ann STRICKLAND Pendarvas (brought 2 children to the marriage and was married to J.F. on Sep 12, 1857).

  4. Charlott (in the 1880 Ga census she is shown as married to James Fleming Chapman and having two children, Alonzo and Don Carlos). There is real doubt that the wife of James Fleming Chapman was a Charlott. Possibly a trascription error for Eller, his known last wife. Her birth year in the 1880 census is hard to read and subject to interpretation. Could possibly be the same as Ella's.

  5. Ella Gertrude Burney, with nickname "Eller" was born Dec. 25, 1862. Marriage records for James Fleming Chapman and Ella Gertrude Burney have not been found. It is presumed they were married in 1876 although some confusion exists as to who the wife of James Fleming Chapman was in the 1880 GA Wayne Co. census. Family records belonging to Alonzo, their son, states that Ella was the mother.

    Every Burney household in the state of Georgia and Florida listed in 1870 GA census have been searched for an Ella Gertrude Burney with no success. Ella is probably the daughter of David and Winney Burney living in Wayne county near the James Fleming Chapman houshold. Winney died before 1870 and Ella Gertrude could have taken residence with James Fleming Chapman and his third wife, Ester Ann Strickland Pendarvis. Her responsibilities would have been to help Ester with the household chores. Ester later dies and Ella stays and becomes the forth and last wife of James Fleming. If Ella was the mother of Alonzo (b. Jan 17, 1877), then she would have been 13 when married to James Fleming Chapman, forty years her senior. Ella and James had four children.

      M i Alonzo Lamar CHAPMAN was born 17 Jan 1877 and died 5 Nov 1954.
      M ii Don Carlos CHAPMAN was born 12 Jul 1879 and died 5 Feb 1948.
      F iii Mary Etta CHAPMAN was born 14 Mar 1882 and died 7 Sep 1900.
      M iv Joseph Fleming CHAPMAN was born 8 Dec 1889 and died 19 Jan 1943.


Mildred C. Harrington (1829 - 1850)
first wife of James Fleming Chapman (1822 - 1890)

James Fleming Chapman and Millie Harrington were married 29 Oct 1846 in Liberty Co., GA. Millie was seventeen when she married. She and James had one child, Mary, in 1848, but no further info is known about Mary. Millie died when she was 21 years old and is buried at the Jones Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.


James Fleming Chapman

This James Fleming Chapman family burial site is located just across Wayne County line from Thalmann, Georgia. The grave of James Fleming Chapman is surrounded by an ornate fence, outside of which are five or more graves. These graves originally had wooden markers that have long since deteriorated. It is speculated that some if not all of the wives except for Millie are buried here. It is unknown to whom the remaining graves belong to.


James Fleming Chapman Family Burial Site
(Containing James Fleming and five other unknown graves)