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Francis John Chapman and Mary Leigh
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Francis John Chapman (1799-1852) and Mary Leigh (1789-1866)
are the progenitors of our Chapman line.

Historical Info:


Test Results from CHAPMAN Family Tree DNA for Kit 56915 show that Francis John Chapman had Haplogroup R1b1b2

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Family Reunions

The family reunions are open to all descendants of Francis John Chapman and Mary Leigh. Others who are interested are certainly welcome. Hope to see you all there. If you can't make it this year, send us your regrets and we will be sure to notify you next year.
2006 Chapman Family Reunion
DateSaturday, Sept. 30, 2006
Time9:30 to 3:30
PlaceJones Creek Baptist Church,
Highway 301 N, Ludowici, GA.
Area map and Zoom

This is the church that Mary Leigh Chapman was a founding member.
The church cemetery has many of our early ancestors.
EventPot-Luck and featured speakers giving family stories.
ContactsLet Mike Chapman or Chrissy Chapman know if you would like to attend the 2006 reunion.
2005 Chapman Family Reunion
Chip Tuttle gave some exciting news on his research on identifying the father of Francis John Chapman. Mozelle and her mom (Allene Chapman) brought a trove of old photos they found in Aleene's family album. I will be putting these on the web site shortly. Allene died shortly thereafter due to the West Nile virus. We will miss her.
2004 Chapman Family Reunion
Horace Francis Chapman gave many stories told to him by his grandfather. An account of the three brothers coming over from Northern Ireland was fascinating. One of these brothers was the father of Francis John Chapman.
2003 Chapman Family Reunion
Roy and Chrissy Chapman were our hosts. Roy prepared his deep fried turkey which was fantastic! Later we all visted the Arnette Cemetery where the brothers, Alonzo and Don Carlos Chapman, their families, and their descendants are buried. Then we treked into the woods to visit the grave site of James Fleming Chapman Sr.



Please feel free to contact me. Photos, documentation, corrections, and suggestions are welcome.

E-mail to: Mike Chapman or Carolyn Chapman