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Family of
Nathan Hawkins and Ruth Cole


This family has been put together by Hawkins descendants and researchers, Lewis family book, 1880 letter written by Robert Patton Crockett naming some of the Hawkins uncles, Court Records from Sullivan County, TN and Maryland.  Research continues.  We do not have proof of the Cole family but we do know that Nathanís mother is a Rebecca Hawkins.


Nathan Hawkins b. 16 Nov 1722, Baltimore Co. MD d. 1781, Sullivan Co. TN

m. Ruth Cole, 14 Feb 1744, Baltimore Co. Maryland




1. Aaron b. 1750, Baltimore Co. MD, d. ?, m. Susannah, 7 Nov 1778, Baltimore Co. MD


2. Joseph b. 1851, Baltimore Co. MD, d. bef Mar 1797, Green Co, TN Babbs Farm

    Cemetery, m Esther Davis, abt 1781

     (This line proven for DAR)


3. Nathan, Jr. b. 1756, Baltimore Co. MD, d. ?  m. Sarah Gray 12 Jun 1804, Sullivan Co.



4. Nicholas b. 1758, Baltimore Co. MD, d.?,  m. Jane Elizabeth Gray bef. 1797, Sullivan

    Co. TN


5. John b. 1760, Baltimore Co. MD, d. 1859, Salt Creek, Franklin, IN m. Nancy Gray

    1783, Sullivan Co. TN


6. Ruth b. 1766, Baltimore Co. MD, d. 24 Nov 1827, Franklin Co. IN m. Jonathan Webb

    abt. 1787, Franklin Co. IN


7. Rebecca  b. ?  d. abt. 1834, Gibson Co. TN m. John Crockett

    (This line has been proven for DAR)


8. Mary Elizabeth b. 17 Jan 1768, d. bef. 1830, Franklin Co. IN, m. David Lewis, 1788

    Sullivan Co. TN


9 Wilson b. 1762