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Tuttle Family
Ancestry of Emma Tuttle

William Tuttle was baptized on Dec. 26, 1607 at Ringstead, Northampton, England, and died in 1672 in the Colony of Connecticut, probably in New Haven. He married Elizabeth Matthews (b. ca 1609). They had twelve children. One of these, Benjamin (b. 1649), was executed for killing his sister Sarah (b.1642) with an ax in 1676. Another, Mercy, killed her 17 year-old son Samuel with an ax in 1691. A third, Elizabeth (b. 1645), married Richard Edwards in 1667, and their son, Timothy, was the father of Jonathan Edwards. Others of William and Elizabeth Tuttle's children included David (b. 1639), Hannah (b. 1632), Nathaniel (b.1652), and Jonathan (b. Jul 8, 1637).3

Now Jonathan begat Simon (b. Mar 11, 1671) and Simon begat Isaiah (b. Jul 10, 1704) and Isaiah begat another Jonathan (b. May 19, 1728) and Jonathan begat another Isaiah (b. May 5, 1757) who begat yet another Isaiah (b. Nov 16, 1794) whose middle name was either Irvine or Irwine, and who married Abigail Beach. Isaiah and Abigail Tuttle begat Cornelius Brainard Tuttle (b. May 15, 1827, Rootstown, Portage, Ohio).

Cornelius married Lois M. Bainbridge (b. Nov 11, 1835, Oneida, NY) on May 27, 1855, in Wyandot, Ohio--listed in Wyandot Marriage records 1845-1866). Lois Bainbridge was the daughter of Richard S. Bainbridge and Luciana (Lucinda?) Wentworth.

Cornelius and Lois Tuttle

Cornelius and Lois Tuttle had three children: Sherman C. (b.Dec 21, 1865), Ellen J. (b. June 21, 1861) who married Rev. F. M. Hauser, and Emma L. (b. June 25, 1856, Indiana). Emma is reported to have been sickly and "hot tempered," but beautiful, artistic, and "with a good head for business."

Young Emma Tuttle

At the age of 16 (ca. 1872), Emma Tuttle married Lewis Browning May. She is reported to have been a Democrat; he a Republican. They had two children: Myrtle, who died at age 8 mos, and Earl Tuttle May, who was born in January 1880. He was Gerald's father.

Earl May around turn of century

3 Some of the early Tuttle information was gained from Sybil Smith's article, "What is it With Those Tuttles?," Ancestry, Vol 13, No. 3, May-June, 1885.

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