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The main "GLYNN" monument

(Section E, Lot 68) Fairview Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Canada


Patrick Glynn (1828-1904) and Bridget Kelly (1830-1907)

Patrick Glynn was born in "Galway, Ireland" in the year 1828. While he was growing up, the whole country was suffering great hardship as a result of the infamous Potato Blight. Many mark 1845 as the beginning of the period referred to as "The Great Hunger". Around 1850, Patrick emigrated to Canada. It is thought that the family he left behind in Galway included a number of younger siblings. When and where he landed in Canada is not known. Since he was a "citizen" of the British Empire, he could enter Canada routinely without any "papers" (not until 1947 was there Canadian "Citizenship"). At this early date also, there were no governmental requirements for ship Captains to file passenger manifests. As a result, the name of the ship and the port of entry remain a mystery.There is in our family"tradition" much information which, at the moment, cannot be authenticated. It has been reported that most/all of Patrick's siblings "later" emigrated to the US (probably through the Port of Boston.) It is a possiblity which might be tracked down with greater ease if Patrick's birthplace/Parish/Townland and his parents names were known.

Patrick shows up in the Province of Ontario. He is listed in the Census of 1871 as "head of household" and his occupation as "laborer" (his name is spelled "Glyn"). At some time around 1855, he married, Bridget Kelly. Bridget was born in "Ireland" (according to burial information). The couple settled in the area of the Niagara Peninsula. It appears that they lived in Welland, Thorold and Niagara. Their eldest son, Michael Joseph, was born in 1856. In 1860, Bridget was born in "Thorold"(according to IBVM records). Patrick J. was born in 1861 in Niagara , as were the rest of their children: Ellen, 1863; Mary, 1870; Simon, 1867; Kathyrn, 1871. Information about the family is found in the records of Our Lady of Peace Church and St.Patrick's (Carmelite) Church in Niagara Falls, Canada, the Cathedral of St.Catherine of Alexandria in St.Catharines, and in the Archives of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, North America in Toronto. Of the seven children of Patrick and Bridget, only three married: Patrick J.; Ellen; and, Simon. The eldest, Michael Joseph, and the youngest, "Katie", never married. Both Bridget and Mary entered the "Sisters of Loretto" (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Bridget took the name: Sister M.Dominica; and Mary, Sister M.Martha. When Patrick died on 17 August 1904, his occupation/profession is listed as "gentleman". Bridget died on 7 April 1907. Both are buried in Fairview Cemetery on Stanley Avenue, in Niagara Falls, Canada. Buried with them in the same Section/Plots are all of their children (except Simon, who is buried in Niagara Falls, NY) and the children's spouses and most of their grandchildren (except Simon's family) and their spouses.






Patrick J. Glynn (1861-1937) and Jennie Williamson (1867-1933)

Patrick J. married "Jennie" Williamson of St.Catharines in June 1893 in the Cathedral of St.Catherine of Alexandria in St.Catharines. Simon Glynn, his youngest brother, was his "Best Man". Patrick and Jennie settled in the Niagara area. Their children were: Joseph Patrick (1894); Bernard James (1897); Raymond A. (1900); Clarence Leo (1902); Mary Carmelita (1904); Florence Claudia (1905); twins -Michael Ignatius and Basil Aloysius (1907); and, Marguerite Genevieve (1911).

Bernard James Glynn perished on Tuesday 29 May 1917 in the Somme, France. He was a 2Lt in the 34th Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps and was only 20 when he was killed. He is buried in the Villars-Bretonneaux Military Cemetery, Somme, France. Bernard is listed in the "Books of Remembrance" in Ottawa. Michael Ignatius (Basil Aloysius' twin) died at age 8 months in 1908. Mary Carmelita (m.William KEYS) died in 1959; Raymond in 1972; Clarence in 1976; Joseph Patrick in 1977; Marguerite Genevieve (m. Norman WORAM) in 1985; Basil Aloysius in 1991; Florence Claudia (m. Thomas J.B. BERRIGAN) in 1993 .


Ellen Glynn (1863-1928) and Farley Edward Kelley (1865-1898)

Ellen Glynn married Farley Edward Kelley of Cobourg, Ontario. They had three children: William Joseph Kelley (b.1894 d.1948) m. Stella Murtagh; Loretto Kelley(b.1895 d.1970) Sister M.St.Denis, IBVM; Francis Joseph Kelley (b.1897 d.1958) m. Nora Sullivan. Farley died at a young age in 1898, he was only 34. Ellen died in 1928, she was 64. Ellen, Farley, William J. and Stella Murtagh Kelly, Francis J. and Nora Sullivan Kelley and St.M.St.Denis, IBVM are all buried in Fairview Cemetery, Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, Canada.


Simon J. Glynn (1867-1943) and Katherine Madigan (1871-1953) c.1896

Simon J. Glynn (1867-1943) and Katherine Madigan (1871-1953)

Simon J. Glynn married Katherine Madigan of "NY". Katherine's father was James "Frosty" Madigan, Police Chief of Suspension Bridge, NY (later absorbed into Niagara Falls, NY). Her mother was, Johanna Morony. Both James and Johanna were born Ireland. Simon and Katherine had 5 children all born in Niagara Falls, New York. Leo J. Glynn (5 March 1897 - 6 April 1993); Vincent (5 April 1900 - December 1974); Mary (15 April 1902 - June 1973); James F. (26 September 1904 - April 1987); Raphael S. (10 October 1906 - 23 February 1983).


The Simon Glynn Family, Niagara Falls, NY c.1924

Raphael S. Glynn, Rev.Leo J. Glynn, Mary Glynn, James F. Glynn, Vincent E.Glynn

Simon J. Glynn and Katherine Madigan Glynn



The Glynn Children in 1966

Vincent, Mary, James, Msgr. Leo, Ray



Raphael S. Glynn (1906-1983) and Mary McRae (1905-1997)

Raphael Simon Glynn and Mary Wilson McRae

June 9, 1934 Niagara Falls, NY


James F. Glynn, Ray Glynn, Mary McRae, Olga Runnels Connell






Clipping from the Niagara Falls Gazette June 10, 1934

A very pretty wedding was solemnized at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning in Sacred Heart Church, when Miss Mary W. McRae, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George D. McRae, of 59th Street, and Raphael S. Glynn, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.J.Glynn, of Michigan Avenue, were united in marriage at a solemn high nuptial Mass. The Rev.Father Leo J.Glynn, brother of the groom, assisted by Father John Ryan, Father J.P.Foley, and Father Bernard Magee, performed the ceremony.

The bride was lovely in a white crepe gown, made princess style with a deep ruffle at the hem and a short train. Her sleeves were long and tight and her short veil fell from a turban cap, caught with orange blossoms. She carried a bouquet of white roses. Mrs.Edward Connell, her matron of honor, was attired in pale blue mousseline de soie, with which she wore a pink picture hat and pink lace gloves and carried pink roses, larkspur and gypsophelia.

James F.Glynn, brother of the groom, was best man and the ushers were William A.McRae and Edward F.Connell. Mrs.McRae, mother of the bride, was gowned in a Navy blue ensemble with white accessories and the groom's mother, Mrs.Glynn, wore a blue and white- printed chiffon and a blue hat.

Following the wedding ceremony, a wedding breakfast was served the immediate families at the Hotel Niagara. Covers were laid for 25 guests at the brides table, which was centered with a wedding cake. An informal reception was held at the home of the bride's parents from 2 to 4 o'clock. The house was beautifully decorated for the occasion with seasonable flowers. Assisting Mrs.McRae were Mrs.J.B.Wile, and Mrs.Helen Allen. Out-of-town guests included Mrs.Martha Wilcox of Williamsport, Pa.

Mrs. and Mrs. Glynn left Saturday on a trip to Detroit, Michigan, and will be a home after June 23 in Stephenson Avenue.

Parties given for Mrs.Glynn before her marriage included a linen shower by Mrs.Edward Connell, variety showers by Mrs.Leonard Allen, Mrs.J.K.Borneman, Mrs.William Wayland and Mrs.Herbert Michel, the girls of the Gilman Fanfold office, a china shower given by Miss Beth Hooper, a personal shower given by the Misses Emme Johnson and Barbara Parker, parties given by the Fidella class and choir of the Bacon Memorial Church.




Dudley Avenue, Westfield - 1979

45th Anniversary Group June, 1979

Lee Glynn, Msgr.Glynn, Debbie & Bill McRae, Barry, Marion & John McRae
Ray and Mary
Michael (w/Mikie), Sheila & Derien Andes

Ray and Mary on their 45th Anniversary

June 9, 1979
Those who signed the Guest Book:
Ellie and Neil Koop ; Curt and Avis Frantz ; Doris and Ed Stilwell ; George and Louise White ; Barbara Soriento John and Mary Anderson ; Mary Fitzgerald ; Kay and Joe Crowley ; Aleline and Arthur Muller ; Catherine and John Hollan ; Monica Collins ; Frances and Pete Cagnassola ; Theresa Grillo ; Ruth and Leon Avakian ; Kay Bennett ; Dale and Bernie Thomas ; Lois and Phil Capobianco ; Lucy and Emil Gansereit ; Grace and Tom Grant ; Russ and Alice Maloney ; Joe and Betty Kresse ; Gladys and Jack Somers ; Rog and Jan McQuaid ; Rowland and Carmalyn Cook ; Aase and Jerry Ferry ; Priscella and Russell Todd ; Florence and Vic Kruse ; Marie Byrne ; Sister Katherine Byrne ; Loretta and Dan Ryan ; Elizabeth Kern ; Dorothy Meeker ; Lillian McCue ; Joseph P. Streppi ; John G. McRae ; Marion McRae ; Carolyn M. Dooley ; Jack Kane ; Barry J. McRae ; Lynne and Paul Brandtlow ; Kay and Kim Kimmell ; Bill and Debbie McRae ; Mr.&Mrs.A.E.Schilling ; John and Gloria Martin ; Florence and Ken Nartin ; Martin D. Bergan, Jr. ; Virginia A. Egenes ; Jack and Nancy Meeker ; Father George E. Byrne (with Love) ; Bob Stalknecht ; Gertrude and Toney McCrann ; Marguerite Playford ; Winifred Debbie ; Joan and Bob Vivian ; Edna Minogue ; Margorie T. Bergan "Margie" ; Martin D. Bergan "Marty" ; Sister Regina Cordis ; Msgr Leo J. Glynn.

Ray and Mary a "Snapshot" of their life


Ray Glynn having been employed by the Gilman-Fanfold Company in Niagara Falls, relocated to New Jersey in 1935. The Regional office for the Company was in Newark (Broad Street). The company later merged with American Salesbook Company to form Moore Corporation Ltd. He became District Manager in Newark, later Ray took over for Moore in New York City as first a District and later a Regional Sales manager. When he retired from Moore, he had served for about forty years. During his years with Moore he was often recognized for his sales and managerial accomplishments.

Ray and Mary lived in East Orange, Warren, Fanwood and finally, Westfield. From 1940 until 1982, Westfield was their home.Ray commuted daily to Newark and New York City on the then Central Railroad of New Jersey (the old "Jersey Central"). For many years they were members of the Holy Trinity Church (Westfield Avenue). In later years they became members of the new parish of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Scotch Plains. Both Ray and Mary took up golf later in life and it became a passion for both of them. They joined the Echo Lake Country Club in 1944 and participated fully in all the Club's activities. Ray later served on the Board of Governors for the Club. Mary was inimately invovled with the Girls Scouts of America, Watchung Council for years. In the 1950's Ray got involved with "Barbershoppers" (S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., Inc.). Later he became the recognized "expert" on the category of "Stage Presence" and authored the guidelines for that category used throughout the worldwide chapters of the Society. He was selected as a "Category Speclialist" and International Judge. He traveled widely (especially after his retirement from Moore) to serve on Judging panels - Coast to Coast (and Canada). Postumously, he was elected to the Mid-Atlantic Dictrict "Hall of Fame" for his contributions to the Society.

Ray and Mary finally moved from their Arrowwood Drive residence in late 1982. They found a retirement community "Roosmoor" which suited them. They quickly became involved in the activities of that community. They continued with their golf and bowling at Echo Lake and they joined a morning bowling league (bowling was another activity which they both enjoyed). Sadly, on February 23, 1983, Ray collapsed right after completion of his bowling. He suffered a massive coronary - he was 76. Mary came to live with her children - first in Westfield and later, in Pleasantville. As her condition worsened she was admitted to a Nursing facility - Our Lady's Residence, Pleasantville. She died peacefully on December 12, 1997 while at the home of her daughter, Mrs.Sheila Andes. She would have been 93 her next birthday





Selected "Snapshots" of Ray, Mary & Family


Ray Glynn NF - c.1913......... Ray Glynn c. 1928................ Mary and Children in Warren, 1938




Michael, Sheila, with Mary and Grandma McRae 1946 ----Mary and Ray, NF, 1947

.........Tuttle Pkw (1952)...................Graduation Day 1959, St.Joseph's College

Graduation Day 1957, Notre Dame

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