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Virginia Marriage Records

Selected Records from
Halifax County, Marriage Register 1782-1852, Records extracted by Gail Johnson)

Halifax County, 1782-1852

11/21/1782 William Blanks m Marian Robertson
10/19/1803 Isiah Canada m Susanna Owen
08/26/1805 Thomas Carr Jr. m Frances Ragland
12/12/1805 James Carr m Agnes Light
12/21/1807 John Carr m Sally Wilkes
01/19/1808 William Canada m Nancy Wilbourne
12/03/1810 John Carr m Catherine Royster
01/16/1811 Robert Blanks m Lucy F. Mayne
12/22/1812 Thomas Carr m Sally Ragland
01/10/1814 Willis Canaday m Ann Wilks
05/24/1815 Thomas Carr m Nancy Abbott d/o Elisha Abbott
05/22/1815 William P Carr m Elizabeth Whitman
08/10/1817 David Canada m Sally Glass
12/23/1817 Allen Blanks m Nancy Wade
07/13/1818 Silas Carr m Nancy Martin
?? Williamson Cannada m Elizabeth Morisley
11/22/1821 Shadrack Blanks m Betsey (Sisley)Stanley
03/17/1821 Thomas Waller m Nancy Weiter
11/26/1827 Thomas Blanks m Prudence Hite
01/13/1830 Drury Owen m Nancy Jordan
12/30/1830 William Blanks m Willie Strange
12/06/1831 Joseph Abbott m Adeley Abbott d/o Elisha Abbott
08/02/1832 Obediah Blanks m Sally Nash
08/18/1833 William H Canada m Mary Moore
12/04/1834 James Waller m Mary L Cobbs
10/06/1834 William Waller m Sarah Lovelace
10/22/1836 Dudley Carr m Elizabeth B Tune
11/16/1836 Joel Clark m Mary Younger
11/20/1838 Paul Carr m Margaret Carr
09/27/1841 Spencer M Carr m Sarah Waller d/o Cuthbert and Elizabeth Waller
08/02/1841 Alfred Blanks m Susan E Moon
10/24/1842 John Carr m Elvira Ridgeway
12/02/1843 William Canada m Maria Canada
02/08/1843 Christopher T C Carr m Mary Jane Thorten
01/27/1845 Willes Canada m Emaline Guthrye
09/02/1847 James M Blanks m Julia Dabbs
04/02/1850 William H Canada m Elizabeth C Hueston
12/29/1851 Thomas Blanks m Nancy Worsham
11/15/1851 Elisha Abbott m Susan Clay
11/24/1851 John W. Canada m Mary Jane Allen

Selected Records from
Halifax County, Marriage Register 1853-, Records extracted by Gail Johnson)

Halifax County, 1852-
08/02/1854 Guilford Canada age 34, s/o Isaiah and Elizabeth Canada m Mary A Bomar age 23, d/o Jas and Eliz Bomar
03/01/1855 Edward Jones age 22, of Mecklenburg, s/o Allen and Mary Jones m Nancy Blanks age 22 of Halifax d/o Thomas and Mary Blanks
11/26/1855 Jno M Canada age 21 of Halifax s/o Isaiah and Eliz Canada, m Isabella Canada age 17 of Halifax, d/o Wm H and Mary Canada
12/12/1855 Thomas S Canada age 22, of Halifax, s/o Isaiah and Eliz Canada m Sarah F Bomar age 20, of Halifax, d/o Jas anf Elizabeth Bomar
09/03/1855 William F Canada age 23, of Halifax s/o William and Mary Canada m Jane Canada age 18, of Halifax, d/o Isaiah and Eliz Canada
12/25/1856 Henry Cousins age 24 of Pittsylvania m William and Eliza Cousins m Nannie E Carr age 27, Halifax, d/o Jno and Catherine Carr
03/04/1857 John C Carr age 35 of Halifax s/o Jno and Catherine Carr m Mary A Garrett age 27 of Halifax d/o Jno and Nancy Garrett
09/12/1858 Winston Canada BOND ONLY Arena Purcell of Halifax
05/31/1860 Robert B Snead age 19 of Halifax s/o Jno and Sarah Snead m Mary W Canada age 17 of Halifax, d/o Guilford and Nancy Canada
05/28/1860 Henry Canada age 20, of Halifax s/o Isaiah and Elizabeth Canada m E P Morgan age 15, of Halifax, d/o S A and Eliza Morgan


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