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Armand Bosarge

Photograph of Armand Bosarge


Armand Bosarge built boats for a living and violins for love. He and his wife Edna Seymour had nine children, some still living. He was the grandfather who died before I knew him. Everything I know about Armand is from the stories his children told me about him.

Photograph of Armand Bosarge

Photograph of Armand Bosarge circa 1924

The original of this photograph is in the possession of Armand's daughter. She and her sister have identified the figures as Armand and his son Isadore P. "Jack" Bosarge. Jack was born in 1911, and appears approximately 13, so I have estimated the photograph as from 1924. I have not learned the original photographer.

I scanned this image from the original photograph.

Biography of Armand Bosarge

April 8th 1871

Armand is born to Eugene "Jules" and Nancy Jane (Bennett) Bouzage in Mississippi.

November 9th 1943

Armand dies at age 72.

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