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Was born in the state of Kentucky, in 1798, and at the age of eight years he moved with his parents to the state of Tennessee, where he remained until 1818, when he married Miss Elizabeth Edwards, who was born in North Carolina, in 1794, emigrating, at an early age, with her parents to Tennessee, where she remained until her marriage to Mr. Shastid. They remained in Tennessee until the year 1828, when they emigrated to Illinois, and settled in Sangamon county, where Mr. Shastid entered land and engaged in farming and stock-raising, till the year 1835, when he became dissatisfied with Sangamon county and removed to Pike county, settling in the town of Pittsfield, Illinois, in 1836, for the purpose of educating his children. Here he engaged in farming, teaming, etc., for about seven years, when he was elected constable, and in the meantime, was appointed deputy sheriff of pike county, in which capacity he served for about eight years. He is the father of Prof. John Shastid, now doing business in the town of Perry. He is also father of Dr. T. W. Shastid, who is at this time one of the popular and noted physicians of the city of Pittsfield; he is also father of James Shastid, Esq., of Macon county, who is extensively engaged in farming and stock-raising. His daughter, Sarah E., now the wife of John Cawden, Esq., is living in the city of Memphis, and is comfortably situated. Mr. Shasted was the father of eight children, four of whom are still living, married, and doing well.

On the 8th day of December, 1863, Mrs. Shastid departed this life. She had lived a kind and dutiful wife, was an affectionate and Christian mother, and died in the full hope of again meeting all beloved ones beyond the grave, in that better land, where parting will be no more. Mrs. Shastid had the pleasure of seeing her children properly educated, and comfortably situated in life. Mr. Shastid has raised a family of children of whom he may well feel proud, and it must be a pleasure to him to see those still living well situated in life, and enjoying the blessings of the Christian religion, all doing well for themselves and for all others in their power.

At an early age Mr. Shastid gave his name to the church, and his heart to his God, and has ever since lived a consistent Christian. He is now in the decline of years, and is living out his last few years in ease and comfort with Dr. Shastid, his youngest son, who spares no pains to afford comfort and happiness to his aged and honored father.