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Was born in the state of Ohio, in the year 1826. He remained there until 1833, when he moved with his parents to Illinois, and settled in Kinderhook township, Pike county. He remained with his parents until the year 1850, when he went, overland, to California. He remained there one year, engaged in mining, and then returned home to Pike county, in the year 1851, after which he engaged in farming, which he continued until the year 1853. About this period he married Emily, daughter of John and Lucinda Woollmens. She was born in Illinois, in the year 1831. He remained on his farm after his marriage, until 1863, when he sold out, and bought property in the flourishing town of Kinderhook, where he opened a good hotel for the benefit of the public. In 1865, he engaged in the mercantile business, which he carried on, in connection with his hotel, for three years. He then sold out his store, but remained in the hotel until 1869. He then rented out his property in Kinderhook, and moved to the state of Missouri, where he farmed it for one year, after which he returned to Kinderhook, and again took possession of his hotel, where he still remains, keeping a good house.

His father, Thomas Fitzpatrick, was born in the state of Pennsylvania, and emigrated to Ohio many years ago. He died in Pike county, Illinois, in 1853. His mother's maiden name was Lydia Ramager. She was born in Pennsylvania. She is now residing in California, and is enjoying good health. Thomas Fitzpatrick is one of the live, energetic citizens of Kinderhook, and has done much to improve that town. He is a good, clever fellow, and knows how to keep a good hotel. The weary traveler will always find a welcome and pleasant home at his house.