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Index to Bla(y)mire(s) Probates in England from 1858 to 1954

This index is in alphabetical order for given names without regard to the spelling of the Surname.

Year     Name and place
1914   Abraham Craven BLAMIRES of 11 Southfield Square, Bradford
1946   Ada BLAMIRES of 40 Smithy Carr Lane, Brighouse, Yorkshire, widow
1923   Agnes BLAMIRE of 17 Norfolk Terrace, Aylesbury
1949   Agnes BLAMIRES of Park View Nursing Home, Bradford, widow
1954   Albert BLAMIRE of Ferryhill, Durham
1927   Albert BLAMIRES of Willow Lane East, Huddersfield
1885   Alfred BLAMIRES of Halifax
1946   Alice BLAMIRE of 1 Stewarts Grove, Chelsea, Middlesex, spinster
1909   Alice BLAMIRE of Skerton, Lancs
1914   Alice Mary BLAMIRE of Casterton, Westmorland
1947   Amelia BLAMIRES of 4 Pyenot Hall Lane, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
1939   Ann BLAMIRE of 7a Johannah Terrace, Aspatria, Cumberland
1941   Ann BLAMIRES of 15 Hermon Avenue, Halifax, widow
1933   Annie BLAMIRE of 6 Richard Street, Carlisle
1952   Annie BLAMIRES of 28 Carlisle Place, Manningham, Bradford, widow
1932   Annie BLAMIRES of 37 South Parade, Cleckheaton
1953   Annie Elizabeth BLAMIRES of Ilkley, Yorkshire, widow
1943   Annie Muriel BLAMIRE of The Limes, Little Bampton, Cumberland
1913   Annie Septima BLAMIRE of Little Bampton, Kirkhampton, Cumberland
1954   Arnold BLAMIRES of 45 Milton Avenue, Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire
1912   Arthur Fawcett BLAMIRES of Manningham, Bradford
1950   Beatrice Mary Crennell BLAMIRE of Pensby, Cheshire, widow
1898   Catharine BLAMIRE of Borromees Stresa, Italy
1873   Catherine BLAMIRE of Clifton, Gloucester
1924   Catherine BLAMIRE of North End, Burgh-by-Sands, Cumberland
1869   Catherine Sophia BLAMIRE of Hoxton Middlesex
1924   Charles BLAMIRE of Brentford, Middlesex
1866   Charles BLAMIRE of Peter Maritzburgh, Natal
1914   Charles Henry BLAMIRES of 90 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate
1949   Charles Henry BLAYMIRES of 758 Hagley Road, Birmingham
1914   Charlotte BLAMIRES of 70 Bank Street, Brighouse
1954   Christopher Townley BLAMIRE of Tebay, Westmorland
1934   Clara BLAMIRES of 12 Close Hill, Huddersfield
1912   Clara BLAMIRES of 18 Newport Road, Bradford
1953   Clara BLAMIRES of 94 Emm Lane, Bradford, widow
1949   Daisy BLAMIRE of Marine Avenue, Old Colwyn, Denbighshire
1914   Dora BLEAYMIRE of Hadley Green, Barnet, Middlesex
1948   Doris Isabel BLAMIRE of 9 Kenilworth Place, Lancaster, spinster
1898   Dorothy BLEAYMIRE of Pallanza Torquay
1874   Dorothy BLEAYMIRE of Penrith, Cumberland
1947   Edgar BLAMIRES of 24 Kirkgate, Shipley, Yorkshire
1944   Edmund BLAMIRE of Brookhouse Road, Caton, Lancs
1944   Edward BLAMIRE of 1 Stewart's Grove, Chelsea, Middlesex
1890   Edward BLAMIRES of Cleckheaton
1889   Edward BLEAYMIRE of Penrith, Cumberland
1953   Edward Liddell BLAMIRE of 11 Brandon Avenue, Montreal, Quebec
1954   Edwin BLAMIRES of 39 The Grove, Hipperholme near Halifax
1939   Edwin BLAMIRES of Bedford Street, Bere Alston, Devonshire
1897   Eliza BLAYMIRE of Openshaw, Manchester
1914   Eliza BLEAYMIRE of Gloucester Walk, Kensington
1950   Elizabeth BLAMIRE of 32 Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby
1888   Elizabeth BLAMIRE of Ellerslie, Dalston, Cumberland
1944   Elizabeth BLAMIRE of Newcastle upon Tyne, spinster
1907   Elizabeth BLAMIRE of Rickercote Castle Church, Staffordshire
1889   Elizabeth BLAMIRE of Wray, Lancs
1894   Elizabeth BLAMIRES of Manningham, Bradford
1928   Elizabeth BLAYMIRES of Salford Priors, Warwickshire
1866   Elizabeth BLEAYMIRE of Templesowerby, Westmoreland
1935   Elizabeth Robinson BLAMIRE of Casterton Kirby Lonsdale Westmld
1936   Elizabeth Taylor BLAYMIRES of 541 Rooley Lane, Bradford
1931   Emily BLAMIRES of 2 North Terrace, Shildon, County Durham
1920   Emily BLAMIRES of Moorside House, Cleckheaton
1937   Emma BLAMIRES of 86 Gordon Street, Scarborough
1924   Emma BLAMIRES of Hatfield, Yorkshire
1949   Emmeline Mary BLEAYMIRE of Radipole, Weymouth, Dorset, widow
1951   Ernest BLAMIRES of 23 Brookfield View, Balme Road, Cleckheaton
1941   Ethel BLAMIRE of Thornaby on Tees (wife of Elijah Blamire)
1948   Ethel Mary BLAMIRE of Bittacy View, Mill Hill, London NW7
1932   Fanny BLAMIRE of Freckleton near Kirkham, Lancs
1946   Fanny BLAMIRE of Temple Sowerby, Penrith, Wesmorland, spinster
1933   Fanny BLAMIRES of 114 Laburnum, Roberttown, Liversedge
1915   Frank Pearson BLAMIRE of 1 Springfield, Salford
1941   Fred BLAMIRES of Moorside House, Cleckheaton
1924   Fred BLAYMIRES of 510 Rooley Lane, Dudley Hill, Bradford
1865   George Binns BLAMIRES of Cleckheaton
1890   George Binns BLAMIRES of Cleckheaton
1953   George BLAMIRE of 14 Briscoe Crescent, Whitehaven, Cumberland
1910   George BLAMIRE of Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
1934   George BLAMIRE of Hill End, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury
1864   George BLAMIRE of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex
1902   George BLAMIRE of Newcastle upon Tyne.
1945   George BLAMIRE or BLAMIRES of Eastington Colliery, Durham
1943   George BLAMIRES of 103 Tunnacliffe Road, Newsome, Huddersfield
1949   George BLAMIRES of 11 Bleak Street, Gomersal, Leeds
1888   George BLAYMIRE of Northowram, Halifax
1904   George BLAYMIRES of Bradford, Yorkshire
1936   George Edward BLAMIRE of Glenburn Tebay, Westmorland
1900   George William BLAMIRE of Elswick Newcastle upon Tyne
1931   George Willie BLAYMIRES of Yeadon, Yorkshire
1939   Gladys BLAMIRES of Sowerby Bridge near Halifax
1953   Gordon BLAMIRES of 64 Doncaster Road, Wakefield
1870   Hannah BLAMIRE of Islington, Middlesex
1880   Hannah BLAMIRE of Kirkandrew on Eden, Cumberland
1942   Harriet BLAMIRES of 8 Ann Place, Horton Lane, Bradford
1918   Harry BLAMIRE of 50 Albert Street, Shildon, County Durham
1910   Harry BLAMIRE of Ulverston, Lancs
1951   Harry BLAMIRES of 41 Lytton Road, Girlington, Bradford
1943   Hartley BLAMIRES of 62 Shaws Avenue, Birkdale, Southport, Lancs
1928   Haydn BLAMIRES of 141 Oxford Road, Gomersal
1948   Henry BLAMIRE of 9 Vernon Close, Gosport, Hampshire
1885   Henry BLAMIRE of Barrow-in-Furness, Lancs.
1943   Henry BLAMIRE of Lunesbridge Tebay, Westmorland
1875   Henry BLAMIRE of Sedgwick, Haversham, Westmoreland
1925   Henry BLAMIRES of 21 Halifax Road, Todmorden, Yorkshire
1929   Henry BLAMIRES of 216 The Nook, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury
1910   Henry BLAMIRES of Beechfield Marton near Blackpool
1885   Henry BLAMIRES of Cleckheaton
1880   Henry BLAMIRES of Great Horton, Bradford
1866   Henry BLAYMIRE of Mill Street, Bradford
1877   Hephzibah BLAMIRES of Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
1935   Herbert Edwin BLAMIRES of North Ormesby, Middlesbrough
1917   Herbert Naylor BLAMIRES of Luddenden Foot, Yorkshire
1936   Hilda BLAYMIRE of 58 Jermyn Street, Leeds (wife of Fred Blaymire)
1931   Isabella BLAMIRE of 34 Mayfield Road, Coventry
1954   Jack BLAMIRES of 39 The Grove, Hipperholme near Halifax
1887   Jacob BLAMIRE of Blackburn
1937   James Albert BLAMIRES of Bridlington, Yorkshire
1938   James Arthur BLAMIRE of 20 New Street, Halton near Lancaster
1940   James BLAMIRE of 63 Brookhouse Lane, Blackburn
1951   James BLAMIRE of 99 Ulleswater Road, Lancaster
1902   James BLAMIRE of Berkswell, Warwickshire.
1896   James BLAMIRE of Kendal, Westmoreland
1931   James BLAMIRE of Low Lodge, Casterton, Westmorland
1902   James BLAMIRE of the Station farm, Hampton-in-Arden.
1951   James BLAMIRES of 186 Whitechapel Road, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
1942   Jane Ann BLAMIRES of Armley, Leeds (wife of Charles S Blamires)
1943   Jane BLAMIRE of 43 Duke Street, West Hartlepool, spinster
1859   Jane Christian BLAMIRE of Thackwood, Cumberland
1862   Jane Christine BLAMIRE of Thackwood, Cumberland
1935   Jane Laidler BLAMIRE of Jarrow, Co Durham (wife of Albert Blamire)
1951   Jane Teasdale BLAMIRE of 1 Parkside Crescent, Kendal
1925   Joe BLAMIRES of Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire
1933   John Arthur BLAMIRES of Beechcliffe, Keighley, Yorkshire
1903   John BLAMIRE of Burgh-by-Sands, Cumberland.
1929   John BLAMIRE of Chelsea, Middlesex
1948   John BLAMIRE of Holly Bush, Kirkhampton, Cumberland
1935   John BLAMIRE of Lily Bank, Staveley, near Kendal, Westmorland
1861   John BLAMIRES of Bradford
1879   John BLAMIRES of Great Horton, Bradford
1899   John BLAMIRES of Lockwood, Huddersfield
1894   John BLAYMIRE of Kendal, Westmoreland
1916   John BLAYMIRES of 1 Gain Lane, Calverley, Yorkshire
1935   John Hodgson BLAMIRE of Chalkfoot Cumdivock Dalston Cumberland
1901   John Liddle BLAMIRE of Kirkbampton, Cumberland.
1935   John Thomas BLAMIRE of 26 Hill End, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury
1929   John William BLAMIRES of 11 Bellbrook Place, Harehills, Leeds
1908   Joseph BLAMIERS of Bangalore, India
1908   Joseph BLAMIRE of Borrowford, Lancs
1872   Joseph BLAMIRES of Bradford, Yorkshire
1919   Joseph BLAMIRES of Bradley Lodge, Huddersfield
1888   Joseph BLAMIRES of Great Horton, Bradford
1919   Joseph BLAMIRES of Manor Field, Gomersal
1905   Joseph BLAMIRES of Sowerby, Halifax
1903   Joseph BLEAYMIRE of Alvanley Torquay
1938   Joseph Hodgson BLAMIRE of Fairfield Road, Carlisle
1931   Joshua BLAMIRES of 80 High Street, Birstall, Yorkshire
1894   Joshua BLAMIRES of Leeds
1946   Julia BLAMIRES of Sowerby, Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire, spinster
1945   Lilian BLAMIRE of 32 Nab Lane, Mirfield, Yorkshire, widow
1942   Lily BLAMIRE of 28 Ellesmere Road, Newcastle upon Tyne
1951   Lily BLAMIRE of 63 Ormesby Road, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough
1951   Louise Jane BLAMIRE of Tebay, Westmorland, spinster
1946   Loxley BLAMIRES of 47 Broughton Avenue, Bierley, Bradford
1917   Lucy BLAMIRE of 259 Monks Road, Exeter, Devon
1905   Luke BLAMIRES of Bradford, Yorkshire
1882   Lydia BLAMIRE of Kirkandrews on Eden
1944   Margaret Ann BLAMIRE of Staveley near Kendal, Westmorland
1933   Margaret Annie BLAMIRE of South Hetton, County Durham
1940   Margaret BLAMIRE of 81 Monday Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
1903   Margaret BLAMIRE of Cumdivock Dalston, Cumberland.
1865   Margaret BLAMIRE of Kirkandrew upon Eden, Cumberland
1904   Margaret BLAMIRES of Low Moor, Bradford.
1908   Margaret BLAMIRES of Manningham, Bradford
1948   Margaret Ellen BLAMIRE of Cophams Hill Farm, Bishopton, Warwick
1949   Margaret Hannah BLAMIRE of Mid Town, Oughterby, Cumberland
1947   Margaret Jane BLAMIRE of 11 Church Street, Shildon, Durham, widow
1946   Maria BLAMIRES of Wibsey, Bradford, spinster
1933   Martha Ann BLAMIRES of Beechfield Marton, Blackpool
1929   Martha BLAMIRES of 7 Heath Grove, Harrogate
1954   Martha BLAMIRES of 7 Mill Street, Ridings Terrace, Birstall, Leeds
1920   Martha BLAMIRES of Moorside House, Cleckheaton
1923   Mary Ann BLAMIRE of 30 Manor Street, Dewsbury
1951   Mary Ann BLAMIRE of 9 Kenilworth Place, Lancaster, widow
1923   Mary Ann BLAMIRES of Lockwood, Huddersfield
1899   Mary Anne BLAMIRE of Coniston, Lancs
1894   Mary BLAMIRE of Blackburn
1881   Mary BLAMIRE of Buckabank, Dalston, Cumberland
1905   Mary BLAMIRE of Kerswick, Cumberland
1944   Mary BLAMIRES of Bradley Lodge, Huddersfield, widow
1938   Mary BLAMIRES of Morecambe and Heysham, Lancs
1945   Mary Elizabeth BLAMIRES of Queens Road, Harrogate, widow
1936   Mary Ellen BLAMIRE of Brooklyn Greenfield Locks Barrowford, Lancs
1924   Mary Jane BLAMIRE of South Hetton, County Durham
1924   Mary Jane BLAMIRES of 26 Preston Street, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury
1953   Mary Jane BLAMIRES of Lockwood, Huddersfield, spinster
1914   Matilda BLAMIRES of 7 Greenside, Cleckheaton
1937   Miriam BLAMIRES of 26 Bishop Street, Bradford
1910   Nimrod BLAMIRES of Scholes, Cleckheaton
1951   Oswald BLAMIRE of 38 Austin Road, Luton, Bedfordshire
1883   Peter BLAMIRES of Great Horton, Bradford
1887   Pheobe BLAMIRES of Leeds
1954   Richard Bertram BLAMIRE of Chopwell, Durham
1934   Robert BLAMIRE of 55 Hadrian Road, Newcastle upon Tyne
1915   Robert BLAMIRE of Cumdivock House, Dalston, Cumberland
1862   Robert BLAMIRE of Hawksdale, Cumberland
1947   Robert BLAMIRE of Low Lodge, Casterton, Kirby Lonsdale, Westmorland
1863   Robert BLAMIRE of May Fair, Middlesex
1901   Robert BLAMIRE of the Marsh Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire.
1938   Robert BLAMIRE of Warten House Farm, Workington, Berkshire
1916   Robert BLAMIRE of West End, Burgh-by-Sands, Cumberland
1915   Robert BLAMIRE the younger of Dalston, Cumberland
1887   Robert BLAYMIRE of Leeds
1931   Robert BLAYMIRES of Lister Lane, Bradford
1941   Robert Henry BLAMIRE of Wash Terrace, Woolfold Bury, Lancs
1934   Roger BLAMIRE of Stavely, Westmorland
1921   Rosetta Sarah BLAMIRE of Liverpool
1907   Sam BLAMIRES of Scholes, Cleckheaton.
1915   Samuel BLAMIRES of Cheerbarrows, Cleckheaton
1858   Samuel BLAMIRES of Great Horton, Bradford
1896   Samuel BLAMIRES of Manningham, Bradford
1954   Sarah Agnes BLAMIRE of Tebay
1940   Sarah Ann BLAMIRE of 11 Newcastle Street, Carlisle, spinster
1942   Sarah Ann BLAMIRES of Leytonstone, Essex, widow
1948   Sarah Ann BLAMIRES of Wesley Terrace, Denby Dale, Huddersfield
1900   Sarah BLAMIRES of Great Horton, Bradford
1934   Sarah Ellen BLAMIRES of Moorside House, Cleckheaton
1939   Sarah Jane BLAMIRES of Batley (wife of John Nutter Blamires)
1946   Sarah Jane BLAMIRES of Birstall (wife of Joshua Blamires)
1919   Selena BLAMIRES of Blackpool
1937   Susan BLAMIRES of 1 Throstle Mount Luddenen Foot near Halifax
1942   Susannah BLAMIRE of 4 Wash Terrace, Woolfold Bury, Lancs
1908   Susannah BLAMIRE of Southport, Lancs
1896   Thomas BLAMIRE of Kendal, Westmoreland
1895   Thomas BLAMIRE of Marin Spain
1953   Thomas BLAMIRE of Parton near Whitehaven, Cumberland
1897   Thomas Croskell BLAMIRE of Casterton Kirby Lonsdale Westmoreland
1897   Thomas Croskell BLAMIRE of Casterton Kirby Lonsdale Westmoreland
1917   Thomas Hepper BLAMIERS of St Martins Avenue, Canterbury
1923   Thomas Hepper BLAMIERS of St Martins, Canterbury
1896   Thomas Howard BLAMIRES of Huddersfield
1947   Thomas James BLAMIRE of 63 Ormesby Road, Middlesbrough
1937   Thomas P BLAMIRE of 67 Corporation Street, Stafford, Staffordshire
1947   Thomas Powell BLAMIRE of Crennell, Pensby Road, Pensby, Cheshire
1944   Tom BLAMIRES of 21 Hollingwood Mount, Grace Horton, Bradford
1921   Walter BLAMIRES of 25 South Street, Savile Town, Dewsbury
1877   William BLAMIERS of Lucknow, India
1926   William BLAMIRE of 3 Kirkstall Street, Kirkale, Liverpool
1936   William BLAMIRE of 4 Back Lane, Kirby Lonsdale, Westmorland
1940   William BLAMIRE of Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne
1868   William BLAMIRE of Burgh by Sands, Cumberland
1894   William BLAMIRE of Carlisle
1885   William BLAMIRE of Chelsea
1950   William BLAMIRE of Prospect Cottage, Lower Lane, Longridge, Lancs
1872   William BLAMIRE of Rickersgate, Carlisle
1862   William BLAMIRE of Thackwood, Cumberland
1900   William BLAMIRE of Ulverston, Lancs.
1914   William BLAMIRE of Wootton, Northamptonshire
1928   William BLAMIRES of 15 Garfield Avenue, Armley Road, Leeds
1946   William BLAMIRES of 34 Common Road, Low Moor, Bradford
1924   William BLAMIRES of Moorside House, Cleckheaton
1900   William BLAMIRES of Scholes, Cleckheaton
1944   William BLAMIRES of St. Kevins, 34 Queen Street, Harrogate
1869   William BLEAYMIRE of Glasgow
1863   William BLEAYMIRE of Penrith, Cumberland
1915   William Henry BLAMIRE of 104 Low Road, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury
1948   William Henry BLAMIRE of 99 Albert Street, Millom, Cumberland
1923   William Henry BLAMIRES of 19 Hollings Street, Bradford
1950   William Hodgson BLAMIRE of 29 Moorhouse Road, Carlisle
1905   William Hodgson BLAMIRE the reverend of Lytham
1881   William Liddell BLAMIRE of the City of St Albans
1909   Willie BLAMIRES of Luddenden Foot, Halifax.

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