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UK Bla(y)mire(s) Probates index This is an index of names on the Blamires family trees.
Included is the year of birth.  In some cases this is approximate,
having been deduced from the age recorded in census records.
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ALLET James   Thomas Blamire
ANDERSON Annie   John Blamires
BARY Albert 1883 Joseph Blaymires
BARY Alice 1886 Joseph Blaymires
BARY Anne 1869 Joseph Blaymires
BARY Charles 1864 Joseph Blaymires
BARY Edward 1884 Joseph Blaymires
BARY Gustaf 1833 Joseph Blaymires
BARY Gustav 1878 Joseph Blaymires
BARY James (Jim) 1876 Joseph Blaymires
BARY John (Jack) 1871 Joseph Blaymires
BARY Magdalena 1874 Joseph Blaymires
BARY Mary 1867 Joseph Blaymires
BARY Sarah 1880 Joseph Blaymires
BARY William (Bill) 1865 Joseph Blaymires
BATTLEY William   Thomas Blamire
BEECH Francis Joseph 1876 John Blaymires
BERRY John   Isaac Blamires
BINNS Sarah   George and Sarah
BIRD Frederick   John Blaymires
BLAKEY Sarah Jane   Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRE Abraham 1843 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRE Albert 1881 George of Shildon
BLAMIRE Amos 1878 George of Shildon
BLAMIRE Ann 1770 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Arthur 1885 George of Shildon
BLAMIRE Benjamin 1776 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Benjamin 1792 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE David 1737 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE David 1778 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE David 1794 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Elijah 1887 George of Shildon
BLAMIRE Elizabeth 1834 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRE Emily 1880 George of Shildon
BLAMIRE Frances 1798 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Grace 1772 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Hannah 1756 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Harry 1873 George of Shildon
BLAMIRE Jacob 1841 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRE John 1828 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRE Joseph 1741 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Joseph 1763 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Joseph 1806 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRE Joseph 1835 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRE Luke 1758 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Marmaduke 1876 George of Shildon
BLAMIRE Mary 1780 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Milcah 1768 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Rachel 1765 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Sarah 1774 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Sarah 1802 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Susannah 1883 George of Shildon
BLAMIRE Thomas 1796 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Thomas   Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Titus 1735 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRE Titus 1761 Thomas Blamire
BLAMIRES Abraham 1843 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Ada 1871 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Albert Lister 1865 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Alfred Henley 1865 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Alice 1872 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Alice 1876 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Alice 1898 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Amy Elizabeth 1895 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Ann 1834 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Ann 1862 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Annie 1866 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Arthur 1881 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Benjamin 1804 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Betty (first) 1784 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Betty (second) 1797 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Charles 1822 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Charles Henry 1859 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Clara 1865 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Edgar Percy 1878 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Edmund 1816 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Edward 1844 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Edwin 1847 George of Shildon
BLAMIRES Edwin 1863 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Edwin 1883 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Edwin 1902 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Eliza 1860 George of Shildon
BLAMIRES Elizabeth 1832 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Elizabeth 1837 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Elizabeth 1863 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Elizabeth 1867 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Elizabeth 1867 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Ellen 1816 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Ellen 1880 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Emanuel 1836 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Emanuel 1840 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Emily 1865 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Emma 1839 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Emma 1869 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Emma Bertha 1867 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Ernest Harris 1905 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Ernest Oswald 1881 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Esau 1857 George of Shildon
BLAMIRES Ethel 1881 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Florence Mary 1890 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Florence Mary 1890 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Frederick 1878 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES George 1794 John Blamires
BLAMIRES George 1797 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES George 1828 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES George 1828 George of Shildon
BLAMIRES George 1857 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES George 1876 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES George   George and Sarah
BLAMIRES George Binns 1832 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES George Binns 1884 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES George W 1864 George of Shildon
BLAMIRES Hannah 1820 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Hannah 1824 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Hannah (Dorothy) 1877 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Hannah Mary 1888 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Harriet 1832 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Harriett 1853 George of Shildon
BLAMIRES Henry 1812 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Henry 1829 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Henry (Harry) 1889 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Henry Lawrence 1871 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Herbert 1912 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Hiram Preston 1868 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Isaac 1790 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Isaac 1837 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Jacob 1841 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Jacob 1855 George of Shildon
BLAMIRES James 1803 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES James 1873 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES James William 1870 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Jane 1875 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Jesse 1852 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES John 1779 William Blamires
BLAMIRES John 1788 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES John 1799 John Blamires
BLAMIRES John 1801 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES John 1809 William Blamires
BLAMIRES John 1821 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES John 1832 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES John 1865 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES John   John Blamires
BLAMIRES John Edward 1873 John Blamires
BLAMIRES John William 1854 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES John William 1879 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Joseph 1749 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Joseph 1793 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Joseph 1799 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Joseph 1819 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Joseph 1821 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Joseph 1834 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Joseph 1864 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Lily 1895 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Lister 1873 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Lucy 1907 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Luke 1787 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Luke 1826 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Lydia 1782 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Lydia 1794 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Margaret 1878 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Margaret Emma 1883 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Martha 1827 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Martha 1851 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Martha 1879 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Mary 1810 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Mary 1823 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Mary 1901 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Mary Ann 1863 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Mary Ellen 1861 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Maryanne 1839 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Minnie 1871 Joseph Blamire
BLAMIRES Nancy 1792 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Nancy 1830 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Nancy 1842 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Palley 1799 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Percy 1892 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Peter 1817 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Rachael 1818 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES Rowland Herbert 1875 John Blamires
BLAMIRES Rufus 1883 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Sarah 1823 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Sarah 1824 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Sarah Elizabeth 1851 George of Shildon
BLAMIRES Stephen 1826 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Stephen 1826 Isaac Blamires
BLAMIRES Timothy 1792 William Blamires
BLAMIRES Walter 1859 Stephen Blamires
BLAMIRES Wendell 1881 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES William 1753 William Blamires
BLAMIRES William 1796 John Blamires
BLAMIRES William 1825 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES William 1828 William Blamires
BLAMIRES William 1841 William Blamires
BLAMIRES William (Bill) 1892 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES William (Bill) 1892 George and Sarah
BLAMIRES William (first) 1788 William Blamires
BLAMIRES William (second) 1789 William Blamires
BLAMIRES William (third) 1796 William Blamires
BLAMIRES William George 1869 John Blamires
BLAMIRES William Lizard 1835 John Blamires
BLAYMIRES Ann 1822 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Ann 1854 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Annie Sarah 1897 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Betty 1816 Betty Milnes
BLAYMIRES Charlotte 1870 Robert Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Elizabeth 1857 Richard Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Elizabeth 1862 Robert Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Emma 1868 Richard Blaymires
BLAYMIRES George 1793 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES George 1850 Richard Blaymires
BLAYMIRES George Wilkinson 1889 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Georgina 1868 Robert Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Hannah 1787 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Hannah 1850 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES John 1758 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES John 1814 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Joseph 1818 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Joseph Neale 1894 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Lambert 1825 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Lambert 1851 Richard Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Martha 1791 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Martha 1842 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Martha 1848 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Martha Ann 1846 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Mary 1820 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Mary 1844 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Mary Ann 1859 Richard Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Mary Jane 1850 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Mary Rose 1895 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Mercy 1852 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Nephi 1855 Richard Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Phyllis Mary 1893 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Richard 1829 Richard Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Robert 1827 Robert Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Robert 1863 Richard Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Robert 1866 Robert Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Sarah 1838 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Sarah 1846 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Sarah 1864 Robert Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Sarah Harriet 1853 Richard Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Thomas 1833 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES Thomas 1840 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES William Hobson 1848 John Blaymires
BLAYMIRES William John 1891 Joseph Blaymires
BLAYMIRES William Wilkinson 1844 Joseph Blaymires
BOND Frederick   John Blaymires
BONE Rhoda Jane   Richard Blaymires
BRADDON Edward George   John Blaymires
BRAYSHAW Frederick   George and Sarah
BREARLEY Sarah Elizabeth   Joseph Blamire
BRIGHTWELL Ailene Brenda   Joseph Blaymires
BROOK Eliza 1843 Joseph Blamire
BROOKS Sarah Jane   Isaac Blamires
BROWNE Montague   Joseph Blaymires
BRYDON William   Joseph Blaymires
BURLACE John   John Blaymires
BURNE Grace   John Blaymires
BURTON Caroline   Richard Blaymires
BUTTERFIELD Mary Ann   George and Sarah
CAPES Emily 1847 George of Shildon
CARD Alfred May 1872 John Blaymires
CARD Alfred Thomas 1836 John Blaymires
CARD Alice Rosamond 1886 John Blaymires
CARD Arthur Blaymires 1881 John Blaymires
CARD Charles Franklyn 1883 John Blaymires
CARD Emily Gwendoline 1877 John Blaymires
CARD Hannah Elizabeth 1867 John Blaymires
CARD Lucy Mary 1875 John Blaymires
CARD Maria Veronica 1866 John Blaymires
CARD Robert Llewellyn 1883 John Blaymires
CARD William Bennett 1870 John Blaymires
CHADWICK Phyllis   Isaac Blamires
CLIFF Emily 1855 Betty Milnes
COLBOURNE David   George and Sarah
COLLIER Jane Annie   John Blamires
CREECH David Joseph Tomsey   Robert Blaymires
CREECH Phoebe   Robert Blaymires
DEMPSEY Agnes   Joseph Blaymires
DERRICK Margaret   George and Sarah
DOILE Jane   Joseph Blaymires
DOWLING Richard Egbert   Joseph Blaymires
DRAKE   George and Sarah
DUNCAN William   Robert Blaymires
EDMONDSON Abraham   William Blamires
EDMONDSON Annie 1862 William Blamires
EDMONDSON Blamires 1849 William Blamires
EDMONDSON Emily 1856 William Blamires
EDMONDSON Henry 1851 William Blamires
EDMONDSON Mary B 1852 William Blamires
EDMONDSON Ruth 1854 William Blamires
EDMONDSON Sarah 1858 William Blamires
EGBERT George Washington   Richard Blaymires
GALLAGER Betty   Isaac Blamires
GEE Rhoda Annie   Joseph Blaymires
GILL Francis Richard 1884 George of Shildon
GILMOUR John Orr   Joseph Blaymires
GLOVER Arthur Charles 1871 Joseph Blamire
HARDCASTLE Grace   Stephen Blamires
HARRIS Cordelia   Isaac Blamires
HARRISON Annie 1863 George of Shildon
HENDERSON Louisa Millicent 1893 John Blaymires
HENLEY Lavinia   John Blamires
HIGGINS William Stephen   Joseph Blaymires
HOBSON Hannah   John Blaymires
HORNE Margaret Jane 1867 George of Shildon
HOWARD Betty   John Blamires
HUNTER Nora Margaret Cecilia   Joseph Blaymires
INESON Alice 1806 Joseph Blamire
JACKSON Mary Harriett May   Joseph Blaymires
JACKSON Sarah Ann 1872 George of Shildon
JENNINGS William   John Blaymires
JOHNSON Alexander 1908 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON Ben 1883 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON Cyril 1906 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON Edwin 1921 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON George 1919 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON Gladys 1913 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON Hannah I 1917 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON John William 1910 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON Maurice 1923 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON Mavis 1920 Stephen Blamires
JOHNSON Walter 1915 Stephen Blamires
JONES Ellen Ethel Parker   John Blaymires
KERSHAW Mary   Richard Blaymires
KNAPP Gladys Muriel   Joseph Blaymires
LAMBERT Sarah   John Blaymires
LAWRENCE Arthur   John Blaymires
LAWSON Agnes   Joseph Blaymires
LEVERSON-GOWER GUNN William Francis   Joseph Blamire
LINFOOT Elizabeth   William Blamires
LISTER Mary Ann 1830 Stephen Blamires
LISTER Mary Ann 1830 Isaac Blamires
LIZARD Elizabeth   John Blamires
MALCOLM Thomas 1882 George of Shildon
MARRIS Edgar   John Blaymires
MARSHALL Iram   Stephen Blamires
McCORMICK Mary Jane   John Blaymires
McINTOSH Florence Gertrude 1869 John Blaymires
McINTOSH Gordon 1892 John Blaymires
McINTOSH Henry Hobson 1878 John Blaymires
McINTOSH James Duncan 1880 John Blaymires
McINTOSH James M   John Blaymires
McINTOSH John 1871 John Blaymires
McINTOSH Lily Winifred Frances 1873 John Blaymires
McINTOSH Mary Teresa 1875 John Blaymires
McINTOSH William 1883 John Blaymires
McKINNEY Martha Olivia   John Blamires
McMAHON Alice Nora 1877 John Blaymires
McMAHON Annie 1866 John Blaymires
McMAHON Edith Ellen 1867 John Blaymires
McMAHON Ethel Christina 1880 John Blaymires
McMAHON Florence May 1882 John Blaymires
McMAHON Gilbert Francis 1887 John Blaymires
McMAHON John (Jack) 1875 John Blaymires
McMAHON John Hobson 1873 John Blaymires
McMAHON Joseph Hobson 1874 John Blaymires
McMAHON Mary Theresa 1871 John Blaymires
McMAHON Patrick   John Blaymires
McMAHON Peter John 1868 John Blaymires
McMAHON Wilfred Patrick 1884 John Blaymires
McQUADY Mary 1751 John Blaymires
MEYER Ernest   George and Sarah
MILES Caroline M Cowles   John Blaymires
MILLS Eva 1874 John Blaymires
MILNES Alfred 1877 Betty Milnes
MILNES Ann 1860 Betty Milnes
MILNES Caroline 1879 Betty Milnes
MILNES Charles 1869 Betty Milnes
MILNES Dan 1853 Betty Milnes
MILNES Emily 1870 Betty Milnes
MILNES George Blaymires 1857 Betty Milnes
MILNES George Blaymires 1885 Betty Milnes
MILNES Hannah 1870 Betty Milnes
MILNES Hannah 1883 Betty Milnes
MILNES James 1818 Betty Milnes
MILNES James 1872 Betty Milnes
MILNES Lilly 1881 Betty Milnes
MILNES Martha A 1860 Betty Milnes
MILNES Mary Hannah 1847 Betty Milnes
MILNES Richard 1845 Betty Milnes
MILNES Robert Blaymires 1887 Betty Milnes
MILNES Samuel 1838 Betty Milnes
MILNES Samuel 1866 Betty Milnes
MILNES Sarah E 1843 Betty Milnes
MILNES Stephen 1855 Betty Milnes
MONTAGUE Thomas Young   John Blaymires
MORGAN Caroline 1857 Betty Milnes
MURRAY Kate   Robert Blaymires
NEALE Rose   Joseph Blaymires
NOBLE Thomas   Thomas Blamire
NOBLE William   Thomas Blamire
NUDDS Emily 1847 George of Shildon
NUDDS Robert 1847 George of Shildon
O'SULLIVAN Margaret 1868 John Blaymires
PENNY Edward Henry   Robert Blaymires
POLLARD Sarah 1870 Joseph Blamire
PRESTON Ann 1841 Joseph Blamire
PRIESTLEY Mary   William Blamires
RALPH George   John Blamires
RHODES Elizabeth   Thomas Blamire
RICHARDSON Margaret Piercy   George and Sarah
RIDDICK Robert Richmond   John Blaymires
ROBINSON Johannah   Thomas Blamire
ROWE Leonard   Isaac Blamires
SCADDEN William   John Blaymires
SCHOFIELS Etty   Isaac Blamires
SEED Martha   Stephen Blamires
SELLERS Joseph   George and Sarah
SELLERS Martha   George and Sarah
SENIOR Elizabeth   Thomas Blamire
SEVERNE Herbert Longford Miller 1858 John Blaymires
SHAW Mary Elizabeth 1887 George of Shildon
SHEFFIELD Heber John   Richard Blaymires
SHEPLEY Elizabeth   Isaac Blamires
SLOW Samuel   Joseph Blaymires
SMITH Emma   George and Sarah
SMITH Grace   John Blaymires
SMITH Sarah 1864 Joseph Blamire
STANSFIELD Ann   Thomas Blamire
STANTON John   Joseph Blaymires
STEPHENSON Sarah Ann   Stephen Blamires
SUTCLIFFE Grace   William Blamires
SWAN Alexander McDonald   Richard Blaymires
TAYLOR Hannah 1765 Isaac Blamires
TELFORD Hannah   Stephen Blamires
THIRMAN Margaret May   Stephen Blamires
THOMPSON Arthur   Joseph Blaymires
THORNBER Henry   Isaac Blamires
THORNTON Eliza 1826 George of Shildon
THORNTON Sally 1832 William Blamires
TURNPENNY Martha A   Stephen Blamires
TYREMAN Mary Evelyn 1889 George of Shildon
VANNINI Antonio Damiano 1856 John Blaymires
VIGARS Maude   George and Sarah
WARING Alfred   Stephen Blamires
WATTERSON Henry   Robert Blaymires
WATTS Mary   John Blaymires
WHEATLEY Beatrice   John Blaymires
WIDDICOMBE Thomas Henry   John Blamires
WILKINSON Mary   Joseph Blaymires
WILLIAMS Alice Mary   Joseph Blaymires
WILLIAMS Heber George   John Blaymires
WILSON John Arthur 1878 Joseph Blamire
WILSON Mary   Thomas Blamire
WINKLER Edward Russ 1892 John Blaymires
YEATES Bertrum   Robert Blaymires

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