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 List members who are actively engaged in other genealogical projects are:

  • Gareth Hicks runs the Genuki Wales; informed knowledge on Welsh genealogy.
  • Dai Bevan admin for the Dyfed Mailing List which has experts on many subjects.
  • John Ballsee his photographs of Wales. John is admin of the Powys List.
  • Jeff Coleman List Admin; loads of knowledge about the Swansea valley.
  • Jill Muir Asst. List Admin, created and maintains this website. I live in Oxfordshire these days, but was born and brought up in Glamorgan.


Subscribing and unsubscribing

What type of List should you join?

Lists come in Digest and Mail form. In most cases, the -L signifies list mode (you will receive a copy of every message posted to the list as a single email) and the -D signifies digest mode (you receive groups of messages every day or so, depending on how busy the list is).

How to join or leave the List

Firstly it is not widely understood that subscribing and unsubscribing are commands made to the Rootsweb computer. The computer therefore requires easy words - such as a straightforward command.

If you are currently subscribed in "list mode", [that is, you are receiving every posting made to the GLAMORGAN mailing list as a separate e-mail ] and you wish to change to Digest mode, the directions on how to change are given below. First though:

How to subscribe

Send a message to

that contains in the body of the message, ( which is where text is written ) and subject line, the command "subscribe" [without the apostrophes] and no additional text.

email image

How to unsubscribe

Send a message to

that contains in the body ( which is where text is written )and subject line of the message, the command "unsubscribe" [without the apostrophes] and no additional text.

How to change to Digest mode

(several postings are combined and sent to you together as a single large message).
There are two steps, which involve two messages!!
  • 1] send the command "unsubscribe" [without the apostrophes] to to discontinue mail mode.
  • 2] send the command "subscribe" [without the apostrophes] to to start receiving Digest post.

To change from Digest Post to List Mail, please do the reverse of the above.

Nomail mode.

There is no NoMail mode accessible to a subscriber. If you are taking a break from the List, all you have to do is follow the directions above and un-subscribe when you want the messages to stop,  and then when you want them to restart, simply subscribe again.

Changes of e-mail address

If you decide to change your e-mail address, you will need to unsubscribe from this Mailing List using your old address and re-subscribe using the new one, using the method shown above.

If you do not do this and at some future point wish to unsubscribe, you may find that the automated system does not accept any commands from your new address, leaving you very frustrated and possibly thinking of sending a blistering e-mail to your poor, unsuspecting Administrator...!