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09 October, 2010

  • Lamberson and variants: I am adding data at a blistering pace, particularly to the New Jersey families. Many families I have tracked separately for years have finally converged into one as I have dug deeper into this family. Please have a look around to find your family (and don't get too attached to any one spelling)!
  • Use of for Collaboration:, the genealogy wiki allowing people to collaborate on their genealogy, is a tool I am beginning to integrate throughout this site. If you want to collaborate on anything you see here, go to, make an account and start sharing! (Email me if you don't see the data you're looking for, and I'll make sure it's added.)
  • Updated About This Site: I have updated the About page to reflect the additions of the, and sites as collaboration tools.

14 September, 2010

  • Full integration of RSS and Twitter: Now there are Twitter follow and RSS Feed links on all my website pages. I've been messing around with these features, but now they should be fully available to everyone who uses my website. I am sure ot continue to tweak these features as I become more comfortable with them.


06 September, 2010

  • Greatly improved inclusion of exhibits and photos: The software improvements for including graphics and other exhibit items are very nice, and I'm sure to add much more in the way of photos and historical documention sood as a result. In many cases you can actually see the original document or read the source yourself. To see these options, however, you must click on the source link (i.e., the one that says something like [S156] ).
  • Master Place Index: Don't forget to look at the Master Place Index in the menu bar above!