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Pike County lies nestled between the mighty Mississippi River and the northeast plains of Missouri, just 65 miles north of St. Louis. Called the "land of the golden hills" by early French explorers in the days before the Louisiana Purchase. Pike County is home to thriving wildlife, rich farm ground and beautiful historic towns. The three largest towns are Clarksville, Louisiana, and Bowling Green.

The first settlers arrived in the early 1800's in the northeast part of the county and established trading with the Fox and Sauk Indians. Preceding the war of 1812, the Indians grew hostile and the settlers began to build forts for their protection. However, there were massacres and for protection, the settlers fled by land and boat to St. Louis . After the war, the settlers returned and built the towns of Clarksville and Louisiana on the banks of the Mississippi.

Bowling Green, the county seat of Pike County, lies 12 miles from the Mississippi River on a rolling plain, 880 feet above sea level. The first settler, John W. Bayse, came in 1820 and in 1823, the settlement was named after Bowling Green, Kentucky.