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There are many notworthy or famous people in my database. This is a new feature of my software, but as I run across them I'll try to remember to add them here so that you can easily reach them.
Thomas Jefferson
Principal author of the Declaration of Independence, 3rd President of the United States, and the man responsible for the Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson was among the most influential of the founding fathers.
Kathryn Hepburn
Premier American stage and screen actress, the American Film Institute voted Hepburn the greatest female star in the history of American cinema in 1999.
King Henry VII of England
Founder of English Tudor monarchical dynasty, he is credited with both restoring political stability in England as well as creating tyrannical havoc for England in English sovereign finances.
Gen. Stonewall Jackson
One of the best and brightest generals of the Confederacy, he was accidentally shot by his own troops in the Battle of Chandellorsville, and he died 8 days later in the middle of the war. Many military historians consider him to be the most brilliant tactician in American history.
Gov. James McKay of Oregon
Governor of Oregon and Secretary of the Interior under President Eisenhower.
Emperor Charlemagne
Among the greatest rulers in the history of Europe, Charlemagne is also said to be the ancestor of as much as two thirds or more of all Europeans.
King Ethelred "the Unready" of England
The famously unfortunate King of England who, due largely to circumstances beyond his control, the young king's epiphet is actually a reflection the bad counsel of his advisors, who were actually responsible for the various disasters of his reign.
King William "the Conqueror" of England
The great Norman conqureror of England, William laid the groundwork for the Engish state.
King Canute "the Great" of Denmark, England, Norway and Sweden
One of the great figures of medieval Europe, Canute 's great achievements were quickly overshadowed by those of William the Conqueror.
King Duncan II of Scotland
Eleanor of Acquitaine, Queen of England and of France
The richest, most powerful woman in the world during her time and Queen of both of the great rival powers of Europe.
Gov. Archibald Yell of Arkansas
Archibald Yell was a Tennessee lawyer and politician who became second Governor of Arkansas and died in Mexico during the Mexican War. He was also a close friend and associate of President Andrew Jackson.
President Barack Obama
The current president, a descendant of several old established American families.
Gov. Theophilus Eaton
The first governor of the New Haven Colony, a true giant of the early new world.