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"Drwyndwn (Broken-Nosed)" ab Owain Gwynedd
Iowerth b. 1145, d. 1174
(?) d. b 1920
(?) d. b 1880
(?) d. c 1818
(?) d. b 1900
(?) d. b Oct 1855
(?) (Dr.) b. 1844
(?) (Dr.) b. 22 Dec 1867, d. 1949
(?) (Duke) of Stade
(?) (Princess) of Hohenstrafen d. 1151
(?) (Rev.)
(?) (Widow)
A. Catherine "Kate" b. c 1846, d. b 1910
Abram b. 1844, d. 1931
Ada of Schwabia b. c 564
Ada of Scotland
(?) (cont.)
Adalard (Count) of Paris b. c 830, d. 890
Adalbert (II) (King) of Italy and Marquis of Ivrea b. c 936, d. 972
Adalbert (Margrave) of Ivrea and Gisela d. c 932
Adalbert I "the Pious" (Count) of Vermandois b. c 916, d. 9 Sep 988
Adalbert II (Count) of Vermandois b. c 980, d. 1015
Adalbert III (Count) of the Marche
Adalbert Otto (Count) of Canossa d. 13 Feb 988
Addie d. a 14 May 1928
Adela of Flanders b. c 1064, d. 1115
Adela of Normandy b. c 1062, d. 8 Mar 1137
Adelaide (Princess) of Normandy b. 1029, d. bt 1087 - 1090
Adelaide (Saint) of Italy b. 931, d. 16 Dec 999
Adelaide / Judith of Normandy d. a 1037
Adelaide of Amiens
Adelaide of Angiers
Adelaide of Anjou b. c 947, d. 1026
Adelaide of Holland
Adelaide of Mochental
Adelaide of Paris and Friuli d. 10 Nov 901
Adelaide of Poitou and Aquitaine b. c 945, d. c 1004
Adelaide of Savoy and Moriana b. 1092, d. 18 Nov 1154
Adelaide of Susa and Turin
Adelchis I of Parma
(?) (cont.)
Adele (also Gerloc prior to baptism) of Normandy b. c 912, d. 14 Oct 962
Adele (Sprota) of Bretagne
Adele of Champagne d. 1206
Adele of Meaux b. 934, d. 982
Adele of Valois
Adele of Vermandois
Adele/Alix of Vermandois b. 910, d. 960
Adeliza d. c 1119
Adeliza of Louvain b. 1103, d. 23 Mar 1151
Aelfgar (Earl) of Mercia
Aelflaeda of England d. 920
Aethelhelm (Earldorman) of Wiltshire
Agatha/Angaharad of Brittany
Agnes (Countess) of Evereux
Agnes (Princess) of Germany b. 1074, d. 24 Sep 1143
Agnes de Chatillon
(?) (cont.)
Agnes of Burgundy
Agnes of Poitou
Agnes of Poitou b. c 1020, d. 14 Dec 1077
Agnes of Ponthieu b. c 1080, d. a 1105
Agnes of Savoy b. 1125, d. 1172
Alan (Dapifer) of Dol b. 1056, d. 1097
Alan (Seneschal and Dapifer) of Dol b. 1020, d. 1050
Alan II "the Tall" (Count) of Brittany
Alan III (Duke) of Brittany
Albert I (Count) of Namur d. 1011
Albert II (Count) of Namur b. c 1000, d. 1064
Aleide of Holland
Alesta of Mar
Alfonso (King) of Portugal b. 1109, d. 6 Dec 1185
Alfonso III "the Great" (King) of Asturias and Leon b. c 848, d. 20 Dec 910
Alfonso IX (King) of Leon b. 1166, d. 1230
Alfonso V "the Noble" (King) of Castile and Leon b. 994, d. 1028
Alfonso VI "the Brave" (King) of Castile b. b Jun 1040, d. 1 Jul 1109
Alfonso VII "the Emperor" (Count) of Castile, Leon and Galicia b. 1 Mar 1105, d. 21 Aug 1157
Alfonso VIII "the Good" (King) of Castille b. 11 Nov 1155, d. 6 Oct 1214
Alfred (The Great) (King) of West Saxons b. 849, d. 899
Alice de Courtenay
Alice G. b. c 1878
(?) (cont.)
Alice of Chester b. c 1094
Alice of Normandy b. c 1021
Almodis de la Marche b. c 1020, d. 16 Oct 1071
Alphonse II (Count) of Provence b. c 1180, d. Feb 1209
Alphonso II (The Chaste) (King) of Aragon b. May 1152, d. 25 Apr 1196
Alpin (King) of Scotland d. 834
Althelreda/Uchtreda of Dunbar
Amadeus II (Count) of Savoy d. 1080
Amadeus III (Count) of Savoy and Maurienne b. 1095, d. 1148
Amanda b. Aug 1860
Amelia b. c 1881
Amicia of Gloucester b. c 1160, d. c 1225
Amulina/Jinema of Navarre
Andrew II (King) of Hungary b. 1176, d. 7 Mar 1234
Angelicus (or Ansegisel or Ansigise) (Mayor) of Austrasia b. 602, d. b 695
Ann b. c 1731
(?) (cont.)
Ann b. 1776, d. a 1850
Anna b. c 1645
Anna b. Nov 1867
Anna b. 1874
Anna B. b. c 1879
Anna Barbara Kreig
Anna M. b. Jul 1868
Anna Magdalena
Anne d. Apr 1676
Annie b. c 1806, d. a 1880
Annie L. d. 1964
Annie M.
Anscarius (Margrave) of Ivrea
Anschitil (Viscount) of the Bessin
Ardogia of Russia
Aremburge de Bourgogne
Argotta b. c 376
Ariel "Grace" b. c 1903
Arnaud I (Count) of Angouleme d. 1001
Arnold of Comminges
(?) (cont.)
Arnoldus of Saxony b. c 562, d. 601
Arnoul I (Count) of Flanders
Arnulf (Count) of Holland
Arnulf (Count) of Holland and West Frieseland b. 961, d. 18 Sep 993
Arnulf II (Count) of Flanders d. 988
Arnulf II (Count) of Guines d. 1169
Arsilla A. b. Feb 1868
Artald V (Count) of Forez
Augusta b. Jan 1873
Ausbertus "the Senator" of Moselle d. 570
Avise b. 1437
Awelina of Sweden
Baldwin I (Count) of Ghent and Flanders d. 879
Baldwin II (Count) of Boulogne
Baldwin II (Count) of Flanders, Boulogne and St. Pol
Baldwin II (Count) of Hainault and Jerusalem b. c 1056, d. 1098
Baldwin II (Emperor) of Constantinople b. 1217, d. Oct 1273
Baldwin III (Count) of Flanders
Baldwin III (Count) of Hainault
(?) (cont.)
Baldwin IV (Count) of Flanders b. 980, d. 1035
Baldwin IV (Count) of Hainault
Baldwin V (Count) of Flanders d. 1 Sep 1067
Baldwin V (VIII) The Brave (Count) of Hainault and of Flanders b. 1150, d. 17 Dec 1195
Baldwin VI (Count) of Flanders and I of Hainault b. 1030, d. 17 Jul 1070
Baldwin VI (IX) (I) (Count) of Hainault and Flanders and First Emperor of the Latin Empire of the 4th Crusade b. 1171, d. 1205
Bardolph of Ravensworth
Basina (Princess) of Thuringia b. 398
Baudouin I (Count) of Clermont b. 965
Baudouin II (Count) of Clermont b. 990
Be Binn
Beatrice de Vermandois b. 880
Beatrice of Normandy
Beatrice of Savoy b. 1198, d. 1266
Beatrice of Viennois
Beatrice/Dada of Bar b. c 1017, d. 18 Apr 1076
Beatrix of Hainault b. 998
Begga of Landen d. 698
Begue (Count) of Paris
Bela III (King) of Hungary b. 1148, d. 1196
Bela IV (King) of Hungary b. 1206, d. 1270
(?) (cont.)
Belinda/Malinda J. b. c 1835
Berengar (Count) of Bayeux and Senlis
Berengaria of Castille b. 1181, d. 1245
Berengaria of Leon b. 1204
Berenger I (Count) of Lomme-Namur d. 946
Berenger I (King) of Italy b. c 850, d. 7 Apr 924
Berenger II (King) of Italy and Marquis of Ivree b. 900, d. 6 Aug 966
Berenguela of Barcelona d. 1149
Bermudo I "the Deacon" (King) of Asturias
Bermudo II "the Gouty" (King) of Leon and Galicia b. 956, d. 999
Bernard I (Count) of Marche
Bernard I (Duke) of Saxony b. c 950, d. 9 Feb 1011
Bernard I (King) of Italy and the Lombards b. 773, d. 17 Aug 818
Bernard II (Duke) of Saxony b. c 990, d. 29 Jun 1059
Bertha (Countess) of Aumale
Bertha of Burgundy b. 967, d. 16 Jan 1016
Bertha of Chartres b. c 990, d. c 1085
Bertha of Hereford b. 1123
Bertha of Holland b. c 1055, d. 1093
Bertha of Ivrea
Bertha of Laon b. c 720, d. 12 Jul 783
Bertha of Morvois or Leidgardis
Bertha of Swabia b. c 907, d. a 2 Jan 966
Bertha of Toulouse
Berthe/Blitildis (Queen) of Kent
(?) (cont.)
Bertila of Spoleto
Bethoc (Princess) of Scotland b. c 984
Betsey E. E. b. c 1832
Bilichild of Maine
Billung of the Franks
Birdie b. Jul 1871
Blanche d. b 1984
Blanche b. c 1886
Blanche of Artois b. c 1248, d. 2 May 1300
Blanche of Castile b. 1188, d. 1252
Blanche of Lancaster b. 25 Mar 1345, d. 12 Sep 1369
Blot-Sweyn (King) of Sweden b. c 1050
Boleslaus I "the Cruel" (Duke) of Bohemia
Boleslaus II "the Pious" (Duke) of Bohemia d. 7 Feb 999
Boleslav I(IV of Bohemia) Chrobry (the Valiant) (King) of Poland b. 967, d. 17 Jun 1025
Boleslaw III "Wrymouth" (Duke) of Poland b. 20 Aug 1086, d. 28 Oct 1138
Borivoj I (Duke) of Bohemia b. c 852, d. c 889
Boso (V) "the Usurper" (King) of Provence and Count of Arles d. 887
Boso II of Arles
Boso Margrave of Tuscany
Bouchard d'Avenes
(?) (cont.)
Bretislaus I (Duke) of Bohemia b. c 1004, d. 10 Jan 1055
Bridget b. 1652
Burchard I (Duke) of Swabia b. bt 855 - 860, d. Nov 911
Burchard II (Duke) of Swabia b. c 883, d. 29 Apr 926
Cadell (King) of Powys d. 808
Callixtus II (Pope) d. 13 Dec 1124
Canute "the Great" (King) of Denmark, England, Norway and Sweden b. c 995, d. 12 Nov 1035
Carmen d. c 1990
Carrie b. c 1844
Casimir I "the Restorer" (Duke) of Poland b. 25 Jul 1016, d. 28 Nov 1058
Catherina Persdotter b. 17 Dec 1768, d. 1829
Catherine "Catrena"
Catherine (Princess) of North Wales
Catherine Elizabeth b. 1728
Ceawlin d. 593
Cerdic (King) of Wessex d. 534
Charity A. b. c 1812, d. bt 1870 - 1880
Charlemagne (Emperor) of the Holy Roman Empire, King of the Franks b. 2 Apr 742, d. 28 Jan 814
Charles (Count) de Valois b. 12 Mar 1269, d. 15 Dec 1325
(?) (cont.)
Charles (Duke) of Lorraine b. 953, d. 21 May 992
Charles III "the Simple" (King) of France b. 17 Sep 879, d. 7 Oct 929
Charles-Constantine (Count) of Vienne d. 962
Childebrand or Plectrudis
Christiana b. c 1817
Christina d. a 28 Aug 1827
Christina b. c 1852, d. b 1893
Christina of Mar
Clagett of Houghton b. b 1066, d. a 1104
Clara b. Nov 1872
Claribert (Count) of Laon
Clarissa b. c 1819
Clodius 'the Long-haired' (King) of the Franks d. 445
Clotairs I (King) of the Franks
Coel Hen "the Old" (King) of the Old North
Conan I 'le Tort' (Duke) of Brittany and Count of Rennes b. 927, d. 27 Jun 992
Conan IV (Earl) of Richmond and Duke of Brittany
Conrad (Count) of Auxerre and Paris
Conrad I (Count) of Swabia d. 982
Conrad I (III) "the Peaceful" (King) of Burgundy and Duke of Provence b. c 925, d. 19 Oct 993
(?) (cont.)
Conrad II "the Salian" (Emperor) of Germany b. 990, d. 4 Jun 1039
Conrad II (Count) of Swabia b. 910, d. 20 Aug 997
Conrad III (Emperor) of Rome b. 1093
Constance b. c 1161, d. 4 Sep 1201
Constance of Arles d. 1032
Constance of Arles and Vienne
Constance of Burgundy d. 1092
Constance of Castile
Constantine II (King) of Scotland
Crinan "the Thane" (Earl) of Strathclyde, Lord of the Isles, Governor of Scots Island, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld b. 978, d. 1045
Cunigunda b. c 890
Curnegonde of Laon b. b 797, d. a Jun 835
Current Wife
Cuthwulf (Cutha)
Cynric (King) of Wessex d. 560
Damas I de Semur-en-Brionnais
daughter of Brittany
daughter of Brittany
daughter of Vermandois
David (Earl) of Huntingdon (8th) b. 1144, d. 17 Jun 1219
(?) (cont.)
David I "The Saint" (King) of Scotland
Deborah b. 1695, d. 11 Feb 1775
Delila d. 1838
Derbforgaill of Osraige
Dietrich (Count) of Westfalia
Dirk (Diederic/Theodoric) I (Count) of Holland and West Frieseland b. 875, d. c 939
Dirk II (Count) of Holland and West Frieseland b. 938, d. 6 May 988
Dirk III (Count) of Holland (West Friesland) d. 981
Dobrowa of Bohemia d. 977
Doda of Savoy
Domhnall II (Earl) of Mar b. c 1302
Donald (Domhnall) I (Earl/Mormaer) of Mar d. c 1300
Donald II (Earl) of Mar b. c 1302
Donald II (King) of Scotland
Donald III (King) of Scotland b. b 1040, d. a 1096
Donna Jean
Drue Lord Balidoon
Duncan (Earl) of Carrick (1st) d. 1250
(?) (cont.)
Duncan (Earl) of Mar d. 1244
Duncan I (King) of Scotland d. 15 Aug 1040
Duncan II (King) of Scotland b. 1060, d. 12 Nov 1094
Durana b. c 1825
E. A. b. c 1838
Eadgifu of England b. 902, d. a 955
Eadgyth (Princess) of England
Ealhmund (Under-King) of Kent d. 786
Ealhswith d. 905
Eberhard (Margrave) of Friuli
Eberhard I (Count) of Zurich
Ebles I (Count) of Roucy b. c 994, d. 11 May 1033
Edgar (The Peaceful) (King) b. 944, d. 975
Edhilda d. 26 Jan 946
Edith F. b. 2 Sep 1899, d. Jun 1987
Edith of Egisheim d. 1118
Edla of Vender (Poland)
Edmund (Earl) of Kent and of Woodstock b. 5 Aug 1301, d. 19 Mar 1330
Edmund I (The Magnificent) d. 946
(?) (cont.)
Edmund II (Ironside) (King) of England d. 1016
Edward "The Black Prince" (Prince) of Wales b. 15 Jun 1330, d. 8 Jun 1376
Edward (The Elder) (King) of England b. 869, d. 924
Edward I (Longshanks) (King) of England b. 17 Jun 1239, d. 7 Jul 1307
Edward II (King) of England b. 25 Apr 1284, d. 21 Sep 1327
Egbert (King) of Wessex d. 839
Eilika of Schweinfurt
Eleanor "the Faithful" (Princess) of Castile and Countess of Pouthieu
Eleanor (Duchess) of Aquitaine and Poitou b. c 1122, d. 1 Apr 1204
Eleanor of England b. 1161, d. 31 Oct 1214
Eleanor of England b. 1215, d. 1275
Elfreda (Elfgiva)
Elfrida (Ealfthryth) d. 1000
Elgiva (Saint)
Elias I of Maine
Elisabetha Dorothea
Eliudd of Powys
Eliza A. b. Dec 1857
Eliza J. b. c 1829