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Here is a quick look at the surnames most common on this site and their origins. If there is no link, I haven't added the family's page yet, so browse the database. More families will be included in the future. Take a look:

Andersson, Anderson from Marion and Shelby Co., MO (1890-); Chautauqua Co., NY & Warren Co., PA(1867-1890); and Sweden (-1867)

Andrews from Fayette & Bond Co., IL (1832-);Williamson Co., TN (1790s-1832); and Virginia(1600s-1790s)

Bailess/Bayless from Lincoln Co., MO

Bailey from Ralls Co., MO

Carroll from Fayette Co., IL (1829-); TN and NC

Elam from Fayette and Bond Co., IL (1817-); NC, VA, TN, KY (1600s-1800s); and England

Frazier from Ralls Co., MO (1830s)

Harris from Fayette Co., IL (1860s-); Monroe Co., NY (1840s-1860s); and Rensselaer Co., NY (1808-1840s)

Henderson from Fayette and Montgomery Co., IL (1859-); Lapeer Co., MI (1840s-); Jefferson Co., NY (1800-); Washington Co., NY (1780-); VT; MA (1718-1780); Ireland (1700s); and Scotland (1600s)

Inman from Fayette and Bond Co., IL (1820s-); and NC

Isley from Fayette and Bond Co., IL (1820s-); NC (1790s-); PA (1750s-1790s); and Württemberg (now Germany)

Lamberson and Lambertson from everywhere

McAtee from Ralls Co., MO (1840-); KY (1815-1840); and MD (-1800)

Mefford from Pike Co., MO (1820s-); Mason Co., KY (1780s-); PA (1750-1780s); and unknown German state

Moore from Pike and Ralls Co., MO (1860-)

Reeves from Fayette, Bond, and Clinton Co., IL (1800s-); Franklin Co., AR (1840s-); Davidson Co., TN (1780s-); VA (1600s-); and England

Sneed from Ralls/Pike Co., MO (1860-)

Spalding from Ralls Co., MO (1830s-); KY (1790s-); and Maryland

Walker from Fayette and Bond Co., IL (1820s-); and KY

Whitledge from Pike Co., MO (1830s-); KY (1790s-1830s); VA (1600s-1790s)

Willis from Lincoln, Pike and Ralls Co., MO (1830s-)

Winn from Marion, Ralls and Macon Co., MO (1830s-); KY; and VA (new research pending)

Wright from Fayette, Bond and Montgomery Co., IL (1830s-); Warren (now Allen) Co., KY (1790s-); and VA (1600s-)