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About Me

My name is Greg Lamberson, and I have been doing genealogy research since I was nine years old when my grandfather died. Granddad died having emparted little about his family, in stark contrast to my experience on my mother's side of the family. My other great interest is in computers and technology. I first owned a computer since the early 1980s and got hooked, having since been (among other things) a technology project manager for one of the largest companies in the world. The combination of these two interests has led me to publish as much of my genealogical information on the internet as possible.


About This Site

This site serves as a surname clearinghouse for Lamberson and Lambertson families as well as a place to publish my personal genealogical material and associated area and other history.

My mother's family come from Fayette, Bond, Montgomery and adjacent Counties in central Illinois, and my father's come from the northeast Missouri Counties of Pike, Ralls, Marion, Shelby and thereabouts. In most cases, I have my lineage traced back to previous generations and places. Please view the family pages and browse the database for more information on these families.



In order to foster collaboration, I use the following tools:

  • I participate in the genealogy wiki (my profile page under username glamberson is here). This wiki is the main tool I hope to use to interact with other genealogists/family historians. Peppered throughout this website are links to pages on this wiki which allow anyone interested in contributing to our knowledge and understanding of our families to do so. If you have any interest in contributing to the information you see here, please check out the wiki and share your knowledge.

  • A genealogy blog called Greg Lamberson's Genealogy Blog which I use to post various genealogy news and various things related to my research.

  • My twitter account at which I use to let people know what I working on and the updates I've made to my website and blog.

  • You can always just email me at if you prefer.



    Here are my guiding principles in publishing this site.

  • Content Over Design This site will always be more about its content than its design. I am a computer professional with over 15 years of experience in the field, but website design is not my favorite thing on earth. More importantly, if I spend time on the design, data does not get published. Also, there are limitations on what types of design elements I can implement due to the hosting services of Therefore, data will always win out over design here.

  • Data Integrity  I will always try to provide reliable data here. If you have any questions about any data you see here, please contact me so I can look into it or give you proper source information. While I expect to incorporate information from other researchers who have more information on certain Lambertson and Lamberson families than I do, I will make every effort to ensure that any information provided meets high standards.

  • Sustainment and Durability To date, my life has allowed me to do lots of work on my research at certain times and not at others. This has led to years during which I largely did nothing to my website. I therefore avoid using any internet technology which requires any periodic action on my part (as would renting any particular domain name and hosting a website using a private hosting company) or which is not likely to survive a long time in its present form., a wholly owned subsidiary of, and, a collaboration of a reputable nonprofit organization and the Allen County Public Library, are not likely to go anywhere any time soon.



Website Software

    The genealogy software that I use to house my data and publish this website consists of two products: