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The "Other" Timothy Lamberson

Tuscarawas Co., OH; Oregon; Arizona; and California



On 22 Feb., 1809, Timothy Lamberson married Elizabeth Mosser in Tuscarawas Co., OH.  A scandalous three months later, Elizabeth gives birth to their son Timothy Lamberson on 11 May, 1809 in Tuscarawas Co., OH. After this, nothing further is known of Elizabeth's husband Timothy, and she remarries to John Kline on 12 Mar., 1813. Elizabeth lived her life in Tuscarawas Co., OH, and died there 3 Oct., 1875.

Timothy Lamberson, son of the above, married Sarah Streby on 20 Jan., 1830. Timothy and Sarah had at least 8 children together before Sarah died on 12 Jan., 1852 in Oregon. Timothy then remarried Ann ?  on 25 Dec., 1852 in Washington Co., OR, and for the next several years, moved back and forth between Oregon, California, and Arizona, before dying in Arizona in 1879.