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Timothy Lamberson - Northeast Missouri Lambersons

    The first recognized glimpse history has of Timothy Lamberson, progenitor of Lambersons in several northeast Missouri counties, is that of his marriage to Rebecca Ferguson in Madison County of the Illinois Territory in May, 1814. Next we see him in the 1818 Illinois pre-statehood State Census living next to a Thomas Ferguson (see Fergusons). In 1830, he appears in Pike Co., MO, and finally, we see his will executed in April 1831 in Pike County.

    Timothy's life was not long; if census records are right, he could have been no more than 40 when he died in early 1831. However, he certainly must have had an exciting and challenging life. When he lived in Madison Co., Illinois Territory, from at least 1814 to 1818, the Illinois Territory was a wilderness. A reading of Madison County history of this time reveals numerous Indian skirmishes and other hardships of pioneers who were truly taming an unsettled and sometimes hostile wilderness.

Rebecca Ferguson, Timothy's wife, was born between 1790 and 1800, and was undoubtedly of the renowned Ferguson clan of Madison County and later Texas. My belief, shared by other Ferguson researchers, is that she was a sister of Gen. Isaac Ferguson, famed Indian fighter of the time, but this is just a working theory for now.

Rebecca died some time around 1846 in Pike Co., MO. The children of this pair, listed below, are the forebears of the Lambersons in northeast Missouri:

- Rachel LAMBERSON married Enoch Henry STEWART on 3 Sep 1850 in Pike Co., MO, US.

- Thomas Tarrents LAMBERSON was born circa 1816.  He married Elizabeth W. REDDING, daughter of Joseph REDDING, on 26 Mar 1843 in Pike Co., MO.  He married Catharine T. TALIAFERRO on 29 May 1853 in Pike Co., MO.  He died before Oct 1855 in Pike Co., MO.

- Elizabeth LAMBERSON was born circa 1818.  She married Madison CLAYTON on 18 May 1851 in Pike Co., MO.  She died before 1880 in Cuivre Twp., Pike Co., MO.

- John LAMBERSON was born circa 1820 in MO.  He married Nancy Jane WHITLEDGE, daughter of Lyna WHITLEDGE and Mehitable MABRY, on 20 Sep 1849 in Pike Co., MO.  He filed for divorce in 1880 in Ralls Co., MO, but the divorce does not seem to be final.  He died after 1900 in Ralls or Pike Co., MO..

- Mary LAMBERSON was born circa 1826 in Pike Co., MO.  She married Commadore Perry SMITH on 17 Dec 1843 in Pike Co., MO.

- Timothy LAMBERSON was born in May 1830 in Pike Co., MO.  He married Margaret E. HOUCHENS on 19 Dec 1858 in Pike Co., MO.  He died after 1900 in Salt River Twp., Knox Co., MO.