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Lamberson (and variants) One-name Study

Lamberson, Lambertson, Lamison, Lomison, Lomason and Lamberton families

This part of the site is dedicated to the gathering of information from all people who share the surname Lamberson/Lambertson and other variants We Lamberson/Lambertsons share a unique name, and it is my belief that if people will share their information and pool resources in one place, many if not most of our lines will converge. Please email me with your comments, questions, or to contribute your information for inclusion.


I am adding data to the New Jersey families in particular at a very fast rate (for me).  One word of advice: DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON SPELLING OF NAMES! These families used a wide variety of  variant spellings interchangeably, often in the same document or even sentence!


Origin of the name Lamberson/Lambertson (in England/Wales)

Origin of the name Lamberton (in Scotland)



Identified families with available research include:

  • The New Jersey Lamberson, Lomison, Lammasson, etc., families include many of the below subgroups, many of whom are now linked together
  • Lawrence Lamberson who married Christina Fite and populated Tennessee, Alabama and central-western Missouri with descendants
  • Lawrence Lomason who married Bridget Van Atta whose descendants multiplied in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and beyond
  • Henry Lamberson of Maryland, one of the biggest American families, with many descendants in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and elsewhere
  • Lambertsons and Lambersons of New York dating back to the time of the Dutch New Netherlands Colony
  • Jacob Lambertson (b. c. 1805 in NJ or NY) family of Oakland Co., Michigan.
  • Lawrence Lamberson of New Jersey and Pennsylvania -major progenitor of families in Tennessee, Alabama and central-western Missouri
  • Daniel Lamberson (b. NJ; resided Northampton Co., PA; and Seneca Co., OH)
  • Lambersons of Northeast Missouri (Timothy Lamberson's Descendants)
  • The "Other" Timothy Lamberson Family of Ohio and Oregon
  • Missouri's other as-yet unconnected Lamberson families (some are from Lawrence)
  • Northumberland Co., PA, vicinity family of Welsh (??) origin of Jacob Lamison/Lamberson
  • Robert Lamberton, a Scots-Irish immigrant who settled in Cumberland Co., PA
  • John Lamberton, another Scots-Irish immigrant who also settled in Cumberland Co., PA, probably of close relation to the above Robert Lamberton
  • Other Pennsylvania Lambersons
  • Alabama (descendants of John Lamberson, son of Lawrence Lamberson)
  • Indiana Lambertsons (John Lambertson) (there are other Indiana families)
  • North Carolina-Arkansas Lambersons (this is a clan of cabinet makers who moved from NC to Arkansas in the mid-1800s) (see the descendants of Mary Lamberson)



DNA Study Begun

We have begun a DNA Study of people with the surnames Lamberson, Lambertson, Lammerson, Lamerson, and other variations. This study is being conducted through Family Tree DNA, a reputable genetic genealogy firm. The goal of the study is to group families genetically so that all known Lamberson/Lambertson/etc. families may know their heritage even if they cannot document their specific lineage to one of the major known and documented families.

In the future, I expect to customize the DNA study with my site here, linking the data I have with the tested individuals' families. But for now, you can look at the progress and results of the study at the FTDNA Lamberson DNA Study Website.

Please note: If you are interested in participating, but you are wary of the fees for the testing, PLEASE CONTACT ME! If you are from an untested major family, your fees may be waived!