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    Finding a starting point from which to introduce the Elams of Fayette and Bond Counties is much like peeling an onion. It is an impossible task, due to the many Elams in the area who, in spite of their numbers, are all related. In fact, since the Elams seemed to marry each other with amazing regularity, many Elams are related to themselves.

    Firstly, let me refer you to Cassie Elam's Website, which is the definitive clearinghouse for the Elams in America. If you don't see what you're looking for here, you will most likely see something of interest on Cassie's site.

    In Bond County, Francis Marion Elam, known as "General" Elam, is my Grandfather's Great Grandfather. General was born 18 April, 1826 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. His parents were Thomas Elam and Elizabeth Elam. Thomas Elam was the son of Alexander Elam and Jane Norment, while Elizabeth was the daughter of Edward Elam, Jr., and Martha Smith.

    After migrating to Bond County with his parents, Francis Marion Elam married Nancy Ann Walker 20 Mar., 1846. Nancy was the daughter of Richard Walker and Mary "Polly" Davis.

    General had one of the biggest farms in Bond County. He was also a very pious man, and he donated the land on which Liberty Baptist Church was built.

    In Fayette County, Benjamin Norment Elam was my Grandmother's Great Grandfather. Benjamin was born 26 Feb., 1818 in North Carolina. His parents were William Branch Elam and Patience Hurt.

    After migrating to Fayette County with his parents, Benjamin married Drucilla Adaline Flora Inman on 8 Nov., 1837 in Bond County. Drucilla was the daughter of Thomas Inman. The couple had many children, and both died in Fayette County amongst their large family.

There are many other Elam families in my database, but there are certainly many more that are not found in my records. Please see Cassie Elam's Website for additional information on families you do not find here.