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of the WILL of
of York County, PA
(son of Johan Peter Lenhart)
GKBopp 15 November 2001

Will of William Lenhart (1745-1819). In the subject will, son William is not mentioned in the portions naming the sons. However, following the first mention of sons and wife and before mention of daughters, this has been added in a different hand: My son William I consider advanced to his full share. This is mentioned again in the witness portion. Presumably, this is the reason son William was overlooked in the abstract discussed below. (It may also be the reason Rinkenbach assumes William predeceased his father.)

Wright's "Abstracts of York County - Pennsylvania Wills 1749-1819" I do not have the full citation for this source; however, it is a well-known and very popular reference book. Gene Smith, a net friend (not a Lenhart researcher) sent me a copy of the page with the following item:

Jul 19, 1813            Nov 2, 1819
Lenhart, William. Executors: John and Peter Lenhart, Dover Township.
Wife: Anna Maria Lenhart. Children: Susanna wife of Samuel Close,
Catharine, Elizabeth wife of Henry Miller, George, John, Peter, and Henry.

Wright's Source. I asked Smith if Wright identified his sources; Smith responded:

" . . . I quote from the Introduction

>> These wills were abstracted under the auspices of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in the early 1900s. Copies were made available to various libraries in Pennsylvania and microfilm copies made by the Genealogical Society of Utah (LDS). Originally the abstracts were arranged in alphabetical order. In this version we have re-arranged the entries in chronological order.<< "

At this time, I do not know if Wright overlooked William in his version - or if William is also missing in the original abstract. In any case, this error has been repeating itself down the genealogy food chain by those using the secondary source and not following up on the primary source.

York County Heritage Trust (formerly Historical Society of York County). A copy of their 3 x 5 card summary of the subject will and/or probate record of "Lenahrt, William" (presumably a typo) does include the name of [son] William. Their source is not cited.


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