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Cemetery known as Salem's, Strayers, etc. located in Dover, York Co., PA.


From a November 2003 post to the Lenhart List at RootsWeb (minor edits) from Blake M. Stough of York Co., PA.

This is one cemetery that really confuses people when researching their family.

Below are the details for the cemetery sections:

Strayer's - (blue on map) This is the oldest cemetery section.

New Salem - (red on map, sits beside the blue section) One of the newer sections, still has burials performed in it.

Lenhart/Gerber - (orange on map) This is the second oldest section of cemetery. Was called Lenhart, but later is known as Gerber.

Leibernecht - (green on map) Another older section, but no longer in use.

Dover Union - (black on map) This is another newer section, and I believe there are still burials performed there.

Link to color-coded map of each section


Revised: 16 July 2004



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