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Revised 14 October 2005

Most of the researchers listed below can be reached on the RootsWeb Lenhart List. Those who descend from Johan Peter Lenhart, 1708-1774, (JPL), are also noted on his Family Group Sheet (FGS). The earliest known Lenhart lines of those not linked to JPL (or not yet known to link to JPL) are listed in LENHART LINES. Known research specialties are noted and links to other websites are included. Entries may contain errors; additions and corrections are welcome.

Anderson, Steven G. - Descendant of JPL's son Johan Peter and Anna Catherin Ogg.

Bopp, Georgia Kinney - Dover Twp., York Co., PA, Lenharts. JPL, Wilhelm, George, George, Christian, Walter Beck, Virginia Ann m. Kinney, Georgia. Website (you are on it now). My Lenhart Ancestry pdf

Childs, Arlean Vera Lenhart - Author of There's Gold in Them Thar Hills, A Lenhart Family Story (1998, Revised March 1999 and March 2000) a chronicle of her Lenhart research. She organized the first Lenhartsville Reunion in 1998. JPL, JPL, Jr., Frederick, Adam, John Henry, Mary Catherine [& Hollis], Harvey, Homer, Arlean (twin sister of Arthur in Greg Lenhart's line).

Claire (CZcatlover) - Her husband probably connects to JPL via Jacob.

Cleaveland, Teri - See Susan Linhart in LENHART LINES.

Cooke, Karen - Lenhart-Friedline line. {JPL}, Anna Margaret m. Friedline, Johan Peter, Henry John, John Peter, David Austin, Anna Louise - > Karen. Website

Dull, Keith - Author of Early German Settlers of York County, Pennsylvania and other publications. His books, frequently not cited, are the source of information in many Lenhart genealogies (see Dull sources). Two JPL links: Paternal - JPL, Georg, Hannah m. Dull, Peter, John, Clayborn, Audie, Leo, Denis, Keith. Maternal - JPL, Christophel, Peter, John, Peter, Riley, Garnet m. Adams, Frances m. Gantz, Barbara m. Dull, Keith.

Ellis, Arleen Craig - See Christina Magdalena Leonhardt/Lehnard/etc. in LENHART LINES.

Fetters, Robert A. - After years of researching the Lenhart-Harmon line, he fell from the tree - a very hard fall - when he learned he had a Harmon connection but not a Lenhart connection. Now he is an honorary Lenhart. See Christina Magdalena Leonhardt/Lehnard/etc in LENHART LINES. He contributed the Christina and JPL gravestone photographs that appear on this website.

Gonzalez, Margaret - All Lenharts in America? See JPL Family Group Sheet (Peter). Website under construction. JPL, JPL [Jr.], William Franklin, George William., David William, Margaret Ann m. Barnett, Inez Naomi m. Gipson, Margaret.

Hamm, Helene - Lenhart-Friedline line. (JPL via Anna Margaret).

Henning, Joy - See Nicholas Lenhart in LENHART LINES.

Jones, Dorothy - {JPL}, Anna Margaret m. Friedline, Maria Elizabeth m. Miller, Johan Jacob, Elizabeth, m. Seneff, William O., Cozette m. Gerhardt, Dorothy.
[website - currently not working]

Gardei, Kath - {JPL}, Anna Margaret m. Friedline, Maria Elizabeth m. Miller, Ludwich G., Henry H., Mary Ann m. Basinger, George Washington, James Dewey, Kathryn Alice m. Gardei, Kath.

Lenhart, Bernard - General contributor; JPL via JPL, Jr. Website

Lenhart, Gregory Scott - Website. Greg is also the administrator of the Lenhart group on Yahoo. JPL, JPL, Jr., Frederick, Adam, John Henry, Mary Catherine [& Hollis], Harvey, Homer, Arthur, Greg. (His father and Arlean Lenhart Childs are twins.)

Lenhart, James Russell - Retired list administrator. JPL, Johan George, George, Monroe, John C., Austin Marcellus, Norman Franklin, Jim.

Lenhart, Pat - General contributor; see Henry Lenhart in LENHART LINES. Y-DNA indicates this line is related to JPL.

Linhart, Bill - see Christian Linhart in LENHART LINES (includes website links).

Lue, Dora - see Ananias A. Lenhart in LENHART LINES.

Miller, Beth - JPL via Christopher.

Morgan, Pat - see Michael Lenhart in LENHART LINES.

Osborn, Janelle [tarie2] - JPL, Georg, George, Hannah m. Walters, - > Janelle.
[website - currently not working:]

Ranguette, Kathie - JPL, JPL, Jr., Daniel/David, Peter, James Allen - > Kathie.
Kathie's co-researcher Beth Miller: JPL, JPL, Jr., Daniel/David, Peter, Sarah Jane m. Beechy - > Beth.

Riffle, Robert L. - General contributor. Lenhart-Friedline line (JPL via Anna Margaret). Also has Linhart connection.

Rinkenbach, William Henry (1894-1965) - Author of The Lenhart Family of Greenwich and Albany Twps., Berks County, and York County, PA.,1937, about 20 pages. This three generation genealogy of JPL's family in stated counties is incomplete but is the only known sourced Lenhart genealogy. This ms. is often the source of information in Lenhart genealogies and rarely cited. For a transcription of this ms., with index and other information click here. Rinkenbach probably descends from Lenhartsville founder, Heinrich (son of Jacob and grandson of JPL).

Stern, Vanessa - see Sarah Lenhart (1844-1896) in LENHART LINES. Website

Stough, Blake M. - Administrator of the RootsWeb Lenhart List. York County, PA, Stough/Stauch/etc families and their descendants (includes several JPL descendant marriages). See JPL Family Group Sheet (William). Stauch Website

Thomas, Nancy Lenhart - Ohio Lenhart/Linhart lines. JPL, Joh. Christoph, Johan Christoffel, Isaac P., James Hastings, James Murray, James Harry, Nancy.

Whipkey, Jim - Two brothers of Jim's GGGGrandfather married daughters of JPL sons Peter and George; there are later marriages between Lenharts, Whipkeys, and Cramers

Zagrocki, Regis - His Catharina Lenhart (m. Leiby) may be a daughter of Philip Lenhart (son of JPL). Zagrocki Website


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