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Christian Linhart vs. Christopher Lenhart
June 20 2002

Note: Christian Linhart is in Lenhart Lines. Christopher Lenhart is in the family group sheet of Johan Peter Lenhart (JPL).

Source: The Lenhart list on RootsWeb - October 27, 2001, Subject: Christian Linhart. The following version has minor edits including removal of e-mail addresses. Original can be located in the RootsWeb archives.

A Linhart/Lenhart researcher asked:

What is the proof that Johan Peter Lenhart's son Jon Christoph/Christopher of Westmoreland Co., PA, is not the Christian that moved to Allegheny Co., PA?

Nancy Lenhart Thomas responded:

Well, I will give it a try........

I will use Christian LINHART and Christopher LENHART just to keep the
families straight.

Christopher LENHART Sr., a wagonmaker, moved to from York Co. to Franklin Co.
PA and the church records in the Shippensburg church have his children
(including his son Christopher Jr) in the communicant's class in the 1780's.

In 1790, according to the land records inYork Co. PA (where he bought land
from his 2 brothers - other sons of JPL) he is selling that land. He is also
selling his Franklin Co. PA land. According to Westmoreland Co. PA, Unity
Twp land records in 1790, Christopher LENHART 'of Franklin Co. PA' is buying

Now Christian LINHART Sr. moved from York Co. and has been in Westmoreland
Co. PA for quite a few years by 1790. He was one of the earliest settlers in
the area. His land eventually turns into Allegheny Co. Our JPL
Christopher's land is still in Unity Co.. Westmoreland Co. PA. and doesn't
get put into Allegheny Co.

Even though Christian LINHART Jr also bought land in Westmoreland Co.,PA.,
there are separate families here.

Now then, In 1805 from the Zanesville office of the Ohio land records, we
have Christopher 'of Westmoreland Co. PA' buying land in Muskingum Co. OH.
Later in his life, he sells this land. In 1812 and 1824 he is buying more
OH land and is 'of Muskingum Co. OH'. Also, his Will is on file in Muskingum
Co. OH in 1848.

Christian Sr.'s Will is in Allegheny Co. PA
Christian Jr.'s Will, I have been told, is on file in Westmoreland Co. PA.

So we have, I believe------
Chris LINHART and son in PA and they stay there.
and JPL's Chris LENHART and son moving west with Jr ending up in OH. I have
not confirmed the location of Christopher LENHART Sr's death. I am working
on it.

I don't know whether I have explained this clearly enuf to clear it up or
maybe I have just muddied the waters even more. Just to throw a monkey
wrench into the works........I suspect JPL and Christian LINHART were
brothers in Germany.

********************** ~ Descendancy ~ *****************
* ~1~ Hanns Velten Leonhardt -6- Isaac P. Lenhart
* ~2~ Johan Christopfell Leonhardt -7- James Hastings Lenhart
* ~3~ Johan Petter Lenhart -8- James Murray Lenhart
* -4- Joh. Christoph Leonhardt -9- James Harry Lenhart
* -5- Johan Christoffel Lenhart -10- Me - Nancy Lenhart Thomas


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