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Family Group Sheet (& Researchers) 
Revised 23 August 2005 ~ GKBopp
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Information compiled from many sources and may contain errors 


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JOHAN PETER LENHART - died at age 65
(Peter, Petter, Peter Leonhart in Will, Peder Leonharb on stone)
Born 4 May 1708 in [Germany], of Dover, York Co., PA (1)
Baptized "Joh. Peter Leonard," 27 May 1708 in Horn, Hunsruck, Evangelisch-Reformiert (2)
Died 4 Apr 1774 in York Co., PA (1)
Buried in cemetery near Strayer's church, near Dover Twp., York Co., PA (1)
Gravestone (this site) and cemetery information (another website).
Other: Will (3)           Transcript of Will
Ref: #1 - 1- (4)
Occupation: Farmer (4) (11)
Father: Hanss Stopfel Lehnhardt (2)
Mother: Anna Eva Kesler (2)
Arrived in Philadelphia, September 15, 1748, on the ship Two Brothers. (2A) Owned land by 1749 in Greenwich Twp., Berks Co. (formerly Philadelphia Co.) PA, site of present day Lenhartsville; later removed to Dover, Twp., York Co. See RINKENBACH for additional information.(4)   No daughters are named in JPL's Will or in Rinkenbach. Daughters are proposed by some researchers and questioned by others.(10) {Two possible daughters are included in this group sheet; in addition, descendants of Christina Magdalena Lenhard/Lenhart/etc (m. Harman and Dumbold; see Lenhart Lines) believe she is a daughter.}
Wife: MARIA MARGARETHA (nee?) (Maria Margaretia on stone) - died at age 63
Born 28 Sep 1713 in [Germany] (1A)
Died 1 Jul 1777 (1A)    
Buried in cemetery near Strayer's church, near Dover Twp., York Co., PA (1) 
It is assumed she married JPL in Germany, came with him to America, and is the mother of all his children. =============================================================================
Born {ca. 1732 [Germany] of Berks and York Co., PA} (8)
Spouse: {Bernard Seidel} (9)
Keith Dull believes she is the daughter of JPL and identical to Maria Magdalena wife of Bernard Seidel. Dull states this couple moved from Berks to York and their son Johann Peter was sponsored by Johann Peter [JPL] and Margaretha Lenhart [grandparents] in 1760. Dull says Bernard died before the baptism of his last child (1761) and Maria Magdalena has not been located since. (8A) (9)
CHILDREN - Six children according to Keith Dull. (8A)
RESEARCHERS linked to this line: ?
Born [Germany]
Died 1810 (5)
Buried Bedford, now Somerset, PA, (MF 1810 on stone) (5)
Spouse: Johan Ludwig Friedline
According to family tradition, Lenhart was the maiden name of the wife of Johan Ludwig Friedline and descendants believe JPL is her father. The cemetery on Friedline land includes some Lenhart stones; the land had two neighboring Lenhart tracts; James R. Lenhart's database (undocumented) links the cemetery Lenharts to descendants of JPL's son Philip. There is one anecdotal source that an Anna Margaret was a member of JPL's family.(12)
CHILDREN - Six children baptized in Manchester Twp., York Co., PA (8B)
RESEARCHERS (See Profiles) - Cooke, Karen; Gardei, Kath; Hamm, Helene; Jones, Dorothy; Riffle, Robert L.
Born {ca. 1734} [Germany] of Greenwich Twp, Berks Co., PA (4)
Died 1803, Greenwich Twp, Berks Co., PA (4)
Other: Will. (13)     Transcript of Philip's Will
Named in father's Will (3)
Ref: #11 - 3- (4)     
Occupation: Wheelwright and wagoner (4)
Spouse: Anna Bossert b. 1729 Switzerland d. after 1803 (7) (8A) (8A.1)
Rinkenbach believes Philip is the father of Philip Lenhart/Leonard, born 1755, a private in the Revolutionary War. See Rinkenbach for additional information.(4)
CHILDREN - Rinkenbach lists five children for this family, Dull lists seven. (4) (8A)
RESEARCHERS (See Profiles): Regis Zagrocki
M Child 4 JACOB LENHART (Johan Jacob) - died at age 56
Born 18 Nov 1736 in Pfalz (Palatinate) [Germany] of Greenwich Twp, Berks Co., PA (4)
Died 3 Aug 1793 (4A)
Buried Jerusalem/Dunkel's Church, Greenwich Twp, Berks Co., PA (4)
Other: No Will (16)           Named in father's Will (3)                       
Ref: #12 - 4- (4)
Spouse: ANNA MARIA KEEL b. 19 Feb 1738 d. 8 Dec 1791 (4)
Married: 21 Jan 1760 in [America] (4)
Spouse: BARBARA (nee?) (16) {d. 1793} (8)
NSDAR patriot; see Rinkenbach for additional information.(4) Most of Rinkenbach's names are descendants of Jacob's son Heinrich, considered the founder of Lenhartsville (on land originally owned by JPL).
CHILDREN - Rinkenbach lists eight children for this family. (4)
RESEARCHERS (See Profiles): Claire (husband's line); Rinkenbach (probably)
M Child 5 GEORGE LENHART (Johan George; Georg)
Born {ca.1738} in [Germany], of York Co. and Bedford, now Somerset, Co., PA (8)
Died in {1793 in Bedford, now Somerset, Co., PA (children guardianship appointments Sept. 24, 1793)} (8A)
Other: Named in father's Will (3)
Ref: #13 -6- (4)
Served as a Private in the Revolutionary War. (8) (19)
CHILDREN - Rinkenbach lists the four children baptized in York Co. between 1767-1777 (his research did not include Bedford/Somerset).(4) Keith Dull lists ten. (8A) See also (19)
RESEARCHERS (See Profiles): Dull, Keith (paternal line; also descends from Christopher); Lenhart, James R.; Osborn, Janelle; Whipkey, Jim (collateral lines).
M Child 6 CHRISTOPHER LENHART (Jon Christoph)
Born {ca. 1740} in [Germany], of York, Cumberland/Franklin, and Westmoreland counties., PA
Died - See note (20)
Other: Named in father's Will (3)           
Ref: #14 -6- (4)
Spouse: ANNA MARIA (nee?) (4)
Presumably he is identical to the Private Christopher Leonhart, who is listed with Ensign Godfrey Leonhart of the 7th Co. of the First Battalion of the York County Militia in 1780. (20A) [And presumably not identical to Christian Lenhart, Ensign, of Lancaster, PA, who served in the 8th Battalion, 3rd Co.(20B) ]
CHILDREN - Rinkenbach lists two children baptized in York Co. (his research did not include Christopher's migration). Descendants on the Lenhart List have more children; not all agree on the additional names. There is also confusion and/or disagreement regarding the Christian Linhart line (see entry in Lenhart Lines).
RESEARCHERS (See Profiles): Dull, Keith (maternal line; also descends from George); Miller, Beth; Ranguette, Kathie; Thomas, Nancy Lenhart.
M Child 7 HENRY LENHART (Heinrich)
Born {ca. 1742 [Germany] of Frederick and Washington Co., MD} (8A)
Died {probably before 1790} (8A)
Other: Named in father's Will (3)
Ref: #15 - 7- (4)
Spouse: {ANNA CHRISTINA (nee?)} (8A)
The { } information reflects significant revisions to Keith Dull's published (8) entry for Heinrich; see (8A)
CHILDREN - Dull lists six. (8A)
RESEARCHERS linked to this line: ?
M Child 8 WILLIAM LENHART (Wilhelm) - died at age 73
Born 22 Nov 1745 in [Germany], of Dover, York Co., PA (1)
Died 27 Oct 1819 (age 73-11-5)  (1)
Buried in Strayer's, Dover Twp, York, PA (1)
Named in father's Will (3)
Other: Will (21)           
Transcript of William's Will     (Will abstract/s erroneously omitted son William - details.)
Ref: #16 -7- (4)
Occupation: Farmer (21)
Spouse: ANNA MARIA BEITZEL (6) b. 24 Sep 1751 d. 22 Oct 1822 (1)
Buried in Strayer's, Dover Twp, York, PA (1)
CHILDREN - Rinkenbach lists nine children for this family.
RESEARCHERS (See Profiles): Bopp, Georgia Kinney; Stough, Blake M. (collateral lines).
M Child 9 PETER LENHART (Johan Peter) - died at age 62
Born 30 Jan 1750 in Greenwich Twp, Berks Co., PA. (22)
Baptized: Dull says baptized 30 Jan 1749/50 at Dunkel's Reformed Church. (8)
Died 27 Sept 1813 (22A) (22B) (22C)
Buried in Newberry, Addison Twp, Somerset Co., PA (22A) (22B)  (Gravestone on Greg Lenhart website)
Other: Named in father's Will (3)
Ref: #18 -8- (4)
Spouse: CATHARINA {Ogg} (22A) (22C)
Spouse: {Barbara Messner} (22C)
Spouse: {Catharina} (8A)
Apparently he is identical to Peter Lenhard/Lenhart who served in the militia during the Revolutionary War.(22A) Greg Lenhart's website has photograph of Peter's grave with NSSAR marker.
Note: Keith Dull (8) entry for Peter has several revisions. (8A)
CHILDREN - Several descendants are on the Lenhart List, with differing lists of children.
RESEARCHERS (See Profiles):
Anderson, Steven G.; Childs, Arlean Vera Lenhart; Lenhart, Bernard; Gonzalez, Margaret; Lenhart, Greg; Whipkey, Jim (collateral lines).
See Arlean Childs' book (22C) and nephew Greg Lenhart's website for more on this line.
M Child 10 FREDERICK LENHART (Friederich)
Born ca. 1752 in Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., PA (23)
Baptized 7 Mar 1752 in Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., PA (22)
Died {1837} (8)
Other: Named in father's Will (3)
Ref: #19 -8- (4)
Spouse: CATHERINE ZINN d. 1811 (24)     {Anna Catharina Zinn} (8A)        Catherine's Will
Is this Fred & Cath? - 1790 Census, York Co., PA, Frderick Lenhart 1 0 1. One researcher states Frederick and Catherine separated in 1793 (27) A Fridrich Lenhart signed a document in The Register of the Reformed Congregation at Strayer's/Salems [date November 1798?] in Dover, York Co., PA. Dull lists death 1837; source not known. Has Fred been located in census post 1790? Rinkenbach speculated this Fred might be the Frederick Leonard listed as a Revolutionary War soldier from PA. Known descendants of this Leonard think it unlikely; however, they have not yet located the parents of their Frederick. (28)
CHILDREN: No known children; apparently his wife was a widow, with a daughter, (24) before marrying Frederick.
RESEARCHERS linked to this line: ?
M Child 11 GODFREY LENHART (Gottfried)
Born 17 Mar 1754, of York, York Co. PA (25)
Baptized [Where is his baptism?]
Died 15 Aug 1819 (25)
Buried in [York, York Co? Has grave been found?]
Other: Will. (26)           Named in father's Will (3)
Transcript of Godfrey's Will
Ref: #17 - 7- (4)
Occupation: Silversmith & Clockmaker (4)
Married 14 Nov 1778 in First Reformed and Trinity First Reformed Church, York, PA (26A)
b. ca.1750 d. 16 Jun 1824 (26B)
Rinkenbach says no wife is mentioned in will but apparently "wife" is mentioned (not by name).
Godfrey's will was probated in York Co. but no one has reported a grave for Godfrey or his wife. Perhaps they are buried elsewhere with one of their children. Godfrey apparently was in the York Co. militia during the Revolutionary War as Ensign, later Captain. (20A) (20B) For more information about Godfrey and his clocks see Arlean Child's article on Greg Lenhart's site.)
CHILDREN - Rinkenbach(4) lists five children for this family; another source(25) names five children and "two other daughters."
RESEARCHERS linked to this line: ?


Spelling and name variations. On this web site, Johan Peter Lenhart (JPL) refers to the patriarch of the family; however, many spelling variations appear in various records. On this group sheet, the given names of the sons match those in JPL's Will. Other researchers may use different variations ("Joh Christof" rather than "Christopher").

{      } indicates unconfirmed and/or questioned by other researchers

Information compiled from many sources and may contain errors 

Unconventional numbering
(such as 1A) and other irregularities are due to notes being added and/or consolidated. Several of these footnotes refer to other footnotes in this list.

RESEARCHERS - Unless noted otherwise, researchers are listed under their direct ancestor. See Profiles for additional information including links to websites. Most can be reached on the RootsWeb Lenhart List.

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(1) General Census of Cemeteries in York Co., PA; 3x5 card index at Historical Society of York Co. (LDS film 0022169). The society is now known as York County Heritage Trust. The cemetery is known as Strayer's, Salems, and other variations.

(1A) General Census of Cemeteries in York Co., PA; 3x5 card index at Historical Society of York Co. (LDS film 0022169). The society is now known as York County Heritage Trust. Death: 3x5 card has July ? 1777; Rinkenbach(4) has July 1, 1777. Dull(8) lists birth year as 1715 (source?).

(2) Gonzalez, Margaret posted 2/22/00 on the now extinct lenhart/listbot. Her source: LDS film 0492974, Horn, Hunsruck, Evangelisch-Reformiert (source of certain LDS IGI data). See ANCESTRY and GERMAN HOMELAND.

(2A) PASSENGER AND IMMIGRATION LISTS INDEX, A Guide to Published Arrival Record of about 500,000 Passengers Who Came to the United States and Canada in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries. Edited by P. William Filby with Mary K. Meyer; Gale Research Company, Detroit, Michigan, c. 1981. First Edition, 3 v. (1. A-G.--v. 2. H-N.--v. 3. O-Z) [Volume 2 H-N] and the 1983 Supplement.

Publications by EGLE, RUPP, and STRASSBURGER. Full citations in Johan Peter Lenhart - "Filby" Sources.

(3) Will of Peter Leonhart, dated 21 March 1774, Dover Township, York Co., Province of Pennsylvania; probated April 1774. Link to will is above under his entry.

(4) RINKENBACH, Wm. H. The Lenhart Family of Greenwich and Albany Twps., Berks County, and York County, PA (1937, unpublished, approx. 20 pages). Copies in the Library of Congress, Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Historical Society of York County (now known as York County Heritage Trust), and on this (GKBopp) website. This material contains sources. (In my Ref: section, # is number assigned by Rinkenbach, -   - is the key page in Rinkenbach. Example: under JPL son Godfrey is Ref: #17 - 7-; Godfrey is Rinkenbach #17, page 7 is the key page number for Godfrey in Rinkenbach.)

(4A) Rinkenbach(4) source: gravestone.

(5) Decendants: Robert L Riffle (Lenhart list RootsWeb posts December 2001). His source: ca. 1998 visit to cemetery. Anna Margaret's stone is now unreadable, husband's stone "1784     L. Fr." Riffle says Ludwick Friedline Sr.'s will was probated in 1784. (Riffle says there is a recording of the cemetery in the Somerset Historical Center). Helene Hamm (correspondence Oct 2001). Her source: cemetery photographs and notes made 1957/8 and 1973, by cousin (now deceased); stones were no longer standing. The cemetery is located in the Ridgeview/Lenhart Cemetery, on the Old Ludwig Friedline Farm, 2 miles NW of  Lavansville, Somerset Co., PA. Also in cemetery, stone "1784 LF." Dorothy Jones (February 1999 post on the now extinct lenhart/listbot). Her source: information in the Laurel Messenger, published by the Somerset County Genealogical and Historical Society, May, 1971. Stones recorded as "M F 1810" and "L F 1784." (November 2001 correction from descendant Helene Hamm: article erroneously refers to the Thomas Barron farm as the "Leroy Barron farm." This is the site of the old Ludwig Friedline Farm and Barron is a Friedline descendant.)

(6) First Moravian Church, City of York [PA] records, cited by Margaret Gonzalez on the now extinct lenhart/listbot. Her exact source was not cited but may be LDS film.

(7) From Regis Zagrocki: Deed transaction recorded in Berks County, Vol. 104, p. 370

"Deed, Cleffia Bossert et al, to Rudolph Bossert

"This indenture made on the 23 of Abrill [sic] in the year of our Lord 1760, by and between Cleffey Possert [sic] of Greenwich in the County of Berks and Province of Penna the widow of Jacob Possert [sic] deceased of the said Township, Yeoman, Philip Lenhart and Anna his wife, Henry Kalbach and Sussanna [sic] his wife, George Loy and Rebeka his wife and Elisabeth Posert living all in the Township aforesaid of the one part, and Rudolph Posert of the same township of the other part Yeoman. The said Anna and Sussanna and Rebeka and Elisabeth and the said Rudolph Posert being the only children and heirs of the said Jacob Posert deceased by the said first named Cleffey Posert his late wife ..."

(8) Dull, Keith A. Early German Settlers of York County, Pennsylvania (Revised Edition), Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Maryland, 2001. Individual entries are not cited; some familial links are based on author's inferences and are subject to change.  See Dull sources.

(8A) Keith Dull revised. In November 2001, Dull sent me a copy of his draft of revised Lenhart material. See (8)

(8A.1) Keith Dull. (8) (8A) Inference? Philip Lenhart and Anna Bossert sponsored a baptism in 1752 and Philip and Anna Bossert sponsored in 1758, according to information from Robert L. Riffle (his source: Church Record For The Dunkel's Reformed Congregation in Greenwich Twp, Berks Co. [PA] 1746-1832, Copied Jan. 1929 by Wm. J. Hinke).

(8B) Friedlein family baptisms in Manchester Twp, York Co., PA, are listed in Dull's book (8) but Anna Margaretha, wife of Johan Ludwig Friedlein is not listed as a Lenhart.

(9) Keith Dull(8) (8A) inferred from Berks Co. and York Co. baptism records (per his 3/3/99 post to the now extinct lenhart/listbot). In Berk's Co., Leonard Seidel and Maria Magdalene Lenhart sponsored a baptism in 1752; a child of Leonard Seydel & Magdalene was baptized in 1758, according to information from Robert L. Riffle (his source: Church Record For The Dunkel's Reformed Congregation in Greenwich Twp, Berks Co. [PA] 1746-1832, Copied Jan. 1929 by Wm. J. Hinke). According to Dull, Johann Peter [JPL] and Margaretha Lenhart sponsored [grandson] Johann Peter [Seidel] in a 1760 York County baptism by Rev. Lischy. See (8) (8A)

(10) Here are some questions/suggestions from Nancy Lenhart Thomas: Documentation - What about their father-in-laws' Wills? or their children's Wills? I would think the land transactions in Philadelphia, Chester, Berks and York counties in PA would be the first ones to look at. Especially under their married names.

(11) Occupation "Cooper" according to Dull (8) .

(12) In an article entitled "John L. Lenhart, Chaplain of the Cumberland" by Charles Berhkeimer, 1966 published in METHODIST HISTORY, there is the following quote: "For those who are genealogically inclined, more is known of the Lenhart family. Henry's father, Godfrey, was one of the nine children of immigrants Johan Peter and Maria Margaretha Lenhart -- the other known children being Anna Margaret, Philip, Frederick, Johan Jacob and Johan George. Henry's brother, William Yost Lenhart, was a prominent mathematician and poet." The article is about a descendant of Godfrey, not Anna Margaret, but the mention of her name is promising. What was the author's source? Perhaps one of those bio entries? For Godfrey? One of his sons/descendants? (The article provided by descendant Dorothy Jones.)

(13) Rinkenbach (4) cites: Register of Wills, Pa.; Will Book A, p. 474 and Will Book 4, p. 208.
Transcript of Philip's Will

(14) Not in use at this time.

(15) Not in use at this time.

(16) Rinkenbach (4) states Jacob left no will; administration papers issued to widow Barbara.

(17) Not in use at this time.

(18) Not in use at this time.

(19) Lenhart section of Janelle Robinson (tarie2) website, duplicated on Greg Lenhart's website, includes some descendants of JPL son George. Source: The Early Families of Somerset and Fayette Co., PA (Keith Dull, the author, is not in the citation). See Profiles for website links.

(20) Keith Dull - Christopher died in Tuscarawas Co. per probate inventory of Christopher Lenhart, Sr., dated 1812 (Dull post to RootsWeb Lenhart list, Oct 2001). Nancy Lenhart Thomas is following up on this lead.

(20A) RootsWeb Lenhart list 29 Aug 2001 post by Pat Lenhart, subject "Rev War Records - Lenhart/etc" - her source: Penna Archives.

(20B) Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File on Pennsylvania State Archives website:

(21) Will of William Lenhart, dated 19 Jul 1813, probated 2 Nov 1819; York Co., PA. Link to will is above under his entry.

(22) Rinkenbach (4) cites Records of Jerusalem Dunkel's Church, Greenwich Twp.; Berks Co. Dull - year 1751/52. (8)

(22A) March 2001 post on the now extinct lenhart/listbot by Jim Lenhart includes this information (no source cited):
"Peter Lenhart/Lenhard 1750-1813, born Eastern PA, died Somerset Co., Newberry, Addison Twp., PA.
Wife: Catherine OGG
Service: PRIVATE from PA.- First Company, Sixd [sic] Battalion, Lancaster County
Militia in 1783 source: PA. Archives, 5th Series, Vol. VII, pg. 609. Revolutionary War."

(22B) March 1999 post on the now extinct lenhart/listbot by descendant Arlean Lenhart Childs is source of full death date and identifies cemetery as "Newbury Cemetery, Old Petersburg, Addison Township, PA." See also (22C) .

(22C) Childs, Arlean Vera Lenhart. - There's Gold in Them Thar Hills, A Lenhart Family Story (Volume 1). Child's Publishing, 304 Carrie Lane, Olney, IL, 62450; 1998, Revised March 1999 and March 2000.

(23) Based on baptism citation.

(24) Will of Catharine Lenhart, dated 3 Feb 1809, probated August 17, 1811, York Co., PA, refers to "Jacob Zinn Son of my brother Nicholas Zinn . . .." Apparently, Catharine married 1st Gantzert and had a daughter who married Cremer/Kramer/etc. Posts on the now extinct lenhart/listbot by Keith Dull and Margaret Gonzalez are the source of the Gantzert information.

(25) Biographical Annals of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, prepared in part by George O. Seilhamer, Genealogical Publishing Co., Chicago, IL, 1905. Entry under HARBAUGH and WALTER FAMILIES, YOST HERBACH, pp. 273-274, includes daughter "MARY ELIZABETH (born on Good Friday in 1753 - died June 18, 1835), married Godfrey Lenhart (born March 17, 1754 - died Aug. 15, 1819)."

(26) Will of Godfrey Lenhart dated 2 Jul 1819, [filed] 23 Aug 1819; York Co., PA. Link to will is above under his entry.

(26A) This information posted on the now extinct Lenhart listbot: YORK COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA CHURCH RECORDS OF THE 18TH CENTURY, VOL. 3; under First Reformed and Trinity First Reformed Church, York, page 82, "On a loose page in this book but apparently torn from a family Bible, a contemporaneous with the events, are these data: Godfrey Lenhart intermirred with Elizabeth Holtzinger on November 14, 1778." (See Name of Elizabeth.)

(26B) Both Rinkenbach and Dull mention Good Friday, 1753, but report different death dates: June 16, 1824 (Rinkenbach (4)) and June 18, 1835 (Dull(8)); neither author cites sources for his information. Dull's data are consistent with Biographical Annals of Franklin County.(25) Rinkenbach's death is consistent with the below item from Marriages and Deaths from The York Recorder 1821-1830, by F. Edward Wright, 1999 (reprint), Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Maryland (the stated age suggests a birth year of 1750 which does not match any of the other sources):

"June 22 1824 (Tuesday). Died on Wednesday morning last Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Lenhart, relict of the late Godfrey Lenhart, Esq., of this borough in her 74th year."

(27) "Our Lenhart (Leonhardt) Ancestors." Compiled by Chas. R. Shultz, R.D. #2, Mayville, NY. Three typed pages, undated. He states: "Some of this account is taken from a pamphlet on the Lenharts, by the Historical Research Bureau, of Washington, D.C." No other sources cited. My copy is from the York County Heritage Trust (formerly the Historical Society of York Co.), York, PA.

(28) Mark Leonard, 2001 correspondence. His Frederick Leonard, c.1760-c.1841, "Fought for the Penn Line before moving to Virginia with his wife Anna Braun (Brown). He then fought for the Virginia line for 4 years and 9 months . . . . " The couple married in Lancaster, PA. [With a little creativity, one can come up with a scenario that matches this Leonard with our Fred but . . . .]

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