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Name of (Maria) Mary Elizabeth
ca. 1750-1824
- Mary Elizabeth Harbaugh known as Holzinger -
wife of Godfrey Lenhart, son of Johan Peter Lenhart (See JPL
group sheet), of York Co., PA

GKBopp (28 Sept 2002)

My summary on the subject of Godfrey Lenhart's wife (or wives) and the names Harbaugh and Holtzinger:

Godfrey's mother-in-law (Maria/Mary Elizabeth) apparently married three times (to Leese, Harbaugh, and Coppenhoffer). Apparently she had daughter Elizabeth (also known as Maria/Mary Elizabeth) by second husband Harbaugh. Apparently after he died Bernhard Holzinger became the guardian of Elizabeth; hence Elizabeth was known as Harbaugh and/or Holzinger.

Note: Godfrey's wife and her mother both appear in records as Elizabeth and/or Maria/Mary Elizabeth.

Below are four printed sources (and two e-mails from Lenhart researchers) upon which I base the above summary. As you will see, there is no direct source for the guardianship - Rinkenbach writes "it is claimed that she really was the daughter of Yost Harbaugh and went by the name of her guardian, Bernhard Holzinger" but gives no source of the guardianship information. More confusion ensued because Rinkenbach, and/or whatever source he had, stated that the will of [Mr.] Coppenhoeffer referred to [his] daughter Elizabeth who was married to Godfrey Lenhart. Leading Rinkenbach, and others, to speculate that perhaps Godfrey had a second wife, also named Elizabeth. However, apparently it was the will of [the thrice-married Mrs.] Coppenhoeffer referring to [her] daughter Elizabeth.

1) BIOGRAPHICAL ANNALS OF FRANKLIN COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA containing genealogical records of representative families, including many of the early settlers, and biographical sketches of prominent citizens. Prepared in part by George O. Seilhamer, Genealogical Publishing Co., Chicago, IL, 1905, ix, 706 p., leaves of plates: ports.

Entry under HARBAUGH and WALTER FAMILIES, YOST HERBACH, pp. 273-274, daughter "MARY ELIZABETH (born on Good Friday in 1753 - died June 18, 1835), married Godfrey Lenhart (born March 17, 1754 - died Aug. 15, 1819)." Entry names five children and "two other daughters."

2) THE LAWRENCE LEESE FAMILY HISTORY : TWO CENTURIES IN AMERICA (1741-1941) a biographical and genealogical history of Lawrence Leese and his descendants from the time of his arrival in the city of Philadelphia through a period of two hundred years down to the ninth generation. By Charles Leese. Frankfort, Ky. Roberts Print. Co., 1941, 218 pgs.

Under Lawrence Leese, mention is made of his widow Maria Elizabeth (also known as Elizabeth Lease) who later married Yost Harbaugh and then Coppenhoffer. This also states she was cared for by descendant Rev. H. Lenhart, son of [her daughter] Mary Elizabeth and refers to her [Elizabeth Coppenhoffer] will (discussed below).

By F. Edward Wright, 1999 (reprint), Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Maryland

June 22 1824 (Tuesday)
Died on Wednesday morning last Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Lenhart, relict of the late Godfrey Lenhart, Esq., of this borough in her 74th year.

4) RINKENBACH [See Rinkenbach for notes and full citation.]

17. Godfrey Lenhart, -1819

Accompanying his parents Peter and Margaretha to York County, Godfrey Lenhart became a silversmith and clockmaker in the town of York. According to records 29 he married Elizabeth Holsinger on Nov. 14, 1778, but it is claimed that she really was the daughter of Yost Harbaugh and went by the name of her guardian, Bernhard Holzinger. She is stated to have been born on Good Friday, 1753 at Kreutz Creek and to have died in York on June 16, 1824. However, the will of G. Coppenhoeffar of York, made 30 in 1795, mentions his daughter Elisabeth and her husband Godfrey Lenhart; and it may be that Godfrey Lenhart married twice. The will of Godfrey Lenhart, made on July 2, 1819 and filed 30 on Aug. 23, 1819, mentions no wife, and it would appear that he was a widower. The will mentions the following children: William, Henry, Elizabeth (m. to John Boyly), Margaret (m. to George Kuntz) and Catharine (m. to John McPherson). The births of all of these children are recorded. 29

In one of the copies of Rinkenbach, an unknown person has penned in the following notations to one of the above sentences: The G. in "G. Coppenhoeffar" is lined out and changed to "Elizabeth" and the his in "his daughter Elizabeth" is changed to "her". With this correction, Rinkenbach's sentence would read: The will of Elizabeth Coppenhoeffar of York, made in 1795, mentions her daughter Elisabeth and her husband Godfrey Lenhart.

Note: Rinkenbach's statement that Godfrey's will mentions no wife is erroneous. See Godfrey's Will


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Date: 4/18/99 7:00:32 PM EST
[This has been extracted/edited from original - GKB]

I've received this from a lookup person who is doing more out of Volume 2 of this 3 book set: YORK COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA CHURCH RECORDS OF THE 18TH CENTURY, VOL. 2 AND.....I had a "bug" and ordered VOLUME 3 today so I should have that soon. It contains Strayer's and others I'll now be able to lookup! Anyway, this is what she sent me and it contains records on "off-spelled" Lenharts as well as check the spelling, dates etc!!!! Jim

**First Reformed and Trinity First Reformed Church, York**

Page 82 - There was a note on the section containing the following information:

"On a loose page in this book but apparently torn from a family Bible, a contemporaneous with the events, are these data: Godfrey Lenhart intermirred with Elizabeth Holtzinger on November 14, 1778.

Sept. 5, 1779 our daughter Margreda born.
October 3, 1781 our daughter Elizabeth born.
July 22, 1784 our son Henrich born.
Jan. 19, 1787 our son William Jost born.
Oct. 10, 1791 our daughter Catharina of Godfrey Lenhart and Elizabeth, born."


Subject: Godfrey Lenhart
Date: 3/20/00 8:29:38 AM Hawaiian Standard Time
Reply-to: (FamilyHistory)

From time to time, we've discussed Godfrey Lenhart and his wife (wives) -- Holtzinger vs. Harbaugh -- not knowing if he were married twice or his wife had been married previously.

The only record I had found was a marriage in First (Trinity) Reformed Church of York to Mary Elizabeth Holtzinger on November 14, 1778 so I had recorded her as his wife.

Today I found another record. It is the will of Maria Elizabeth Coppenhoffer who was first married to Lawrence Leese (Liss) and then to Yost Harbaugh. She apparently outlived her first two husbands and was then married to a man named Coppenhoffer. I couldn't find a record of his first name.

With Yost Harbaugh, she had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth. Her will is recorded in Book J, Page 128 in the office of the Registrar of Wills of York County. It doesn't mention the name of her third husband. It does list her children, among them Mary Elizabeth married to Godfrey Lenhart. Maria Elizabeth lived with Godfrey and Mary Elizabeth Lenhart and it was in their home that she died. In the will she bequeathed her "movable effects" to Mary Elizabeth. I had seen this living arrangement indicated in a census record, but wasn't sure the census taker had the last name correct until now.

The church record could be incorrect for the Holtzinger marriage, but I'm becoming more inclined to believe that Godfrey was married twice or that Mary Elizabeth had been married to a Holtzinger prior to being married to Godfrey.

I'll continue to look for a Lenhart-Harbaugh marriage or a Holtzinger-Harbaugh marriage to see what dates are associated with it. Until then, I suppose it's still a bit of a mystery, but I thought I'd share what I did find.



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