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An informal report by Georgia Kinney Bopp (Revised June 2007)


To date, the best sources for the paternal ancestry of Elisha English are from the Indiana line - the family with enough money to get their lineage published. Here is the genesis of that family (and abbreviations used):

1. Elisha (& Sarah Wharton) English, b. 1768; son of James of MD/DE
Elisha Gale English, their 6th child; born KY, migrated to IN, b. 1798
William Hayden English -WHE, only child of Elisha Gale English, b.1822
4. Rosalind (nee English) Walling -REW, b. 1847 and
William Eastin English - WEE, b. 1854; the only children of WHE
5. REW had issue (the Walling line)
WEE's only child, a dau. died young, without issue

CFUSA is my abbreviation for this overly titled book:

COLONIAL FAMILIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA In which is Given the History, Genealogy and Armorial Bearings of Colonial Families Who Settled in the American Colonies From the Time of the Settlement of Jamestown, 13th May, 1607, to the Battle of Lexington, 19th April, 1775. Edited by George Norbury Mackenzie (Volume IV). Edited by Nelson Osgood Rhoades (Volume VII). Originally published: Baltimore, 1912; reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1966, 1995. [Much of the material is this book is questionable.]

WHE (1822-1896) was big in politics (ran for VP in 1880), a wealthy banker, interested in history (wrote a book) - a genuine VIP. Hence, there is a lot of info about him. His children, WEE and REW, inherited his money. Due to their social prominence the family's [alleged] lineage appeared in publications of the day, including Munsell's, Virkus, Who Was Who, CFUSA, etc. My guess is that WEE and/or REW hired someone to trace their lineage and the resulting info is the source of the material seen in the various publications - including CFUSA. It is possible documents with sources were deposited by the family at the Indiana Historical Society.

Initially I tracked down family group sheets, lists, and other material from various descendants and entered the information in my database. Later, when I found CFUSA, I realized it was probably the source of most of the early family information in the group sheets, etc. (I have not completed comparing all generations in CFUSA to my current my database; there may be a few discrepancies in later generations.)


Entry under ENGLISH begins p. 142
William Eastin English [WEE] is the subject.
Bio entry for WEE
Lineage - England, ancient records, early spellings, etc.,*** on to Cunnant ENGLISH.
Implies that Cunnant's line brings us to . . .

Thomas ENGLISH, who married in Great Buckland, Maidstone, Kent, 9th July, 1679, to whom a son James was born at Maidstone, 14th February, 1680. It is believed by some authorities and with some seeming reason, although actual documentary proof is lacking that this James emigrated to America about the time of his father's death in 1704, and settled in Delaware, near the border lines of Maryand [sic] and Virginia, and became the founder of the America family. Anjou, [see **] the genealogist, who has given the subject laborious investigation, declares that no subsequent record of this James is to be found later in life in England, neither of marriage or death, as is always recorded there, and after an equally close investigation of the records in America of James ENGLISH of Delaware, founder of the family in this country (understood to have been born in England, of a father named Thomas) he declares that we may accept as reasonably certain that, James, son of Thomas, born at Maidstone, England, and James, son of Thomas, who emigrated from England and settled in Delaware about 1700 are one and the same.
In any event JAMES ENGLISH of Delaware, whom family tradition and history declares to have been the son of Thomas of England, is known to have been a married man in Delaware as early as 1708-18, but the name of his wife is not now known. He was known to have issue as follows:


I. JAMES, b. in Delaware, 1708 or 1718.
II. CORNELIUS, m. __________, and settled in Virginia.
III. Margaret, m. Caldwell WINSOR.
IV. a dau., m. ___________CALLOWAY.
V. a dau., m. ____________GIVENS.

List of James' children by two wives.
Bio entry for Elisha (son of James) m. Wharton
List of their 14 children
Bio of Elisha Gale English; issue WHE
Bio of WHE
His issue - WEE and REW
Ends with Residences, clubs, societies, of WEE


Entry under WALLING begins on page 470. This volume picks up where Vol. IV left off; the subject is WILLIAM ENGLISH WALLING- WEW, son of REW
[WALLING, REW's husband, should not be confused with WALLER, old Elisha's mother.]
WEW's issue
WEW's bio
List of "Immigrant Colonial Ancestors" of WEW - extensive but no ENGLISH is on the list. [My guess is by Vol. VII they had disproved or couldn't prove the statements in volume IV about Thomas in England and James as the founder of the line in America.]
Many entries for WEW's ancestry, etc.- finally gets to ENGLISH; working back to ELISHA:

"ELISHA ENGLISH, Kentucky pioneer, 1790; b. Sussex County, Delaware, 2d March, 1768; d. 7th March, 1857, in Kentucky; son of James ENGLISH, b. 1708, Maryland, m. Amy WALLER, 10th February, 1743, son of James and Mary ENGLISH in Somerset County, Maryland, 1689, son of Thomas and Margaret ENGLISH."

Continues with post ELISHA info.

Rosalind English Walling [REW] (1847-c.1930).

REW's grandson Cheves Walling describes this as "a handsomely bound 91 page typescript 'The Walling-English Family' put together by my Grandmother Rosalind English Walling in the 1920's for her children. I only know of two copies extant, although there may be more in the English Walling family." In 1992 he sent me copies of the "pages dealing with Elisha English, Sarah Wharton, and their antecedents who are your direct ancestors." Four of the twenty pages he sent deal with ENGLISH. The other pages deal with the ancestry of Waller (Elisha's mother) and Wharton (Elisha's wife).

The ENGLISH section begins with two double spaced typed pages of name variations abroad *** and in early America (e.g., Thomas English who came a year after the Mayflower) - no known connections with the names mentioned. Then . . . .

JAMES 1st, son of THOMAS AND MARGARET (of Irish descent), was in Somerset County, Maryland, 1689, wife MARY (of Welsh descent). Children: Margaret (married Caldwell Windsor), Cornelius, Mrs. Callaway, Mrs. Givens and James, born 1718, died March, 1802. MARY, widow of James English, married second, Givens, and had two sons.

This continues with similar paragraphs for JAMES 2nd, ELISHA (married WHARTON), his son ELISHA GALE ENGLISH, and his son WILLIAM HAYDEN ENGLISH [WHE].

REW's "booklet" probably reflects the most accurate info she had ascertained (on her own or with paid help) before she died.


Information from other descendants:

Descendant of Elizabeth "Betsey" Ann English, 3rd child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English

Jean grew up in Illinois and loved family history from early childhood. Much of her info appears to match CFUSA (hence, her source?) but she clearly did research of her own. For example, she located church records in MD archives for some of the English-Waller children. By the time I found her (about ten years ago), she had retired to Florida and was no longer actively researching. She said she turned everything over to the historical/genealogy society in Jacksonville [IL?/FL?] in the early 1970's. Jean sent me several pages of handwritten group sheets. Her notes say Cornelius "went to VA & later to the Carolinas;" no sources cited, but her material has held up well.

R. G. English [Self?] published in 1898 in Valley Junction, Iowa.
Robert George English (1817-1910) son of Robert S. English, 1st child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English

This says Sir Thomas English came to South Carolina in the mid 17th century - describes him physically - says he signed in the hotel register as "Thomas English, of England, Room No. 10, destination, Virginia colony, North America." Soon he met Sir John O'Loch and his wife Lady Honora - a noble Irish family. A year later Sir John was prospering in Richmond, living in luxury, and Sir Thomas, "on the seventh day of October - the most beautiful month of the year 1657 . . . led to the hymeneal altar his beautiful bride, the highly accomplished young Irish lady, Miss Kitura O'Loch . . . " Their son Thomas married a "cultivated and accomplished Welsh lady" and settled in Maryland. Their son James married Amy Wallar (of the house of Sir Cotman Wallar, of course) and they had Elisha. We also learn that the lineage of Sarah Wharton, wife of Elisha, can be traced to Fantalina, a Spanish princess, daughter of Phillip the 5th of Spain, grandson of Louis the 14th of France. This is followed by an apology for the Spanish blood and pointing out there are some good Spaniards. And so on . . . .

[Jean Maire told me she had made some progress on the Spanish princess legend; REW refers to "a Spanish lady of rank" in her booklet. However, this is on the Wharton side, not the English side. 
See "Princess Fantalena" Fact & Fiction .]


In my data submitted to The English Plantation web site, I have:

James English, Sr. born 14 Feb 1680, Scotland? Richmond, VA?, (son of Thomas English and Margaret) married Mary, born (settled in MD), died Somerset Co., MD. James died ca. 1750, Somerset Co., MD.

I have not yet found the source of the dates and some of the locales. I will keep looking - that birth is very specific, and I find it very suspicious. Scotland? I think an obituary of one of Elisha, Sr.'s sons (or a grandson?) says the family was of Scotch extraction.

Georgia Kinney Bopp
Descendant of Dr. John B. English,
12th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English
Revised 12 December 2003


*My database includes many descendant related entries for the family of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English. This database is at RootsWeb WorldConnect. (Some of my information is duplicated at The English Plantation but may not be current.)

** In 2003, Nancy Chamberlain, an English researcher of the Tennessee Englishes, states that Gustave Anjou "was found to be a complete fraud. He was quite well known at one point, early in the 20th century, and wealthy people would pay him big sums to have him do their genealogies. What they didn't know at the time is that almost all the material came out of his head or the air. He provided no evidence, had no proof and no sources. Needless to say this really distressed the people who had paid but it also hurt the rest of us because much of the material has been passed down as fact. [And] you can find out much more by checking on Anjou through Google and especially a fraud site that gives a listing of all the family names the man messed up."

*** I compared the CFUSA entry with "The Origin of the Surname" on The English Plantation web site. I think CFUSA is the original source of a portion of that information [i.e., a source of William J. English's]. However, the CFUSA does not mention Scotland. At the time of WEE/REW, it was fashionable to trace one's roots to England. However, later, in her booklet, REW briefly mentions Ireland and Scotland.


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