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Known Errors in the "English Bible" (and/or in transcriptions of the Bible)
held by Anderson ca. 1962
By Georgia Kinney Bopp

Transcriptions of an "English Bible" appear in various publications, surname files, etc., and errors therein have made their way into other material. Two KENTUCKY BIBLE DAR publications are popular sources used by other English family researchers:

KENTUCKY BIBLE RECORDS, Vol. III. DAR, Lexington, 1963. Pages 54-55.
KENTUCKY BIBLE RECORDS, Vol. IV. DAR, Florence, 1966. Pages 69-70.

Bible Description

ENGLISH BIBLE. Published, Cincinnati by J. A. and W. P. James, 1853. Now [1962] in the possession of Mrs. Margery H. Anderson, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. Copied July 1962 by Mrs. William Howell, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky for the Col. George Nicholas Chapter, DAR, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky [From Vol. III; descriptions vary slightly in other material]

Original Owner

The Bible was printed in 1853; hence, any entries dated prior to 1853 were copied into the Bible from other sources. Based on an analysis of all the entries, it is my opinion the Bible originally belonged to a descendant of the family of Samuel S. English (10th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English).

KNOWN ERRORS IN THIS BIBLE (and/or in transcriptions of this Bible*)

1. Sarah & Elisha - 1767 listed as birth year for both.
CORRECTION: Gravestones(1) and CFUSA(2) state their birth year as 1768

2. Sarah's death day - listed as 28 Nov.
CORRECTION: Gravestone(1) and CFUSA(2) state death day as 27 Nov.

3. Elisha & Sarah marriage year and place - listed as 1787 in MD.
CORRECTION: The marriage bond of "Elisha English & Sarah Warton" is dated December 10, 1788, Sussex Co., Delaware.(3)

4. Elisha's death date - listed as 1 Oct 1848.
CORRECTION: Elisha died 7 Mar 1857.(1) (2)
The 1848 date may be that of a grandson, Elisha English, son of Robert S. English (lst child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English). (4)

5. Elisha G. death date - listed as 7 Mar 1857.
CORRECTION: Elisha G. (6th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English) died 14 Nov 1874.(2)
The 1857 date is that of his father, Elisha.(1)

6. John B. - birth and death dates listed as 2 March 1807 - Oct 1849.
CORRECTION: The birth and death dates of John B. (12th child Elisha & Sarah Wharton English) are 20 March 1807 - 14 May 1891.(5)
The 1849 death date is that of another John B. English, son of James Wharton English (4th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English).( 6 )


*I have not seen the actual Bible and it is possible (likely, in fact) the death entries are on a separate page; the person transcribing the entries may have attributed them to the wrong persons of the same name.

(1) GREENE COUNTY ILLINOIS CEMETERIES CARROLLTON TOWNSHIP. Compiled by Mabel Tucker Sheffer. Greene Co. Illinois Historical and Genealogical Society. Carrollton, ILL. 1986. See Gravestone transcriptions.


(3) Photocopy of the bond (from DE archives?) from Karen English Chaney, descendant of Lindsey H. English, 11th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English.

(4) From material by Robert George English (R.G. English) and/or his grandson Emory H. English. R.G. was the son of Robert S. English, 1st child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English.

(5) ETERNAL REST Owen County, Kentucky, Cemetery Records, compiled by the Owen County Historical Society, 1989; New Liberty [IOOF] Cemetery, Owen County, Kentucky. Confirmed June 1992 when I visited the cemetery. See also JBE's Time Line.

                   Dr. John B. English, Born March 20, 1807, Died May 14, 1891

(6) KENTUCKY CEMETERY RECORDS Volume 1. Compiled, edited and indexed, by the Kentucky Records Research Committee; Kentucky Society Daughters of the American Revolution: Lexington, KY., 1960. Page 109, under Carroll County; Carraco Family Cemetery, 2 miles north of English, rear of Leo Taylor's home (1957).

                   John B. English, son of J. & E. English, b. Nov 7, 1827, d Oct 18, 1849


 My database includes over 1,200 descendant related entries for the family of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English; the first five generations are at The English Plantation.    

 GKBopp Revised 15 May 2002
Descendant of Dr. John B. English,
12th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English.


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