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Obituary of Elisha English, 1768-1857
[Carrollton] Illinois


We are called upon to announce the death of ELISHA ENGLISH, an old resident of Greene, Co., Ill., who died at Louisville, on the 7th last, of old age, being in his 90th year. The following brief statement will be interesting to our readers in Greene, Jersey, and Macoupin Counties, to whom the name of English is as familiar as household words.

He was born in Sussex Co., Delaware, and emigrated to Kentucky, then truly "the dark and bloody ground," nearly 70 years ago-about the year 1790. He passed down the wild Ohio river in a flat boat, and was often fired at by hostile Indians, along the shore. He settled on the Elkhorn, near what is now the city of Frankfort, Ky.-subsequently moved to a point on the Ohio river, 30 miles above Louisville. In the winter of 1830- '31 he moved to Carrollton, Ill., and has lived in that town, and in Greene County, ever since.

He is the founder of a very numerous family-was the representative of a long lived race.-He had 14 children, all of whom lived to maturity, and had families. At the time of his death he had over 250 lineal descendants-several of them being great-great-grandchildren-some among them have occupied high positions in the social and political world. Our present worthy Postmaster of Alton, Dr. R. W. English, was his youngest son.

"Father English" was for upwards of 40 years a Deacon in the Baptist church,-of that sect known as the Separatist Baptists, most of which merged into the Christian, or Campbellite denomination. His character has ever stood high, as a kind parent, an energetic citizen, a good farmer, and devout Christian. Like a full shock of corn, he is gathered in at the harvest home.

For a few years past his health gradually fainted-last fall he was taken to Ky., for the benefit of his health. But the moral machine was about run down - like an expiring candle flame, his life passed out. It may be said in truth, that he closed his own eyes in death-for he was not ill of any particular disease-he raised his hand and shut together his eyelids, and died, while his relatives who were by his beside supposed he slept. No pain-no struggle, and he was in his right mind to the last.

The body was brought on from Louisville, three days since, by Dr. English of Alton, Maj. Elisha English, of Indiana, and Dr. John B. English of Owen Co., Ky. It was taken to Carrollton, and ere this article is printed, will be buried in the family burial spot, beside his beloved wife, the sharer in all his earthly joys and toils, in early Western pioneer life, and who at the time of her death was but seven months his junior. It may well be said, that a Patriarch has passed away.

* * * * * * * * * *

Copy of original clipping provided by Edythe Bargmann,
descendant of Lindsey H. English, 11th child of Elisha & Sarah



Obituary of Elisha English, 1768-1857
Louisville, Kentucky


AN OLD PIONEER.-On Saturday, at the residence of Col. S. S. English, his father, Elisha English, died, aged ninety years. The deceased was a native of Virginia, and participated in all the border warfares that led to the subjugation of the west.

* * * * * * * * * *

 Louisville Daily Journal, 9 Mar 1857
[Correction: Elisha was a native of Delaware.]


Copy of original item provided by Karen English Chaney,
descendant of Lindsey H. English, 11th child of Elisha & Sarah


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12th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English

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