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Obituary of Lindsey H. English, 1805-1880
11th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English

Transcribed from a copy of a news item contributed by Karen English Chaney.*
Chaney is a descendant of Lindsey H. English.

Lindsey H. English.

     Mr. Lindsey H. English died on the 29th [inst], at his residence, near this city. Mr. English was born on the 15 of November 1805, near Bedford, in Trimble county, Kentucky. He removed to Illinois in 1827, and with his father Elisha English, and several other members of the family, settled near Carrollton, in Greene county, where he resided till 1865, when he removed to Sangamon county.
     Lindsey H. English was himself a remarkable man and belonged to a remarkable family. His father, Elisha English, was possessed of an excellent constitution, and great activity and force of character. He reared a large family all of whom inherited his leading characteristics. Some of his sons are living in Greene county. One of them, Elisha, the father of Hon. W. H. English, long a member of congress and now favorably mentioned in connection with the vice presidency, was an early settler of Indiana. Dr. John B. English, another son, removing to Kentucky, was a member of the legislature from Owen county during the war, and devotedly adhered to the cause of the Union. Hon. Samuel English, a lawyer of distinction, still resides at Louisville, Kentucky, and Hon. Revell W. English, well known in this state many years ago as senator from Greene county, and otherwise connected with the politics of the state, was the youngest of the sons. His daughters were women of strong native sense and high womanly qualities. One of them, Mrs. Dowdall, the mother of W. T. Dowdall, of the Peoria Democrat, and another, the mother of Rev. John P. Jackson, of Chicago, were of the best type of pioneer women of Illinois. Elisha English, the father died at Louisville, Ky., while on a visit to his son's, many years ago, at a great age. Shortly before his death, when he was over ninty years of age, the writer of this called upon him for the last time at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Jackson, at Carrollton. He was bedridden from the weakness of age, but his mind was clear and his memory marvelous for its strength and accuracy.
     Lindsey H. English was married in 1828 to Arabell, daughter of Hon. James Turney one of the great [lawyers] of early times in Illinois, who was for several years a member of the legislature, and attorney general of the state from Jan. [14, 1823] to December [1828]. She aided in rearing a family of eleven children, and died in [1864], soon afterwards Mr. English moved to Sangamon county, and in 1870 married Mrs. Emily Brunk, who survives him.
     The writer of this became acquainted with Mr. English in [1835], but only once saw him from that time till 1847, when his acquaintance ripened into friendship which was never for a moment interrupted. He was an earnest, sincere and devoted friend. The rule of his life seemed to be that his friends were always right, and his resentments and dislikes were quite as sincere and he was, in his early and middle life, before he was softened by oldage, much inclined to believe that his enemies were always wrong. His mind was quick and his feelings ardent. He was a kind husband and father, a good neighbor, and, though denied the advantages of an early education, he has exerted himself to secure thorough culture for his children. Mr. English belongs to a generation that is fast disappearing. He has watched the wondrous growth of Illinois from the condition of a wilderness to the position of perhaps the third state in the union. He welcomed the improvements of the age for the sake of the present generation, and died after months of suffering, at peace with all men, but up to the time of his death he retained the simple habits of early Illinois life.
     The remains of Mr. English will be deposited for the present at Oak Ridge, to be removed to Carrollton, to be laid with relatives and old associates who have gone before him.
J.M.P. Springfield, Jan. 30, 1880.

Note: The reference to Dr. John B. English "removing to Kentucky" is incorrect. Several family members removed from Kentucky to Illinois, but Dr. John B. English remainded in Kentucky.

*This is the main obituary; there are a few related news items that will be added to this website in the future. I also have many news and other items for some of the descendants of Lindsey to be added in the future. Most of these items were contributed by Karen English Chaney, Edythe Riley Bargmann, Elizabeth "Betty" Hammond Roselauf, and John Thomas Trutter, husband of Edith "Weque" English Woods.


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 GKBopp 4 December 2002
Descendant of Dr. John B. English,
12th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English.


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