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Lindsey H. English, 1805-1880
11th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English

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 1. Turney English was
born the 22nd day August 1830

2. Wharton English was born
the 20th day of November
A.D. 1835

3. Josaphine English was
born the 29th day of
November A.D. 1837

4. Warren English was born
the 7th day of August AD 1840

5. Marion English was
born November 12th 1842

6. Brackenridge English
born the 26th day of
June A D. 1845

7. Rush English was born
March the 31 Day 1848

8. Elisha English was born
February the 13 Day 1851

Lindsey [H/W] English was
Born the 15" day November

Anabell English was
Born the 23 Day September

9. Lindsey English was
Born March th 12 1854

10. Bell English was
Born March th 12 1854

11. Sarah English was born
on the 22nd day of Aug.

James W. Rider was
Born the 10th Day of
January 1835

12. Thomas English was Born
Sept. 8th 1841

Transcribed by Suzanne English Walker, custodian of the Bible, and GKBopp



The Bible was published in 1832; the entry dated 1830 was not made at the time of the birth.

The entries for Lindsey and his wife were, of course, made after the fact. Lindsey's date, the 15 " day, and Anabell are as shown above. It appears Lindsey's middle initial was originally entered as H and later W written over it (different pen/hand).

Josaphine and Brackenridge are the spellings in the Bible.

Entries for twins Lindsey and Bell are as shown above, March th 12 1854.

Rider is the only in-law entered on the birth page (handwriting matches Rider marriage entry).

Not shown above is a flourish under the th in a few of the entries that looks like " (this also under the nd in Sarah's 22nd). There are fancier flourishes, not shown above, under the birth entry for the first child and under the entries for Lindsey and Anabell (see image). Lines drawn between birth entries are also not shown above (see image).

Birth entries in the Bible are numbered, as shown above. Periods are entered after each number in the above, but a few of the numbers in the Bible were without a period.


My database includes over 1,200 descendant related entries for the family of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English; the first five generations are at The English Plantation.

GKBopp 10 Dec 2002
Descendant of Dr. John B. English,
12th child of Elisha & Sarah Wharton English.

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