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DNA Project Notes

Ysearch - Surname Comparisons
Information current as of July 10, 2006. There may be variations when/if Ysearch makes changes.

Anyone can do a surname search but if you want to compare your information, be sure you have entered your data in Ysearch and that you know your user i.d. (so you know which one is you). If you want to compare your data to someone you know - be sure they have entered their data in Ysearch (it is NOT restricted to FTDNA customers) and that you know their user i.d. User i.d.s are NOT confidential (your pass code to enter/change your data is confidential).
1. Go to Ysearch
2. Click on Search By Last Name (at the top of the page)
3. Enter surname
    The list appears to be alphabetical by surname (but may differ slightly based on number of markers)
4. Click on Name or Variants
5. Note that you can click on all entries or can selected entries. Select as desired.
6. Click on Compare
7. Note that the Ysearch user i.d. numbers are listed there
You have two choices:.
     Comparative Y-DNA results - this shows you all the DYS numbers (the haplotype/Y-DNA results)
     Genetic distance report - this shows the genetic distance to the first entry on the list
If you want to change the first entry on the list to be your Ysearch i.d., go back and put YOUR user i.d. in as the first one.
8. Note the "Need Help" link at the top of the page. If you are using the Genetic Distance charts on the help link, be sure you are reading the chart of the markers being compared (25, 37, etc.).
9. If you want to know more about a person, go back to the screen that lists all the names and click on the user i.d. number. If the Pedigree column has a link, that means that person has submitted a gedcom to Ysearch.


DNA Project Notes
Anything below this line is advertising and is not a link to information on my web site