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DNA Project Notes

 “15 Minutes of Fame” – Media Stuff 


April 2, 2007 – New York Times – Front Page

The side bar link on the web version had a very nice article (including photos) about how Y-DNA can help a traditional genealogist:
Genealogy Sleuthing, DNA-Style

I (GKB) thought it was exciting to have my photo on the front page of the printed copy (it was not in the web version) of the New York Times but the “stalker” headline was distressing to all of us who were interviewed. Amy Harmon told us it would be a light piece with a “CSI” theme; later she explained that the editor comes up with the headlines.  (Harmon received a Pulitzer in 2008 for her DNA reporting.)

Photo of full front page of print version (not the web version)
Half Page

Stalking Strangers’ DNA to Fill in the Family Tree -
Print Version – no photos
 Web version – has photo of different person on front page

Harmon’s article appeared in various other papers, some with edited versions, and some with nicer headlines, e.g.
In DNA age, genealogy is anything but a staid hobby
International Herald Tribune (different photo)
(Print Version – no photo)



2007 - USA Today

Brief mention near the bottom of first page
The Goal for DNA research?  World Peace

September 2007 - The Day
Griswold, CT
By Megan Bard
DNA Helps Get to the Roots of the Problem

Print Version

Article was mentioned by others, including NEGHS & RootsWeb

Copies can be ordered:
DNA Helps Get To The Roots Of The Problem
Science adds dimension to researching ancestry
Family Cemetery Needs Gentle Consideration

February 5, 2006 - New York Times

"DNA Kits Aim to Link You to the Here and Then"
New York Times, Sunday February 5, 2006
Business Section, Spending

Article mentions Kinney and Lenhart.
PDF Version
HTML version
Graphic in article
Photo of article
The original link:
The tiny version of that link:


June 11, 2006 - New York Times

"Who's Your Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaddy?"
New York Times, Sunday June 11, 2006
Front page of Week in Review (Section 4)
Ideas & Trends

This one mentions Tom Bopp’s link to Marie Antoinette.
HTML version
The original link:

This NYT follow up article does not mention me but does vindicate my statement about evidence (smile)
Falling From Genghis’s Family Tree

See also:
Some sources of information about the mtDNA of Marie-Antoinette


2004 - Trace Your Roots With DNA
Using Genetic Tests to Explore your Family Tree
by Megan Smolenyak and Ann Turner
Rosedale Press, 2004
See Acknowledgments and page 177






DNA Project Notes
Anything below this line is advertising and is not a link to information on my web site